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Published by: Djoanna Marie Tee Vasquez on Aug 21, 2010
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Exterior routing protocols C. Interior routing protocols B. Classless routing protocols . Distance vector routing protocols D.1. What is a name for routing protocols that support VLSM and CIDR? A.

255.248 E.255. 255. 255. .255. 255.240 D. Which subnet mask would produce a subnet with up to 30 host addresses? A.255.255.255. 255.2.224 C.192 B. B.100 D.1. C. 192.140 E.3.168.0 is subnetted with subnet mask /28. Which of the following is a subnet address? A.176 . 192. 192.168. 192.168. 192.

44 B. 28 .240/28. A point-to-point link has been given the subnet 192. 4 D. 60 C.4. How many host addresses are wasted? A.7.168. 12 E.

C. Allows hosts to share public IP addresses . Allows administrators to create subnets. Allows administrators to use classful routing protocols. D. B. Allows routers to have smaller routing tables. Which is an advantage of CIDR? A.5. D.32.255 .255.255 B.255 E. 180.0 to 180.32. A summary route in a routing table is given as 180. 180. 180.255. Which range of addresses will match this summary? A.32.0.0 to 180.35.0 to C.0.0 to 180.0 to 180.0. 180.255.

2.0.0/24.2. Groupnet . What name is given to 200.3. 200.0. 200.2. Supernet C.0/24 and 200. Default route D. The class C networks A.7.0/ Subnet B.2.0/24 are summarized as 200.

4 . When a classful class A ip address scheme. 2 D.8. how many octets are used to designate the network portion of the address? A. 3 B. 1 C.

9. How many bits are used in the IPv4address space? A. 12 D. 8 C. 32 . 16 B.

OSPF B.10. EIGRP D. A routing protocol that does not support VLSM. RIPv1 C. A. ISIS .

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