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Project on Consultency Firm

Project on Consultency Firm

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Imran Hossain
Eastern University
Imran Hossain
Eastern University

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Published by: Imran Hossain on Aug 21, 2010
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Report On Project Feasibility Study


A project Feasibility Study On The Basis of Consultancy Firm

Prepared for:
Dr. A.K.M Saiful Majid Professor Faculty of Business Administration

Prepared by:

Imran Hossain
ID: 062200043
+88 01674 892 776
Eastern University

House#15/2, Road# 3 Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka 1205 Ph: 9676031-5

Date of submission: 28/01/2010 December 28, 2010 Dr. A.K.M Saiful Majid Professor Faculty of Business Administration Eastern university. Dear Sir, Here is a feasibility study report on “ABC consultancy firm”. The report is done as a part of our project management course. This were you assigned us on your regular class. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to work on this report. We truly appreciate this task. We have gained much valuable experience while working on this report, and sincerely hope that it will be up to your expectations.

Kindly accept the report and oblige thereby. Thanking you again. Yours’ sincerely,



Imran Hossain ID: 062200043


We are grateful to our course instructor Dr. A.K.M Saiful Majid for his coordination. Without his assistance we will not be able to finish this feasibility study. His teaching in the class make us understands about project feasibility study and its applications which help us to write this report. The study is very useful and practical base. Again we would like to thank our sir.


Executive summary
The proposed name of the consulting firm will be “ABC consultancy firm”. The proposed company will be a private limited company. This company follows the company act. 1994 (Origin- 1938 British act). The memorandum of the article and memorandum of the association has been already prepared and it will be submitted to the financial department. We divide our full project into five aspects. The marketing feasibility study suggests that the project will be a success f……e been identified and project differentiation has been achieved. We find all the tool s which has been very important for operating a consultancy firm project. For the financial aspect we go for the cash flow, balance sheet, NPV and etc. The proposed project authorized capital TK. 15, 00, and 00,000. There are five promoters of ABC consulting firm and there liabilities will be limited by the registered deed. All the promoters are highly qualified and experienced. According to the report the taxation authority of the income tax department of NBR confirmed that there were no dues to the promoters. The proposed consulting firm will follow service mixed organizational structure. The salary of the key resource persons start from 25000/- up to 35000/-. Necessary financial calculation and estimation already done. ABC consulting firm will offer unique and latest consulting services toward the customer. The target customer segmentation will be done on the basis of demography. According to segment service and price will offer. Different types of promotional tools and


technique will maintain to attract customer. The proposed slogan “Solved Unsolved problems innovatively”

Feasibility study on Consultancy Firm
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Origin
As part of our academic course curriculum, Dr. A. K. M. Saiful Majid sir of Eastern University, course instructor of project Management, assigned us to make a feasibility report on “A Consultancy Firm”.

1.2 Objective of the study
Our main objective is to satisfy the requirements of our course. Besides we try to get in depth knowledge of how to conduct a feasibility study. To test the project from investment point of views that whether the project is investment worthy or not. Today’s life is growing fast. It is full of demand and expectation. For that reason, there are so many opportunities to satisfy the peoples’ demand. This is an overwhelming opportunity for me to work at a part of a professional business field. In this regard, I feel honor to prepare a formal Business Plan. In addition to serve this purpose it tries to find out To determine how to make a proper Feasibility study,  To determine whether the project is feasible or not


1.3 Scope of the Study
Throughout the study we mainly try to cover all the possible aspects of a consultancy firm. The basic concept of the study is making any investment toward a consultancy firm financially viable and investment worth or not based on management, marketing, financial, technique, social and economic point of view. I have tried my level best to gathering the information regarding this type of business.

1.4 Limitation
It is difficult to include all the information for feasibility study in this short time. Be side I don’t get any expertise opinion from this particular area which is another limitation.

1.5 Methodology
• Most of the relevant data and information has taken from market survey of customer interest & expectations. • We mainly take help from different web pages of different consultancy firm. • We also go through a proposed management structures, marketing aspect and strategies, socio-economic impact, technical aspect of the proposed project. • Finally, analyzing the cost and revenue perspective we try to figure out the financial viability of the proposed project.


2.0 Management aspect
2.1 Legal form of business
The proposed name of the consultancy firm will be ABC consultancy firm. The proposed company will be a private limited company. This company follows the company act. 1994 (Origin- 1938 British act). The memorandum of the article and memorandum of the association has been already prepared and it will be submitted to the financial department. Issues Name ABC CONSULTANCY FIRM Head Office - House-60 A. Road 7A, Dhanmondi R/A Tel - 8117462, Fax: 8652036 Email – info@abc.bd.com Website Form Mission – Descriptions

http://www.abcconsultants.com Partnership Business "To solve unsolved problems

innovatively" Tentative Date of Registration December, 2009. Tentative Date of Project activity January, 2010 Start. Tentative Date of Project activity February, 2010 Completed. 8

Tentative Date of Start Operation.

April, 2010

2.2 Promoters
The ABC consultancy firm has a 5 partner. The governing body personals are skilled in their profession and capable to manage the company’s operations smoothly as all of them have long term and deep experience in this kind of business operations. Promoters of ABC consultancy firm are highly skilled , experienced , dynamic & democratic personality with great leadership skills . The name of sponsors , address , age , education , experience , designation etc. Are given below: There are five promoters of ABC consultant firm promoters name and other details are given bellow: Name & address Imran Hossain 69, kalabagan, Dhanmondi Ag e 38 Education &experience BBA & MBA from Oxford University. He has worked for different National and Multinational company as a consultant. He has sound knowledge about the present business situation of Bangladesh.

Abdul Jolil 60, Mirpur, Dhaka Lutfozzam Babor Sec 7,Uttara,


BBA& MBA from IBA. She has very good marketing knowledge and working experience of different multinational


company. Masters in Finance and Accounting from Dhaka university. 9

Dhaka. Tarek zia 57 Gulshan, Dhaka Arafat Rahman Coco 12/2 Mirpur Dhaka 35 33

He worked in a reputed consultancy firm. Masters in social science from Dhaka university. He has been worked for several NGOs MBA from North south university. He has practical knowledge of working and maintaining the consulting firm

There liabilities will be limited by the registered deed. By the following there investment details & position are given: Name Imran Hossain Abdul Jolil Lutfozzam Babor Tarek zia Arafat Rahman Coco Proposed share holding status 35% 20% 20% 15% 10% Position Chairman Vice chairman Managing director Director Marketing Advisor

2.3 Company’s Share Structures
Name of Entrepreneur Capital contribution in Taka


1. 2. 3. 4.

Md. S. Islam Sarkar Md. G. Mohiuddin Shafiul Azam MD. A Zaman Sikder Total

5,25,00,000 3,00,00,000 3,00,00,000 2,25,00,000 Tk. 1,50,00,000 Tk. 15,00,00,000

Tk. Tk. Tk. Tk.

The authorized capital of the company is Tk. 15, 00, 00,000

2.4 The Organizational Structure
The proposed ABC consultancy firm will follow the functional organization structure. Formal and informal, both communication system followed by the organization and the employees must report to the individual department head. The organization chart of the proposed ABC Consultancy firm is given below:-


Head of HR

Head of Marketing

Head of Finance & Account

Head of Consultant

Asst. Consultant

Others Stuff

2.5 Key recourse persons
The Managing directors and other head of the department of this organization will select the key personnel for the proposed consultancy firm. The key personnel proposed salary, responsibility, qualification are given below in a table:11

Proposed Designation Managing director

Proposed salary

Key responsibility

Key qualification BBA and MBA.

30,000/- to 35,000/others 5000 every year salary will increase

Strategic corporate planning, implementing, and leading the team effectively and efficiently.

Highly skilled and professional experience required. MBA/Masters in finance And related experience is required.

Head of Financial

by1500 25,000/to30,000/others 3000 every year salary will increase by 1200

Develop and deliver accurate sales forecast in line with business objectives. Control costs to ensure that expenditure is being managed in line with budgets


Head of Marketing

25000/- to 30000/others 3000 every year salary will increase by 1200

Manage and coordinate all marketing, advertising and promotional activities Analysis current market conditions and competitors information

MBA major in marketing and professional experience is required.

Head of consultant

25000/- to 30000/other 3000

Implementing the corporate planning and giving proper instructions to

BBA/MBA & at least 10 years experience in any consultancy firm.

every year salary will increase by 1200

subordinate. Observing client progress and subordinates performance. Reporting to the higher authority.

Head of HR

25000/- to 30000/other 3000

To Staffing, implementing, recriminating, managing the employee etc.

BBA, MBA Major in HR. At least 5 yrs experience is required

every year salary will increase by 1200


2.6 The lawyer, Banker and Auditors
The promoters have chosen banker, lawyer and auditors of the consultancy firm. The name and position of the lawyer, bankers and the auditors are given below for the proposed consultancy firm:-

Types Legal Advisor

Name Barrister Fazle Nur Tapos M.S.L & L.L.B

Bankers Auditors

Bangladesh supreme court. Abdul jolil , DMD of Mercantile Bank Lotus Ferdous, MD of AB Bank Saimon Hoque Chartered Accountant

3.0 Marketing Aspects


3.1 The Marketing Mix and the Four P’s application
The “Four P’s” include product, promotion, place and price. Product/ Service is what are you going to produce to satisfy a consumer’s wants and needs. Promotion is how you are going to advertise and promote your product. Place is where are you going to sell your product/service and how are you going to distribute your product. Price/Service Charge is what price you are going to set for your product/services.

1) The core services –what is the customers really subscribing? The core service refers to the use, benefit, or problem solving service that the consumer is really looking when subscribes the service. 2) The actual service is the tangible product or intangible service that serves as the medium for receiving core product benefits: quality of service features. 3) The augmented service consists of the measures taken to help the consumer put the actual services to sustained use and after-sale service.

Service strategy:
ABC consultancy firm is service based company and our specialty is that ABC consultancy firm’s service is unique in the field. We promise people that our service will be more reliable than the other service providers. If there is any problems occur in our service we assure that that won’t let that for long.


Promotion may be defined as any two-way communication for the purpose of making sales and building customer relationships. Obviously, this form of communication is "personal." It provides a forum for immediate exchange of needs, goals, ideas, and feedback. This is marketing in the pure sense of the term. How are you going to sell your product and whom are you going to sell it to? Promotion should not be considered the last step in the marketing process. In fact it should be one of the first steps (if not the first step) even preceding the first production of your product or service.

A successful promotional campaign or activity will increase consumer perception of value thereby increasing consumer satisfaction on service providers. For promoting our business we’ll apply the following promotional tools:

Differentiating Your Product Practicing Relationship Marketing Using the Internet as a Promotional Tool Other Promotional/Marketing Techniques   Focus Group Discussion Sometime discount offers. Etc

Promotional Strategy:
To grave more customers the firm will uses different promotional strategy:


According to the law of branding advertising should be an effective defensive technique and the budget should be like a defense budget from the competition. Advertising will help ABC to keep remind of its customers mind. ABC will go with different print media advertising such as daily newspapers, magazines, bill boards, leaflets etc.  Contact Campaigns: This initiative will take in various methods of reaching potential customers to generate interest, followed by direct mail to the potential customer.  Print Advertising: Ads will be developed and placed in several industry publications & different magazine as well as in daily newspapers.  Telemarketing Campaign: Telemarketing activities geared to identify qualified leads, follow-up on sales progress to the qualified leads, and assurance that new potential contact lists are current and accurate.  Promotional Giveaways: This is a traditional way of advertising a company's name by giving something away. This will be used in conjunction with community service organization fund-raising efforts and traditional advertising

Public relation
A better brand can not be established without effective public relation. B&S will arrange several campaigns such award giving. Through this sort of activities we will try to make aware and give message about the importance of consultancy. We emphasize on viral marketing to develop our brand.

“Solve unsolved problems innovatively” 17

This is the third step of marketing mix. This stage determine about the place from where/how the service will provide to the customers.

In case of service the price depends on the quality of service & the service availability rate. Pricing can be several types some of those are bellow:  Pricing that is too cost oriented;  Prices that are not revised often enough to reflect changes  Prices that do not take the entire marketing mix into account As mentioned above, some prices do not take the entire marketing mix into account, with some service providers pricing their service based on their serving costs plus a profit.

Pricing Factors
While it is important to consider serving costs to determine if the price is in the right estimated, you should take other factors into account as you determine the price of your product.  Quality of Services  Product/ Service Differentiation  Firm’s Image and Strengths  Competitors' Prices  Customer Service Quality  Costs  Gross Margin, Gross Profit and Mark-Up By following the above factor related with pricing we have set the price for our services.


Pricing Strategy
Pricing/Service charge strategy we will follow that is services provide cost + markup. ABC consultancy firm’s point of view it is the most accepted and easiest way to calculate the price. Moreover, ABC consultancy firm’s mark up will be at the time of beginning 20 to 25 %.

3.2 Market strategy
Market growth and firm’s position Internal factors
Factors Market share Marketing effort Financial resources Instruments Management Weight .30 .15 .2 .15 .2 Rating 2 4 5 4 3 4 Score .6 .6 1 .6 .6 .2 3.6

competency Customer service .05 Total 1

External factors


Factors Market size Market competition Political issues Government Manpower availability Customer loyalty Technology Social & cultural issues Total

Weight .3 .1 .1 .1 .1 .2 .1 .1 1

Rating 5 4 4 4 3 3 4 3

Score 1.5 .4 .4 .4 .3 .6 .4 .3 4. 3

From the above internal and external factors score help to identify the firm’s position in the market. GE matrix show the firm position below:

GE matrix of ABC consultancy Firm

Internal Factors


Investmen t Growth From this matrix we External Factors can easily identify our own position in the market. We are in selective growth quadrant means the Firm condition and Selectivity Selective Growth Selectivity Harvest Or Divest Selective AB C Growth


Selectivity Harvest Or Divest Harvest Or Divest

potentiality is very good but ABC consultancy firm’s own position is not good. We are new in the market so we need to take more strategy and investment. Then we would become a good and profitable consultancy firm.


3.3 Target Customers
For determining the target market & the market size we have define our target customers in major 2 parts.

 Individual Customer  Corporate customer


3.4 Competitive Environments
This industry is now growing stage in our country so there is a huge opportunity for us to become a market leader. ABC consultancy firm planning to do business with a reliable touch in the service that should be different from others. ABC consultancy firm plans to advertise through newspaper and lift let. Later on we use radio media. ABC has numerous creative ideas that will make ABC best in corporate world. It may happen within two or three years we will have some more competitors in market but we will be distinctive in satisfying our customer & market leader. Rest of the consultancy firm are not maintaining service standard. So they can not

satisfy the customers. ABC consultancy firm is full of latest and modern service with highly trained and professional consultancy at an affordable charge. So we can easily attract the customer.

PEST analysis
Politics Economical


 Political environment is too much unrest  Government decisions are

 Unemployment rate is high  Inflation rate is high  Low disposable income

influenced by politicization  Government decision

procedures are complex  Too much internal corruption of government Social Technological

 More social unrest  More social barriers

 Lack of modern technique in corporate level.  Modern technique is too costly  Lack of expert consultant

SWOT analysis
Strength Weakness


 Qualified and experienced governing body  Latest and modern technique  Highly qualified consultant  Better environment  Affordable cost

 New in market  Lack of relative experience of management  Delay on decision making due to lack of market knowledge

Opportunity  Market is in growing stage  Attractive market condition  Few number of competitors

Threats  Available strong competitor  Number of competitors are increasing  Inflation rate high  Instable political and social condition

4.0 Technical aspects
Land & Location:


The Proposed firm will start its business operation in Dhaka initially but with the success of this area the business will expand all over country.

Location of the Land
The proposed head office will be at House#42, Road #4/A, Dhanmondi R/A.Dhaka-1205. Another Operational office (Gulshan) will be at House# 155/A, Gulshan Avenue. Gulshan Dhaka.

Present Owner of lands
The present owner of the land of Gulshan office is Abdul Jolil who is one of the promoters of the business. The head office will be leased for 15 year contract from the owner of the house.

Land Area & Building Size
The total land area of two offices Dhanmondi & Gulshan is respectively 14400 Sq/ft & 7200 Sq/ft. there is 4 storied building in Dhanmondi & 3 Storied Building in Gulshan.

Availability of infrastructural Facility & other Advantages
This is a service oriented business for these business lots of equipments are not required. Massive setups of equipments are obvious for this business operation. Both the buildings have some facility for our business those are:  Already building is constructed.

There are six rooms in each floor (Gulshan), 10 rooms (Dhanmondi)


Well communication system

Required Equipments & Machineries
This is a service oriented business for the instance the company will need some equipment & machines for its operation. Those lists are given bellow:

Name of Equipments Computers Laptop Fax Machine Tables AC Phone car IPS/ UPS Power Generator Printer Scanner Photo copy Machine Refrigerator Accessories

Quantity 15 10 5 40 20 10 2 75 2 10 4 2 4 As per Needed

Purchase Place Local Market Local Market Local Market Local market Local market Local Market Local Market Local Market Local Market Local market Local Market Local Market Local Market Local Market

Installation of instruments
It is a service firm. There are no complex equipments. So no need to worry about high installation cost. On the other hand for our light machinery like computer, air conditioner we have the contract with the distributor to install this machinery after our purchase at a free of cost

Utilities Require & Availability
 Water


 Power  Gas  Telephone Connection For maintaining any office the above utilities are require. The places we have chosen for our office all the places are occupied of these utilities.

Furniture & fixture
We need some furniture and fixture to our sound operation purpose. Details are given Name of furniture Sofa set Conference table Chairs Computer table Energy saving light Land phone set Quantity Supplier 5 2 25 15 50 10 Otobi farniture Otobi farniture Otobi farniture Otobi farniture BRB electronics BRB electronics Price 50000/-ps 35000/-ps 1500/-ps 2000/-ps 150/-ps 2000/-ps

Repair & maintenance
The entire ABC firm infrastructure will be maintenance and repair by the supplier at a free of cost for two years. On these issues we have a written contract with supplier. On the other hand computer and other accessories like printer, scanner etc has respectively three and one years warranty. So no need to be worried about these issues. 27

Safety & Hygienic Provisions
As the operating building will be full of equipments & electrical parts there is huge chance of fire of other accident for that the promoters will take the necessary actions. There will be 15 first Aid boxes in two office 4 Fire exiguities in each floor. There are five toilets in each floor of the buildings. There are separate toilets for gents & ladies.

5.0 Financial aspects
Total cost of the Project
The project cost includes the total fixed cost & net working capital requirements of the existing & future operation of the Project. The projected cost of the business is


TK.20,00,00,000. the promoters of the company will pay up Tk.15, 00, 00,000 as their investment Rest of the amount (5,00, 00,000) will take as loan. The loan amount will be pay able in 20 years at annual interest rate of 12.50%.

Promoters’ Investment Distribution
Name Imran Hossain Abdul Jolil Lutfozzam Babor Tarek zia Arafat Rahman Coco Total % of share 35% 20% 20% 15% 10% Capital contribution in TK 6,25,00,000 4,00,00,000 4,00,00,000 3,25,00,000 2,50,00,000 20,00,00,000

Promoters’ Source of Investment
Name Source of Finance 1. Imran Hossain 2. Abdul Jolil Self+ Bank loan Self+ Bank loan Amount that will be borrowed Tk.1,00,00,000 Tk. 5,25,00,000 Tk.1,00,00,000 Tk. 3,00,00,000 Self Investment


3. Lutfozzam Babor 4. Tarek zia 5. Arafat Rahman Coco

Self+ Bank loan Self+ Bank loan Self+ Bank loan

Tk.1,00,00,000 Tk. 3,00,00,000 Tk.1,00,00,000 Tk. 2,25,00,000 Tk.1,00,00,000 Tk. 1,50,00,000

Financial Plan
 The funds required for the project consists of 75% equity which comes to TK. 15,00,00,000 and 25% of loans which equals to Tk. 5,00,00,000  The ratio of Debt-to- equity is 25:75  The repayment period of the long term loan is 20 years at 12.50%. The source of such loans will be commercial banks. The tax rate is 40%.

Projected Profit and Loss
ABC’s is in the early stage of development, thus initial projections have only been made on accounts that are believed to most drive the income statement. The following table provides ABC's projected income statements for 2006-2008.

PERIOD ENDING Total Revenue Cost of Revenue Gross Profit

31-Dec-08 31-Dec-07 31-Dec-06 1,293,145 705,611 587,534 1,001,270 548,407 452,863 707,933 389,032 318,901


Operating Expenses Research Development Selling General and Administrative Non Recurring Others Total Operating Expenses Operating Income or Loss 330,052 18,824 238,658 255,238 10,615 187,010 178,572 22,972 11,175 106,182

Income from Continuing Operations Total Other Income/Expenses Net Earnings Before Interest And Taxes Interest Expense Income Before Tax Income Tax Expense Minority Interest Net Income From Continuing Ops Non-recurring Events Discontinued Operations Extraordinary Items Effect Of Accounting Changes Other Items 8,024 246,682 41,051 205,631 80,196 7,171 194,181 44,391 149,790 57,669 2,388 108,570 29,405 79,165 37,141 -





Net Income




Balance Sheets - Projected
The following table outlines ABC's projected balance sheets for fiscal years 2006-2008. PERIOD ENDING Assets Current Assets Cash And Cash Equivalents Short Term Investments Net Receivables Inventory Other Current Assets Total Current Assets Long Term Investments Property Plant and Equipment Goodwill Intangible Assets Accumulated Amortization Other Assets Deferred Long Term Asset Charges Total Assets Liabilities Current Liabilities Accounts Payable 273,011 217,425 171,542 32 191,842 332,888 27,724 552,454 56,500 78,575 1,151,388 189,304 59,948 2,088,169 360,463 282,373 18,691 661,527 70,800 67,843 940,878 84,673 32,903 1,858,624 91,923 186,767 16,259 294,949 47,673 51,326 885,711 77,711 33,786 1,391,156 31-Dec-08 31-Dec-07 31-Dec-06

Short/Current Long Term Debt Other Current Liabilities Total Current Liabilities Long Term Debt Other Liabilities Deferred Long Term Liability Charges Minority Interest Negative Goodwill Total Liabilities Stockholders' Equity Miss Stocks Options Warrants Redeemable Preferred Stock Preferred Stock Common Stock Retained Earnings Treasury Stock Capital Surplus Other Stockholder Equity Total Stockholder Equity

150,898 423,909 418,592 45,037 76,804 964,342 509 486,493 717,158 (80,333) 1,123,827

157,772 5,865 381,062 415,653 9,956 79,703 886,374 490 361,058 601,637 9,065 972,250

6,917 178,459 565,332 7,052 75,213 826,056 419 268,937 294,350 1,394 565,100

Projected Cash Flow
This table show our cash flow and cash balance projections. PERIOD ENDING Net Income 31-Dec-08 31-Dec-07 31-Dec-06 125,435 92,121 42,024

Operating Activities, Cash Flows Provided By or Used In Depreciation Adjustments To Net Income Changes In Accounts Receivables Changes In Liabilities Changes In Inventories 44,861 42,374 (58,628) 41,716 29,966 19,990 (107,602) 45,249 24,372 26,124 (56,005) 19,655 -


Changes In Other Operating Activities Total Cash Flow From Operating Activities Capital Expenditures Investments Other Cash flows from Investing Activities Total Cash Flows From Investing Activities Dividends Paid Sale Purchase of Stock Net Borrowings Other Cash Flows from Financing Activities Total Cash Flows From Financing Activities Effect Of Exchange Rate Changes

4,094 199,852

(1,771) 77,953

7,796 63,966

Investing Activities, Cash Flows Provided By or Used In (35,674) (340,838) (376,512) (36,422) (31,761) (30,359) (267,026)

(68,183) (297,385)

Financing Activities, Cash Flows Provided By or Used In 20,562 (11,019) 10,708 20,251 (12,212) 250,395 (7,945) 17,986 260,436 (1,666) (13,159) 180,805 2,118 169,764 2,195 ($61,460)

Change In Cash and Cash Equivalents ($168,621) $268,540

Risk Potential Problem
Risk is the part of business. ABC consulting firm thinks every business is risky. ABC consulting firm has a plan against risk. ABC consulting firm will save risk purpose 15% from sales revenue. ABC Consulting firm thinks it will get much benefit from the risk fund.

Obstacles and Risks


ABC consulting firm thinks it can face some problem. There is a chance to copy the strategy in the market. On the other hand, every business has some risk. To start it needs huge amount of money. To collect the money and interest rate is risky for ABC consulting firm. Every business has a probability to get loss.

Plans against the Risk and Obstacles
Contingency Plan
ABC consulting firm will prepare trademark and logo. The service will be different and creative. ABC consulting firm will take every types of authority from the relevant sector. Tax identification number and it will be organized with trade license by the power of Business sector of Dhaka City Corporation. So, ABC consulting firm will get the legal authority from the city corporation and other business area.

Insurance Plan
ABC consulting firm will be organized by Insurance Plan to reduce the risk. ABC consulting firm will open an insurance file for Business Purpose in ALICO. Firstly, insurance file will be open for ten years.


6.0 Socioeconomic Aspect
Employment generation impact
In ABC consulting firm, we will create working scope for the people. That means it will reduce some unemployment.

Contribution to GDP
The project if feasible and implement would definitely contribute to GDP by creating employment, generating profit and reinvesting the profit in future for further expansion.

Contribution to national exchequer
Our project will also contribute in the national exchequer. Because after working in here workers will find salary and give tax, vat etc. So that nation will be get benefited.

Back ward & forward economic linkage effect
For developing a new consulting firm it will also create some backward & forward linkage.

Foreign exchange earnings
This Firm is not only for the local customer. Our Firm can serve to foreign people which are really interested to take service from here. That is the way we can earn some foreign money for our country.


Benefit of the society
The society will be benefited by the project because this project is about service. It will create also some job opportunity for some people, which can be a very good sign for our society. It will also take part and contribution into our national GDP.

7.0 Conclusion
It is a profitable business project for our country. This project will also create some job opportunities for jobless people. It will take part to our national GDP. Every kind of consulting related services are providing from this consultancy firm. We divide our full project into five aspects. The marketing feasibility study suggests that the project will be a success from marketing aspect. From the industry, SWOT, PEST and competitor analysis, the service offerings have been worked out. The target customers have been identified and project differentiation has been achieved. We find all the tool s which has been very important for operating a consultancy firm project. For the financial aspect we go for the cash flow, balance sheet, NPV and etc. All the technical tools are involved in here.We can say that, as a consultancy firm business is so much profitable. Now a day the people in our country are very interested about the service. So they want to get such type of service from any company. From this report we can see that the all aspects are positive for the business. So we can say that our project is a profitable project.


8.0 Bibliography

www.abcconsulting.com http://finance.yahoo.com/q/is?s=FCN www.niir.org


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