Birds of Calhoun Falls State Recreation Area This list provided by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation

and Tourism and downloaded from Columbia Audubon Society at Posted to the web on October 21, 2001. Report new species to

Birds found on and around Calhoun Falls State Recreation Area Blue Heron Canadian Goose Wood Duck Black Vultures Northern Bob White Domestic Pigeon Vesper Sparrow Barn Owl Eastern Screech Owl Whip-Poor-Will Eastern Kingbird American Crow Blue Jay Bluebird American Robin Northern Cardinal Solitary Vireo Yellow-Rumped Warbler Brown-Headed Cowbird Mourning Dove Yellow-Billed Cuckoo Carolina Wren Blue Grosbeak Balded Eagle Red-Tailed Hawk Osprey Double-Crested Cormorant Ring-Billed Gull Northern Rough-Winged Swallow Fish Crow Carolina Chickadee Tufted Titmouse Brown-Headed Nuthatch Ruby-Crowned Kinglet Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Northern Parula Warbler Pine Warbler Black and White Warbler

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