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ArchiCAD Step by Step

ArchiCAD Step by Step

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ArchiCAD libraries contain many types of prefabricated elements such as bathroom fixtures, cabinets, furniture, steel
components, graphic symbols and more.

Specialized libraries can be used for different applications and national standards. The objects in the libraries are also
parametric items, just like the door/window objects.

Process to Learn

•The ArchiCAD Library

•Object Tool

Viewing Objects

Editing Objects

Placing Objects

Starting the Step

Use your file from the previous step or open the file named Step-13.pln contained in the Step Files folder.


Step 13: Adding Final Details

Graphisoft ArchiCAD Step by Step Tutorial


Whenever you need either a complex element that exceeds
the capabilities of the basic tools or a type of element with a
specific role and behavior, you can rely on predefined, fully
parametric individual objects
(Library Parts) or objects
stored in a folder or set of folders called the Library. These
objects are accessed using the Object Tool in the Toolbox.

Library Parts comprise a 2D Symbol and a 3D description
in GDL
(Geometric Description Language), as well as some
optional information such as an additional 2D description, a
user interface script or a component definition.

What to Do

We now need some furniture and fittings in the rooms, such
as handrails in the Gallery and fixtures in the Restroom. For
this project we have provided only an extract of the standard
ArchiCAD library. To see all the standard objects of ArchiCAD,
browse the ArchiCAD Library folder on your computer.

1. Place a Handrail on the Left Side of the Balcony

P-3, S-13, M-A

- Double-click on the Object tool

in the Toolbox to

bring up its settings dialog.

- Select the “Railing Horizontal” object from the library.

- Click OK.

- Select the diagonal geometry method in the Info Box.

- Click inside the bottom left corner of the balcony slab
(point 1) to start placing the object.

- Click by eye to define its length inside the top left corner
of the balcony slab (point 2).


Step 13: Adding Final Details

Graphisoft ArchiCAD Step by Step Tutorial

Now place the railing object in all the necessary places inside
the building. When the orientation of the railing changes to
horizontal, open the settings dialog and modify the rotation

Check it in the 3D Window and note that there are only three
vertical columns in the long railing on the edge of the gallery
slab; this is clearly not strong enough. Go back to the Floor
Plan, select the railing and open its settings dialog. Modify the
number of posts to 10 in Posts Parameters and confirm the

2. Add Bathroom Fixtures

P-3, S-13, M-B, 2-3

Before adding the restroom fixtures as shown in the picture,
go down to the ground floor plan and select the ‘Orthogonal’
Geometry method for the Object tool.

Zoom in to the Restroom and open the Object Settings dialog
box. Select the ‘WC’ object, change its rotation angle to 180
degrees and place it in the Toilet. In the same way you can
place the ‘Basin 02’ object next to the entrance door of the

3. Add a Piano Object

To furnish the Exhibition Space place a Piano in the room. In
the Object Settings dialog select the Piano object, modify its
rotation angle to 90 degrees, and put it in the center of the
room. To finish it off, place a Stool object in front of the Piano
and check the result in 3D.


Step 13: Adding Final Details

Graphisoft ArchiCAD Step by Step Tutorial


Step 14: Creating a Ceiling Plan

Graphisoft ArchiCAD Step by Step Tutorial

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