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1.05 Lock and Key (COMPLETE DRAFT)

1.05 Lock and Key (COMPLETE DRAFT)

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Published by DWFSPromo
1.7 "Lock and Key" by hitchhikerstowel, edited by entertain-me (COMPLETED)
1.7 "Lock and Key" by hitchhikerstowel, edited by entertain-me (COMPLETED)

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Published by: DWFSPromo on Aug 21, 2010
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DOCTOR WHO FAN AUDIO SERIES Episode 8 “Lock and Key”

By Hitchhikerstowel

Revised by Entertain-me

Based on: Doctor Who (c) BBC

NARRATOR The vacuum of space, a vast and very desolate place. A place of tranquility and peace. A place whose peace is being shattered by a shrill distress signal, coming from a large, grey block of metal with small engines on the sides. The same shrill distress signal which has just caught the attention of a certain Timelord and his companion.

INT. CORRIDOR - PRISON SHIP (We hear the sound of the TARDIS materialising, the door opening, footsteps as the Doctor and Alicia step out )

ALICIA So, Doctor, where and when are we - and why are we literally in the dark?

(The sound of the sonic screwdriver can be heard as the Doctor checks his watch)

DOCTOR Well, by my watch, it’s April 21st in the year 80,016 and we’re on a prison ship just on the outer reaches of your solar system. Looks like 80th millenia Earth architecture, too. (taps part of vessel) Not the most imaginative period - a bit boring, really. Oh, and we’ve received a distress signal. ALICIA And the lights aren’t working because...? DOCTOR I know! Whatever happened to hospitality, eh? ALICIA Hospitality on a prison ship? DOCTOR It can happen. I can say with absolute certainty that you’ll never find a nicer bunch than on the federal prison of Jaxaroth 7. Except on the actual planet, of course. Very nice but incredibly stupid. NARRATOR The Doctor and Alicia set off cautiously down the dark, dank corridor, with the Doctor’s trusty sonic screwdriver as their guiding light. The screwdriver was aimed towards the ground and fell, at once, upon a still figure lying on the floor.

ALICIA Oh my...! DOCTOR Ah, maybe not so boring 80th millenia, after all. (examines body with screwdriver) Looks like he died of asphyxiation. He’s been strangled. I’d say he’s been dead for a week. But why would they just leave him here? ALICIA I’m not liking this, Doctor. DOCTOR Come on, let’s find out what’s happened.

(we hear footsteps as the Doctor and Alicia continue on, very slowly)

ALICIA I can’t see a thing! DOCTOR Try eating more carrots. Wait a moment, I’ll just power this thing up.

(We hear the sonic screwdriver powering up as it creates more light)

DOCTOR Oh. NARRATOR As the sonic screwdriver increases in brightness, more bodies are revealed. A lot more bodies. ALICIA Are...Are they all dead? DOCTOR Yes, I’d say they are. Notice the prison cells next to us have no front walls. From the looks of things, it’s a force-field generated cell wall. How stupid is that? Would’ve gone right out with the lights.

(We hear the sonic screwdriver as the Doctor examines a couple of bodies)

DOCTOR Hmm. Asphyxiation, again. You know what I’m

thinking? I’m thinking they all killed each other. All of them dead from what seems to be random acts of violence. Alicia, I think we’re in a madhouse! ALICIA You sound a little bit too excited when you say that, Doctor. DOCTOR Come on, then! Let’s see what else is here. Someone’s got to be alive. The only reason the TARDIS camehere was because of that distress signal. NARRATOR Alicia and the Doctor continue along the corridor, making sure not to step on any of the bodies, until they reach a sealed metal door. Using the everhandy sonic screwdriver, the Doctor opens the door and he and Alicia climbed a set of stairs and find themselves in a circular room. The room contains a few battery-powered lamps and four people, staring at the newcomers.


SMITH Who are you? SALETH Did you get our distress signal? DOCTOR Yes. I’m the Doctor. This is my good friend Alicia. ALICIA “friend” is pushing it a little, don’t you think? DOCTOR Fine, fine. My worst enemy Alicia. So, we’ve introduced ourselves, your turn - oh, and you can perhaps explain why there are a bunch of dead people out there. SMITH I’m Chief Warden Lezo Smith, of the RPS Durok, sir. SALETH Warden Bernice Saleth, of the RPS Durok, sir. KROFER Warden Damon Krofer, of the RPS Durok, sir. PELHAM

And I’m Warden Susan Pelham, of -

DOCTOR Yes, yes - “RPS Durok.” Good. Wonderful. Now, let’s get down to business. Chief Warden Smith, if you don’t mind me asking again, why is everyone dead? SMITH Well, sir, just over a week ago, the power was cut off. There must have been a malfunction in the supply because we don’t have an ounce of power left. After that, the cells unlocked and the prisoners escaped. SALETH We think the same thing happened all over the ship. We lost communication with the other levels. PELHAM These prisoners are - or rather, were - the most dangerous and mentally unstable people on planet Earth. For the past ten years, it has been our purpose to keep them and hopefully rehabilitate them. But now... DOCTOR I think if I’d lived on 80th millenia Earth, I’d have ended up in a madhouse, too. SMITH Yes, but this was a rather uncharacteristic event, Doctor. They all attacked each other. These people are - were - insane in a whole variety of ways, so it is strange that every single one of them go at each other, like they did. KROFER Six of the guards in this block were killed, too. We don’t know anything and we need to get out of here. SMITH I suppose you have a ship?

(no response from the Doctor)

ALICIA Er.. Doctor? DOCTOR Oh, you people are thick! You are so thick! Partly because you bulit force-field cells, but more importantly... Ah, perfect! (picks up a book)

Watch what happens when I drop this book.

(We hear the heavy book being dropped with a thud)

ALICIA That’s just gravity. Are we supposed to be impressed by that, or something? DOCTOR Gravity! Well, actually, it’s an instruction manual for the ship - no, getting off-topic a little. So, gravity. And where are we? Anyone? ALICIA In the middle of space. Oh, yeah. So it’s artificial. DOCTOR Exactly! Oh, very good! And gravity requires power. The power’s not gone, it’s just been redirected. Someone or something has intentionally taken away the power from the floor. It was no accident these prisoners escaped. You’ve been sabotaged.

(We hear the Doctor pick up the book and flick through its pages)

DOCTOR Oh, but you’re even more thick than that, aren’t you? If you just reconfigure the cables in here, it should provide easy access to the emergency generator. You really should know this.

(The Doctor opens a cabinet and starts playing around with the wires and switches, mumbling to himself. Then the lights come on)

DOCTOR Let there be light! Now we have something to work with! That should last about four hours or so before it’ll need to recharge. Let’s get going! NARRATOR In his eagerness, the Doctor pushes past Alicia and leads the way back down the staircase and into the corridor with the dead prisoners. While the others stand warily near the doorway, the Doctor bends down to examine another prisoner.


DOCTOR Well, this is interesting. I’m detecting unusually high levels of electrical activity, especially for someone who’s been dead a week.

PELHAM Can we please just leave? There’s nothing more we can do for them. DOCTOR Oh, you’re just being dead boring - see what I did there? “Dead” boring?... Maybe not. Tough crowd... but this is brilliant! Oh, all right. You can leave but you’ll have to wait for me in my ship. Surely, you want to investigate though, Alicia? ALICIA Well, naturally - Oh, Doctor, I think this one just moved. PELHAM It’s getting up! DOCTOR Aha, so it is! I had a feeling this was going to be a good day. You know, I think the only thing that could make me happier right now is a big tray of muffins. Muffins when we get back? What do you think, Alicia? (to moving corpse) So, you - random criminal rising from the dead what’s got into you? And yes, I do mean that literally. NARRATOR Just as the Doctor finishes speaking, the rest of the corpses begin moving in unison. They all stand up as one and turn to face the Doctor. PRISONERS That is none of your concern. You should be concerned for your lives. In exchange for your survival, let us use your ship to pilot this one back to Earth. DOCTOR Oh, yes, of course. By all means, do. As if I would just stand aside and let you do that. Who do you think I am?

ALICIA Why can’t you get back to Earth on your own? DOCTOR Ah, very good question. See, I told you she was good. Yes, why can’t you get back to Earth on your own? PRISONERS The engines were irreparably damaged in an asteroid cluster collision. DOCTOR Okay, fair enough. But why do you want to get back to Earth, anyway? PRISONERS That is none of your concern. DOCTOR Oh, you see that’s where you’re wrong because either you have an utterly fantastic reason for me to take you there, or you won’t be going anywhere. If you want me to help, everything is my concern. PRISONERS Then you have chosen death. Very well. NARRATOR As the corpses began to advance on the group, the Doctor bit his lip and looked at Alicia and the wardens. DOCTOR I think now would be an appropriate time to ... Run! NARRATOR The group run back along the corridor. The prisoners copy them and begin to run, too.

(we hear the sound of running - then someone tripping)

ALICIA Krofer, are you all right? Hurry up! KROFER Oh... Oh, god... No!

(Krofer screams. We hear the prisoners attack him and beat him to death)

KROFER Hel - aaarrrggghhh!!!! DOCTOR Don’t stop! Keep on going!

(A door is opened then closed and the sonic screwdriver can be heard locking it behind them)

DOCTOR Okay, now that should hold them off.


(We hear a click as the door is slowly unlocked) DOCTOR No, no, no! I just locked it! NARRATOR Before the prisoners can reach the Doctor and the wardens, Alicia pushes herself up against a large storage cupboard next to the door, tipping it over.

(We hear the cabinet crashing to the floor)

DOCTOR Fantastic! Everyone over here! There’s a vent we can use to get down into a lower level. ALICIA I think we’re going to have a bit of trouble fitting in there, Doctor. DOCTOR Have faith, Alicia. When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, ventilation shafts are easy.

(we hear the Doctor pull off the grate and quickly jump down the vent)

DOCTOR Geronimo!!! (from level below) Come on, it’s not far!

ALICIA How did you know that before you jumped? DOCTOR I didn’t. NARRATOR Everyone follows after the Doctor. Once they are all together in the pitch-black, the Doctor uses the light from the sonic screwdriver and rushes over to one of the panels. He fiddles about with some more wires until the lights in this room blinker on. They find themselves in a very similar room to the one above, except this room has two doors leading off; one to the left and one to the right, marked “Therapy Ward”


DOCTOR Okay, switched the emergency power to this level. Now, to the important question. What exactly is inside these things? No, that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is what turned off the power in the first place? Whatever it is that’s working with them. (starts pressing some buttons) Some kind of virus most likely, draining all the power away, creating the perfect opportunity for this thing to manifest and take control. And now it needs to get back to Earth. But why? ALICIA Maybe it just wants to spread. Maybe needs more human hosts? DOCTOR No, I mean why is the electric-redirecting thing, person, virus, whatever, helping them? They don’t seem that smart so I doubt they’re in charge. ALICIA Maybe it just likes them. Y’know, the thing that gets me, though, is why you three don’t seem to care at all that your friend is dead. I mean, he just got torn to shreds by a bunch of zombies and you’re just standing there like you’re waiting in line at the Post Office. SALETH Krofer was not our friend. He was just a colleague. We’re taught how to handle difficult situations here.

DOCTOR You’ve done a good job, so far. SALETH We, ourselves, are prisoners who have been rehabilitated and this is our service, in return. ALICIA So, you were once all dangerous criminals. SMITH Yes, but this is also a hospital, of sorts. We went through intense therapy and were cured, so we offered to become members of the crew. ALICIA I suppose it’s not like you had anywhere else to go, the engines destroyed, and all. DOCTOR Nothing! Absolutely nothing! I’ve run a full scan. That means it’s physical and... Oh, this is interesting. ALICIA What?

DOCTOR Well, if you’re very, very clever like I am, you might have noticed on our way here that there were 173 dead bodies lying on the floor. But if you take a look right here, there should be 168 prisoners plus the six guards on each level. ALICIA Right... DOCTOR Now, it seems either I’ve counted wrong, which is impossible, or there’s someone else on board who didn’t die in this mutiny.. A prison full of the most dangerously devious criminals on Earth and one of them is running about in a ship full of reanimated corpses.. Haha! I love this job! NARRATOR In the corridor, on the other side of the door, more dead prisoners begin to rise. Alicia watches them through the small window in the door. ALICIA Oh my god! More of them! They’re coming in!

(one final burst of noise as the door opens and the prisoners are in. Alicia screams)

PRISONERS We will give you another chance. If you serve our purpose, we will let your friends survive. DOCTOR My friends meaning not me, meaning you won’t kill me. PRISONERS Do not put your faith in such a notion. We will not hesitate if we have to. DOCTOR You are aware that there’s one prisoner left alive on this ship, aren’t you? PRISONERS No. You are mistaken. Everyone has been consumed. All dead, allowing us to control them.

DOCTOR Yeah, I thought it was something like that. You need an empty body to take control, don’t you? Not strong enough, otherwise. But how did you get them to kill each other? PRISONERS They were mad. It was easy. DOCTOR Really? Well, I guess I’m not going to get the truth out of you so, sorry, but I must be going. I’d like to say it’s been a pleasure but... NARRATOR The Doctor runs over to the Therapy Ward door and throws it open. The companions run through to safety, swiftly followed by the Doctor, who locks it, manually, this time. Once again, they find themselves in a room without power. And once again, the sonic screwdriver is used (sound of Sonic Screwdriver) As everyone’s eyes adjust to the light, the Doctor spots a board on the wall.



Now, just to check the records.. there should be three patients in here. That means they’ll be hiding somewhere. Just watch your step. Alicia, Pelham, I have something that’ll help but I’ve only got two on me, I’m afraid. NARRATOR Reaching into his pocket, the Doctor pulls out two small spheres, both emanating a green glow. ALICIA What are these? DOCTOR What does it look like they are? They’re.. little green .. glowy things. They’re just for emergencies when there’s no other light available. Probably only last twenty minutes. SMITH Let’s go, Doctor.

(We hear the group walk along the corridor, then stop)

ALICIA Hmm, left or right; that is the question. DOCTOR Actually, it’s “To Be or Not To Be”.. In fact, it wasn’t even that to begin with. In fact, it wasn’t even a question ALICIA Doctor DOCTOR Yes, sorry. Right, Smith, you’re Chief Warden, which way do you recommend? I just realised I have absolutely no idea where I’m going. SMITH Well, if we go right we can reach the central hub of the ship. Once we get there, if you can find enough power, you can do a life-scan of the ship and use a trans-mat to bring your ship here. Then we can get as far away from this place as possible. DOCTOR Okay, sounds good. NARRATOR The group ventures on. Passing a room, Alicia catches a faint glance of something and, letting the

others go on ahead, stops to investigate. PELHAM I don’t think the Doctor would want you to go in there. ALICIA Oh, Pelham, you scared me! Well, after travelling with the Doctor for a while, you learn to give him the disrespect he deserves. What is this?

(footsteps as Alicia ventures further into the room)


ALICIA But.. that looks like an electric chair. That’s inhumane! You never said you executed prisoners on this ship? PELHAM We don’t. Those chairs only give small electrical jolts. Very painful but not fatal. It’s a very effective way of managing the prisoners, Alicia. It makes them more docile.

ALICIA Well, of course, it bloody does! You’re frying the life out of them! That doesn’t make it any less cruel. PELHAM It’s needed.

(We hear Pelham walk off. Pause for a few seconds)

ALICIA (to herself) I can’t believe this. Wait til the Doctor finds out about this.

(The door slams shut)

ALICIA Pelham?

(we hear Alicia breath heavily with fear)

NARRATOR Alicia’s eyes widen in fear as she realises there is someone in the room. A figure walks into the light. It is an old man with a few wisps of long white hair. PRISONER Now you can join us. You shouldn’t have denied us our wishes. You could have lived. ALICIA (screaming) Doctor!!! NARRATOR The prisoner leapt at Alicia, pinning her to the floor. He grabbed her by the neck with one hand while he raised his other one, ready to strike. Then, just as Alicia readied herself for death, the door was thrown open. The Doctor, sonic screwdriver in mouth and fire extinguisher in both hands, appeared. The old prisoner looked up just in time to get the full force of the extinguisher on his head. He fell over, twitching. ALICIA I thought you weren’t a violent man! DOCTOR He was already dead! And please don’t feel you have to thank me, or anything... ALICIA How can I trust you about my father if you do things like this? DOCTOR You know you can’t just use that as an excuse for everything. That’s the last time I’m saving your life, if you’re just going to complain about it. Now please, stop wandering off. ALICIA They’ve got an electric chair to torture the prisoners. DOCTOR Yes, I noticed. 80th millenia, not a great time to be alive. Haven’t we covered this already?

(sound of Doctor walking out with Alicia)


Doctor, just one more block up and to the right and we should reach the elevator to get to the Central Command hub. Do you think you can get the elevator working? You’ll have to hurry, though. Saleth says she can see prisoners waking up in the next ward. DOCTOR Ah, good. More prisoners, lots of fun. To the elevator!

INT. CORRIDOR/ELEVATOR - PRISON SHIP (The group continue. They go through a door and walk on a for few seconds then stop as they reach the elevator. The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver as he starts reconfiguring the wires)

DOCTOR Now, these zombie things, what do they have in common? It could be the water supply but then again, a virus could kill the body itself, if it was strong enough. Not to mention it would need you alive, anyway, because it relies on your brain. NARRATOR As the Doctor continues mumbling and fiddling with the wires, the prisoners reach the door and begin pushing it open. Alicia and Saleth try their best to push it closed but it is a struggle.

ALICIA Doctor, get a move on! DOCTOR I need to think. What controls you but doesn’t need your brain to do it? Back to basics... electricity! Of course, that’s how they operated the doors! Creatures of electricity that need a living host to do anything productive. That’s how they infected the prisoners. Through the electric chair. Cruel and unusual punishment indeed! They didn’t need someone to shut off the power because they ARE in the power! They’ve hooked themselves up to the main power supply and now they can control it. There, Houston, we have power! Alicia,hurry up!

(Ping goes the elevator doors opening)


There’s always the question of who’s controlling them, but one we can solve when we get to the hub. Leave the door, ladies. And run. Now! ALICIA You heard him. Run!

(Quickened footsteps as Alicia and Saleth run towards the elevator. The corridor door bursts open and the prisoners pour through)

DOCTOR Ha ha, come on, you can run faster than that!

(Ping again as Smith presses a button and the elevator doors close)

DOCTOR No! Smith, what are you doing? ALICIA Doctor! NARRATOR But it is too late. The Doctor watches as the doors close, the prisoners almost upon Alicia and Saleth, and they have no chance of reaching the elevator as it begins to descend.

(We hear the sound of the elevator descending as the Doctor bangs on the metal door)

DOCTOR Alicia! (to Smith) We’re going back up, right now!

SMITH Sir, if we’d delayed any longer they’d have taken us. We definitely cannot go back now. DOCTOR (extremely angry) I am not someone you want to mess with, Smith. The moment you put my friend in danger is the moment you condemn yourself to death. I’m reversing this lift right now. NARRATOR

But before the Doctor could do anything of the sort, Smith and Pelham grab him and handcuff him. SMITH I’m sorry but it’s too late. I can’t let you endanger the rest of the lives onboard just to try and save someone. We’ve lost a colleague as well, but we must be strategic if we are to escape. DOCTOR I don’t care! VOICE She’s still alive. DOCTOR Who’s that speaking? VOICE I’ve told them not to kill her. Not yet. DOCTOR You listen to me, whoever you are. Nobody threatens one of my friends. You’d better let her go - Saleth too - or I swear to you that I will find you and when I do, you’ll wish you hadn’t spared my life earlier. VOICE In response to your first proposition, Doctor - no. As for the second, I look forward to meeting you It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to speak to someone such as yourself. I’m right down the hall. NARRATOR The lift comes to a stop and the doors open into a lit corridor with another door at the end.

VOICE I have something you need to see.

NARRATOR With a little awkwardness, the Doctor unlocks the handcuffs with the screwdriver and tosses them violently to the ground as he walks towards the door...


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