Architecture to construct realities beyondbuildings


³Few people are out protesting in the streets these days, yet many of the social principles of its hippie generation are now mainstream.´

Jeffrey Inaba. Volume #24 Counterculture

an overview

how architects reacted to that state of the world in the 60s?

computer technology


natural environment

the practice

the world now

how architects are acting

in these state of the world?

Environmental concerns?


technology or techno-fetichism?

what to do?

how to generate new ideas?

In a moment of crisis and global time for change, both the means of producing and communicating architecture need to be reconsidered [once again]. The architectural project is no longer the individual effort of a sort of hero from the renaissance invested with the powers that modern technology provides. It is necessary founding a new institution, a disturbing one, an uncomfortable one: irreverent and illegal from an orthodox point of view.

Did someone say participate?

toward a cross-disciplinary practice

creative urban clusters

how to transform dreams and activism into an architectural practice?

favela painting

³Who says we cannot know the future? We can, but it always a matter of interpretation, that is, of imagination. If that seems obvious, I should point out something not so obvious: that knowing the present is also always an act of imagination.´

Lebbeus Woods. Eight Diagrams of the Future

Rethinking the meaning of the contemporary archive, the production of public knowledge, and the crisis of the spatial condition.

the first paperless architecture book ever



³Architects should not feel left out. Their imaginations are second to none. It s time to use them again, and to truly rethink what architecture might be.´

KazysVarnelis. Infrastructure: A Hacker's Manifesto


Postópolis! DF

architecture is a cross-disciplinary practice: research, academic, activism, writing, art«

the future is NOW

The Bankruptcy of Architecture KAM Workshops 2010