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Maria Teresa de Avila is one of the most catholic saint inspire by the divine spirit to hope in despair.
Maria Teresa de Avila is one of the most catholic saint inspire by the divine spirit to hope in despair.

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Published by: TorresAntony on Aug 22, 2010
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Que nada te turbe,
Let nothing disturb thee; Nada te espante, Let nothing dismay thee todo se pasa, All things pass Dios no se muda; God never changes la paciencia patience todo lo alcanza; reaches everything quien a Dios tiene he who has God nada le falta: finds he lacks nothing Sólo Dios basta. God alone suffices Eleva tu pensamiento, elevate your thoughts al cielo sube, to the heavens above por nada te acongojes, let nothing distressed thee que nada te turbe. Let nothing disturb thee; A Jesucristo sigue Jesus Christ fallow con pecho grande, with all your heart y, venga lo que venga, and no matter what happen que nada te espante. Let nothing dismay thee ¿Ves la gloria del mundo? Do you see the glory of the world? Es gloria vana; Is vain glory; nada tiene de estable, There’s nothing stable in it, todo pasa. All things pass Aspira a lo celeste, Aspire the heavenly que siempre dura; that last forever;

fiel y rico en promesas, rich and faithful in promises Dios no se muda. God never changes Ámala cual merece Loveth it as deserves bondad inmensa; immense kindness pero no hay amor fino but there is no worthy love sin la paciencia.

without patience.
Confianza y fe viva Confidence and living faith mantenga el alma, maintain the soul, quien cree y espera he that believeth and hopes todo lo alcanza. reaches everything Del infierno acosado Of the hound hell aunque se viere, Even though is there burlará sus furores outwit its rage quien a Dios tiene. he who has God Vénganle desamparos, Even if desertion comes cruces, desgracias; across, despairs; siendo Dios tu tesoro being God your treasure nada te falta. lacks nothing. Id, pues, bienes del mundo; be gone, then, good of the world id dichas vanas; be gone false joy; aunque todo lo pierda, even I lose everything, sólo Dios basta. God is enough in all.

By Saint Teresa de Ávila

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