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Silent Ball
Submitted By: Boys and Girls Club of GC Yellowstone County-Bair Family Activity Summary: In Silent Ball, participants have to remain quiet while throwing and catching the ball from each other. Materials/Supplies Needed: 1- 3 dodge balls Ages: 6-9; 10-12 Time Required for Preparation: 5 minutes Time Required for Program Delivery: 20 minutes Activity Description: Members rapidly toss the ball to each other. They have to remain quiet throughout the entire activity. Participants that talk are automatically disqualified. Participants that miss the ball are also disqualified. The game continues until the final rotations are over and a final person has caught the ball. Additional Resources: N/A Author/Contact Information: Rosie Elvbakken BGC Yellowstone County-Bair Family 505 Orchard Lane Billings, Montana 59101 (406) 245 -2582

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