Competency Mapping 1) Competency Mapping is actually done for Management Staff.

2) Competency Mapping is based on KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) 3) the other factors for which Competencies Mapping is based on are: - Work Ethics - Values - Communication ability 4) Competency Mapping is done by defining the JDs and the skills required for those JDs. 5) when the rating of the superior does not match with the actual rating, that employee (whose competencies are mapped) goes for the training.... Skills Matrix: 1) Skill Matrix is usually done for the operators level. 2) It is done by comparing the machine utility and then the operator's capabilities 3) If there is a multi machine operation, the the capabilities of the two machines are combines and then amtched with the capabilities of the operator.... 4) But in order to match the competencies of the operator with the machines, we have to first take out the competencies of the operator. then we have to list down down the cycle time for each and every machine and then the above activity takes place by the above procedure........

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