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Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

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Published by: Prashant Desai on Aug 23, 2010
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Casinos often do not display clocks in highly visible

places. This influence the way clients are made

aware of time. The logic behind this rational is that

there should be no concept of time or passage of

time for the clientele at all.

However, time is displayed at cashier’s booths and on other

electronic signs around the casino. Casino employees can wear

wrist watches to keep track of shifts and break times.

Responsible gambling regulations ask gambling providers to

provide an opportunity for reality check for patrons, i.e. for the

installation of clocks so that every player in a gaming area is able to

see the time. This is a minimum standard that is required but does

not have any forcible effect under the law.

Activity 3.4

Explain what the term ‘passage of time’ means to you.


Clocks are usually not displayed in highly visible places within

casinos. This can contribute to the might contribute to the fact that

gamblers might loss track of time.

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