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Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

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Published by: Prashant Desai on Aug 23, 2010
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The manager or official who completes the exclusion order will

advise the client that the exclusion order stops him/her from

utilizing all the facilities at the gaming provider’s establishment. It is

also explained to the client, that should he breach his exclusion

order that the service provider can have him arrested for trespass on

the service provider’s property. The rationale from the service

provider’s security departments behind the trespass arrest is that it

should be enough of a warning that clients do not attempt to

breach the exclusion order.

In legal terms, trespass is an unauthorised entry upon land. A

trespass gives the aggrieved party the right to bring a civil lawsuit

and collect damages as compensation for the interference and for

any harm suffered. Trespass is an intentional tort and, in some

circumstances, can be punished as a crime.

Activity 5.3

a) What is meant by the term breach of exclusion?

b) How would a service provider deal with a client who

continually attempts to breach his exclusion order?

Responsible Gambling DHCM 183



A person who breaches his exclusion order can be arrested for

trespassing. The terms and conditions of exclusion orders should

be clearly explained to those excluded from the premises.

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