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Plant Maintenance Customizing

Plant Maintenance Customizing

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Published by: tonytayic on Aug 23, 2010
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You can define default values for the item status for each BOM usage in this menu option. The
item status is proposed in BOM maintenance when you create new BOM items.

Bear in mind that the status spare part indicator refers to the production BOMS and not to the
maintenance BOMs. This means that you may not use the item status spare part indicator in
maintenance BOMs.


You must have already defined the

BOM usage.


When defining the default values, pay attention to the settings allowed in the definition of the
BOM usages. The SAP System checks the consistency of the settings automatically.

In the case of maintenance BOMs, you should always check the indicator maintenance relevant.

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You should at least define default values for the item status indicators that you have already
specified as required entries when defining the BOM usage.


Configure the default values as necessary for the item status of the individual BOM usages.

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