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6622344 Greenhouses

6622344 Greenhouses

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Published by: sjsinskin on Aug 23, 2010
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A cold greenhouse is one which possesses no
form of artificial heat. It is, in effect, no more

than a protective covering against extremes
of cold, wet and wind. A cold greenhouse can
form a vital and interesting adjunct to the
garden provided its limitations are recognized
and the plants to be grown carefully selected.
The most important limitation of the cold
greenhouse is that of temperature. In winter,
if the outside temperature drops to around
7°C/20°F it is likely that there will be several
degrees of frost inside the greenhouse. It is
wise to recognize this and to avoid trying
to over-winter plants which are not frost-
hardy. It is possible to give protection against
frost by plunging pots and covering plants
with polyethylene or burlap, but these pro-
vide limited defense against severe frosts.

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