Eternal Sunlight

My Love, I have watched you, Like a bud, struggling to attain fertile ground. The infinite struggle, the ceaseless torment, The unyielding loneliness. . . Your cries have not gone unheeded, Your needs not unknown, And yet. . . I know that you are waiting, Panting in the lonely silence. I have witnessed your growth, First the tiny leaves unfurling, Then the weeds coming to choke the green, Spots of brown covering your young leaves As echoes of black clouds strain overhead, Unleashing the flashes of brilliance, Leaving dryness in its powerful wake. But you continue to grow, branch by branch, Until. . . your bark becomes almost as unmovable as stone. Then, as the fingers of time and life reach out, Wrapping themselves around your trunk, You begin to bend, bowed by the inevitable weight, Of pain, sadness, fear. . . And yet. . . your roots remain anchored in the deep black soil, Far from the reach of that bottomless pit. You think, Surely I will once again see daylight, Standing on my own, straight and proud, But times goes on, and you droop, So low, that the dream seems like a distant memory. But now, you have reached out, Brittle, helpless, needing compassion, healing, hope, And unbridled joy. . . You believe that you know how it will come and from Whom. Your cold, gnarled fingers, bent in pain and drooping with afflictions, Creep along the dry ground, searching, seeking, I reach down, take them in My Own, The fingers smooth, become supple and warm again,

The trunk begins to straighten, straining upward, The leaves change from dry, crackling brown, To brilliant green. . . As dawn breaks through the black clouds, And the wind blows them to the east and west, You smile, a brilliant flash of gold, and then . . . My will is made complete in you~~~ Great is your faithfulness--(fade to light)

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