How to change Password in ubuntu ? ?

While we insatlling the linux distro it will prompt us to give password for the user account and at that time we may give some simple passwords like 123456 and etc and later we were in need of changing the password. Many of the users will say working with linux is hard and we need to type more command to do some operations. To change the password in the linux system’s is very much easy, and it can be done in two steps. Step 1. Once u logged in to the system, open the terminal . Go to  applications  accessories  terminal Step 2. In the terminal type the keyword passwd, it will prompt you to type the current password. Type the password and hit enter. It will prompt you to type the new password two times. Give the new password and click enter. That’s it.

The password has been successfully changed message is displayed to you. Close the terminal and restart the machine. Hereafter the login prompt will allows you into the system when you typed the new password.