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Cadbury Operations project

Cadbury Operations project

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1948 ‡ The Company was Incorporated on 19th July, as a private limited company under the name of Cadbury-Fry

(India) Private Limited

1967 and 1968 ‡ Cadbury introduced the `Five Star and Gems' chocolates respectively

1979 ‡ With a view to upgrading the present technology, improve quality Of the products, the Company proposed to acquire technology and process know-how from Cadbury Schweppes plc. (CSP) 1984 ‡The company launched its dairy milk chocolate, which has now Become the flagship brand of the company 1994 ‡ The Company undertook a modernization and rationalization Programme at its Malapert factory at a cost of Rs 40 crores.

1997: ‡Cadbury India launched its well-known beverage Bournvita in sachets.

2002 ‡Cadbury Schweppes Pcl developed a new phenomenon allowing its consumers to define its brand profile. ‡ Cadbury's market share dipped to 70.7% due to competition. ‡ Cadbury India tapped unconventional marketing channels like non-retail chains ‡ to drive their market expansion. ‡The Maharashtra Food and Drugs Administration seizes stocks and charges Cadbury with miss-branding. 2008 ‡Cadbury India to promote Cocoa Research in Tamil Nadu, inks partnership with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

2009 ‡Employees nearly 2000 people today ‡Cadbury India's four factories in India churn out close to 8,000 tonnes of ‡chocolate and the company sells a million bars every day

‡ In 1924 Edward Cadbury outlined his first rule of success, "the best quality - nothing is too good for the public". ‡ Approved by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN's World Health Organisation. ‡ Also incorporate elements of the International Standards Organization's Quality Management System. ‡ Cadbury monitor the production process by using total quality management. ‡ Cadburys have supervisors that monitor the machines, the other workers and the products.

‡ Maintain a ´right first timeµ culture that consistently embraces quality and food safety ‡ In past didn·t use benchmarking which was used by Nestle then also ‡ Sigma helps the organization manage the change management issues so that the improvements are sustained ‡ Operate audited quality management systems that continually improve processes to deliver

Process followed while making chocolate:
‡Harvest ‡Fermentation ‡Drying ‡Cleaning ‡Roasting ‡Crushing and shelling ‡Blending ‡Grinding ‡Kneading ‡Rolling ‡Conching ‡Packing and packaging

‡ Any lapses in the quality control at any of the stages like no proper drying , over roasting , not getting proper consistency can result in quality problems in the chocolate. ‡ Water , extreme temperatures and improper packaging and storage are the archenemies of chocolate. ‡ The only quality problem ever to have been associated with Cadbury is the worm controversy that hit Maharashtra in due to improper storage and packaging.

Overview of the case: ‡Fernandez discovered that the chocolate (Batch No 28F3I10703) had worms in it. ‡Approached State FDA Commissioner Uttam Khobragade. ‡Complaint sent to, vice-president, Andheri Vyapar Manch. ‡Marve then contacted the FDA and gave them the sample. ‡FDA Joint Commissioner Hindurao Salunkhe said Cadbury's Talegaon plant will also be inspected. ‡Batch of Dairy Milk chocolates numbered 28F311 manufactured last year at the company's plant in Thane, near Mumbai was the worm-infested batch. ‡Recall of all the batches of Cadbury dairy milk from all over Maharashtra

‡ Hazard Analysis and Critical Control
Point (HACCP) : Means of prevention rather than finished product inspection. ‡ Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP): GMPs are guidelines that outline the aspects of production that would affect the quality of a product. ‡ Pathogen testing system.

‡ Operate audited quality management systems. ‡ Guarantee that our customers and consumers come first. ‡ Maintain a ´right first timeµ culture. ‡ Assign clear management accountability. ‡ Work with our supply chain and business partners. etc

‡Uses TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT ‡Have supervisors that monitor the machines, the other workers and the products that are made. ‡TQM ensures that the products that Cadbury produces:  tastes good to the customers, is appealing to the customers,  customer complaints are solved, listening to customers making continuous to their products

‡Statistical correlation between the adoption of the values of TQM and successful quality management. ‡One of the core values of the organization is ´to put quality and safety at the heart of all their activities ²their products , customers , partners and performanceµ. ‡Total Quality Management is one of the main reasons for the success of the company. ‡The effects of lapses in quality control were disastrous for Cadbury: Tarnished the squeaky clean image it always held. Due to controversy , sales fell by 30% Tremendous losses as FDA seized all the stock of dairy milk from all over Maharashtra. ‡Hence , it can be seen that TQM affects the entire organizations workings. ‡After the controversy, Cadbury stepped up its quality control practices.

‡Spent almost 25 crores for improved packaging. ‡The recovery began in May 2004 when Cadbury's value share went up to 71 per cent. ‡However today, Cadbury is the number one chocolate brand in India having 66 % of the total chocolate market share.. ‡The brand name cadbury is associated with purity , quality and trust which is one of which is one of the main reasons of its profits. ‡Cadbury India has been ranked 5th in the FMCG sector, in a survey on India's most respected companies by sector conducted by Business World magazine in 2007. ‡Customer Satisfaction has increased.

‡Continuous Growth

‡Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction

‡Product Innovation

‡Quality Throughout Supply Chain


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