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milliband speech
milliband speech

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Handlist 173


MS 1712

Handlist 173

Title Reference Creator Covering dates Extent Repository

Correspondence and papers of Ralph Miliband MS 1712 Ralph Miliband 1940-2000 48 boxes Leeds University Library

Biographical History Ralph Miliband, a notable political theorist, Marxist and socialist, was born in Brussels of Polish Jewish parents in 1924. By the time he was 15, he was a member of the radical-socialist Jewish youth organisation, Hashomer Hatzair, and he had already read the Communist Manifesto. Yet, in retrospect he thought he had not been particularly politically conscious in his youth. In May 1940, when he was 16, Miliband fled Brussels with his father to England, as Hitler’s army was invading Belgium. In England he changed his name from Adolphe to Ralph. He continued his education in London, and was admitted to the London School of Economics in 1941. Between June 1943 and January 1946 Miliband did war service at the Royal Navy. Then in 1947 he graduated with first-class honours from the Department of Government at the LSE. In 1949 he was appointed Assistant Lecturer in Political Science at the LSE. He obtained a doctorate for a thesis entitled “Popular thought in the French Revolution, 1789-1794” from the University of London in 1956. Miliband subsequently became a Senior Lecturer at the LSE, and continued teaching there until 1972. During his teaching career he mainly taught modern political thought, social and political theory and a graduate course in political sociology. In 1972 he was appointed Professor of Politics and Head of the Department of Politics at the University of Leeds, a position which he kept until 1978, although for the academic session 1977-1978 he worked as a Visiting Professor at the Brandeis University in Massachusetts. After leaving the University of Leeds, he lectured at Brandeis University during autumn semesters, and continued to do research in London for the rest of the year. He also gave several guest lectures at universities in Europe and North America. During his own studies at the LSE, Miliband had been immensely influenced by Harold Laski, whom he regarded as “a great teacher of politics”. As a teacher Miliband expected serious work and debate from his students, was known to be “an absolutely brilliant orator” and his lectures were always exceptionally popular. After 1956, following the publication of The Reasoner within the British Communist Party by Edward Thompson and John Saville, Miliband became directly involved in the British New Left movement. In Thompson and Saville he found true political allies with whom to advance the socialist project. In 1964 Miliband and Saville founded the Socialist Register, an annual collection of important scholarly articles in socialism (an offshoot of the New Left Review). He continued editing the Register with Saville, and for the final ten years with Leo Panitch, for 30 years until his death in 1994. The criterion for articles included in the Register, as he sets out in a letter to John Saville (SR/7), was “interest, excellence of argument, and the degree to which an essay pushes things forward”. His first book Parliamentary Socialism (1961), a strong critique of the Labour Party with a historical account since 1900, proved enormously influential. His other major works include The State in Capitalist Society (1969), Marxism and Politics (1977), Capitalist Democracy in Britain (1982), Class Power and State Power (1983), Divided Societies: Class Struggle in Contemporary Capitalism (1989) and Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994). Miliband’s contributions


Handlist 173 to Marxist scholarship can be summed up as one of the tributes at his death described him as “the leading Marxist political scientist in the English-speaking world”. He incorporated other approaches to his Marxist theorisation to make it accessible to non-Marxist intellectual community. In 1961 Miliband married Marion Kozak, and they had two sons, David and Edward. See the biography by Michael Newman Ralph Miliband and the politics of the New Left and the entry in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Access and use Access to parts of the collection may be restricted, please consult Special Collections (specialcollections@library.leeds.ac.uk; 0113 3435518) before arranging a visit.

Scope and Content The archive consists of the following: Original MS and TS papers by Miliband (1940-1994), correspondence (1942-1994), documents held by Miliband (1940-1994), published articles by Miliband (1953-1994), news cuttings on various subjects collected by Miliband (1967-1980s), correspondence of Marion Kozak after Miliband’s death (1994-2000), and documents relating to Miliband collected by Marion Kozak after his death (1948-1997).

System of Arrangement The papers were the gift from Professor Miliband's widow, Marion Kozak, on 11 April 2003. They were received in boxes containing files. The original document files (some of which include markings on them about their contents) and the order of the papers within files have been retained. However, since there appeared to be no cohesive order to the files within the boxes, they have been subsequently rearranged by Library staff. The order is thematic and chronological, making up 22 series that reflect either the form of the record (e.g. correspondence) or the activities to which they relate (e.g. Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize). The series are: 1. Early years [EY] – material from the 1940s and 1950s relating to Miliband’s school and university years (5 files) 2. Harold J. Laski [LA] – papers, correspondence and other material relating to Miliband’s lecturer and friend, 1940s-1993 (4 files) 3. Navy [NA] – Navy and post-war correspondence, 1942-1950 (5 files) 4. Diaries [DI] – pocket diaries of Miliband, 1944-1994 (7 files) 5. Books [BO] – material relating to books written by Miliband, including original drafts and notes in manuscript and typescript, correspondence, reviews, contracts, and news cuttings, 1960-1994 (41 files) 6. Socialist Register [SR], 1964-1995 (45 files) 7. Published papers [PP] – some of Miliband’s articles, essays, chapters in books, reviews, talks, and conference papers, together with related research material in manuscript and typescript, 1953-1994 (27 files) 8. Correspondence [CO], 1942-1994 (50 files)


Handlist 173 9. Publishing correspondence [PC], 1966-1996 (15 files) 10. Council of Academic Freedom and Democracy [AF], 1970-1986 (10 files) 11. Marxism [MA] – material relating to Marxism (incl. Marx House lectures), Centre for Marxist Education, Little Red School, Red Green Study Group and the Institute of Radical Studies, 1965-1993 (18 files) 12. Academic Teaching [AT], 1957-1994 (37 files) 13. Tony Benn [TB], 1985-1992 (2 files) 14. Marcel Liebman [ML], 1961-1987 (4 files) 15. The Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize [ID], 1964-1993 (5 files) 16. Socialist Society [SS], 1981-1988 (11 files) 17. Labour Party [LP], 1963-1985 (10 files) 18. Lipman Trust [LT], 1981-1993 (28 files) 19. Conference material [CM], 1968-1997 (8 files) 20. Politics and the United States [US], 1980s (3 files) 21. News cuttings [NC], 1950s-1980s, 5 boxes 22. Ralph Miliband [RM] – material about Ralph Miliband, and Marion Kozak’s correspondence about him after his death, 1948-2000 (15 files)

Handlist compiled by Katja Airaksinen, May 2008 (amended for additional material, July 2009)


Handlist 173 The listing of the collection is generally file-level: in all series each file is numbered, and the contents of each file are described (thus e.g. EY/1, SR/5, CO/3 each refer to individual files). However, there is box-level listing only (although this is very detailed in many cases) for series 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22. EARLY YEARS Les Hommes de Bonne Volonte Miliband’s MS notes on Les Hommes de Bonne Volonte by Jules Romains, which he read amongst other French novels in the summer of 1940, when he had just settled in England after fleeing Brussels with his father ca. 30 ff., in French MS and TS correspondence and papers TS titled “Political Autobiography: 1st draft” by Miliband about his early political position and ideas from his childhood in Brussels to the summer of 1940, written in 1983, 4 ff.; MS letters by Miliband to his father in French, 1940-1942, ca. 11 ff.; unpublished MS essay “Theatre and Cinema” by Miliband, 12 ff.; MS letter from Chris Freeman (no date), 20 ff.; MS notes entitled “Recapitulation d’Une Annee”, 31 Dec 1941, 1 f.; MS and TS letters from Harold Laski to Miliband, 1943-1949, 4 ff.; correspondence regarding Miliband’s application to LSE, 1941, 2 ff; postcard from Donald Chesworth, 1946, fellow student at the LSE. Papers relating to Acton Technical College and London School of Economics 4 MS notebooks containing short essays on various topics (e.g. Self-Government in British Colonial Development, Of Death, English Climate; Harold Laski); and loose papers, including matriculation examination papers for University of London, June 1941, exam revision notes, TS lists of vocabulary: ranks of German forces, and drawings on note papers. Miliband’s article “Parlement Anglais” Published in Bulletin de L’Association des etudiants Belges en Grande-Bretagne (1942) 5 issues of the journal Prospectus of LSE (1942-1943), LSE magazines and various other journals Also included are the published papers from the conference “The Identity of the Jewish Intellectual” (1963), which Miliband attended. 11 vols. HAROLD LASKI Lecturer and a close friend of Ralph Miliband. The writings of Laski inspired Miliband to apply to study at the LSE. Harold J. Laski’s own MS lecture notes on philosophy, political thought and theory ca. 80 ff.


Oct 1940


19401949; 1983










Handlist 173 LA/2 Miliband’s essay “Harold J. Laski” 3 TS copies, ca. 1958-1959, 70 ff., published only after Miliband’s death, in 1995, in abridged form; Labour Party pamphlet The Secret Batallion “An Examination of the Communist Attitude to the Labour Party by Harold J. Laski”, 30 pp., 1946 Four early articles by Miliband “Freedom and Coercion”, 1958; “Party Democracy and Parliamentary Government”, 1958; a book review of Eric Thompson’s Popular Sovereignty and the French Constituent Assembly 1789-1791, 1953; a contribution to “Harold Laski by Students and Colleagues”, in a memorial issue of Clare Market Review, 1950 (a proof and a published copy) MS and TS material relating to Harold Laski Press cuttings, MS and TS notes about him by Miliband, and an issue of The Harvard Lampoon with an illustration of Laski on the front, with photographic prints in negative of the illustrations; 2 MS letters from Laski to Miliband, 1947, 2 ff.; Miliband’s review of Isaac Kramnick and Barry Sheerman’s book about Laski, and related correspondence, 1992-1993. NAVY Transcripts of Miliband’s wartime writings Including some MS originals, 1943-1945, ca. 100 ff.; material about Jacob Wasserman, in relation to Miliband’s wartime writing, 10 ff.; MS wartime correspondence, 1944; MS poem “Once I built a railroad…” written by Miliband on a naval message form. Navy and post-war correspondence With Evelyn Bendix and Dickie Caddick Navy and post-war correspondence Including with Evelyn Fielden (née Bendix), Dickie Caddick Peter Scott, Chris Freeman, Ilya Neustadt, Rosemary Owen, Donald Chesworth, Agnes Kaye, and a letter from Miliband’s father, Sam, to Mr Strauss. Post-war correspondence Including with Gordon Campbell, Donald Chesworth, Ilya Neustadt, and Julien Doubrovsky. Navy and wartime documents and correspondence Bar Mitzvah speech in MS, navy identity cards; 2 photographs of Miliband’s mother, Renée; correspondence of Miliband’s father; correspondence with Evelyn Bendix; news cuttings; theatre programmes; foreign currency; vocabulary lists in German; and documents and correspondence relating to studies at LSE. DIARIES Notes on a 23-Day Visit to the Soviet Union 3 typescript copies (42 ff.) 1946; ca. 19581959




1947; 1993



NA/2 NA/3

19431947 19421950


19451948 19451947



May 1961


Handlist 173 DI/2 Russian Diaries Two notebooks with entries in MS; an article about Michael Lubimov who was Miliband’s interpreter; typed transcripts of diary entries. Diaries 1944/5 diaries and transcripts, 4 vols. Pocket diaries Pocket diaries Pocket diaries Pocket diaries BOOKS Parliamentary Socialism (1961) “The most powerful and influential critique of the Labour Party ever written” (Michael Newman, Ralph Miliband and the Politics of the New Left, 2002) Several reviews of the book, including by E. P. Thompson; and correspondence. ca. 50 ff. A contract, correspondence and account statements from the publishers. ca. 80 ff. Parliamentary Socialism (1961) John Saville’s (1960) and Edward Thompson’s (Jan 1961) comments on the manuscript for Parliamentary Socialism, and published letters about the book, all photocopies, sent by John Saville and Mike Miller to Marion Kozak in 1999 and 2002. Parliamentary Socialism, second edition (1973) Various reviews, and two empty postcards “Has anybody seen the parliamentary road to socialism?..” State in Capitalist Society (1969) “…transformed the way in which the ‘western’ system of power was interpreted and studied.” (Newman, 2002) First reading notes in preparation for the book, including notes about the aims in writing the book (dated 7 May 1962 Chicago): “I decided tonight – and discussed with Marion – the writing of a big book on The State […] that would be theoretical, analytical and prescriptive […]”. State in Capitalist Society (1969) Notes in preparation for the book, mainly in MS. State in Capitalist Society (1969) Correspondence with proof-readers of the book. State in Capitalist Society (1969) Book reviews and correspondence with reactions to the book. State in Capitalist Society (1969) Press-cuttings in preparation of the book (1968); MS notes; and a booklet (43 pp.) “Aspects of social structure: with special reference to France” by Martin Kolinsky (1967). 1961

DI/3 DI/4 DI/5 DI/6 DI/7

19441945 1948; 1963 1970s 1980s 19901994 19601967



19601961 (1997, 2002) 1973




BO/5 BO/6 BO/7 BO/8

19621968 19691974 19671968


Handlist 173 BO/9 BO/10 State in Capitalist Society (1969) MS and typescript bibliographies relating to the book. State in Capitalist Society (1969) Material related to The Open University course in social sciences, on which Miliband’s book State in Capitalist Society (1969) was used as a set text. Miliband also took part in writing and proof-reading the course material. Marxism and Politics (1977) ? Reading notes, MS bibliography, copies of articles, and one piece of publisher’s correspondence (1976), possibly related to Miliband’s book Marxism and Politics (?). Capitalist Democracy in Britain (1982) Reviews. Capitalist Democracy in Britain (1982) Correspondence with OUP and others. Class Power and State Power (Essays) (1983) Press-cuttings on class, possibly in preparation for this, or an earlier, book. Class Power and State Power (Essays) (1983) Reviews. Class Power and State Power (Essays) (1983) Publishing agreement, correspondence, reviews. Divided Societies: Class Struggle in Contemporary Capitalism (1989) Complete typescript. Divided Societies: Class Struggle in Contemporary Capitalism (1989) Correspondence with suggested corrections, including from Leo Panitch; Miliband’s own corrections for the book, a related article. Divided Societies: Class Struggle in Contemporary Capitalism (1989) Review by Tony Benn; dust jacket; correspondence, mainly with the OUP. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS and typescript notes for the introduction and various chapters. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS notes beginning “It is ever more clear to me that a strong state is an absolute essential condition…”, 1 f. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS notes for chapter I, and a photocopied article by Vicente Navarro. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS notes for chapters I and II. 19771978 1980



BO/12 BO/13 BO/14

19821987 19821984 19731976 1984 19811985 1988?

BO/15 BO/16 BO/17






19901994 8 Dec 1990 19901994? 19901994?





Handlist 173 BO/24 BO/25 BO/26 BO/27 Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS notes for and press-cuttings relating to chapter II. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS notes, articles, and press-cuttings for chapter IV. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Press-cuttings for chapter VI on Cold War and Third World Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS notes of additions to various chapters, including a file of MS notes on the political conditions of Sweden. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Correspondence with the copy-editor and Miliband’s final corrections, typescript. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS notes on conflicts (March 1994) together with some earlier material: press-cuttings, MS notes, articles, and an essay by Miliband “State Power and Class Interests” (1982-1985). Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) MS notes, typescripts and press-cuttings for chapter VII. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Original typescript. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Typescript with comments in MS by David and Edward Miliband. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Press-cuttings, MS notes, correspondence, proof-readers’ comments, related essays and articles. N.B. Some of the correspondence refers to Why Not Capitalism?, but the title under which this book was published is Socialism for a Sceptical Age. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Reviews. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Reviews and corrrespondence. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Reviews and correspondence relating to the American edition. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Correspondence with publishers. Socialism for a Sceptical Age (1994) Correspondence and reviews relating to translations of the book. 100 years of Class Struggle (not published) A new book started in January 1994, possibly to be called 100 Years of Class Struggle. MS notes, a table of contents bibliographies, articles. 19891990 19891990 19841987 1991




19821985; 1994 19891990 1993? 1993 19911993

BO/30 BO/31 BO/32 BO/33

BO/34 BO/35 BO/36 BO/37 BO/38

19941996 19941996

19941995 19941997 1994



Handlist 173 BO/40 100 years of Class Struggle (not published) MS notes for chapter I (Introduction/Background), chapter II (1880s-1914), chapter III (1914-1921), chapter IV (1921-1939), chapter V (World War II), chapter VI (1945-1970s), and chapter VII (1970s to the present); and press cuttings and articles for chapter VI. Ideology, Social Science and Freedom of Speech (not published) Proof-copy of this book of essays, including Miliband’s essay “Concerning Academic Disruption”. With correspondence from publishers explaining the legal reasons for withdrawing the publication (relating to the Huntington Affair). SOCIALIST REGISTER Socialist Register 1964 Correspondence, a review. Socialist Register 1965 Correspondence, table of contents, article drafts and typescripts. Socialist Register 1966 Correspondence, table of contents. Socialist Register 1967 Correspondence, table of contents, article drafts and typescripts. Socialist Register 1968 Correspondence, table of contents, article drafts and typescripts. Socialist Register 1969 Correspondence, table of contents, article drafts and typescripts. Socialist Register 1969 Correspondence with John Saville, reviews of the editions between 1964 and 1968, other correspondence. Socialist Register 1970 Correspondence, article drafts and typescripts. Socialist Register 1971 Correspondence, article drafts and typescripts. Socialist Register 1971 Correspondence, a review, article drafts and typescripts. Socialist Register 1972 Correspondence, typescripts for articles, reviews. Socialist Register 1973 Correspondence, table of contents, royalties statements, article drafts. Socialist Register 1973 Correspondence. 1994



SR/1 SR/2

1963 1964

SR/3 SR/4

1965 1966







SR/8 SR/9 SR/10 SR/11 SR/12

19691970 1970 1970 1971 1972




Handlist 173 SR/14 SR/15 SR/16 SR/17 Socialist Register 1973 Reviews and correspondence with reactions to the 1973 edition. Socialist Register 1974 Correspondence, article drafts. Socialist Register 1975 Correspondence, article drafts. Socialist Register 1976 Correspondence, including reactions to the 1976 edition; and article drafts, including Miliband’s article “Moving On”, an analysis of the problems of the socialist movement in Britain: “…twenty years after 1956, the main problem for the socialist left in Britain is still that of its own organisation into an effective political formation, able to attract a substantial measure of support and hold out a genuine promise of further growth”. Socialist Register 1976/1977 Article drafts for consideration and related correspondence. Socialist Register 1977, and other material Article drafts, including Miliband’s essay “The Case for an Independent Socialist Party: A Discussion Paper” with MS corrections and additional notes; Miliband’s MS notes for his talk in Frankfurt entitled “Labour in the British Political System” (1974), for his lecture at Manchester C.M.E. entitled “The Political Organisation of The Working Class” (1975), and his typescript with MS corrections of the same lecture at the Marx Memorial Library; Miliband’s MS notes on various articles; Miliband’s MS notes for a talk in the Socialist Centre in Newcastle entitled “The Left and the Labour Party”, for his talk in Leeds “The Question of Political Organisation”, for his Leeds Sociology Seminar “The Function of the Labour Party” (1975); an article in Socialist Standard (March 1977) by R.A.W. “An open letter to Professor Milliband” (sic) in critical response to Miliband’s article “Moving On” in SR 1976; correspondence; press-cuttings and issues of magazines, such as The Leveller and the Labour Left. Socialist Register 1977 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1978 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1979 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1979 Article drafts, correspondence, press-cuttings. Socialist Register 1980 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1981 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1981 Correspondence and article drafts. 19731974 19731974 19741975 19751977

SR/18 SR/19

1976 19741976

SR/20 SR/21 SR/22 SR/23 SR/24 SR/25 SR/26

19761977 19771978 1979 1979 19791980 19791981 19791980


Handlist 173 SR/27 SR/28 Socialist Register 1981 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1982 (edited by Martin Eve and Dave Musson, instead of Miliband and Saville, for this year only) Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1983 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1984 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1985 Correspondence and press-cuttings. Socialist Register 1987 Correspondence. Socialist Register 1987 Correspondence, article drafts, list of contributors. Socialist Register 1988 Correspondence and article drafts. Socialist Register 1989 Correspondence and an article by Miliband, Leo Panitch and John Saville “Problems and Promise of Socialist Renewal”. Socialist Register 1990 Correspondence, article drafts, press-cuttings, and a list of contributors. Socialist Register 1991 Correspondence, article drafts, and a table of contents. Socialist Register 1992 Correspondence, preface, and press-cuttings. Socialist Register 1993 Correspondence, article drafts, and a review of the 1992 edition in the Guardian (28.5.1992). Socialist Register 1994 Printer’s proof of the 1994 edition; obituary of E.P. Thompson; Miliband’s MS notes. Socialist Register 1994 Typed copy of Miliband’s essay “Ethnicity and Nationalism: A View from the Left” intended for SR 1994 (but not published), together with MS bibliography and notes, and press-cuttings. Socialist Register 1994 Correspondence, copies of table of contents for 1994 (MS and typed copies by Miliband, another copy with changes by Panitch and Kozak after his death), Miliband’s MS tables of contents for editions 1964-1993, typed preface for the 1994 edition by Miliband and Leo Panitch, typed essay by Miliband “Thirty Years of The Socialist Register”, 1994 table of contents, two copies of the final printed cover, and articles offered for inclusion. 19801981 19811982 1983 19831984 1985 1987 19851987 1987 19871988 19891990 19901991 1991 1992

SR/29 SR/30 SR/31 SR/32 SR/33 SR/34 SR/35


SR/37 SR/38 SR/39


1994 ?






Handlist 173 SR/43 SR/44 SR/45 Socialist Register Publisher’s accounts for the Socialist Register. Socialist Register Reviews of the Socialist Register. Socialist Register 1995 Proposed titles and a list of essays confirmed for the 1995 edition (from Leo Panitch). PUBLISHED PAPERS Various articles by Miliband Journals and off-prints, including the following articles by Miliband: “L’influence de Laski” (1953/1954), “Marxism: Looking Backward and Forward” (with other contributors, 1974), “Marxist Theory and the Modern State” (1975), and “The Socialist Alternative” (1992). Also correspondence. Various articles by Miliband Off-prints of articles by Miliband, including “The Politics of Robert Owen” (1954), “Politics and poverty” (1974), “The Capitalist State: Reply to Nicos Poulantzas” (1970, included is also Poulantzas’s article of 1969), “Stalin and After” (a review of two books by Roy Medvedev, published in SR 1973), “Poulantzas and the Capitalist State” (1983), an obituary of Tamara Deutscher, 1913-1990 (1990), “Ethnicity and Nationalism: a View from the Left” (published in Socialist Aternatives, vol. 3, no. 1, 1994), and an off-print of an article by Marcel Liebman (with his dedication) “Ramsay Macdonald et la Révolution Russe” (published in Revue de l’Institut de Sociologie, No. 4, 1956). Various articles by Miliband Press-cuttings of articles by Miliband, including “The Battle for the Labour Party” (1960), “The People’s Militia in the Soviet Union” (1962), “C. Wright Mills” (1962), “If Labour Wins” (1963), “Karl Marx” (1964), “Aprés les élections britaniqes: Le Gouvernement Wilson” (1964), “Grande-Bretagne: Aprés le congrés travailliste” (n.d.), “En Angleterre: Brown au service des patrons Wilson au service des Américains” (n.d.), “Deux mois de gouvernement Wilson: Difficultés travaillistes!” (1964), “A la veille des elections en Grande-Bretagne” (1964), “Labour’s Framework of Policy” (1964), “Six mois de travaillisme en Angleterre” (1965), “What does the Left want?” (1965), “GrandeBretagne: Victoire travailliste…mais pas pour autant socialiste” (1966), and “Isaac Deutscher: an appreciation” (1967); and press-cuttings of various book reviews and letters to the Editor by Miliband; Miliband’s MS list of his own publications from 1962 to 1967; and correspondence. Also articles about Miliband. Foreign language articles by Miliband Journals and off-prints including the following articles by Miliband: “Cadre d’une politique travailliste” (1964), “Marx und der Staat” (1971), “Der kapitalistische Staat: Antwort an Nicos Poulantzas” (1971), “Correnti attuali nel partito laburista” (1971), and “Poder estatal e intereses de clase” (1984). Also a dedicated off-print from Arthur Lehning (1971). 19861991 19691977 1994


1953/ 19541992








Handlist 173 PP/5 The Paris Commune and the Question of Power Miliband’s paper “The Paris Commune and the Question of Power” given at the Colloquium on the Paris Commune of 1871, University of Sussex, 1971; with related MS notes, presscuttings, and correspondence. Concerning Academic Disruption Miliband’s essay “Concerning Academic Disruption” (18 ff.) about freedom of speech in a university, unpublished. Teaching Politics in an Age of Crisis “Teaching Politics in an Age of Crisis”, Miliband’s Inaugural Lecture to the Chair of Politics, University of Leeds, October 1974 (The University of Leeds Review, vol. 18, 1975), “a passionate invocation of his most fundamental beliefs, which ended by demanding a fusion between ‘the intellectual commitment to the pursuit of reality’ and the ‘political commitment to help in the transformation of existing society in the direction of socialist democracy’” (Newman, 2002). Also Miliband’s “The Question of Socialism” (for THES, but not published?, 1975), with related correspondence. Bettelheim and Soviet Experience Miliband’s book reviews “Bettelheim and Soviet Experience” (published in NLR 91, 1975), and “Stalin and After” (a review of two books by Roy Medvedev, published in SR 1973), with related press-cuttings and articles. Various articles by Miliband Press-cuttings and off-prints of lectures and articles by Miliband, including “Teaching Politics in an Age of Crisis” (The University of Leeds Review, 1975), “Political Action, Determinism, and Contingency” (1980), “Class War Conservatism” (New Society, 1980), and “Power and responsibility” (THES, 1981); presscuttings, and drafts, correspondence. In Defence of the “Hard Left” Miliband’s article “In Defence of the ‘Hard Left’“; with related correspondence, including a letter by him offering it to the Agenda page of The Guardian. Marxism Miliband’s article “Marxism”, typescript with MS corrections and notes, published in Colliers Encyclopaedia, New York, 1981; with related correspondence with publishers. Soviet State Miliband’s essay/lecture (?) on the Soviet State, with extensive related MS notes and press-cuttings. The Politics of the Falkland’s War MS drafts, notes, a typescript and press-cuttings for this essay by Miliband, unpublished? Rethinking Marxism Miliband’s MS notes for his essay contributed to Essays for Harry Magdoff and Paul Sweezy: Rethinking Marxism: struggles in Marxist theory; with correspondence and other related material. 1971














19801983? 1982





Handlist 173 PP/15 PP/16 Towards a New Millennium? Drafts for an article “Towards a New Millennium?” A road to take the Left inside Labour Miliband’s article “A road to take the Left inside Labour” in The Guardian (5 Aug 1985), and related material. Montreal Colloquium Miliband’s paper “L’Etat dans le contexte de la crise: les atteintes aux droits sociaux et civiques” for a conference in Montreal in 1985. The New Revisionism in Britain Press-cuttings and photocopies of Miliband’s articles, including: “Why the Left has fallen on hard times” (1985, also a published letter in response included), and “The New Revisionism in Britain”, published in New Left Review, 150 (1985), with a typescript “Notes on the current outlook” by Perry Anderson (1985) in response, and other related correspondence. Also typescripts of the Charter and Constitution of NLR. Disarmament and “Peaceful Co-Existence” Miliband’s essay for the Hiroshima Law Journal, entitled Disarmament and “Peaceful Co-Existence”. Towards Authoritarian Democracy? Miliband’s essay “Towards Authoritarian Democracy?”, with MS notes and press-cuttings. Socialist Revolution and Capitalist Democracy Paper written by Miliband, unpublished? Social Being, Class and Consciousness Manuscript and typescript drafts for Miliband’s article “Social Being, Class and Consciousness” Fukuyama and the Socialist Alternative Miliband’s article “Fukuyama and the Socialist Alternative” (published in New Left Review 193 May/June 1992); typed draft by Miliband with his MS corrections “Some comments on Dr Fukuyama”; a typed “first draft” of the same article; January 1992 issue of Journal of Democracy; correspondence; Miliband’s MS notes; press-cuttings; and typed copy of an essay by F.C. Weffort. Who Rules Britain? Miliband’s review of John Scott’s book Who Rules Britain? Reclaiming the Alternative Miliband’s paper “Reclaiming the Alternative”, originally for the conference “Marxism in the New World Order: Crisis and Possibilities” in 1992, and reworked for a publication of selected papers from the conference. Also some off-prints by Stanley Moore (with dedications, 1992). The New World Order and the Left Miliband’s conference paper “The New World Order and the Left”, given at a conference in Mexico, December 1993. 19841985 1985









PP/21 PP/22

1989 1990



PP/24 PP/25

1992 19921993




Handlist 173 PP/27 Notes on post-Revolution France 2 ff. reading notes, and an additional paragraph of MS notes in Miliband’s hand, dated 15.3.1994, beginning “It occurred to me that it might be interesting to work on why things did not settle down in France in 1791, when the Rev seemed to be over…” CORRESPONDENCE Throughout his lifetime Miliband corresponded extensively with the world-wide community of socialists, and other intellectuals. In many cases there is correspondence going both ways, as Miliband often kept carbon copies of the letters he sent. Correspondence Personal and official post-war and U.S. correspondence, MS and TS. 1994






Correspondence with Ernst Wohlgemuth (fellow student at the LSE) MS letter from Miliband to Donald Chesworth and Peter Merriton, 16.6.1949; photocopies of correspondence from Miliband to Ernst Wohlgemuth, 1949-1962. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Constance Seville, Tom Nairn, Perry Anderson, Jon Halliday, Lelio Basso, Ken Coates, John Saville, and Irving Horowitz. Essays by Miliband: “The Great Debate: 1982” (2 copies; 6 ff.), “Mills and Politics” (13 ff.), “The Reluctant Rebel” (review). Press-cuttings relating to C. Wright Mills. Letters from readers of Monthly Review, (incl. from the Berrigan Brothers), passed on to Miliband by Leo Huberman, then co-editor of Monthly Review. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Harry Magdoff, Leszek Kolakowski, George Ross (former student of Miliband and later colleague at Brandeis), Charles Feinstein, Michael Foot, Edward Thompson, Wayne Howie, John Saville, K. S. Karol, Bernard Schaffer, John Westergaard, William Warbey, Purushottam Ganesh Mavalankar, Meir Avizohar, Ernest Gellner, Norman Birnbaum, Lynne Lawner, Ken Coates, John Saul, Richard Fletcher, Frank Woodhead, Nigel Harris, Tom Bottomore, Dave Goodman, John Griffith, and Bertrand Russell. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, K. S. Karol, Walter Goldstein, Harry Magdoff, George Ross, Bill Domhoff, Gérard Horst (alias André Gorz, Michel Bosquet), Pino Taggliazucchi, John Saville, Bernard Schaffer, Aaron Katz, David Horowitz, Ernest Gellner, Nicos Poulantzas, Anne Marcus (former student of Miliband who became Dean of Education Faculty at NYU), Russ Kerr, Daniel Singer, Rossana Rossanda, Bob Wuliger, Keith Wilkinson, Stephen Schecter, Keith Wilkinson, and Danny Schechter.

19421950, mainly 19491950 19481962





Handlist 173 CO/6 Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, the Guardian (with Miliband’s notes for a review of Isaac Deutscher’s book The Man and his Work, ed. by David Horowitz), Irving Horowitz, Frank Adler, K. S. Karol, John Saville, David Horowitz, Bob Wuliger, Martin Milligan, Harry Magdoff, Daniel Singer, Rossana Rossanda, Paul Sweezy, A. H. Somjee, Jacob Talmon, David Selburne, Bernard Crick, Allan Patience, Ken Coates, Royden Harrison, Peter Sedgwick, George Ross, Peter Clecak, Ann Bastian, J. Gleisner, James Hansen, Brian Pearce, Dave Slaley, Erland Hofsten, A. G. Quintero, Miriam Glucksman, W. J. M. MacKenzie, Leszek Kolakowski, Amy Bridges, David Mintz, Winston Higgins, Julian Freedman, B. C. Parekh, Marcel Van Herpen, Amy Gutmann, Leo Panitch, Jorge Niosi, Pete Glatter, Marc Karson, Frank Deppe, and Guy-Christian Robert. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Rudi Rizman, Richard Greaves, David Sweden, Peter Wiles, Liz Schneider, Bob Wuliger, Peter Sedgwick, Valentin Peschansky, Geoffrey de Ste. Croix, Bertell Ollman, Richard Gillam, K. S. Karol, Walter Goldstein, Harry Magdoff, Gail Herres, Des Morton, Lelio Basso, Frank Adler, Julian Freedman, George Pappas, John Griffith, Jorge Niosi, Tony Lane, István Mészáros, T. B. Chawasarira, Daniel Singer, Ruth First, Adam Griffith, David Horowitz, Ann Marcus, Mark Blaug, George Ross, Irving Horowitz, and Leif Biureborgh. Correspondence Correspondence following Miliband’s heart attack. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Judy Pallot (former colleague at the University of Leeds), John Griffith, Damlo Zola, Hal Draper, Morris Miller, Marcel Liebman, Kathleen Denny, Leo Panitch, Bob Wuliger, Ludolfo Paramio, Walter Goldstein, Phillip Corrigan, Dave Slaney, Monty Johnstone, Moses I. Finley, Neal Wood, Enrique Gamaniz, Henry Blanc, Norman Geras, Fukuji Taguchi, Shingo Shibata, Edward Vulliamy, Brian Pearce, David Glass, Robert Drislane, Stephen F. Cohen, Andy Jackson, Frank Longstreth, Winston Higgins, Bill Leiss, Ernest Gellner, Hamza Alavi, David Horowitz, Ruth Glass, Robin Blackburn (of New Left Review), Edward Thompson, Melina Serafetinidis, István Mészáros (including press cuttings related to the legal process over his immigration status), Tom Nairn, George Ross, The Millers, Immanuel Wallerstein, Daniel Selchen, Marnie Samuelson, Perry Anderson (attached is Miliband’s review “Poulantzas and the Capitalist State”), Harry Braverman, Fanny Tabak, John Gerassi, David Mintz, Daniel Singer, (copy of letter from Miliband to) David Miliband, Zygmunt Bauman, J.H. Brown, Lelio Basso, Dick Gillam, Allan Segal, Jim Weinstein, Irving Kenneth Zola, David Lockwood, Harry Braverman, Roger Howard, Fred Halliday, Sandra Kaplan, Doris Lessing, and Pierre Trudeau. 1971



CO/8 CO/9

1973 19721977


Handlist 173 CO/10 Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, David Widgery, Martin Shaw, Penelope Mullen, Julio Rodriguez Aramberri, Lisa Vives, Hamza Alavi, Elizabeth Lebas, Staunton Flanders, Henry Cooperstock, Allan Patience, Lelio Basso, John Griffith, Howard Margolis, K. S. Karol, Lawrence Harris, Zygmunt Bauman, Martin Eve, Ludolfo Paramio, Doug McEachern, Tamara Deutscher, Ike Balbus, Peter Gabel, Gábor Tamás Rittersporn, Nigel Harris, Michael Lipman, Steven Lukes, John Saville, Ken Coates, John Schwarzmantel, Jack Cohen, Thomas Bossert, Giorgio Fanti, Duncan Campbell, Leo Panitch, Yakov Talmon (Jacob Talmon), C.S. Newman, Neal Wood, David Horowitz, Paul Parker, Frank Adler, Harry Lazer, and Dick Gillam. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Maria Alves, Francois Masnata, Norman Birnbaum, K. S. Karol, Tamara Deutscher, François Masnata, Michael Lipman, Winston Higgins, Richard Ashcraft, John Griffith, John Saville, Sam Bowles, Steven Lukes, and David Horowitz. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Winifred Breines, Ken Coates, Fred Block, George Ross, Kay Trimberger, Monty Johnstone, Elmar Altvater, and Tom Nairn. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, David Martin, Lelio Basso, Doug McEachern, Karl Klare, George Ross, Ludolfo Paramio, Rusty Simonds, Peggy Somers, Paul Breines, David Parker, Perry Anderson, (reference written by Miliband for) Winifred Breines, John Schwarzmantel, David Musson, John Husband, Edward Thompson, Kurt Wolff, Luis Rubio, Steven Unger, George Marlow, Helena Sheehan, Leo Panitch, Steven Lukes, Robert Cohen (including “Yugoslav Notes VIII”, 48 pp.), TS ‘memoire de recherche’ “Restructuration industrielle et neocorporatisme: le cas de l'horlogerie en Suisse” by Georges Piotet, Sept 1980; correspondence with Milan Nikolić, Carla Wolff, David Smith; a press-cutting “Marxists on the campus – in the faculty”, Economics, 3 pp., photocopy; TS “The political economy of neo-conservatism in Britain, 1979-1982”; correspondence with Jeff Henderson, (letter of recommendation written by Miliband for) Lee Karlin, Paul Hoch, Carl Lankowski (incl. table of contents of his PhD thesis “Germany and the European Communities: Anatomy of a Hegemonial Relation”), Richard Bernstein (re: the Belgrade professors, members of the Yugoslav Praxis group), Peter Sedgwick, Joseph Condic, and Ernesto Laclau. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, John Saville, Richard Gruneu, Zygmunt Bauman, Richard Bernstein, Mihailo Marković, Robert Cohen, Joachim Israel, several people re: the C. Wright Mills Award (incl. related documents), Carl Lankowski, Elizabeth Rapaport, Jack Colhoun, Gabriel Fischer; letters of recommendation written by Miliband for Alan Gilbert, Lise Vogel, 19771978










Handlist 173 Robert Drislane, and J.P. Curran; correspondence with Helen Grayson, Günter Minnerup, Ken Coates, K. S. Karol (with presscuttings in Italian), Isaac Kramnick, Ludolfo Paramio, Vicente Navarro, and a letter from Laura Summers to Ken Fleet (with TS of a talk about the revolution in Kampuchea by Summers “On Understanding and Supporting the Revolution”, 7 ff.). Also in this file: draft paper by Margaret R. Somers (Peggy Somers): “The Factory Movement, the Anti-Poor Law Movement, and Chartism: a comparative historical study of three 19thC. English working class movements”, 14 ff., 1979; correspondence and related material relating to the Praxis International, 1980; text (TS with MS corrections) of the memorial address on the death of Nicos Poulantzas; review by T.L. Fisher of The Socialist Register 1978, and programme of “Marxism ‘79” seminars organised by the Socialist Worker Student Organisation. Simon Fellowship, Manchester, etc. Correspondence related to Miliband’s application for the Simon Fellowship 1981/2 at the University of Manchester. Also correspondence relating to Miliband’s applications for professorships in Politics at the universities of Warwick, Cambridge and Essex. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Robert Schrire, Melina Serafetinidis, Judy Ruben, Winston James, John MacKenzie, Winifred Breines, Kurt Wolff, Leo Panitch (incl. his full CV and a letter of recommendation written for him by Miliband), Patrick Hughes, Tom Bell, George Ross, Elaine Hagopian, Jenny Warren, Jerry Karabel, John Saville, Michael Burawoy, Susanne Mueller, Buddhadeva Bhattacharyya, Gene Lyons (circular letter), Stanley Hoffman, Mihailo Marković, John Griffith, Michael Burawoy (incl. his full CV), Karen Rosenberg (with a draft article on the British Left), Edward Boyle (Vice-Chancellor of Leeds, a former Tory cabinet minister), Steven Unger, Hal Draper, Marx Wartofsky, Allen Hunter, Pino Taggliazucchi, Pavel Joseph, Rusty Simonds, Luis Rubio, Geoffrey de Ste. Croix, Vicente Navarro, Ann Tickner, Carmen Siriani, Chuck Andelman, Paul Derrick, Irene Gendzier, Peggy Somers, Perry Anderson, Makoto Kitanishi, Zygmunt Bauman, Jacques Sainlauf, John Saul, and John Dunn (with an essay by “Totalitarian Democracy and the Legacy of Modern Revolutions: Explanation or Indictment?”, 25 ff.). Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Robin Cohen (with a review article by Cohen “Althusser Meets Anancy: Structuralism and Popular Protest in Ken Post’s History of Jamaica” commissioned by The Sociological Review for publication in 1982, 13 ff.), Melina Serafetinidis (with an article “Class Contradictions and Political Change in Postwar Greece”, 39 ff., offered for publication to the New Left Review); letters of recommendation written by Miliband for Paul Wenlock and Greta Jones; correspondence with Zygmunt Bauman, Phil Hall, Martin Shaw, John Griffith, Paul Wenlock, Allen Hunter, Irene Gendzier, Mike Allen, Steven Lukes (incl. a photocopy of a letter








Handlist 173 from Noam Chomsky to Lukes, photocopies of press-cuttings of a debate between Lukes and Chomsky), R.A. Holroyd (with his proposal for a book / research topic “Economic Theory as Ideology – A Study in the Sociology of ‘Western’ Economic Thought from the 18th century – 1980”, 8 ff.), Chris Wrigley (with his pamphlet “The Government and Industrial Relations in Britain 1910-1921), “The Committee to Free Michael Culbert”/Monica Culbert (with related documents), and Pavel Joseph. Also in this file: a programme of the “Concert in Memory of The Right Hon Lord Boyle of Handsworth, CH”, 18 January 1982; an issue of the journal “Avti” with an article about Miliband and the Socialist Register, in Greek; “A Review of J. Hirsch’s ‘The State Apparatus and Social Reproduction: Elements of a Theory of the Bourgeois State’” by Riel Miller, 20 ff., January 1981; application for a grant by A.P. “Rusty” Simonds, 22 ff.; correspondence and proposal for an “(unnamed) book on the law” due to have been published in 1982, to which Miliband was to contribute an essay but withdrew due to work on his book Capitalist Democracy in Britain; TS of article (by ?) “The New Right and the Crisis in the Public Sector”, 17 ff., photocopy; an article “In the Wings: New Right Ideology and Organisation” by Allen Hunter, photocopy, and related press-cuttings, 33 ff; typed notes (with MS corrections) about the Merlin Press by Miliband (?) with accounts for 1978/9, 6 ff.; a paper by Margaret R. Somers (Peggy Somers): “The Factory Movement, the Anti-Poor Law Movement, and Chartism: a comparative historical study of three 19thC. English working class movements”, 15 ff., 1980, 2 copies (see also file CO/14); and TS by Gus Kelley “Thoughts on Veblen”, 10 ff. CO/18 Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Kurt Wolff, “Granma”, and Tamara Deutscher, Andrew Schuller, John Saville, Susanne Mueller, Luis Rubio, Esther Kingston-Mann (with TSS of preface, table of contents and introduction of her book Lenin and the Problem of Marxist Peasant Revolution attached for comment), Anna Miliband “Nan” (Miliband’s sister), Gwyn Williams, John Richard Parker, Peggy Levitt, Mahmud Huq, Sue Thacker, and Michael Burawoy. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Pavel Joseph, Kathy Kraft, Marshall Cohen, Katie Mills, Anthony Giddens, W.G. (Garry) Runciman, Zygmunt Bauman, Hamza Alavi, Tom Bottomore, Melina Serafetinidis, George Ross, Mihailo Marković, Raphaël de Kadt, Francis Mulhern, Perry Aderson, Francis Mulhern, Martha and Alfred Stern, Henry Norr, Richard Taylor, Ernest Gellner, Leo Panitch, John Saville, Richard Bernstein, John Richard Parker, R.P. Wassell, Peter Sedgwick, Dean Manders, and Kurt Wolff, and carbon copies of letters from Miliband to Amartya Sen, and Ilya Neustadt. Also: photocopy of a letter from Emma Goldman (1869-1940) to Leon Malmud (1881-1956) (originals presumably in The Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College whose stamp is at the back of pages), 3ff. SeptDec 1982


Jan 1983June 1984


Handlist 173 CO/20 Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Paul Derrick (including some Socialist Society material), Zygmunt Bauman, John Lakie, Nick Jacobs, Rusty Simonds, George Piotet, Allen Hunter, David Spark, Irene Talmon, Ivar Berg, Maureen Cain, Carl Lankowski, Peter Sedgwick, and Ruth Glass; and photocopies of two letters from Harold Laski to “Mattie”, 1948. Also: Proposal “Urban Political Economy and Social Theory”, eds. Ray Forrest, Jeff Henderson, Peter Williams, 12ff.; draft for a discussion “A Centre for Economic and Political Studies in London” dated January 1976; article “Community and Organisation: The New Left and Michels’ “Iron Law”” by Wini Breines, 11 ff., photocopy; TS of conference paper “Sexual and Racial Divisions in Science” by Paul Hoch, 11 ff., TS “Towards the Reconstruction of Das Capital” by Norman Levine, 4 ff.; TS “Memorandum on the State” by Stephen R. Graubard, 9 ff.; and various miscellaneous press-cuttings. Correspondence and other documents Correspondence with, inter alia, J.E.T. Eldridge, Stuart Hall, Geoff Foote (enclosing a precis of his book A History of the Labour Party’s Political Thought for Miliband to comment on), Paul Wenlock, Hamza Alavi, John Saville, Bill Buxton, Mihailo Marković, John Bynner, Ronald Segal, Joseph L. Walsh (enclosing abstract of his book Marx, Engels and Violence, a Political and Ethical Theory for Miliband to comment on), Robin Cohen, Armitava Banerjee, S.K. Satpathy, and Ken Coates; correspondence and material relating to Ruth First; CVs of various people, and Miliband’s letters of recommendation to Tariq Ali, Joel Krieger, Paul K Hoch, and others; essay by Kurt Wolff “’Nineteen-Eighty-Four’ and ‘Surrender-and-Catch’”, 14 ff.; proposal to the National Science Foundation for a research project by Edward Greenberg “Elite Consensus and Dissensus in the Post-War Period: A Preliminary Test of a Theory of Policy Regimes”, 48 ff.; invitation for Miliband to compile an entry for WHO’S WHO; TS “Report of the Fourth Annual Meeting of the International Editorial Board of Praxis International” submitted by Mihailo Marković and Richard Bernstein, 13 ff.; invitations to Miliband to present papers at seminars and to contribute in publications; and press-cuttings. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Sada Nand Talwar (invitation to become a member of the Editorial Board of SPECTRUM: A Journal of Comparative Politics and Development), Mark Fernando, Morris Miller, John Griffith, Susanne Mueller, Martha Stern, Carla and Kurt Wolff, Ken Coates, Gordon Fellman (Gordie), Kurt Wolff, Monty Johnstone, Jeff Henderson, Tariq Ali, (carbon copy from Miliband to) Tony Benn, Bernard Crick, Stanley Taylor, Allen Hunter, Linda Gordon, Rianne Mahon, Luis Rubio, Fukuji Taguchi, John Saville, Vicente Navarro, Ann Bastian, Colin Turpin, A.H. Turrittin, Cedric Belfrage, Paul McKinney, Andrew Glyn, Roland Lew, Xavier Zeebroek, Ben Lowe, Ron Aronson (with TS “For a Revival of Radicalism: Reaganism and Beyond”, 19 ff.), Shen Han (professor of 19801982






Handlist 173 English Political History at the Nanjing University), John Saville, Logie Barrow, Branka Magaš, Dorothy Wedderburn, Corliss Lamont, and Bill Graf. Correspondence Correspondence with Joseph L. Walsh, Shen Han, Diana Lary, Herbert I. Schiller, and Steven Unger. Correspondence and other documents Correspondence with, inter alia, Hamza Alavi (with his draft chapter “Capitalism and the peasantry: Marxist perspectives” for Peasants and Peasant Societies, ed. by T. Shanin), Harold Wolpe, Martha Stern, Phil Hearse, Pavel Joseph, Steven Unger, Adam Przeworski (re: Dr. Jan Borowiec), Peter Morris, Milos Nicolić, Shen Han, Vicente Navarro, Chuck Noble, Paul Hoch, Anthony Cain, Samuel Bowles, Pino Taggliazucchi, Mihailo Marković, Bill Graf, Brian Swartz, Joseph L. Walsh, Zygmunt Bauman, Bob Lange, Bernard Eccleston, Branka Magaš; Center Policy Paper no. 03/85 “Toward Constitutional Guarantees for Employment and Income” by David G. Gil; table of contents and introduction of Morris Miller’s Coping Is Not Enough: the International Debt Crisis and the Roles of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund; dissertation proposal “Darkness around and glitter within: the emergence of the ‘affluent worker’ in England during the interward depression” by J.T. Pokorny, 14 ff.; article “Marxist functionalism in medicine: a critique of the work of Vicente Navarro on health and medicine” by Angela Reidy, 14 pp., photocopy; TS “Double standards in the analysis of Marxist scholarship: a reply to Reidy’s critique of my work” by Vicente Navarro, 1984, 34 ff.; extracts from Miliband’s book Marxism and Politics; TS “For a Pluralist Socialism” by Michael Rustin; press-cuttings; and reports dealing with arrests of young sociologists in Yugoslavia for their scholarly works. Correspondence Correspondence with Kurt Wolff, Gordon Fellman (Gordie), Egon Bittner, George Ross, Anne Carter, and carbon copies of Miliband’s letters to Irving Horowitz and various other staff in his department at the Brandeis University informing about his move to another post at the York University, Toronto, Ontario (hoping to be able to do more graduate teaching). Correspondence and other documents Correspondence with, inter alia, John Griffith, Linda Bimbi, and Peter Weiler; and copies of letters of recommendation by Miliband to Margaret Somers, Harold Salzman, and Greta Jones; and TS “Draft letter to the Guardian” which begins “We would like to express our concern at a recent measure taken by the Israeli authorities agains the freedom of information and opinion…”, 1 f. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Joseph L. Walsh, Bill Graf, John Griffith, Charlie Fisher, Shen Han, Chris Carter, Dan Leon, Eugene Dainov, Tony Benn, Eckhard Voss, Robin Cohen, Ulrich Pick, Irving Horowitz, Gary Williams, Dan Karmon, John Saville, Hamza Alavi, Gabriel Kolko, Michael Macy, Charlie van












Handlist 173 Gelderen, Bill Wedderburn, Harry Magdoff, David Miliband, Deborah Manley, Surendra Munshi, Peter Beilharz, Günter Minnerup, Fukuji Taguchi, Tony Powell, Howard Brick, Bob Drummond, Richard Taylor, Hal Draper, Logie Barrow, Peter Janson-Smith, Roger Gannon (with a proposed outline for a book by Gannon: A Social and Political History of English as a World Language, 7 ff., and TS of a paper “Basil Bernstein, Language and Education: A Social and Political Perspective” by Gannon and G. Pigados, 20 ff.), Ian Gentles, C. Vandermotten, Tamara Deutscher, Roger Fieldhouse (with an outline of the book The Political Education of the Servants of the State edited by Fieldhouse, and for which he invites Miliband to write a preface), Antonis Tritsis, and Bérengére Marques-Pereira (with TS of a public defence entitled “La fonction hégémonique de l’Etat dans le processus de politisation de l’interruption volontaire de grossesse en Belgique 1970-1986”). Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Barry Truchil, Norman Birnbaum, David Miliband, Martin Eve, Harry Magdoff, Joel H. San Huan (with his dissertation proposal “Housing, Neighborhood Mobilization, and the State in the Lowell Acre Triangle”, 46 ff., Chris Rhomberg, and Peggy Somers. TS of essay by Otwin Marenin “Epistemological contradictions in Marxist analyses of African politics”, 34 ff., with MS notes of suggestions by Miliband, 1 f., and Miliband’s letter of recommendation for a promotion for Hamza Alavi. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Allan Cochrane, Rodney Peffer, Jean-Marie Chauvier, Gustavo Lagos, Bill Wedderburn, Rhonda Levine, and Egon Bittner. Carbon copies of letters by Miliband to Dave Middleton and Julie Harvey, Justin Schwartz, and John Westergaard. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, John Westergaard, Paul Hoch, Zygmunt Bauman, Joel Haycock, Martha Stern, Kevin Davey, Marion Kozak, Brian Swartz, Hal Draper (with a paper “Deskilling & Declassing wither the Middle Stratum?” by Robert Lerman and Harold Salzman), Joel H. San Juan (with Miliband’s letter of recommendation for him), Amy Bartholomew, Gabriel Kolko, Sarah Deutsch, Hamza Alavi, Yasuhiko Kitanishi, Donald Chesworth, Harry Drost, Makoto Kitanishi, George Ross, Isaac Kramnick, Milos Nikolić, Stephen Thomas, Jean Field, Vicente Navarro, Zagorka Golubovic, and Bertram Gross; and carbon copies of Miliband’s letters to Ping Ferry, Tony Benn, and Anthony Giddens. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Dorothee Benz (with her TS essay “In Your Face: gay culture and the challenge to heterosexist norms”, 36 ff.), Taina Glaude, Irving Zola, Brian Swartz, Sergei Pronin, Harry Magdoff (with a letter from Magdoff to Arthur MacEwan), Gabriel Kolko, Tony Benn (several letters both ways; and various documents attached: “The Policy Reviews – an appeal for more time” 7 May 1989, 1 f., “A


SeptDec 1987








Handlist 173 Productive and Competitive Economy – an alternative draft”, 4 ff., “People at work – an alternative draft”, 3 ff., “Deomcracy, the Individual and the Community – an alternative draft”, 3 ff., “Britain in the World – an alternative draft”, 3 ff., “Gallup political index”, “Statement for today’s PLP” 10 May 1989, from Tony Benn to Michael Church, Features, The Independent, “The Future of Socialism, 3 ff. 15 May 1989), Xu Chongwen, John Saville, Staunton Flanders, Milos Nikolić, Peter Halban, Kenneth Leech, Jane Gould, Jay Gould, Kurt Wolff, Gerry Pocock, Bob Mulholland, Nina Temple, Vicente Navarro (with a photocopy of his article “Historical Triumph: capitalism or socialism?”), Peter Merriton, Pascal Delwit, John Ure, Richard Westra, Tamara Deutscher, Joyce Kolko, William Tabb, Zygmunt Bauman, George Ross, Eugene Dainow, Sudhanshu Ranade (with his project proposal “Marxist and Communist Positions on Popular Accountability”, 16 ff., and a photocopy of his article “A Communist Perspective on Development Strategy for Rural India”), Hilary Wainwright (re: Charter 88, and incl. letter from H.W. to Tony Benn), Gus Kelley, Bogdan Denitch, Susanne Okin, Jose Sandoval Moris, John Palmer, Roland Lew, John Davey, Sudhanshu Ranade, Eric Foner, Shen Han, Mark Gottdiener, Monty Johnstone, Rebecca Karl, Stanislaw KozyrKowalski, David Bennell, Antônio Rangel Bandeira, Raphael de Kadt, Greta Jones, Norman Geras, Martin Eve, Paul Hoch, John Schwarzmantel, John Parker, George Ross, Annette Rubinstein, Leo Panitch, Richard Wolff, Carsten Wiegrefe, William H. Schaap, John Wooding, Susanne Mueller, Marvin E. Gettleman, Mike Hirsch, Jerry Cohen (incl. Miliband’s comments on Cohen’s article ‘The Future of a Disillusion’), George Pigadas, William Pelz, André Schiffrin, Sergei Pronin, Joel Haycock, and Robert Schwartz. Also: TS “Relations of production and reproduction: exploitation and self-exploitation”, 3 ff.; TS notes about Michael Dukakis by Miliband, 3 ff.; Draft proposal 1 “Labor and Political Action: a case study of the New York Central Labor Council and three affiliated unions” by Michael Hirsch, and Miliband’s letters of recommendation to Robbie Pfeufer Kahn, and Bill Graf. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Dorothy Thompson (after Edward’s death), Bertel Ollman, New Party (which Miliband joined shortly before his death), Frances Fox Piven, Marvin Gettleman, Lin Chun, Vicente Navarro, David Laibman, John Saville, George Ross, Stephen Bell, Dorothee Benz, Stephen Bell, Judy Ruben, Joseph Murphy, Harry Magdoff, John Griffith, Aline M. Kuntz, Stanislaw Kozyr-Kowalski, Allen Hunter, Robbie Pfeufer Kahn, Gabriel Kolko, Milos Nikolić, Carole Klein, Kurt Wolff, Bertram Miller, Peter Beilharz, Ann Sheffield, John Schwarzmantel, Shen Han, David Widgery, (carbon copy of Miliband’s letter to) David Miliband, John Ehrenberg, Ken Coates, Oliver Owen, John Rees, Jeff Henderson, (carbon copy of Miliband’s letter to) Jim Jeffery, André Schiffrin, Tony Benn, Richard Taylor, Eugene Dainov, James Young, Edward Thompson, Mike Miller, Jos. K. Roberts, and Andrzej Sitkowski.


June 1991Dec 1993


Handlist 173 CO/33 Correspondence Correspondence with Rebecca E. Karl, and with various people about misc. commitments: lectures, seminars, and publications. Correspondence Correspondence with, inter alia, Marjorie Mayo (re: the Marxist University of London in which Miliband usually participated), Patty Lee Parmalee, Shen Han, Anne Marcus, George Ross, Uri Ram (Israeli sociologist), Edward Said, Pablo Gonzalez Casanova (re: the UNAM conference Miliband attended in Dec. 1993), Lin Chun, Vicente Navarro, Aline Kuntz, Marvin Gettleman, Robbie Pfeufer Kahn, Howard Chodos, Uri Ram, Susan Lowes, Harry Magdoff, Frances Fox Piven, S. Saran Singh, J.S. Metcalfe, Anna Miliband “Nan” (Miliband’s sister), John Griffith, and letters received shortly before Miliband’s death to which he did not reply, from: Richard Trahair, David Palmer, and Mike Reed. CORRESPONDENCE ARRANGED BY TOPIC Correspondence and press-cuttings about Czechoslovakia 19911993 1994


CO/35 CO/36

CO/37 CO/38 CO/39 CO/40 CO/41 CO/42 CO/43 CO/44


Correspondence and other material relating to the Iraq war A letter from Miliband to Fred Halliday questioning his reasoning on Channel Four news for the war; a draft speech, 12 Nov 1990, for Tony Benn entitled “Why I am going to Baghdad”, in which Benn sets his opposing view to that of Thatcher that there is nothing to negotiate but war is imminent “unless Saddam Hussein got out of Kuwait ‘soon’”, 3 ff., presscuttings. CORRESPONDENCE ARRANGED BY NAME Correspondence with Perry Anderson 1981 Correspondence with Keith Joseph 1977 Correspondence with Theodore Hall 1964; 1970 Correspondence with David Selbourne 1978 Correspondence with Leo Panitch 19731985 Correspondence with K. S. Karol 19671992 Correspondence with Brian Pearce 1985 “Open letter” by David Horowitz to Miliband, 63 ff. 1989; 2001 And press-cutting about Horowitz’s right turn in politics, 30.5.2001. Correspondence with E. P. Thompson 19631992 And article about Thompson in Peace News Correspondence with C. Wright Mills, photocopies Incl. photocopies of various press-cuttings. And a radio show “The Causes of C. Wright Mills”, Pacifica show, September 1962. 2 tapes. 19571962

19721977 19901991



Handlist 173 CO/47 Correspondence: C. Wright Mills Correspondence, articles and press-cuttings about C. Wright Mills and his family. Correspondence with Daniel Singer Incl. an essay “States and Revolution” A letter from Leszek Kołakowski and a letter from Pawel Beylin Correspondence with John Saville PUBLISHING CORRESPONDENCE Publishing correspondence Miliband’s correspondence with various publishers, correspondence about various publications, press account statements, contracts, OUP correspondence relating to Marxism and Politics; correspondence with Fontana; issues of and correspondence with The Spectator; correspondence relating to Miliband’s contribution to the International Socialist Journal, a file labelled “Royalties 1974 – 92/3”, correspondence relating to articles to be published in Tribune, publishers’ statements, correspondence relating to Miliband’s contribution to the Dictionary of Marxist Thought, correspondence relating to Miliband’s contribution to Democracy and the Capitalist State edited by Graeme Duncan, correspondence, typescripts and press-cuttings in French relating to a programme “Des Anglais Parlent des Francais” Miliband made with the BBC French Language Service, and correspondence relating to New Reasoner (a journal developed to support the New Left movement in 1957-1961, which Miliband edited with E. P. Thompson and John Saville). 15 files (= 1 box). COUNCIL OF ACADEMIC FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY Academic freedom and democracy Material related to the Council of Academic Freedom and Democracy, including correspondence, press-cuttings, campaign leaflets, issues of Civil Liberty, minutes of the CAFD meetings, and publicity material. Also material relating to individual cases of academic freedom, including the “Huntington Affair” (press-cuttings, publishing correspondence, the Gould report, and other material), William Shockley, and Milan Nikolić. 10 files (= 1 box) MARXISM Marxism, Marx House lectures, Centre for Marxist Education, Little Red School, Red Green Study Group and the Institute of Radical Studies Articles on Marxism and Trotskyism by various people; general Marxist theory notes, correspondence, press-cuttings; Marxism and historical explanation: notes and press-cuttings; correspondence, press-cuttings and reviews of Ernest Mandel’s Traite D’economie Marxiste, in French and German; Miliband’s 19791995 1974 1958 19881989 Ca. 19661996

CO/48 CO/49 CO/50

PC (Box 14)

AF (Box 15)


MA (Box 16)



Handlist 173 essay “Marx and the Working Class”, with related notes and correspondence; articles, book reviews, press cuttings, notes in manuscript entitled “Marxism and Politics, Additions, Corrections, etc.”; essay by Michael A. Lebowitz entitled “Beyond Capital: Marx’s Political Economy of the Working Class. Draft” (ca. 80 ff.); notes in manuscript entitled “Theory/Marxism”; Il Manifesto, Milan Conference 1979; “Marxist thinking: a class view of the military”, Uppsala Conference 1978; bibliography in manuscript on Marxism; essay entitled “Marxism and Wars between Socialist States” by Monty Johnstone; copies of published articles, including 3 by Miliband: “Marxist Theory and the Modern State”, “The Socialist Alternative”, “Marxism: Looking Backward and Forward”; material relating to Macmillan Educational Corporation: including Miliband’s article “Marxism” (published in Collier’s Encyclopaedia, New York, 1981); Miliband’s contract with Macmillan to edit encyclopaedias; correspondence with Macmillan; correspondence, minutes of meetings and other material relating to the Centre for Marxist Education, Leeds. Material relating to Althusserianism, including a dissertation/thesis by Simon Clarke: “Althusserian Marxism”. Material relating to the Centre for Socialist Education, Little Red School (1968-1971; including a members list in manuscript), the Red Green Study Group (including minutes, typescript papers and articles and notes on discussions) and the Institute of Radical Studies. Marx House Lectures: papers given at the Marx House on 23 June 1983, including one by Miliband, entitled “Marxism in the seventies”; Miliband’s lecture at the Marx House on 27 April 1992, entitled “The State and Revolution: seventy five years later”. 18 files (= 1 box) ACADEMIC TEACHING Lecture notes Lecture notes in manuscript and typescript from 1957 onwards, including lecture notes in manuscript entitled “Introduction to Politics”, “Class conflict revisited” (19 ff.), “Political Thought of the French Revolution” (1957-1958), and “19th century French Political Thought” (1959-1962). “Marxism Today”: lectures given at the LSE; notes in manuscript for lectures on English Socialist Thought, 1959-1961; lecture notes in manuscript on 18thcentury French Political Thought; manuscript notes labelled “Past lectures Fall 92”; manuscript notes for lectures in Leeds on Modern Political Doctrine; “George Orwell Memorial Lecture, 1984: Myth and Reality”, including notes in manuscript and typescript; notes in manuscript on “Science and Society”. 21 files (= 1 box) Students’ essays, correspondence, reading lists, teaching material Correspondence; Political Studies, Political Sociology: notes, bibliography and reading lists; Social and Political Theory literature: press cuttings; course material for “The Social Context of British Politics”; Brussels lecture 1987: reading notes

AT/1 (Box 17)


AT/2 (Box 18)



Handlist 173 in manuscript, press cuttings, article “Class Analysis: history and defence” by Göran Therborn; press-cuttings about the Socialist Theory and Practice; manuscript notes and copies of reading list for the lectures “The Social Context of British Government”; essay submitted to Miliband by Andrew Mattson: “Marching Together: Organization and Activity in the Legitimation of the Nazi State” (81 ff.); essays by students, Fall 1989, corrected and marked in manuscript by Miliband; J. A. Chandler’s PhD thesis, Turner and Haigh BSc dissertations; a folder labelled “Various”: including 2 issues of Journal of History of Philosophy; City University of New York telephone directory, essays by students, correspondence with students, etc.; students’ essays, dissertations, etc., 1994; reading lists for Miliband’s course “The State in Comparative Perspective”; City University of New York: correspondence with students, course outlines, etc.; The City University of New York students’ essays with A-, A, and A+ grades; essay “States and Revolution”; 1960s LSE documents and correspondence; LSE magazines and session timetable 1970-71; “Letter Sept-Dec 1987”; thesis/dissertation “Epistemological contradictions in Marxist analyses of African politics” by Otwin Marenin; dissertation “Housing, neighborhood mobilisation, and the state in the Lowell Acre Triangle” by Joel H. San Juan (Brandeis University); correspondence relating to the “Social Change Lectures” at Brandeis; a draft essay “On the teaching of Marxism-Leninism to FRELIMO Cadres”; press cuttings, 1980s; typescript essays by Monty Johnstone; Brandeis University students’ essays, etc.; correspondence relating to Miliband’s Brandeis resignation; material relating to Miliband’s appointment to The Graduate School of City University of New York as visiting professor of Political Science: student handbook, Miliband’s CV, correspondence, PhD abstracts, course material; salary information (1980s), Visa forms; material relating to Miliband’s appointment at the University of Leeds, including correspondence, staff meeting minutes, and “Hospital letters” (1973-). 16 files (= 1 box) TONY BENN Tony Benn A complete set of Benn’s 1988 speeches; drafts for “The Benn Diaries” programmes; correspondence, mainly from 1985; press-cuttings; “Labour and the Unions (draft)” by John Kelly, 1986 (46 pp.); a draft outline of TV programme on socialism “Benn’s Britain”; an essay “A million jobs a year” by Andrew Glyn (14 ff.); correspondence and material relating to the Socialist Conference in Chesterfield in 1987. Tony Benn Tony Benn’s election poster and leaflet (1992); correspondence with Benn; a letter from Anthony Barnett (1973). MARCEL LIEBMAN (1929-1986; Belgian historian) Marcel Liebman Correspondence with Marcel Liebman, in French, in typescript and manuscript.




1973; 1992




Handlist 173 ML/2 Marcel Liebman Correspondence with Marcel Liebman, in French, in typescript and manuscript. Marcel Liebman Material relating to the Fondation Marcel Liebman. Marcel Liebman Four memorial lectures for Marcel Liebman, in French, in manuscript. ISAAC DEUTSCHER MEMORIAL PRIZE Awarded each year, to the value of £100, to a work which contributes to the development of Marxist thought. Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize Correspondence relating to The Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize and other matters. Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize Correspondence relating to The Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize. Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize Correspondence relating to The Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize. Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize Correspondence relating to The Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize, 1976-1993; a part of a dissertation “Die politische Publizistik Isaac Deutschers zwischen 1939 und 1967” by Ludger Syré; press-cuttings. Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize Correspondence and posters for lectures relating to The Isaac Deutscher Memorial Prize. SOCIALIST SOCIETY Socialist Society Draft books committee report; “The First Year of the Socialist Society” (1 f.); newsletters; conference arrangements, 1983 (1 f.); minutes of the steering committee; membership bulletin; an essays by Miliband entitled “Marx’s Method” (20 ff.); “The New Jerusalem Project” (2 ff.); programme of activities, 1982; “The Society of Socialists” (general introduction, 5 ff.); “Labour’s Futures” by Robin Blackburn (8 ff.); “The need for a Socialist Society” (3 ff.); draft declaration; “Notes on the British Political Crisis of 1981 and What might be done about it by the ExtraLabour Left” (6 ff.); “NLB – Hobsbawm discussion” by Raymond Williams (14 ff.); “Different Conceptions of Party: a Reflection on Current Debates about the Labour Party’s Constitution and Organisation” (22 ff.). Socialist Society Newsletters; minutes; the first pamphlet: “The Falklands, Thatcher’s War, Labour’s Guilt”; “Midlands Peoples March for Jobs”, 1982 (2 ff.); membership bulletins; “Proposal for a Socialist Commission on Education” (2 ff.); publishing report (3 ff.); a list of regional groups. 19701985 1986 1987

ML/3 ML/4


19641975 19671975 1976












Handlist 173 SS/3 Socialist Society Annual report 1983-1984; an essay by Miliband entitled “Class Struggle and Democratic Rights” (3 ff.); “Problems with student recruitment for the Socialist Society” by Guy Austin (2 ff.); “‘Broad Alliances’ and Socialist Society” by Michael Rustin (2 ff.); minutes of the steering group; posters; constitution of the Socialist Society; proposal for a book “Out of Work: unemployment and its aftermath in the ‘80s” by P. Rayman and B. Bluestone (10 ff.); “A Socialist Society Programme” (6 ff.); “Proposals for the structure and organisation of the Socialist Society” (1 f.); “The Decline of Labour Resumed” (33 ff.); “The Left and the National Health Service” by Sarah Benton (2 ff.); “Blending the Socialist Varieties” by Albert Standley (2 ff.); “Draft perspective document” by J. Palmer and M. Rustin (6 ff.); “Labourism” by Martin C. Cook (4 ff.). Socialist Society Minutes; bulletins; newsletters; “The first year of the Socialist Society” (4 ff.). Socialist Society Correspondence and documents relating to a Marx event, “Confrontations with Marxism”, organised by the Socialist Society. Socialist Society “The future of Socialist Society” by Miliband (1 f.); “The future of Socialist Society” by Elizabeth Wilson (1 f.); minutes; correspondence; “Proposal for Marx Commemoration Event” (1 + 2 ff.); press-cuttings. Socialist Society “The Socialist Society after the conference” by Michael Rustin (3 ff.); newsletters. Socialist Society Material relating to the 1987 conference: programme drafts, “what to expect from the conference”, newsletters, sponsorship requests, minutes, leaflets, draft for “The case for refounding the Labour Party” by Tony Benn, 1987 (9 ff.), press-cuttings. Socialist Society Material relating to the Socialist Conference in Chesterfield 1987; notes in manuscript by Tony Benn (?) (11 ff.); presscuttings. Socialist Society Material relating to the second Socialist Conference in Chesterfield, in 1988, “Creating a Movement for our times”. Socialist Society Issues of Pitwatch, “The Socialist Society in 1985” by Anthony Arblaster (3 ff.), statements, reports, minutes, issues of the Socialist Society and Interlink magazines. 19831984


















Handlist 173

LP (10 files)

LT (Box 21, 22, 23)

CM (9 files)

LABOUR PARTY Labour Party Typescript copy with corrections in manuscript entitled “Chapter for Jim Fyrth’s book on the Labour Government 1945-1951, Nationalisation” (19 ff.) (The book, Labour's High Noon: The Government and the Economy 1945-51, published in 1993, does not include this chapter by Miliband); typescript copy with corrections in manuscript entitled “Introduction” with opening words “The Labour Party won an overwhelming victory at the general election that followed the end of the second world war in Europe” (18 ff.); typescript copies of Miliband’s articles: “If Labour wins…” (published in Monthly Review, October 1963), “Labour’s Framework of Policy” (published in International Socialist Journal, vol. 1, no. 3, June 1964), and with John Saville “Labour Policy and the Labour Left” (written at the beginning of 1964); an essay by Miliband entitled “Present Trends in the British Labour Movement” (typescript), and an essay by Miliband to be titled either “The State of the Left” or “The Labour Party and Beyond”; various press-cuttings from 1974 to 1980s relating to the Labour Party; manuscript and typescript notes relating to the Labour party and socialism, and issues of International Studies in Industrial Democracy, Archives in Trade Union History and Theory and Workers Control Bulletin. Various press-cuttings. 10 files (= less than 1 box) LIPMAN TRUST Lipman Trust Material relating to the Lipman Trust for years 1981-1993, including correspondence, applications, finance accounts, minutes of meetings, and material relating to the Lipman seminar. 28 files (= 2.5 boxes) CONFERENCE MATERIAL Material relating to conferences attended by Miliband Material re: “Anticommunism and the U.S.: history and consequences. An International Conference” November 11-13, 1988, Harvard University, including notes by Miliband for the session ‘The World Costs of Anticommunism’ for which he was the moderator; Papers of the Fourth Ruskin Central and Eastern European Symposium; Issue 47 of Labour Focus on Eastern Europe: a review of European affairs; papers of “The Evolution of the Modern State in Different Social Formations Symposium”; newspapers relating to the Cultural Congress of Havana, Jan 1968; material relating to the 10th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration for the Rights and Liberation of People Programme of the International Conference, Athens 7 – 11 November 1986; newsletters, correspondence and other material relating to an international conference held in Yugoslavia; material relating to a paper “The New World Order and the Left” given by Miliband at a conference in Mexico, December 1993; material relating to “El Socialismo del Futuro”, in Spanish; two press-cuttings re:





Handlist 173 Miliband’s visit to Australia in 1990 to speak at the Socialist Scholars Conference. 9 files. The Miliband – Poulantzas Debate – conference Typescript copies of the papers delivered at the “Miliband and Poulantzas in Retrospect and Prospect” conference held at the City University of New York on 24-25 April 1997, and other related material. 1 file. (Miliband’s contributions to and reflections of the debate are published in his Class Power & State Power) POLITICS AND THE UNITED STATES Politics and the United States House of Un-American Activities, 1955, which Miliband attended, interrogation of Herbert Gutman, later celebrated historian, photocopy. Manuscript notes and miscellaneous press-cuttings about the social and political state of the United States in the 1980s. 4 files. NEWS CUTTINGS News cuttings News cuttings relating to: LSE ‘troubles’, 1969 (Box 25); poverty in Britain (1973/4); “Reform and Revolution” (1974-1980); China (1976/7); USSR, etc. (1975-1981); riots, etc., (summer 1981); “Russian Revolution: 70 years on” (November 1987); Third World development (1994); “World Capitalism, PostCommunism and the Left”, poverty (1970s); The Falklands War (with manuscript notes); Chile (with typescript essays “Chilean transition to Socialism” by Faúndez and “Chile: the making of a Coup D’etat” by Dr Kay; Cuba; Czechoslovakia (including correspondence); Czechoslovakia (Aug 1968; including issues of the London Bulletin and papers of the Conference in Solidarity with Czechoslovak Socialism); Israel; Grenada; “Intellectuals” (with manuscript notes); the economic state in Britain in 1990; Sartre and Flaubert; Philip Agee; Collectivism, Stalinism, The Soviet State, etc.; “The Cold War and After” (with manuscript notes), and Afghanistan crisis (including notes in manuscript and typescript). Various obituaries, including those of Joseph S. Murphy and Eprime Eshag. Typescript article “Literature and Conservative Ideology in 20th Century” by Tom Steele, press-cuttings on literature and culture, and other related material. A file labelled “Colorado” with typescript articles: “The running dog war: Malaya 1941-1960” (ff. 53); “Why is there no conservatism in Sweden” (ff. 33); “The absolutist state…” by Ron Kleve (ff. 71), and other material. An essay “How Haig saved Lenin” by Brian Pearce (1985; ff. 81). Together with manuscript notes in preparation for articles, books, and other work. 3 boxes.

CM (1 file)


US (4 files)

1955; 1980s

NC (Box 25, 26, 27)



Handlist 173 NC (Box 28, 29) Issues of journals and newspapers Two issues of El Viejo Topo; two issues of the Danish journal Tiden; several copies of Gramma Weekly Review; July 1975 issues of various newspapers about the Portuguese Revolution: Revista do Povo, Povo em luta, Repúplica, Avante!, Povo livre, O jornal, Revolucão, Poder Popular, and various other related press-cuttings, manuscript notes and photocopied articles; issues of Leviathan, PL: Progressive Labour, Root and Branch: a radical quarterly; two 40th anniversary issues of Monthly Review; issues of In These Times, Against the Current, and International: A journal of Marxism in the Labour Party; issues of Tribune (5), Labour Review (2) and Economist (2; 1950s); Peking Review (1), Newsweek (1), Cambridge Opinion (1), The New University (3), New Statesman (2; 1960s); Progressive Labour (1), Marxism Today (2), and Rise (1; 1970s); issue 10 of Socialism and Democracy; newspaper issues about the execution of the Romanian dictators Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu (December 1989); and newspapers relating to General Election 1979 and Rail Strike of Jan 1979. 2 boxes. ABOUT RALPH MILIBAND Marion Kozak’s correspondence Condolence letters and cards to Marion after Miliband’s death; Marion’s correspondence with Tony Benn, Justin Schwartz, Leo Panitch, and others; press cuttings; letters to Marion after Miliband’s death, some personal, some discussing his publications. 7 files. About Ralph Miliband Photocopies of documents from the Home Office relating to Miliband’s and his parents’ naturalisation; notes entitled “Political Autobiography: 1st draft” and dated April 7 and May 22, 1983, photocopy; press cuttings, a typescript copy and a press-cutting entitled “Interview with Ralph Miliband” (5 ff.), International, no. 5, 1986, and other related material; presscuttings and other material in a file labelled “About Ralph”; “Ralph Miliband, Socialist Intellectual 1924-1994” by Leo Panitch in: Studies in Political Economy, 45; several obituaries of Miliband in various languages, including an obituary by John Saville, a Memorial address by Edward Miliband, an Appreciation by Tony Benn, in English, Italian, German and Spanish; an obituary of Miliband from New York Times (22/5/1994); typescript entitled “Socialism and Political Struggle: a talk with Ralph Miliband” by Mike Hirsch with related presscuttings and other material (1988-1990). Article by Michael Newman, “Class, State and Democracy: Laski, Miliband and the Search for a Synthesis”, Political Studies, 2006, 54, 328-348, photocopy. Copy of a photo portrait of Miliband, taken by Zygmunt Bauman, and a framed photograph of (?), kept in a separate envelope (30A). 21 audio tapes entitled “R. Miliband Conf 24.6.95” are held in a separate small box (30B). A Sussex tape: 1950s1980s

RM (Box 30)


RM (Box 30)



Handlist 173 “H8 European Socialism in the Nineteenth Century”, a discussion between Miliband and David Caute, is held in a separate envelope (30C). 10 files.


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