Hidden Shortcuts for Mac OS X I've tested these shortcuts on my Mac OS X Leopard with U.S. Keyboard. 1.

Apple Logo Shortcut : Option-Shift-K Note. One of the symbols that can be drawn with simple keystroke, the famous App le logo. Sorry, but I can't resist to put this as the first shortcut. 2. Zero Brightness Shortcut : Control-Shift-Eject Note. Instantly turn your display off without logging out from the system. 3. Adjust Volume Bar Shortcut : Option-Shift-F4 / Option-Shift-F5 Note. Increase/decrease your volume bar by a quarter each time it's invoked. Thi s is particularly useful for fine tuning Mac with bombastic sound system. 4. Double Buffer Shortcut : Control-K (Kill) and Control-Y (Yank) Note. Like, Cut and Paste, combination of Kill and Yank can help you organize yo ur text easily. Cut followed by Kill grants you double text buffer. 5. Home and End Shortcut : Control-A (Home) and Control-E (End) Note. This is pretty much the substitution for Windows button HOME and END. Pres sing Command-â or Command-â performs the same action. 6. Delete and Backspace Shortcut : Control-D (Delete) and Control-H (Backspace) Note. In Windows, we've got two buttons for this : DEL and BACKSPACE. You can us e Fn-Delete to perform forward deletion while the button Delete acts as Backspac e. 7. Related Messages Shortcut : Command-Shift-K Note. Selects all related messages in the same mailbox. 8. Open Address in New Tab Shortcut : Command-Enter Note. While highlighting address bar, pressing this shortcut will bring up new t ab of that selected address. 9. Google Search Box Shortcut : Command-Option-F Note. Quickly jumps your cursor to Google Search Box. Saving your mouse click as well as your precious ticks of seconds. X. Zoom Shortcut : Command-Option-[+] (Zoom In) or Command-Option-[-] (Zoom Out)

. Zoom in/out your display. making tiny objects looks huge.Note.

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