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keeping this book in electronic format allows me to keep my costs down enough to keep my little one-man operation running and continue to help guys just like you to turn a friend into a girlfriend and get out of the friend zone. you acknowledge that the ideas included in this book are solely the opinions of the author and are for entertainment purposes only.. You are responsible for your personal decisions and none of this book should be considered legal or professional advice. I would *REALLY* appreciate it if you encourage (push. there are some nasty people out there with ill-intentions. However. I have faith that you’re an honest person who has no intention of stealing this book and putting it up on file sharing sites. It is illegal to copy. If you feel that you have a friend who could use the advice given in this book. A Note To My Customers Now. coerce. with all rights reserved. distribution or creating of derivative works of this book. By purchasing this book. feel free to send him a copy of it. If you are going to send it to someone. The way I see it.. The characters in this book are composites and names have been changed to protect their identities. so this probably won’t apply to you.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 4 BEFORE WE BEGIN. it’s just like how you would actually lend a friend a paperback book. OutOfTheFriendZone. whatever floats your boat) them to buy the book if they like it. I’m encouraging you to pass around the book to people who really need it. distribute or create derivative works from this book in whole or in part. force. or contribute to the copying.com . That’s right. Legal Jargon This book is copyright 2008. Is it too much to ask you to please not put up my book for open download to everybody on the Internet? You see.

my one request to you.com . That’s it -.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 5 If you pirate my book and distribute it to everybody on the Internet. let’s get to blasting away that damned friend zone business. shall we? -Gavin OutOfTheFriendZone. won’t be able to help well-meaning guys get the woman of their dreams. With that out of the way. you’re putting me out of business and in turn.

But the funny thing about it is.. “No f#$@!#%cking way. How I Went From “Let’s Just Be Friends” To “I Want Him” “I used to be a shy guy who knew NOTHING about how to talk to women and couldn’t get girls to see me as someone more than a friend.” Whenever I would share this story of my life with women. but it will also teach you critical steps towards being a man and improving your relationships with women. it’s almost an absurd image to them. Or the image of me sitting at home alone..“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 6 INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of the “Get Out Of The Friends Zone” program. I ALMOST ALWAYS get. it’s a true story. tongue-tied and stumbling over what words to say next. really?!” as a response back. Sometimes. This book will not only show you how you can get out of the friends zone and stay out of it forever. I am saying “Congratulations” because I want to congratulate you on taking the first step. Well. until the day she finds out that I OutOfTheFriendZone.com . frustrated and heartbroken over a woman who put me in the friend zone.. I used to be a bumbling idiot who froze up whenever a girl that I liked engaged me in some friendly conversation.. Things would go well. The idea of me standing in front of them. I was able to gather up the courage to talk to her.

“I just wanna be friends. It came as a shock to her. We were really close -.we’d talk to each other on the phone almost everyday. After a couple of back-to-back heartbreaks. and I thought that if I told her that I liked her a couple of days before. but we got to talking in class. and she delivers the five words dreaded by every guy in this world. I don’t remember how. she’d tell me all sorts of stuff.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 7 have feelings for her. During the party. To be honest with you. and I’d tell her all sorts of stuff. but after she regained composure she gently let me down by simply saying that she doesn’t see me in that way. I became close with a girl named Andrea. but always thought that she was out of my league. I gave a speech that was supposed to melt her heart and sweep her off her feet.com . but I never did get that makeout that I wanted to happen. OutOfTheFriendZone.”) My Story There has been one instance in my life that I keep thinking back as to when I decided to dedicate time to studying the art and science of getting girls to like me. I’ve had a crush on her for a couple of years. things would go well during the actual party and I’d probably be making out with her.” (On several occasions. We would sit together sometimes. I just remember admitting to her one time that I liked her. she tried to keep things the same. and shortly after we’d be talking on the phone. it’s been so long ago that I don’t even remember half of what went down. I even typed out bullet points of what I was going to say. I remember having everything planned out. the girl was smart enough to pre-empt anything by delivering an even more killer blow: “You’re like the brother I never had. It was about ten years ago. There was going to be a big party that weekend.

At the end of this story. During the summer after that school year. So I started going to bars and clubs and developing my game. I’ve gone through about 6 or 7 girlfriends at this time. However. Then I had a girlfriend that lasted for about two months. But as with almost all long-distance relationships. She decided to get back with the ex-boyfriend who she left for me in the first place (hehe).“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 8 What makes this story so painful is that the first time that we got to talking. OutOfTheFriendZone. I was determined to learn how to make women like me and not put me in the friend zone. both physically and emotionally. and had my fair share of naughty stories with women. I told myself that I was never going to suffer the same type of heartbreak with a woman ever again. I got together with a girl that I genuinely liked. I got together with a group of like-minded guys. I became determined to REALLY get good with women. I wasn’t devastated. I felt something special with her. I was tired of one-nightstands and never really having a solid connection with the women I hooked up with. I’m in university.com . After the breakup. and every weekend was an adventure in my quest to learn how to be amazing with women. It took me just about two or three months when I’d be able to consistently meet a girl and be making out with her 45-60 minutes later. I’m a pretty quick study and I developed pretty quickly. but I was saddened. I sensed that she had a thing for me. I quickly became bored of this lifestyle. we broke up. Even though it was a long-distance relationship. Fast forward about seven years and I was no longer the bumbling idiot with women that I once was. “The Game” by Neil Strauss at around this time. Part of this was because I read the book. have a healthy network of female friends. My sex life jumped from sporadic to I-can-have-itwhenever-I-want. She has now been my girlfriend for almost two years.

the temptation! OutOfTheFriendZone. but I am damn confident that I have a pretty damn good hit rate when it comes to women. Oh.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 9 I guess the takeaway for this whole “rags to riches” story is that I haven’t been put in the friend zone for a shit long time now. even women who I initially thought I had no chance with (because we’ve been friends for so damn long) feel attraction towards me. Lately.com . I won’t lie to you and tell you that I can get any woman I want.

etc. you need to start here. saying or making a sexual gesture which she didn’t accept. OutOfTheFriendZone. I can assure you it’s 100% true. I wrote this program with the goal of helping you blast through the friend zone and get the woman that you’re after. If this is you.com . I cringed while typing it -. On several instances. However. It most certainly hasn’t been an easy journey -. and the ones you’ll meet in the future. one thing remains consistent: I’m almost always able to get with any girl that I set my sights on. One thing is for sure: I’ve spent years of my life learning this stuff. This chapter *may* not apply to you.the memory of me being that clueless with women is quite appalling to me. But for many years now. I want to help you become more attractive to women and be a man that females see as sexy. dumping girls. you know deep down in your heart that your situation with the girl who put you in the friend zone is far from even being salvageable) then promptly move on to Phase 2. if you’re simply looking for general advice on how you can stop getting Friend Zone’d (ie. been cheated on. I will share with you everything I’ve learned ever since that day that I vowed to myself to never get heartbroken again because a woman decided that she just wants to be friends with me. This program was written to be used as a reference to your interactions with women you know now. This phase is for the guys who fucked up with a particular woman by confessing how he feels for her.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 10 What You Can Expect From This Program Hard as it is to believe the story above.I went through my fair share of heartbreaks. I’ve been dumped. This program comes in four phases: Phase 1 is called Destroy and Rebuild. etc. cheated on girls.

and you still don’t get the girl? Sorry about that man. this phase is designed to make her want to get with you. Phase 3 sets up barriers from it and shields you with a giant metal fence. while some guys will be in situations that have been so damaged that it will take YEARS to fix and recover from. 2 and 3 effectively then this should be a piece of cake. Some guys will be in situations can be rectified with just a few quick fixes. Lastly. They say that the mark of a great poker player is knowing when to hold or fold his cards. you will be engineered to reinventing your first impression with a woman -.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 11 Phase 2 is called The First 15 Minutes. doing things as I instructed. You will still find value in this section even if you’re already in the friend zone with a girl. At the very least. After reading this book. If you follow the techniques listed here. you can’t ever say that you didn’t try.which is a critical factor in getting women attracted to you and avoiding the friend zone. While the techniques in Phase 2 are carefully designed to intrigue her and make her want to see more of what you have. I can’t promise you results -. just that you have a long and arduous journey ahed of you. you have a lot of work in front of you. It takes a man of grace to know when he’s defeated and concede. your goal is to reconstruct a woman’s perception of you. This phase deals with going from a casual acquaintance to someone who she’s thinking of getting involved with. Phase 3 is called Amplifying Attraction. This is a shorter section than the first three. That’s because if you want to recover from a friend zone situation.mainly because each situation is unique and different. Not saying that it can’t be done. because if you’ve completed Phase 1. If you fall in the latter group. This is equally true in social situations and relationships. If Phase 2 is learning how you can maneuver away from the friend zone. Even if OutOfTheFriendZone.com . This section teaches you how to do just that. Phase 4 is called Closing The Deal.

Master the information through experience. you can’t say that you lost.going out and actually doing it is a whole other beast. and complaints. Let’s say you want to lose weight so you get your hands on a weight-loss DVD. spending all day watching the videos won’t get you that sixpack. and if anything was unclear to you. My email address is gavinferenzo@gmail. this program will teach you techniques to crush the friend zone barrier that’s always been stopping you from getting the woman that you want. Don’t read the program and be content with telling yourself that you already know the stuff.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 12 you didn’t get her. Send me a question about your situation and I’ll try my best to answer it. questions. When you finish reading. I want to know what you think. It even gives you a 90-day program on how to get the sixpack abs that everybody wants to have. evolving process. Keep practicing until you have it down. Don’t be satisfied with knowing how to do it.com . I want to hear them all. I want you to do me a favor. The videos show you the proper way to do your bench presses and bicep curls. you came out as a true winner -. OutOfTheFriendZone.a true man who is willing to face adversity in the face and aim for triumph. But you need to actually go out and use them if you want to get any value out of this program. I want to hear what your favorite section of the book was. In the same way. Email me your comments. that’s my personal one). It’s one thing to know how to do it right -. However. In my opinion. Let’s get this party started. I truly applaud you. I’m giving you a lot of techniques. what you hated the most.com (yes. How To Use This Program Being successful with women is a constant.

It’s meant as a joke. Men who are in the friends zone know this fact very well. WHAT NOW?? How Attraction Works For Women I read somewhere that the opposite of love isn’t hate. Here’s a funky image that I found around the Internet. but I find it hilarious because it’s so true. being put in the friends zone is simply a matter of a woman being indifferent towards you. it’s indifference.com ..“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 13 SO YOU FOUND YOURSELF IN THE FRIEND ZONE. As a matter of fact. OutOfTheFriendZone. obviously.

But if you don’t find her attractive. Maybe you met at the coffee shop.that there is no such thing as platonic friends for men.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 14 So what can you do to avoid indifference? First of all. “Oh. I can hang with her. just women we haven’t fucked yet. you didn’t think much of the interaction. You could’ve possibly talked to her like she was a regular person. I better not fuck this one up if I want to have any sort of chance with her. I would bet money that you thought. Or she could be someone from class. you probably had some sort of image inside your mind about the two of you getting physical and intimate. or Just-Friends. they have different categories: Potentials. Women actually go through a similar process in their minds. Doesn’t matter. we put them in two categories: fuckable. “Wow.com . Maybe you thought to yourself. Men and women aren’t as different as you think. If she’s an attractive girl.” So what am I trying to prove here? When men first meet a woman. she’s nice. or maybe the office. I call this the Fuckable Factor. This isn’t anything that you don’t know. Maybe you were able to appreciate her sense of humor. Just picture that moment when you first met and ponder it for a while. Even Chris Rock had a routine about this -. Except instead of the Fuckable Factor.” Depending on the type of male you are (read: are you a regular guy or not). OutOfTheFriendZone. She’s pretty hot. or can’t-be-bothered. what you must understand is that attraction works differently for men as they do for women. Maybe a mutual friend introduced the two of you. Think about the last time you met a new woman.

and our group of friends decided to grab a few beers on a Friday evening. But at the end of the night. Don’t dismay. She was quite indifferent to me for the first couple of hours. women can be friends with guys of either type. The critical difference is the way she looks at guys from the two categories. Things aren’t that bleak for us. On the contrary. We have time to shape and develop our first impressions with women. The First-Impression Advantage Men Have Over Women While we judge them strictly based on their looks. She hasn’t closed the doors on you just yet. My current girlfriend likes to tell me the story of the first time the two of us met. Here’s why. we were flirting OutOfTheFriendZone. You could be friends but still be in the Potentials are just the beginning -those guys are moving their way up the relationship ladder. our advantage is that it takes them longer to determine which category they should put us in. In other words. Sounds tough. and chances are that’s all they’re going to be. women have a lot of other subliminal factors that they consider before putting us in our respective categories.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 15 This doesn’t mean that you can’t be friends with her if you’re placed in the Potentials category. We were introduced by a common friend.com . Defining friends as two people who enjoy each other’s company. doesn’t it? Doesn’t exactly sound like the advice that you want to hear at the beginning of a brand new book you just bought. and you still have a foot in the door. Just-Friends friends have reached the peak of the ladder -that’s all they are.

I ended up taking her home that night. And that is what this program is going to be all about.com . because I understand the fundamental principles and applied them. OutOfTheFriendZone.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 16 heavy and our faces were inches away from each other. because to her I was simply a friend of a friend that hung out with her social circle. making a great first impression is the most critical skill that you can learn. I was able to break out and avoid the friend zone within a couple of hours.Yet. To get out of the friends zone and stay out of it forever. It was a potentially dangerous scenario.

just a preview of what she can expect.concluded with a maniacal laugh. She’s not getting to know the entirety of you (nor does she want to. Why do I use the metaphor of the movie trailer? With movie trailers.just a 1-3 minute preview of what you can expect.com . and it fades to black. and left me and 22. OutOfTheFriendZone. So you better make damn sure that she’s going to want to see what you have to offer. Why am I talking about The Dark Knight trailers here? Because this is a key principle in making a first impression that will make you avoid the friend zone forever. Her first impression of you should leave her with the desire to see more. the voice changes into a very sinister one -. A joker card emerges from the middle of the screen. The trailers that followed that were longer and actually had footage for the movie.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 17 The Movie Trailer Principle I remember being in the theater watching some movie in middle of 2007. at this point) -. The screen showed nothing but light beams from the background.Your first impression works in a similar way.37 million others wanting to see it on the weekend that it debuted. Near the end. As you can probably tell by now. you never get the whole enchilada -. I distinctly remember a movie trailer that managed to linger in my mind in what seemed like forever. and a bat.the trailers. It was a simple 1 minute clip that had audio of what appeared to be two people talking. I’m talking about the teaser trailer for Batman: The Dark Knight. I was munching on popcorn while watching the one part of the movie that I always look forward to -.

I would rather make an okay first impression then build up on it as time goes on. fucking up then recovering is a better option than making a horrible first impression and doing everything perfect afterwards. recovering from a bad first impression is very tough.com .“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 18 Why do I emphasize this so much? As I will explain in a later chapter. OutOfTheFriendZone. I can even say making a great first impression.

Overall. Later in the day. What’s going to happen is that she doesn’t know you well at all. but she can’t get you out of her mind.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 19 The Perfect First Impression If you follow the techniques I teach you in this program. So she’ll keep thinking about you and fill in the blanks herself based on the impression that you left her with. Do you sense the importance of this yet? Just always remember the Axe slogan: “Because first impressions last.com . so when she imagines the two of you going on a romantic date.” OutOfTheFriendZone. and she thinks your touch is nice and gentle yet manly. you made a terrific first impression. you are letting her seduce herself for you! Example: You were able to crack a couple of jokes that made her laugh. In other words. She’s only going with what she knows of you so far. you will learn how to leave a very memorable and lasting impression that will linger in her mind long after you’re gone. she’s going to picture it as a night full of laughs and sensual intimacy. she can’t get you out of her mind and she’s wondering if there’s something there that she wants to see.

if she tells you that she considers you “just as a friend” or “the brother I’ve never had” (ouch) you can be pretty sure you’re in the friend zone. 1.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 20 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Tell If You’re In The Friend Zone Sometimes.. but many guys are unaware and/or refuse to look at their situations with a woman in an objective manner. I would put a lot of weight in this first point -. OutOfTheFriendZone. it’s tough to determine whether or not you’re in the friend zone. this is enough to truly determine that she looks at the two of you as just friends.. Listed below are 5 sure-fire ways to tell if she’s put you in the friend zone. Women. It could be our male egos refusing to accept the reality of the situation. a little eye-batting everywhere. People work for things they want.) She explicitly tells you. Think of this as a scoreboard. it could be a comment she drops casually. a little cleavage there. She’s got you doing her bidding. this is a big one.) She always asks you for favors and doesn’t do anything for you in return. and I don’t blame them. not as a potential partner.in some cases. 2. chances are she looks at you as a slave. grew up accustomed to people doing shit for them just because they’re pretty. not the other way around -. Guys almost always fall for this. Ooh. Either way. there’s a 60% chance that she doesn’t see you as anything more than a friend. A little smile here. A woman’s charm can be oh-so-deadly.com . If you can relate to 3 out of the 5 points. It could be after you’ve made a grand confession of your feelings to her. especially the pretty ones. If she’s constantly asking you to do favors for her.and that goes for both men and women.

then she’s probably not going to respond positively to your overt sexual verbal advances (don’t worry. 5. If all five apply. While it’s tempting to think that these are carefully designed moves to make you jealous. even. her ass is sticking out if/when she does give you a hug. What she’s subcommunicating is that she wouldn’t dare touch your crotch area with a ten-foot pole. She tells you about guys she’s interested in but has no idea if he’s interested in her or not. and you have a lot of work on your hands to be able to recover from it. Most women (especially the hot ones) are trained in the fine art of flirting. Of course. but everytime the two of you touch it feels. She has no problems giving other guys hugs.) She doesn’t flirt back. Some of them surprise me with how sharp they are.) She’s always talking to you about other guys she’s romantically interested in. But if you’re flirting with her and she doesn’t flirt back. If you come across as a sleazebag. You’re in the friend zone. She tells you how excited she is that she’s going on a date on Saturday night.you’re in the friend zone. there’s a right way and a wrong way to flirt. 4.com . and very deep in it.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 21 3. you could be in the friend zone. Read through these five points and score yourself objectively with a particular woman. for instance.) She’s touch-averse to you. much less bring her own crotch near it. You’re the guy she calls at 3 AM to cry about a fight with this one guy she’s seeing. OutOfTheFriendZone. formal. buddy.. then there’s no question about it -. You sense these things. buddy.. I’ll teach you how to flirt the right way in this program). I can assure you that 98% of the time they are not. It’s a body language thing that indicates she’s hugging you to be polite.

you’ll see some overlaps within each point. or gently hugging her after teasing her are a couple things you could do to introduce physical touch and not come across as a sleazeball. Notice her earrings. These seven traits intertwine with each other and work together with each other. you are headed for the friends zone. gently touch her ear while you’re inspecting it and tell her she seems like a woman with great taste in accessories. Unless she’s a lesbian. It isn’t really hard to communicate you’re a sexual being. you want her to see you as a regular male. What do males and females do? They have sex. If she can’t see herself having physical intimacy with you.) Scarce. all M&M’s come only in two colors: blue and red.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 22 Your Lucky Number 7 Your Lucky Number 7 are the Seven S’s that you MUST have to avoid the friend zone -.FOREVER. it is crucial for her to see you as a sexual being and not as some harmless dude. 2. As you read through these Seven S’s.) Sexual. This isn’t to say that you have to be a slobbering sleazebag all over her. and from now on.com . baby. If you want to avoid the friends zone. Every bag is 99% blue OutOfTheFriendZone. This is so powerful in so many ways. Inc. There are ways you can be sexual and still be smooth. To truly be a man and avoid the friend zone forever. you must have these seven traits in your personality. Let’s say that there has been a company change at Mars. 1. Putting your hands on spots like her lower back while you’re letting her pass. All you have to do is be physically affectionate towards her.

the more value we attach to it. This can be very powerful when you use this as an excuse to flake on her every now and then. even intentionally taking her words out of context and adding a sexual spin to them are all little ways you can communicate to her that you’re a sexual being.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 23 candies. Then I might ask. then make it up to her by taking her out and showing her the time of her life. so pursue your interests and your hobbies. as you’ll see in a minute. you kill off any desperate vibe that you might be projecting towards her. I play it off as if I don’t know what women think about it -. OutOfTheFriendZone. flirtatious language. telling stories and casually hinting at sexual activities. but are not limited to: Subtly implying you’ve been with other girls. Often. simply communicate that your life does not revolve around girls. the Third S deals with sexual verbal communication.com . These include.You are a man who is going somewhere in life.I play the stereotype role of the clueless male. 3. What I do is I casually introduce the topic of sex in our conversation. except for 1 red one. This is exactly the appeal of the jerk/the bad boy. Women are competitive by nature especially with other women.) Seductive. I tell a story about a friend of mine who hooked up with a girl with no strings attached. Now. That’s because you know it’s scarce. While the First S is about physical touch and body language. If you don’t have plenty of options with other women. if I offer you to choose between a blue or red M&M. I bring up a something about sex and ask her what she thinks. This relates closely to the Fourth S. The Second S is most powerful if you’re scarce because you’re busy with other women. you’re going to want the red candy. When your attention and focus is diverted by other girls. For example. which one are you going to pick? If you’re a regular human being. Cancel a date. “Do women get attached to guys they sleep with?” Then I guide the conversation towards her. And the more scarce something is.

If you really want to amplify her attraction for you. it’s the element of surprise. Why does it work so well? Honestly. “Wait.Luther Vandross Ahh. BAM. If I didn’t know better. “Let’s say you were in her situation. you’re touching me again. “If I didn’t know better. You can use this conversational technique with sex or relationship dynamics. I’d swear we’re more than friends.) Signals. It will plant the seed in her mind that you are someone she can potentially sleep with. Just as a hypothetical example. I’d swear we were in love.. If I had to make a guess. And then blah blah blah. 4.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 24 and what she likes/does/etc. It’s powerful stuff. the power of mixed signals. It’s driven plenty of men mad.com . say you and I slept together. 5. giving off mixed ones. and is probably one of the main reasons why you bought this program in the first place. I’d think that you were mine. If I didn’t know better. Girl. Just when you thought you had somebody figured out. OutOfTheFriendZone. you’re hit with something you did not expect at all. I can ask a question such as. The Fourth S deals with Signals.” This will make her imagine the scenario of the two of you sleeping together. throw her a little curveball here and there.. do you wanna tell me something?” . It might not be clear right now. you’re with me all the time. or rather.) Standards. I don’t know. It gets you thinking. I don’t get it. but I’ll explain this in further detail in a later chapter. Would you get attached if you got to know a guy and slept with him?” Lastly. I pretend I don’t understand the concepts of what she’s saying and bring myself in the mix.

Your time and attention is precious and valuable. tease her about it (“Man. which is. I don’t know why I wasn’t thinking properly here.com . we can dress you up but we sure can’t take you anywhere. It is closely related to the Second S. I realized that if the habit continued she would eventually come to expect this behavior from me -. After about 3 or 4 incidents of this.) Significance. 6. what else is there to [name of woman I’m talking to] besides a pretty face?” If she has nothing intelligent to say. One of the most powerful lines I’ve learned is. She is now working to impress you.. you have successfully reversed the situation and turned the tables. In other words. she must see you as a man with standards and not as someone who will fuck anything that moves. Which leads us to the Sixth S. So the next time we went out OutOfTheFriendZone. If she does comply and say something. Women desire men of Significance. I think back to the beginning stages of a girl who eventually became my girlfriend.. I was on the verge of the friend zone with her. Meaning to say. and I got into the habit of driving her home as she lived so near. having Standards is something that is 100% within your hands. not the other way around. “So. But hey. I thought I was being nice.typical supplicating behavior that only guys in the friend zone did. While being Scarce and wanted by other women isn’t something you can always control (although to some extent you can).“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 25 The Fifth S is stands for Standards. You are attracted only to women of high value. and it takes more than a pretty face to make you heads over heels for a woman. the Sixth S.” said with a sly smile). After school our group of friends would go out for drinks.. they desire men that they have to work for. except this is internal as opposed to external.

but if you’re complying to her requests she better be complying to yours as well. I said bye. you must be a man. In other words. Make her earn the nice gestures you do for her.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 26 for drinks and it was time for her to go home. Come the date. Try saying “No” every now and then. I put on my thinking cap on and think logically out of my OutOfTheFriendZone. Taking the lead implies confidence in your abilities to show her a good time. and how frustrated she is that whenever they go out on dates she has to make all the decisions. “We can go for either Italian or Japanese tonight. people value things they work for and not just fall on their lap. and ordered another beer. I have had so many female friends bitching to me about their boyfriends. Man or woman. This can be mean so many things. but for our purposes let’s say that it means confident. I stayed put. I’m have a pretty temper. so when problems come up I really try my best to never lose my cool. she had to earn it.com . 7. Which would you prefer?” This little gesture on my part communicates that I take the lead without being bossy. “No” is probably one of the most powerful words you can ever tell a woman who said she just wanted to be be friends. Take the lead. One of the girls I used to have a fling with told me about her current boyfriend. Don’t keep a tight score. My thought process: If she wanted me to do these nice things for her. I tell her. One of my favorite things to do for dinner dates is to book 2 or 3 restaurants in advance. taking the lead and never losing his cool under pressure. because I always made sure that I took the lead and made sure that she was having a good time. If you’re in the friend zone. She said bye. This made me feel good inside. “Whatever you wanna do is fine with me” when she asks what’s up for the night. Don’t respond with. and at the same time value her opinion.) Strong.

Women value this because thinking logically without being emotional is VERY TOUGH for them to do. Think Brad Pitt. Think James Bond. Be confident. never lose your cool.com . Think Barack Obama. and take the lead. OutOfTheFriendZone.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 27 predicament.

so she’s going to want to keep you around.) She must feel good about herself because of you. most men who get stuck in the friend zone stop at this step. you must make her feel like she’s working for those good feelings. You don’t have to make her horny in the same way she gives you a boner when she touches your arm. 3.) She must feel sexual tension whenever you’re around. she must be able to see herself doing intimate acts with you -. When she’s at your presence. It sounds tough.from kissing all the way OutOfTheFriendZone. you manage to make her feel good about herself. However. Any sane person wants to be around people who make them feel good about themselves. There are three relatively simple core principles that you must achieve to get a woman attracted to you. To separate yourself from the rest. would you marry the woman who was all over you within 10 minutes of meeting each other or the woman who you spent 2 years wooing and fighting other guys for?) But that’s not enough.) She must feel that she’s earned the attention you’re giving her. 1.com . but it really isn’t once you understand the fundamental principles. To really land the plane.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 28 The 3 Keys To Get Any Woman You Want So what do you do if you’ve been put in the Just-Friends category? Simple: all you have to do is be able to generate attraction in her. 2. (Think about it this way: if you had to marry someone. At the very least. she must feel sexual urges whenever you’re around. The way it works is simple.

so keep them in mind. you will learn specific techniques to implement these in your daily interactions with girls.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 29 to sex. These principles sound easy in writing -. I will be constantly referring back to these three principles over and over throughout the program. But you would not believe how tough it is for many men to understand and implement these three core principles in their pursuit of a girlfriend. it isn’t a complete shock to her once you make your move -in fact. she’s been thinking about it and anticipating it. In this program.com . That way. OutOfTheFriendZone.so easy that it almost sounds like bullshit.

” Sometimes.. 4 out of the 5 ways to tell if you’re in the friend zone applies to your situation. It stings to know that she has feelings for another guy and just wants her relationship with you to stay as it is.com . It hurts to know that the girl you’re head over heels for doesn’t see you as anything more than a friend. she doesn’t see that and chooses to “just stay friends. I’m afraid you just got friend zone’d. If that’s you. they don’t even have to explicitly say it. even though you know in your heart of hearts that you’re the best man for her. if you’re looking to get out of the friend zone with a particular woman. and you should begin here. So where do we start? OutOfTheFriendZone.You can just feel it lingering around the air. and just want to fix up some qualities to avoid getting friend zone’d in the future.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 30 PHASE 1: DESTROY AND REBUILD “Let’s just be friends. My friend.. However. and rebuild your image as an attractive man that she can see herself being involved with romantically and intimately. okay?” Heard those words lately? If so. It sucks to know that. start at Phase 2. Your goal during this phase is to destroy any preconceived notions she has of you that lead you to the friend zone. This section of the book might not apply to you if you don’t have a woman you’re specifically after. then this section is for you.

When my girlfriend of one and a half years and I broke up. So I took some time off to get my shit in order. As a result.” inadvertently suffocating her in the process and driving her further away. I made the mistake of ignoring what worked before and taking some bad advice on the matter. Don’t “try harder.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 31 What You Should Do After Getting Friend Zone’d This is simple.” or “You should show her that you still care for her. “You should pursue her harder. The friend zone is a distant cousin of the breakup. Most guys make this mistake. Why do I tell you this? Because the second time we broke up. hung out with the boys and killed time with a PS2. Pursuing her more than you’ve already done immediately after getting friend zone’d is only going to make her want to stick to her guns even more. they “try harder” which only drives the woman further away.) Trying to convince her that putting you on the friend zone was a mistake won’t get you out of the friend zone. Needless to say. it was just like being in the friend zone.com . Three months later. OutOfTheFriendZone. They think that they landed on the friend zone because they didn’t try hard enough. Not easy. I went back to my music. I want her. I couldn’t touch her. we were back together again. but simple.) Begging and nagging won’t get you out of the friend zone.” Seriously. that was the end of that relationship. Here are some basic rules you should tattoo on your forehead: 1. 2. I started going to clubs and bars again and hooking up with women (I know. Trust me on this. I know).

“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 32 3.com . Oh. OutOfTheFriendZone. in case you’re wondering.) Pursuing her even harder won’t get you out of the friend zone. yeah. No dice.. I did all of these..) Telling her and her friends how much you miss/want/love her won’t get you out of the friend zone. 5. 4.) Showing her how heartbroken you are won’t get you out of the friend zone. Got it? Good.

punk =P” You don’t have to use it word for word. everything’s all right. OutOfTheFriendZone. whether or not she reciprocates the feeling.You’re taking the burden on your shoulders without being dramatic about it.” That’s what she’s most worried about at this point.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 33 The Second Thing You Should Do Once You’re In The Friend Zone As soon as you get friend zone’d. See ya tomorrow. send her a casual text like this after getting the. James Bond would have no problems sleeping with a girl he was working with -. Figured you were worth a shot anyway .every woman wants to be adored..com .if she rejects him. If you haven’t already done so. Let’s analyze this text message. let her know that everything’s all right. Real men don’t let little issues like this ruin anything because they believe it’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all. We’re cool. you’re not worried about “ruining the friendship.) Haha. It’s only awkward if you make it awkward. shall we? First. “I just wanna be friends” speech: “Hey [name of girl]. I don’t care who she is -. This is especially powerful if she keeps saying sorry for rejecting you. But you. but keep the context. Don’t worry about it. and you’re not about to do that. you’re communicating the fact that you’ve got a cool head on your shoulders and don’t let little things like this bother your swagger. feel free to customize to your own voice.. So why shouldn’t you? Second. Lastly. you’re letting her know that she’s a woman worth taking the risk for. he remains calm and brushes it off.

“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 34

The First Meet-Up
Mess the first meeting up, and any chances you might have of recovery is done. That’s how crucial the first meet-up is. What you want to do is to reassure her that everything’s all right. That all is the same and she doesn’t need to worry about anything. What for, I hear you ask. You’ve said your piece verbally, haven’t you? Unfortunately, that’s not enough. She’s going to want to confirm that you really do mean what you said -- that you’re really cool with everything and you can back your shit up. That’s why we focus on your subcommunications -- women are VERY SHARP in detecting the truth through body language. It’s called women’s intuition, folks. This might be tough to pull off especially if she’s feeling awkward about the situation. There’s nothing you can do about that -- except to destroy any reason for her to feel awkward. And she feels awkward because she just rejected you -- you might be harboring some ill feelings toward her.You might be a ticking timebomb and contact with her might set you off. The suspicious woman might think you’re up to something underhanded. Whatever it is, your goal during the meeting is to destroy any reasons for her to feel awkward with you. And you do that by reassuring her that you’re all right. She really does like you, just not in that way.Yet. Ideally, you two would meet at the same environment you two are usually in. Class, hanging out with friends, whatever. If you two don’t meet regularly unless you plan it, go for a casual non-date. Ask her to go with you to pick up a new shirt, a book, movie tickets, whatever. Grab a quick lunch together. Anything casual will do, and something that she would normally do with you anyway.


“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 35

I once asked a girl who I was sort of in the friend zone with to come with me to the bank and pay some bills. To say thanks, we stopped by a coffee shop after and her coffee was on me. That’s exactly the concept of a non-date. It’s kind of sneaky, but it’s very powerful. We’ll cover this further in a later chapter. When you two meet up, be sure to follow these steps: 1.) When you first see her, give her a warm smile. Act like you haven’t seen each other in a long time and you’ve never been happier to see somebody before, even though the thought of being at her presence makes you cringe at yourself right now. 2.) Go for a casual hug. Don’t hug her like a horndog would -- just wrap your arms around her protectively, and be sure it’s a warm one. Like you haven’t seen her in a long time. 3.) Make sure you maintain eye contact the whole time. If you’re having trouble with this, an easy way to fake eye contact is to look between her eyes or at her eyebrows. Nothing says “Shitthisisawkwardwhatthefuckamidoingmeetingupshitfuckballshelpme” more than not being able to hold her gaze. 4.) Maintain your sense of humor. Tell funny stories or make a casual observation about your surroundings and make something funny out of it. Jokes are always good -- laughing releases a lot of tension that’s in the air. There’s no better way to make somebody comfortable than to make them laugh. 5.) If you two meet within a group, don’t ignore her. Act how you would normally act with her as if the “I just wanna be friends” incident didn’t happen. This is actually easier than it sounds like.You don’t actually have to say anything to her within the group. When you’re talking to the group, make eye contact with her about 40-50% of the time that you’re talking. And when everyone goes off to have their individual conversations, make conversation with her.

“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 36

It might sound tough to pull off, but you can do it.You’ll probably be feeling all sorts of emotions -- disgust at yourself for being stupid enough to put yourself at risk like that, embarrassed of what she thinks about you, dejected over getting rejected. Get over yourself. Keep in mind that she’s feeling just as awkward about it as you are, and as a man you need to take control of your environment and ensure that others are comfortable in your presence. Remember your goal during this meet-up! It isn’t to get her to like you. It isn’t to pursue her harder. It isn’t to beg or to plead or show her how heartbroken you are over her loss. Your one and only goal is to reassure her that everything is all right. Capeesh?


what you were doing before didn’t work so you’re going to need to change *some* things. Hey. you have other friends too. then that’s exactly how you treat her. I’ve waited as short as 3 days and as long as 3 months. The point of this “time off” is for you to start over from scratch and rebuild your image in her eyes. I really don’t like giving specific figures because each situation is different. Oh. The only “rule” is that you should take as much time off as you need to refocus and get your head straight.just cut it back by at least half. You’ve obviously been pursuing her. distract yourself from feeling any emotions of remorse/ regret/depression/etc. Get reacquainted with your hobbies and interests. ESPECIALLY if you two spend so much time with each other. there is no hard and fast figure. If you’re feeling down. Cut back on the time you two spend together. At this point. Don’t. doesn’t matter if it’s a he or a she.com . right? If she just wants to be friends. now you’re going to take some time off to get your head on straight and focus on yourself. Meet some new people. Spend some time with the boys. Don’t disappear on her completely -.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 37 After The Meet-Up After the meet-up. Obviously. How long should you keep this up? Sadly. It’s going to take some time for OutOfTheFriendZone. you would probably claw at any chance you might have to spend some time with her. so your efforts have probably been focused on her for the past couple of weeks (maybe even months). what wonders meeting new girls will do for you.

“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 38 you to develop good habits and erase the bad ones.com .You will learn how to do more of that in the next phase. OutOfTheFriendZone.

that’s the LAST thing you want to do right now. Stay warm and friendly during these initial stages. Depending on how badly you got friend zone’d. “Hey. However. then at this point you act like a friend. Phrases like. I didn’t say they were exactly the same. Since you two are “still friends” she’s probably going to stay in contact with you to keep the “friend” vibe alive. If she just wants to be friends. What you want to do is to create a new relationship with her. Truth of the matter is. If she asks you if you want to go for coffee. Don’t worry.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 39 What To Do When She Gets In Touch I said the friend zone is a distant cousin of the breakup. But start saying no once in a while.com . but if intuition serves me right you probably claw at any chance you might have to spend some time with her. OutOfTheFriendZone.you could just be clocking in for your regular me-time. Cut it back by at least half. Do NOT be a bitter man. Even if you’re not doing anything in particular. odds are you’ll need to make constant contact and change her opinion of you gradually. you don’t have to lie -. You can’t disappear and suddenly show up a new man who she’s going to fall head over heels for. gently let her down and tell her you already made plans for the day. Just so nothing changes too much. how’s it going buddy?” or “You’re such a brat” said with a sly smile works wonders. A powerful technique is to acknowledge and verbalize your friendship. you can’t rebuild your image with a snap of your fingers. You don’t have to say no all the time.

ala Chinese water torture. Be a constant drip. you are immediately distancing yourself from all the other guys she’s put in the friend zone. You are lowering her defenses and eliminating any suspicion on her part.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 40 By doing this. which will allow you to gradually rebuild your image and get her to see you in a light that she never did before. Remember: Don’t be a tidal wave. OutOfTheFriendZone.com .

. I’m going to teach you principles and techniques on how to make sure that women are categorizing you under Potentials and not the JustFriends category. Either way. Or maybe she’s so dense that it takes her an hour to really form an opinion of you. It is actually just a guideline on how long it takes on average for a person to have an idea of who you are.com . The G-CASSH Principle: Your Secret Key To Sexy Following this principle is possibly one of the more important principles in making an awesome first impression. Now.. I don’t know. get this. I’ve done it plenty of times. That is why I don’t advocate meeting new women when you’re shitfaced drunk (even though yes. “Fuck. luck was just on my side). so you better be putting your best foot forward at all times. the interviewer usually knows if he’s going to hire the interviewee within the first 2 minutes and that the rest of the interview is just for formality’s sake. They say that in job interviews. To grasp the importance of the first impression. especially during this crucial phase. the GOutOfTheFriendZone. So don’t constantly look at your watch and think. It is very difficult to recover from a horrible first impression.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 41 PHASE 2: THE FIRST 15 MINUTES Remember the first lesson from the last section of the program about how women place men in two categories the first time they meet? In this section. despite the title of this section this phase might actually take longer than 15 minutes. On a rating scale of 1 to 100. what I’m referring to here is 15 minutes of engagement with her. my 15 minutes is running up!” Let’s get started. Maybe you two get introduced but don’t actually have a conversation.

I personally subscribed for a year. Don’t let your looks be an excuse for not being able to attract women -. put on makeup.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 42 CASSH principle probably accounts for a 40% factor of whether or not a woman will see you in the friends zone. G-CASSH is an acronym. I would be lying to you if I say it doesn’t play an important part. any guy can become better looking than they currently are. I recommend you buy this month’s issue of GQ and take note of what’s hot in the world of men’s fashion. What can you do to improve your grooming? OutOfTheFriendZone. G-CASSH doesn’t mean acting gangsta and flaunting money. Look at what grabs your eye. Grooming Proper grooming is key to making a great first impression. No.just as any woman can slim down.com . Women would take a properly groomed but average-dressed man over a well-dressed and fashionable slob with BO any day. Let’s examine them one by one. or get breast implants to look hotter. and keep it in mind before you go shopping for stuff. which stands for: Grooming Clothes Accessories Shoes Scent Hair While looks aren’t nearly as important to women as they are to men.

I smoke heavily. but shower everyday and apply underarm deodorant. in your ears. -Whiten your teeth. and all it took was a daily washing with Clearasil for a couple of months to start cleaning up my face.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 43 -Remove excess hair. This one should go without saying. Keep your fingernails trimmed at all times.com . -Get rid of body odor. I used to be ridden with acne when I was young. nothing is a bigger turn off than someone with bad BO. -Trim your fingernails. Do this one for yourself. between your eyebrows. You do not want to be a guy with natural french tips. -Get rid of acne. so I make sure to use whitening toothpaste as well as Crest Whitening Strips to prevent my teeth from going uber yellow. OutOfTheFriendZone. Carry a pack of gum or Tic-Tacs at all times. Consider getting waxed if you have chest hair peeking out of your shirt. I understand that this might be tough to control. I have a few pounds to shed. but I am amazed at the amount of people who ignore their breath. or buy weights for at home workouts. -Join the gym. Keep those pit stains in check. This should go without saying. get rid of the habit of biting your nails and always be sure your nails don’t have any gunk underneath. too. For blue-collar workers. -Freshen your breath. With the amount of teeth-whitening products available over the counter. stained teeth shouldn’t be an excuse for anyone. Get yourself a pair of tweezers or a nose-hair trimmer and remove any excess hair in your nostrils. Join the gym. Consider packing Axe bodyspray with you at all times if you sweat excessively. With obesity rising through the roof. Ugh. Bad breath is a huge turn off not just for women but people in general. or the back of your neck. I personally like the dry Axe anti-perspirants. Do regular cardiovascular exercise and resistance training to increase muscle mass and burn fat. you should be working out and keeping yourself in shape. but I personally follow The Abs Diet to keep myself in shape. and be sure to take it regularly especially if you smoke or drink coffee (coffee breath is eeewww). Head to a cosmetics store and ask for advice on facial products for men with your type of skin.

I’m here to shop for clothes and I want to know if there are any stores you could think of that carries really cool clothing for men.” If they ask. Why? Women love shopping. nothing more. Watch some videos of musicians that you like (I constantly use Justin Timberlake.You seem like you have a fashionista inside you. It can be as simple as saying.com . “Hmm.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 44 Clothes Take that issue of GQ and note the styles of clothing that you like. but the third one will start being a breeze. and the fifth one you will be beaming with confidence. “I don’t know” simply thank them for their help anyway. “Hi. every woman I approached gave me an answer. If they give you a good solid answer and they look like they’re doing some shopping themselves. Approach the attractive ones. The first couple of approaches will be tough. especially if you’re not used to talking to strangers. “What kind of style are you looking for?” say you’re looking for the GQ look. as you probably already know. There’s nothing more that they love other than talk shopping with other people. The fourth one will be easy. Something like. TI and Chris Brown as references) and note the clothing they wear. you might want to ask them to accompany you if they’re up to it. This might seem a little random.You can stop once you’ve approached five women. Optional Excercise: Go to a shopping center and commit to approaching five female strangers for a recommendation on where to go shopping. but if you want to push yourself aim to get five recommendations. But when I did this. not the ones that look like they’re easy to talk to.You’re just asking them for a recommendation. but you seem like you have a great sense of style and the type to know where men could go for good fashion. I’m OutOfTheFriendZone. If they say.

who REALLY needs a watch? Men who pay attention to style.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 45 pretty clueless about this stuff. So far. Congratulations. I’ve fallen in love.A watch: With the widespread use of cellphones these days. Some of the essential accessories for a man: . they are accessorizing. If you’re going to go the route of never taking off OutOfTheFriendZone.” If she says yes. maybe you can help me look for stuff if you’re up for a good time. maybe I felt it was a little too try-hard.com . I like them branded (I have Ralph Laurens.Sunglasses: I personally didn’t start wearing sunglasses until about 2 years ago. just invest in a nice $100 pair from Sunglass Hut or a store of the like. This is a great exercise to build your confidence.the male ego usually refuses to acknowledge that they need help from other people. you have made yourself a new friend. you will feel like a thousand bucks afterwards. I never leave the house without my necklace. Investing in a nice and classy watch will do you loads of good in the future. . what more if they’re strangers? If you do choose to perform this exercise. feel free to buy the $10-$20 pairs on side stalls -however. About 60% of all watch purchases aren’t for practical purposes but rather for fashion. If you don’t have the budget. and I don’t take off my earring studs nor my bracelet (mainly because if I do. D&G’s. that’s who. . But ever since I started wearing them. One look at music videos and you will notice that hardly anybody wears jeans and a t-shirt -. Accessories Spice up your attire with accessories. Not many people have the balls to pull this off -. I own four pairs.Jewelry: I love jewelry. and two Ray-Bans) but that’s just me. introduce yourself. I don’t know why.more often than not. Treat her to a cup of Starbucks after to thank her for her time. they get flimsy really easy and if you’re lazy on maintenance. I’ll forget to wear it back).

It was perfect for people who I saw frequently. I have to clean them every 2-3 weeks. again GQ is your best resource. I still try to pay as much attention as I can to my footwear. and formal shoes). But in case that you didn’t know that -.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 46 your jewelry. Shoes I don’t need to tell you that women LOVE shoes -. Back in university. Be sure to clean them as frequently as possible to keep them squeaky clean.what’s important is that the type of shoe that you wear fits your sense of style and the environment (wearing suede leather shoes in a casual environment screams trying too hard). Be sure to buy the shoe cleaner that the staff at Foot Locker offers you as an upsell. I liked to buy new white sneakers after 4-6 months. everyday sneakers. Even though I’m a typical guy and two or three pairs of shoes do it for me (basketball shoes. If you already wear shoes that you like but it’s really worn out.that’s Women 101. make sure you buy authentic silver that won’t rust or stain even after prolonged water exposure. I prefer white sneaks (ala Run-DMC) because my fashion style is a little more on the urban side.WOMEN LOVE SHOES!! It always amazes me whenever I realize how keen a woman’s sense of sight is when it comes to shoes. I also had a rotation of 2-3 shoes which I switched around depending on the jeans I was wearing. OutOfTheFriendZone. No one type of shoe is best -. For references on formal footwear. it might be better to invest in a new pair rather than trying to salvage this one. I make sure to keep them as clean as possible. and since I like white Adidas sneakers.com . Converse Chucks are real nice casual shoes as well.

) Once they’re ready. and this is a perfect technique to try and embarrass the other guy: 1. Scent Has a woman ever walked past you and made your head snap backwards the moment you sniffed their perfume? She might not have been that attractive in the first place. She will have no other choice OutOfTheFriendZone. 2. Or maybe you smelled something and an influx of memories just came flushing in your brain. last point about shoes: the next time you’re out with your friends. This will work wonderfully if the girl you’re after is with a guy.” 4.) If you offered a drink to the winner.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 47 Oh. you can offer a drink to the winner.I’m getting thirsty”). You can dig his hole even further by rubbing it in (“I can’t believe you didn’t know what she was wearing? Even *I* noticed it!”) 5. then ask them both: “In one line only. These three are highly interconnected with each other. she will not hesitate to follow your lead and leave the guy behind.) Watch the girl erupt out her answer and the guy sit silently in embarrassment. LEAD her to the bar (“All right. By wearing a signature scent that the woman of your choice smells on you consistently.) Tell them that this game only has one rule. try this experiment for fun.) Take the couple and ask them if they want to play a quick game to test their wits. you are conditioning your woman to think of you whenever she smells it. pause. emotions and memories are all processed in the same general area of the brain. Basic fact: smells. If you want to maximize the results of this technique. 3. but the sheer fact that she smells so damn good just had to make you take a second look.com . If you’re with other friends. and that is to answer just one question AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. describe the color and kind of shoe that your partner wearing right now. let’s go get that drink -.

com . but that one works for me. If ever you’re bored with your look. More often than not. most people laugh when I say I wear Victoria’s Secret cologne.You could have more rotations if you want to. By wearing a great smelling perfume. I have a casual daytime cologne.Emporio Armani by Giorgo Armani (try Emporio Armani Diamonds too -haven’t bought it yet. Iʼve tried on a lot of scents. club night cologne.Very Sexy For Him by Victoria’s Secret (my secret weapon. this is the key element to looking good for us. There is no one cologne that fits everybody (except perhaps Tommy Hilfiger or Davidoffʼs Cool Water) because they all react differently to the chemicals our bodies produce.Reaction For Men by Kenneth Cole . I own several at a time simply because I rotate them appropriately for the time and place. you are priming her emotional responses (no matter how little they may be) and highly increasing the chances of her responding to you in an emotional way. if women get haircuts whenever they breakup.Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana . Hey. don’t make the mistake to go to a hairstylist without any idea of what type of haircut you OutOfTheFriendZone. It might be a wise idea to take a female friend with you to get a second opinion on your choice. all you have to do is switch up your hairstyle and you’ll feel a significant change. Hair You should know by now that a man’s hairstyle can make or break a man’s entire look. that should tell you something about how therapeutic changing your hairstyle can be. With that said. but the effect it has on women is very deadly) Although I have several signature scents.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 48 but to think of you whenever the scent comes around.Obsession Night by Calvin Klein . but from my initial sniff it’s a good one) . Be sure to choose carefully. Unless you want to live with an ugly hairstyle for at least 3 weeks. and date time cologne. and here are some of my favorites: .

The important thing is that these things will immediately make you feel sexier and more deserving of the girl you want. Some prefer facial hair while others prefer clean. it’s okay to take it one step at a time. and you will start turning heads before you know it. women find it difficult to kiss men with a mustache. but if you naturally have a “mean” mug then keeping it clean could add the friendly and sensitive touch to your demeanor.You can always shave it off if it doesn’t work. *** Follow the G-CASSH principle on a daily basis. try it and see how women react to it. From my experience. Facial hair can make you look manlier if you have a babyface.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 49 want. then you know you have a winner. If you’re getting looks from women you pass on the street. OutOfTheFriendZone. and even better. I always get a mixed response about this with women. women in general.com . Look up hairstyles for men on the Internet and bring several sample pictures if you wish in order for him/her to be able to give you the cut you want. so I keep a goatee and a small soul patch and maintain it every week or so instead. If you don’t think you can make all these changes in one big go. I have to include facial hair in this section. If you’re one of the lucky ones who don’t have problems growing facial hair.

In this section. and open your arms. Act big -. eye contact. One of the general tips that I like to give is to own the space around you. Although it’s not an end-all be-all solution. This projects comfort in your surroundings. then you probably remember the line. Since a man’s genital area is the most sensitive part for us. Only 7% of what you actually say is taken and understood -.com .” This isn’t just a movie euphemism -.the rest is accounted for by your tone of voice and body language. Posture Your body posture says a lot about the type of person that you are.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 50 Body Language If you’ve seen the movie “Hitch” with Will Smith. “Over 90% of what you’re saying ain’t coming out of your mouth. and touch.this is a real study performed back in the 1970s by a professor at UCLA by the name of Albert Mehrabian. relax your shoulders. Puff your chest out if you must (don’t overdo it though) and avoid walking in small strides.walk as if you have ten-pound balls between your legs.when sitting down. Having great body language that induces attraction in women is the key to getting out of the friend zone. OutOfTheFriendZone. you have to learn how to be “open” and “direct” with your body. your body posture subcommunicates a lot of messages to her. spread your legs open. When you’re walking. stand straight and broaden your shoulders. having this wide open by spreading your legs projects confidence. we will talk about three main things that you need to add to your repertoire if you want to get out of the friend zone: your posture. I call it the big dick walk -. If you want to get out of the friend zone.

it’s OutOfTheFriendZone.you want to convey a smooth and suave man. Tons and tons of books have been written on this subject. “You Can Read Anyone” or “Never Be Lied To Again. Eye contact is essential to building rapport with someone. When you’re talking to her. But making and holding eye contact sends a very powerful image about your confidence. but you can take the lessons he teaches there to sub-communicate messages with your posture. Head to your nearest Barnes & Noble (or Chapters. so I won’t waste your time repeating stuff that they explain much better than I do. even if it feels like the best thing to do -. pointing your body’s direction away from the person you’re talking with. go and get a David Lieberman book: either “Get Anyone To Do Anything”. maybe because very few have the power to look at someone’s eyes for too long. they apply to reading people. or holding something between you and her such as a drink (some women tightly clench school books cross their body as a way to ward off unwanted attention).“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 51 Avoid “closed” body postures such as crossing your arms. It also boosts physical attraction. Don’t close yourself up and play it safe. if you’re in Canada) and buy the two books: “The Definitive Book On Body Language” by Allan and Barbara Pease and “What Every Body Is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide To Speed Reading People” by Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins If you have some money to spare. both yours and hers.com . Eye Contact: Gazing Into The Window Of One’s Soul Many men have problems with holding eye contact for long and start to feel uncomfortable after a while. not one who cowers under the slightest risk of failure.” Yes.

If you have problems holding someone’s gaze. OutOfTheFriendZone. But don’t stare -. A nice and warm smile has the power to melt a woman’s heart.com . With this technique.a 70:30 looking:looking away ratio is a healthy balance. look at their eyebrows instead. It gives off the same impression that you are giving deep eye contact without actually doing so. friendliness and a positive attitude to life. here’s a tip: instead of looking them in their eyes. It conveys interest in what she’s saying. and when you hold her eyes as you talk you are showing a lot of selfconfidence. Many women still subconsciously believe that men are the stronger sex -.smiling helps her alleviate this fear of you hurting or violating her. you will neutralize any feelings of fear or embarrassment that comes with making eye contact. or else you’ll just be staring at her. and are probably not dangerous. It also gives the impression that you are fun to be with. Your eye contact must be complimented with a genuine smile. It demonstrates confidence.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 52 important that you make solid eye contact.

our goal is to take those altered perceptions of hers and amplify it to make her SERIOUSLY consider getting with you. dinner at a fancy restaurant. As a matter of fact. Here in phase 3.com .but ONLY if she feels some attraction towards you in the first place.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 53 PHASE 3: AMPLIFYING ATTRACTION Recap: The goal of the past two phases were to change her perception of you as harmless and non-threatening and transform it to a man she can potentially see herself having a romantic and sexually intimate relationship with. taking her out on a date means picking her up. in my experience. the concept of the traditional date works -. a movie or a casual stroll after eating. There are three rules you need to follow when it comes to this stage. I use Non-Dates to casually sneak my way in without her even knowing it. it is the principle of taking her out on what I like to call as Non-Dates. So what’s the solution? You do need to go out together for you to be able to amplify her feelings. Non-Dates are casual get-togethers with just the two of you doing regular. any and all gestures and attempts to sweep her off her feet like they do in the movies will only work to your disadvantage. In many people’s minds. Now. everyday things. But in general my Non-Dates OutOfTheFriendZone. I define a Non-Date to be anything other than the normal thing you would ask her out for. possibly flowers. If she doesn’t. but not with anything over the top. As a loose definition. Cardinal Rule #1: Going On The Non-Date If there’s one dating principle that I have found to be the most effective in my life.

Once you’re on a Non-Date and managed to escalate. ie. ask her if she wants to eat. etc. finding a gift for a friend’s birthday. What I do is I would let her know that I’m getting hungry. because they are perceived as non-threatening and takes an intense amount of pressure off her shoulders.com . shop for a few clothes. They are perfect especially if you’ve made a major blunder with her such as confessing your feelings or if she’s explicitly told you that she doesn’t want to be anything more than friends. On the other hand. any attempt to take her out with the idea of sweeping her off her feet got blown off and rejected. you have opportunities to execute the following techniques in order to amplify her feelings of attraction towards you. so don’t you need to do more couple-like activities? In a single word. so be prepared to pony up part of the bill in this situation. go to the bank. There will be an instance that she didn’t bring much money with her.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 54 involve asking her to accompany me to do something I was going to do by myself anyway. OutOfTheFriendZone. Remember the principle of escalation -. then tell her I’m having cravings for dinner at some nice restaurant. Taking her out to dinner at a nice place is a lot easier if she’s already out with you somewhere. It is a must to escalate to the next level. then you can always escalate to the next level once she’s there. but you want to do it as if it’s spontaneous and thought of right on the spot. whenever I tell her to come with me to do some mundane activity (look for a book. no.you need to get out of the friend zone. as small as those feelings may be.small things first. pick up some groceries.) women would almost always agree to come with. drinks with some common friends. Fact of the matter is this: everytime I was in the danger of being Friend Zone’d by a girl. Imagine: no need to bother spending 2 hours to doll herself up! This might seem a little contrary to your thoughts right now -. etc.

two of your best friends when it comes to getting out of the friend zone! OutOfTheFriendZone. STOP DOING SO RIGHT NOW. Yes. but by having such easy access to you. you need to make her wonder. who you’re with. This works well if she asks you to go somewhere with her and you initially agree. I like to make dates that I have no intention of keeping. Yes. Send Mixed Messages If you’ve already told her how you feel about her. She might enjoy the flattery. Cut your phone calls short. I’m risking pissing her off. how you really feel about her. and most importantly. it’s not making her like you more. If I’m trying to turn a friend to a girlfriend. She needs to wonder what you’re doing. playing coy and being a bit of a mystery will get her chasing you in no time. it’s time to really amplify that.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 55 Cardinal Rule #2: Being A Mystery Now that you’ve sparked up some sexual attraction in her. break a date every now and then. It won’t be increasing her attraction to you! To attract a woman and get out of the friend zone. but it works for me.com . Even if she’s reacted favorably. But by not making it so easy for her to see me. Done properly. Hell. With distance comes mystery and intrigue -. I ask her out on a date even if I KNOW that I’ll eventually cancel on her. Some people might not approve of this move. what you’re thinking about. I am actually creating distance between the two of us. End your dates early.

Let her crave for your attention. and that’s what women really want.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 56 And even if you piss her off a little bit. you’re actually creating a much stronger desire for her to be with you. It’s one of those things that men will never understand about women. because now I have a legitimate excuse to do something really sweet for her. She doesn’t feel any sparks of attraction towards you.yet. If she knows that you have feelings for her. then chances are she’s really indifferent towards you.You have to be really subtle about it though -. OutOfTheFriendZone. She knows you want her. but by denying her the chance to be with you so easily. It’s a weird paradox. Send her mixed messages.it’s indifference. she will do everything in her power to make sure nobody else gets you. It also gives me the opportunity to sweep her off her feet. We all want what we can’t have. Make Her Jealous Remember this fact and tattoo it on your forehead if you have to: the opposite of love isn’t hate -. If you’re in the friend zone.if she knows that you’re intentionally trying to make her jealous. Be a little distant. that emotion is a lot better than her not caring at all. but she doesn’t want you back -. and even break a Non-Date (or even an actual date) every now and then.com .You can do this by talking to other girls in front of her without paying much attention towards her. you are negating all your efforts. Give her the opportunity to actually look forward to being with you. believe it when I say that she will do whatever it takes to keep your attention and stop her from losing to another girl. and she’ll come running into your arms in no time.

OutOfTheFriendZone. Let her see you talking to pretty women if you’re out at a bar or a club. Approach it with this frame of mind: “I’m having more fun talking to her than I am talking to you. not like you more. and will make her hate you. Flirt with waitresses and bartenders. be a little extra friendly to her friend the next time you three are all together. If you can get a woman’s green glands going. she will sense it. you are money. Any regular woman will protect her man (and yes. CAUTION: Be careful to not go overboard and swing into the douchebag category. she sees you as her man in some way) from the eyes of a prying woman.” If you really believe that.com .and women CANNOT handle rejection. It gives her a feeling of rejection way before she is even rejected -. you cannot overtly break a date with her if you choose to go with another girl instead. For instance. so I’m going to focus all my attention on her instead. That will instantly put you in the jerk category.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 57 If you know that she has a little bit of an unspoken competition going on with one of her friends.

men or women?” . and his stuff is always full of clever tidbits and observations about men and women that I pull from all the time. you can gently navigate the conversation and introduce the topic of sex. You can start it off easy by asking something related to relationships.com/watch? v=sJfFGgzhfhY OutOfTheFriendZone. “Who’s the biggest liars.com . you do not have the come across as a horny pervert.youtube. One of my favorite ways of finding social dynamics to talk about is watching standup comedy.http://www. You do this by following the touch escalation patterns that we discussed in the previous chapter.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 58 Cardinal Rule #3: Being Sexual The number one rule for this stage is to start amplifying sexual tension between the two of you. as well as introducing the topic of sex into your conversations. What I like to do is to wonder out loud about a certain social dynamic between male and females and asking for her opinion. My favorite comedians are Chris Rock. As soon as you two are heavily engaged in debate or discussion about that topic. No.

Say we’re both single. this is a very effective (and subtle) technique..a man who’s not afraid to admit his own sexuality. Believe me.com . no. I’m interested to know more about that. The problem is that even if you and I are both physically attracted to each other. and as long as you’re not coming off as a horndog. (You read about this in the Case Study #3. I just had this conversation recently with a sexually conservative friend of mine: Her: I don’t feel comfortable with the notion of having multiple sex partners at the same time. The idea is to just get her used to talking about sex with you. I don’t have a problem with people who do it.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 59 “Never ask your woman how many men she’s slept with” . and after one night of drinking. and somehow manage to squeeze myself in her thoughts. Me: Really? So does that mean you have a problem with me then? *grin* Her: No.) OutOfTheFriendZone. you WILL be fine. I also like to drop hypothetical situations that are designed to make her imagine the two of us doing sexual activities. this “friend” of mine ended up making out with me at the end of our beach vacation. we both know that getting in a relationship isn’t necessarily the best thing for both of us. Done well. For example. this is a rare trait in men today.You know that I don’t have a problem sleeping with other women as long as I’m not in a committed relationship.. you and I start making out and end up sleeping together.com/watch?v=M3IIVHxAtFk Once she’s engaged in the topic. Take this hypothetical situation then.youtube. I will pretend that I would need clarification about what she said. it isn’t difficult at all to maneuver the conversation into deeper into the topic of sex. I’m just saying that I don’t necessarily agree with the concept. As you know. This portrays you as a sexual being -. Me: OK.. What then will you.http:// www. that’s all.

) If she’s already attracted to you in the first place. If you think you have a problem with getting her to see you in a sexual manner. It allowed me to transform her image of me from “just a harmless guy friend” to someone she is constantly imagining having physical intimacy with. but using this technique you can make sure that she’s definitely thinking about it. There are only two ways you can get her to do that: 1. It’s somewhat of a “brute force” tactic -. more than half of our conversations ended up having a very subtle but noticeable sexual undertone. and 2. then use this tactic. This is VERY EFFECTIVE during the getting to know you stage when she’s still trying to decide what her first impression is of you -. It is subtle hypnotism in effect. the art of subtle communication played A HUGE FACTOR in me getting this girl to make out with me. Your conversation will end up having very overt sexual undertones. In my professional opinion. she started asking me other hypothetical questions. OutOfTheFriendZone. She’s not necessarily going to act out on it (we’ll deal with that in phase 4). such as how would I react if we slept together for a one night thing. One of the main reasons guys stay as “just friends” with a girl is because they don’t allow the girl to see them in a sexual manner.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 60 Do you see what I did here? It is to get her thinking about situations where the two of you are together.but it works. With this conversation. then all you have to do is act sexual. and use it mercilessly. Because of this tactic. then you have to MAKE her think of you without being a pervert about it.) If she doesn’t see you in that way. That’s the main advantage of subtle communication.but it’s just as effective no matter what stage of the game you’re in.com .

After a while.You can’t go from no touching at all. so while a few of my buddies were chatting with him I decided to go to the bar and grab some drinks. Listen: knowing how to touch a woman in such a way that generates sexual attraction is the one advantage average Joes have over muscular jocks and rich models. Many of us are touch-averse especially towards women we have feelings for. two of my female friends found me. We came across one of our acquaintances from school who was slightly tipsy. but there’s no one magic way to touch a girl that induces sexual attraction. We seem to feel guilty for touching her in fear of violating her personal space and coming off as a pervert. Go figure. The only thing you need to do is focus your touching on constant escalation.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 61 Touch: The 4 Stages of Escalation This is one of the best “techniques” unknown to men everywhere.You have to take one small step at a time in order for the next step to “feel right. to kissing. if you do it right. Funny story: I was with some friends at a club some time ago. When I asked them what happened to our acquaintance. I started to get bored. right? Here’s the thing: There are tons of ways to touch a woman wrong. they told me that they left him because they felt creeped out because he was too touchy.” OutOfTheFriendZone. He was one of those popular guys. The funny thing about it is that they were telling me this with my arms on both of their shoulders. What do I mean by escalation? Think of touching as a ladder.You can’t make this stuff up. to sex in two giant leaps.You start with small touches and gradually work your way up the steps. then you need to erase this type of thinking RIGHT NOW.com . If you hold this belief. Touching people you meet makes them feel comfortable in your presence almost immediately.

Shake her hand and hold it for a tad bit too long . . What you’re doing is getting her used to the idea of you touching her.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 62 Have you ever heard a woman say that holding hands with.Admire her necklace by getting close and grabbing it to examine it closely.Hell. The following is a series of steps to follow from beginning until the time she’s ready to be kissed. STAGE 2 . While you must stick to the regimen.Romantic OutOfTheFriendZone. don’t stick to it RIGIDLY -.Protective Once she’s comfortable with you touching her.Stand next to her with your arm touching hers.Casual Upon the first time you meet her .Give her a friendly hug after you tease her.Casually touch her on the arm to emphasize a point you’re saying. even kissing her man just feels right? That’s touch escalation executed properly. If you have any questions. even high fives are good at this stage. or touching the small of her back when opening the door for her.com .don’t turn away her invitations to kiss you if you’re only at the second stage.Sit next to her with your legs touching each other . Of course. for example. STAGE 1 . Use your better judgement. email me for clarifications. . you can move on to the next step. . your fingers will lightly graze her neck when you do so. STAGE 3 .You start with casual and nonthreatening and work your way to sexual and intimate. . and slowly (but surely) increasing the level of touching.

so use this situation to your advantage. so feel free to improvise a little bit as long as you know what stage you’re in. keep in mind that it’s not enough to do these things one time and leave it at that.You can also brush her hair off her face.Run your fingers through her hair . As soon as you reach the final stage.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 63 Once you’ve done those. the better.If the environment is extremely loud. she’ll feel comfortable with the next few semiromantic touching moves .Stroking her face with your fingers while looking deeply into her eyes . STAGE 4 . The more constant your touching. I guarantee you that she will be very comfortable with your touching. feel free to talk to directly to her ear (don’t shout!) and gently brush your lips against her ear. There are plenty more of touching moves you can do.Holding hands or walking arm in arm with both of your faces really close to each other’s .no more awkardness. or just pretend she has something on her cheeks and wipe it gently. . going for a kiss on the lips will feel perfectly natural -. What do you do if you’ve OutOfTheFriendZone. Time for the next big moves. Don’t stray too far though as you absolutely cannot mess this step up. these different stages go from platonic to deeply intimate.com .Sexual As soon as she’s comfortable with these. and chances are she’s starting to see you in a romantic and/or sexual light already. The ear is a really sensitive area especially when in contact with the lips.Kissing her on the cheek If you notice. Also. which is to: .

(Note: Stage 1 and 2 of the touch escalation pattern should be executed during Phase 2 of the process) OutOfTheFriendZone.com . my friend.no need to jump into holding hands right away. Start small -.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 64 made the mistake of not establishing touch early on? Better late than never.

Whereas you used to start all forms of communication with her.) looks down then away .You feel her looking at you while you’re doing something. “Since when did I become so funny?”) OutOfTheFriendZone. or 2. It requires a little bit of intuition. but you can tell that it’s time to close the deal once you start seeing these signs: .Getting her out on a date was nowhere as difficult as it used to be . Tread The Waters Carefully You’ve gone this far in your journey out of the friend zone -.She starts responding well to physical touch . she now starts contacting you first on a regular basis .always remember to tread the waters carefully. 2 and 3 properly. you’ve done the toughest of the tough. and when you catch her looking she either 1. and started to exude qualities of a sexy and confident man.You’ve successfully maneuvered your way out of the friend zone and got yourself to Phase 4.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 65 PHASE 4: CLOSING THE DEAL Congratulations.You need to look for crystal clear signs that she is definitely attracted to you and no longer sees you as just a friend. You’ve worked on revamping her image of you.com .) smiles warmly at you. If you execute the steps in Phases 1. How do you know if you’re already in this phase? You’ll know it when you see it. it won’t be long until you can feel that it’s time to close the deal. Never assume that just because things are normal between the two of you that she’s ready for a relationship with you. generated sexual attraction.She starts laughing at almost everything you say (making you wonder.

wants to have drinks with just the two of you. In this case. just trust your intuition -.She bluntly asks you out on dates (disguised as Non-Dates).by now. or even asks you to come over at night These are just some of the telltale signs that will indicate her growing interest in you and signal that you need to seal the deal and make her yours.com .You know more about her than most guys -. especially guys she likes.if she’s sending strong messages. OutOfTheFriendZone. Use that as your point of comparison. Just be careful and always analyze the situation. you’re probably right. and try to match yourself as to where you are on the scale.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 66 . you should probably be very well aware of how he is with other guys.

you’ve managed to get yourself out of that black hole. my friend. They reverted back to their old ways. No buying gifts unless it’s a special occasion -.com . but sadly they got too overconfident and started believing they could do no wrong. there are the clearly wrong things that you should never even think about doing. This is not the time to go back to old habits that got you in the friend zone in the first place! Don’t start chasing her around like she’s the only woman in your life again (even if she is).and if she’s not buying gifts for you. lost the girl for good.tread the waters carefully. because you’re actually in a more vulnerable position now than you were in before. OutOfTheFriendZone. then you need to uphold to that -.otherwise.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 67 Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice You’ve already landed yourself in the friend zone once. Not the way you want to go out. Never confess your feelings and tell her how you’ve loved her ever since the first day you’ve known each other. trust me -. If you’ve successfully revamped your image in her eyes. You’ve put in all this work successfully so far -. and sadly. then you probably shouldn’t do the same. I know several guys who I’ve helped get out of the friend zone. everything will just be a big fat lie and she will feel like she’s been lead on. But if ever you get yourself there again. While there’s no exact rules on the right things to do with a woman. But because you executed the tactics in this book so perfectly well.there is NO getting out.

1.) Keep stroking her hair. But be warned: you have to really trust your instincts if you choose to follow this rule. do what I like to call the Kiss Test. It is tempting to try and do it like they do in the movies. Imperfect Is Perfect Whatever happens. OutOfTheFriendZone. but keep your hands on her hair and start touching the tips. “I smell something good.) Pull away. I’m going to tell you right now that this moment will just happen. even smiles.You know. “Should I kiss her now?” then you probably should. When you realize that it’s your time. do NOT wait to set up the perfect moment to make your move. Is that your hair?” and lean over and give it a sniff. I usually like saying something to the effect of. If she lets you do this. pounce on the opportunity and don’t let it slip away.) Find an excuse to smell her hair.com . this time brushing it with your fingers and gently scratching her scalp. 3. When the two of you are alone and you can feel the sexual tension building.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 68 The Kiss Test: Perfect Is Imperfect. There’s something very comforting about this (you ever wonder why women brush their hair so often?) and then look her in the eye. then you’re a go to continue. When do you know if she’s ready to be kissed? A good guideline is the moment you start asking yourself. 2. just like how everything is perfect and right and the male hero just manages to sweep the female actress off her feet.

but you’re not giving her anything too overt to reject or object to.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 69 4. then the green light is on. Do this. it’s the concept of escalation in effect. If she let’s you keep stroking her hair and keeps looking at you in the eye. look down at her lips. By slowly climbing that ladder of escalation.com . OutOfTheFriendZone. Why does this work so well? Again. and you will find out easily whether she’s ready to be kissed -guaranteed. You’re escalating towards a kiss. and you should go in for the kiss.) When she looks back. then look her in the eyes again. moving on to the next step is easy.

more emotions.com . Back to the topic at hand: what do you do when you encounter last minute resistance? Say this: OutOfTheFriendZone. how angry she feels with this one person at work. do not. we should be. who. It feels so right” or something to that effect. we can’t do this.” Now. and where. No. “No. The natural instinct for many would be to convince her otherwise -. To be able to make a woman relate to you.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 70 Last Minute Resistance So you’ve managed to squeeze yourself in.You can hardly believe you’re actually kissing her and making out with her! Just as everything is going as planned. she pulls away and tells you. With men. etc.We’re FRIENDS. Notice how our stories always involve the what. how they got annoyed when the checkout counter girl was rude to them. it’s always about how they FEEL. when. straight facts and logic is enough. by any means. Less logic. most guys would not have an idea what to do in this situation. this is not me being sexist -. and more about feelings. But with women.it’s what has worked well for me so far. When faced with this situation. you need to start talking less in facts.“No. try to convince her LOGICALLY to continue the physical intimacy with you! This is a crucial point of difference between men and women. sometimes the how and the why. Their stories are laced with feelings.

she wonders. I don’t exactly know why.. give her ear a quick nibble. After that time.” acknowledge what she says.You can do this by pulling her towards you as you slowly lay back while the two of you are making out. which kills off the logical mind in the process. One of the reasons she is resisting is because she is scared of her social reputation. Pay attention to your body language. “I can’t. she’s in danger of getting thought of as a slut. Give it a couple of minutes. If she pulls away again and says. we can’t do this. did he really just stop?” She starts wanting the good feelings brought upon by the act of making out with you. this is bad. that’s her logical mind speaking.com . even better. then sniff her neck. and keep on kissing her. so the trick is to let her body win the conflict. Continue until the third time she resists. Her logical mind and her body is actually conflicting right now. pull away for real. I’ve also asked women I’ve been with. The trick is to turn the tables on her and start making her the aggressor. This advice might seem counter-intuitive.” and keep on kissing her. what happens right now stays between us. but I have an idea. the sexual OutOfTheFriendZone. but it works. If you have the TV on. If ever this gets out to your circle of friends. tell her this: “We’re in our own world right now darling. Then turn to her and start escalating again by quickly going through the Touch Escalation pattern. By taking a short break. When you stop.” Then start kissing her again. “Wait. and adjust it so she’s actually doing some of the work. Hold her hand.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 71 “You’re right.. and they seem to agree with my explanation of it: By the time that she actually tells you that you two can’t do what you’re doing. and start kissing her. If you can maneuver her to get on top you. watch whatever’s on there for a short while. She will kiss you back. So if she resists.

(Notice that she’ll be letting out a heavy breath after the stop-start process -a sign of tension getting released on her end.when you start again.com .“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 72 tension between the two of you exponentially builds -. making out with you is a great release.do so right away. solid rules for last minute resistance -. Going further would be rape. OutOfTheFriendZone. Note: If she firmly tells you to STOP and starts pulling away -.there are only guidelines. It is because of this which is why the perfect time to move to the next base is after a short break. Don’t do that.) Note: Keep in mind that there are no hard.

you’ve successfully managed to get yourself out of the friend zone! You have everything I could possibly know about women and how you could navigate your way out of the friend zone and turn a friend into a girlfriend. Use it only for good. While I cannot guarantee that EVERYBODY will succeed in their journey out of the friend zone. Write me at: gavingferenzo@gmail. I really want to hear your thoughts. by following the tactics in this book you are dramatically increasing your chances of doing what many think to be impossible. Please don’t abuse this knowledge. This is very powerful stuff. To your success! Gavin Ferenzo PS.“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 73 CONCLUSION Congratulations. and has the power to destroy a woman’s heart if done carefully. OutOfTheFriendZone.karma will come around and bite you in the ass if you do. Don’t play with anybody’s feelings -. Fortune favors the bold.com That is my personal email address. and you can ensure that I will receive and read any and all emails sent there.com . I would really love to hear your success story.

“Escaping The Friend Zone” program Page 74 CUSTOMER SUPPORT If you have any queries regarding your purchase.com We will get back to your query within 24-48 hours. please don’t hesitate to email us at: support@outofthefriendzone. OutOfTheFriendZone.com .

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