Barbara Selby Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

July 19, 1994 (Phone: 202/358-1983) RELEASE: 94-120 GENERAL AVIATION FEATURED IN NASA OSHKOSH 1994 EXHIBIT Extending a "helping hand" to general aviation will be highlighted in NASA's exhibit at the annual Experimental Aircraft Association Fly-In Convention and Sport Aviation Exhibition at Oshkosh, Wisc., July 28-Aug. 3. The display highlights the Agency's joint efforts with industry and academia to pioneer high-payoff aeronautics technologies that make American aircraft more competitive, friendlier to the environment and safer to fly. Visitors to "Flying Friendlier Skies" will discover how NASA is aiding the general aviation industry in areas ranging from modernizing the cockpit, to reducing the cost of designing and manufacturing aircraft and simplifying propulsion controls. The display includes a cockpit mock-up with video animation. Other components of the exhibit feature NASA's efforts to build a next-generation supersonic airliner; NASA's role in making air travel safer for pilots and passengers; efforts to revitalize subsonic airplanes and the nation's airspace system; and how products of NASA research travel from the lab to the runway. Although the NASA exhibit is focused on aviation, there also are displays on the Hubble Space Telescope, Space Shuttle, Earth and space science studies, space technology and the Space Station. Outside the NASA pavilion, guests may examine the 38-foot-tall (one tenth scale) model of the Saturn V rocket, which launched the Apollo astronauts to the Moon; and a 29-foot-long (full-scale) engineering research model of the HL-20 lifting body, a conceptual design for transporting people and small amounts of cargo to and from low-Earth orbit. -end-

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