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In the Mist of All Struggle We Must Come to the Understanding That We Are Where We Are in Life Due to Our Own Thoughts

In the Mist of All Struggle We Must Come to the Understanding That We Are Where We Are in Life Due to Our Own Thoughts

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Published by Michael Muhammad

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Published by: Michael Muhammad on Aug 24, 2010
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In the mist of all struggle we must come to the understanding that we are where we are in life due to our

own thoughts, our thoughts produces our reality, in the bible, it states As a man thinks within his heart so shall he be. When it speaks of heart it is talking about the mind, or the center of ones thinking process. Our thought indeed becomes things. We must now come to the understanding that we attract people around us and to us due to our mindset. And we must understand that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. So the more positive we are in our thoughts of positive surroundings there will be a negative reality entering into our realm of existence. How we respond to those forces will determine the out come of who we are and how our life will be. Struggle is ordain for us because it can manifest 2 things how strong we are or how weak we are as a person, and it also can show if we are willing to study learn and grow, or fold and fail and dwell on the negative state that we came face to face with. Everyone talks about God and connecting with him, but many have not the proper knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the reality of God. You may ask who does have this and how does one know that he or she possesses such? Each person knows when they have reached such place in their lives, when they have a deeper love for themselves and a understanding that God is within them and that the word God means POWER and FORCE, and this power

Our deeds and actions show where we are in our knowledge. We have to connect with our higher god self. . and I will provide more soon.and force is also the universe its self. wisdom and understanding of God. and operate on that level. Thank you for reading. (Power and Force) There is a saying if we knew better we would do better. For the word UNIVERSE means ONE turning. and everything in this world turns in the same direction towards the reality called God. If a person tells you that you are to deep for them you know that you are on the right path to becoming one with God and the Universe. wisdom and understanding that as the bible states all gods children of the most high God. and that we are all one in the same. How connection to the universe and knowing that we are a part of the universe as a whole is what connects us to the knowledge.

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