Some of the best moments in life:Lying in bed listening to the rain outside Thinking about the person

you love A long drive on a calm road Finding money in your old jeans just when you need it Giggling over silly jokes Holding hands with a friend Getting a hug from someone who loves u The moment your eyes fill with tears after a big laugh Wishing you these moments in your life always..! So natural to relive the pain Angry images flash back Recriminations, harsh words Echo long into the lonely night Impossible to forget Can love stand the test of time Coffee cups and mundane chimes? The many empty hollow hours Those oft-repeated vacant lines Like half-forgotten cigarette ends Sleepy jokes and midnight sense My love for him slumbered Languorously into indifference I awoke to the sense of dissemination of well-defined feelings It was a small step From near ending hysteria To some ambivalent affection Only a few thoughts wide bridge Rationale was the dividing line I Asked God I asked God for Strength... And He gave me difficulties to make me strong. I asked God for Wisdom... And He gave me problems to solve. I asked God for Prosperity... And He gave me brain and brawn to work. I asked God for Courage... And He gave me danger to overcome. I asked God for Love... And He gave me troubled people to help. I asked God for Favors... And He gave me opportunities. I received nothing I wanted... And I received everything I needed!

.. your voice....Love is littele littele But lomg as long some love one some love too But i love one and she is you.. Am I dreaming or is this reality. your smile.. yes I can smell it so near. that I can listen to so clearly. Your eyes....... The fragrance of my first love is coming again .. the sweet smell of your body..

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