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2010-2011 Welcome Packet

2010-2011 Welcome Packet

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Published by: Jason Smith on Aug 24, 2010
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Mrs. Brown & Mr.

Smith’s News
Welcome to our class!
I hope that everyone had a great summer and is ready for school to start. It is going to be a fantastic year! This letter will provide you with valuable information about our class. Please read the information below and discuss it with your child. Then sign the enclosed policy form found in the sign and return pocket of your child’s folder. Please return it to school with your child. Be sure to keep this letter for future reference.


One of the best ways to know what is going on in your child’s classroom is to visit the school website at www.wceseagles.com or better yet, the class web page at www.themrsmith.com! Here you will find the standards we are currently working on, homework, handouts, and study guides from our class. There is also a classroom calendar with important information as well as samples of school work through videos, pictures, blogs, and podcasting! Please note that any visitors during the school day must first report to the office to receive a visitors pass. Anyone without a visitor’s pass will be asked to return to the front office. If you need to contact me during the school day, please feel free to call the school at 395-3600 or email us at Jason.smith@sccpss.com or Melissa.Prescott@sccpss.com . Please allow up to 24 hours for one of us to return your call or email.

Unfortunately, this year there were many mistakes to the fifth grade supply list of WCES. I have included an updated supply list. If you have already purchased supplies and are unable to get some of the items on the list that is ok. We will make do with this unforeseen circumstance. However if you are able to purchase the items it will be greatly appreciated.
Pencils Crayons/Colored Pencils Tissues Glue Composition notebook Pens Ruler (with holes for binder) Pencil Pouch (with holes for binder) Safety Scissors 2 Folders without prongs 2” Binder Clear Mesh Book Bag Hand Sanitizer Paper Towels Baby Wipes


Loose leaf paper


8 Tabs for Binder

Behavior and Discipline Polices

Your child’s success is very important. To create and maintain a positive learning environment for all students, I will follow the behavior and discipline policy set by the Chatham County Board of Education. Please read and discuss them with your child.

Classroom Rules
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Listen when others are talking. Show respect to everyone. Ask permission. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself. Follow all directions. Walk in a straight and silent line.

Consequences 1. Yellow Ticket- Miss part of recess 2. Yellow Ticket- Miss part of recess 3. Red Ticket–Detention & Parent Teacher Conference

5. Office Referral 6.
Each time a student disrupts class or disobeys a rule, he or she will receive a mark on the clipboard. If they receive 3 marks in one day or 5 marks in one week, they will receive a yellow ticket. Two Yellow Tickets in a marking period will result in a Red Ticket and a detention. Further violations will be referred to administration.

Students who are following directions and doing what is expected during the week will have a special treat on Friday afternoons. Students will receive a treat and have the opportunity to participate in a fun educational activity (such as educational games, plays, skits, etc). Students will earn Fabulous Friday if they do not exceed three marks on the clipboard during the week. Students who do exceed three marks will not be allowed to participate at Fabulous Friday, and will read AR or complete missing work. Students receiving yellow or red tickets will automatically go to detention. We will need to have treats donated. Please indicate on the attached form if you would be willing to help with treats on Fridays. Remember there is always the possibility that your child may not get the treat that you send because of behavior. All of your help is greatly appreciated.

Fabulous Fridays

Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of your child’s school experience. Supporting good work habits requires a joint effort. I will support your child and encourage good work habits at school. Your child will greatly benefit from your support and encouragement at home. Homework will be sent home everyday Monday through Thursday. Your child should have a folder to keep track of homework assignments. Students will not receive a weekly homework this year. In preparation for middle school, they will be expected to write down their homework each day in their agenda book which will be given to them during the first week of school. There is a homework board in my room which will have the entire week’s homework written each Monday. Students will receive a weekly homework grade in reading, language arts, and math. Each day a student does not complete his or her homework will result in a lowered homework grade for the week as well as bring home a “Missing Homework Sheet” which will need to be signed and returned the next day. We will go over the homework together in class and students will check their own work.

Homework grades

100- All assignments complete 85- 0ne missing assignment for the week 75- Two missing assignments for the week 55- Three or more missing assignments for the week 0- No assignments complete for the week

Accelerated Reader (AR)

Included in homework is your child’s weekly required reading to meet their AR goal. Your child needs to read for a minimum of 2 books each week and record what he or she read. Then your child needs to retell what he or she read to you or another adult and that adult needs to indicate how well the child retold the story. The state of Georgia requires fourth grade students to read a minimum of 25 books within the school year. If your child meets their weekly reading goal each week, they will easily surpass this goal.

21st Century Classroom

In the past, our school received a technology grant that your students will have the benefit from. There are only three classrooms in the school that will have the technology that your students will experience. Students will have access to laptops, digital cameras, ipods, as well as an interactive whiteboard. Students will be using the internet frequently under strict supervision in the classroom. We will be creating podcasts, websites, blogs, and wikis which we will share with students across the world. We encourage you to allow students internet access and also allow students to have their picture made. Permission can be given on

the back of the registration form. This will ensure that all students will have the ability to participate in all projects and activities.


Please let me know how your child will be going home this year. If you need to make a change in your child’s normal dismissal procedure, please send me a note or call the school. For the safety of your child, changes cannot be made unless they are in writing or if you have notified the school personally before 2:00. Also a child cannot ride a different bus unless it is approved by First Student. The process for approval can take over two weeks to complete. If your child needs to go home with another student or to a relative or baby-sitters house, other arrangements will have to be made. Please do not make changes in transportation unless it is an emergency. Lastly, if your student is a walker or bike rider, please let me know what their rainy day plan will be. Often when it rains in the afternoon it is very difficult for us to get a line out of the school to reach parents.

Other Information

Please be sure to let me know of any special concerns you may have about your child. It is important for us to know any special health concerns you may have so that we can care for your child properly. Be sure to let the school nurse know of any medications your child may require. Medications will be kept in the nurse’s office and may only be taken there. Students may NOT bring any type of medicine (including cough drops) to school.

Together we will make this a great year!

Mrs. Prescott-Brown & Mr. Smith’s Classroom Policies

Please sign the sections below to indicate that you have read and discussed the following policies with your child. Also, indicate if you would be willing to help out with Fabulous Friday treats.

Behavior and Discipline Policies
I have read and understood the behavior the discipline policies. I have also discussed these policies with my child.

______________________ parent signature Homework Policy

_____________ ___________________ date student name

I have read the homework policy. I have also discussed the policy with my child.

______________________ parent signature

_____________ ___________________ date student name

Accelerated Reader Policy
I have read the Accelerated Reader policy. I have also discussed the policy with my child.

______________________ parent signature Fabulous Fridays

_____________ ___________________ date student name

______ Yes, sign me up to bring treats to school. ______ Let me know if there is another way I can help out.

______________________ parent signature

_____________ ___________________ date student name

21st Century Classroom

I have read the about the 21st Century Classroom and agree for my child to participate in the technology used within this class.

______________________ parent signature

_____________ ___________________ date student name

Name ________________________________________ Phone ______________ Address _____________________________ Birthday (mm/dd/yy) __________ (city, st zip) _________________________ Siblings (please list name and teacher) _________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ transportation home (include bus #) ___________________________________ Mother’s Name _____________________________________________________ Place of Employment __________________________________________ Work Phone ________________________ Cell ____________________ Father’s Name _____________________________________________________ Place of Employment __________________________________________ Work Phone ________________________ Cell ____________________ Emergency Contact (other than parents) ________________________________ Relationship ________________________ Phone ___________________ Medical Concerns or Special Needs _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ □ I often use email as a quick means of parent communication. I

check my email on a regular basis and can often get back to you the

quickest this way (even after school hours). Please write which email is the best to contact you at below. Thanks!: ___________________________________

Get Involved!
Dear Parent or Guardian: Studies show that parental involvement in a child's education is one of the most important factors in raising student self-esteem and academic achievement. Moreover, most experts agree that parental involvement should go beyond attendance at teacher conferences and open house. We realize, however, that each of our families is unique – with its own priorities, needs, talents, and time constraints -- and so we try to provide as many different kinds of opportunities for parental involvement as possible. Please review the volunteer opportunities suggested below, and check any you are interested in -- or tell us what you would like to do. Then return the form to school. Orientation for volunteers will be later in September.

Name: __________________________________________________________________ Child: __________________________________________________________________ I enjoy the following Hobbies: ________________________________________________ My profession is: _________________________________________________________ I am available:  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Any Phone: ________________ When can you be reached at this number? _______________

 Speak at career day.  Share curriculum related pictures and souvenirs from a personal or family trip.  Arrange for curriculum related speakers, exhibits, demonstrations.  Share a talent, interest, or hobby.  Tutor individuals or small groups of students.  Mentor a student interested in your profession.  Publish a school or classroom newsletter.  Set up and help maintain a school or classroom Web site.  Manage a classroom project.  Chaperone a field trip.  Organize or participate in a special event.  Take care of class pet.  Offer to donate books, art materials, musical instruments, games.... the list is endless.  Bring in refreshments.  Other

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