by Subroto Mukerji Dear Love, you who taught me much About life and love and things as such How come you failed to teach me how To face a once-incandescent world, now so joyless, sunless, my world forlorn; It’s so hard to accept that you are gone. Gone? Gone where? Is this a joke? If so, I just don’t get it, friend, I tell you it’s quite beyond my ken and nothing can fill this question in my mind; to laugh or cry out within It’ll finish me; I can’t quite figure out… Yes I know, you fool, I mustn’t shout! But I want an answer, say it wasn’t a horrible joke from high above. And science and philosophy and so on They’re useful things and not a con? They better have the answers ready Why she’d kiss a flower but not a teddy, Why, some days laugh on any pretext and on others ignore me, as if we’d never met, or argued or ever made love nor write to me for days on end And blow my mind when she’ unbend. A simple one-liner she’d sent to me Thrills and shakes me, won’t let me be And my reply puzzles even me because After I press ‘Send’, I see the flaws she’ll surely misunderstand: but I’ve said the first damn thing that came in my head. You fool; she’ll think you do not want her company, you’re just trying to be fresh, and the real thoughts will go unsaid.

Reading between the lines I bled for hours, figuring I am so weird while all the time I am so skeered. But what happened was simply fate And quantum mechanics is no solace For it cannot quite help me to face

The blow that fell before its time skewered this defenceless heart of mine.
© Subroto Mukerji

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