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Unit and Assessment Details Course Title: Unit Name: Assessor: Internal Verifier: Assessment Title: Assessment Method: Assessing in: Number of words: Outcomes Covered: Issue Date: Due Date: HND Business Marketing Mehreen Shafiq Sir Bilal Ahmad Understanding Marketing Process and Study of Environmental Factors Report Group assignment 2000 words (15 Pages Maximum) 1&2 11th May, 2010 24th June, 2010

Outcomes Covered & Assessment criteria Outcome

Explain the marketing process. Explain target marketing.


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Why is this so important? Explain with relevant examples. You can use your observation skills as well. learners will visit an organization and conduct interviews of relevant people (organization’s staff). you can interview relevant personal and/or other people (consumers etc). For this purpose. They will use their observations to develop and display skills of report writing and oral delivery (presentation). • • • • • • • • • Banks Fashion Labels (Brands) Chemical Personal Care Products Tobacco Pharmaceuticals Mineral Water Bottlers Home Appliances Manufacturers Automobiles Tasks You are required to perform the following tasks: • • • Explain what is marketing in your own words after comparing different definitions. Investigate how each factor affects the performance and capabilities of the organization. Think of any two organizations that you have direct knowledge of.Assignment Brief: A Study of Environmental Factors Purpose and Aim The aim is to assess the understanding of the concepts of marketing process of students on individual basis and to develop an understanding of Marketing Environment. how can these organizations adopt a marketing approach? Discuss micro and macro environmental factors. The Marketing concept is based upon customer satisfaction. Select organization of your choice from the list given above (highlighted) and identify its macro factors. You will have to attach a list of the interview questions. Discuss if they follow a marketing approach or not. If not. You are required to select an organization and any of its products from this list. For the said purpose. Scenario The list of companies from a variety of industries and sectors is given below. Take responsibility to give • • • .

Explain the various elements of the marketing concept. forums. creative problem solving. magazines • • . BTEC course book Online resources like websites of Company (you have chosen).Demonstrate creative thinking (generation of ideas.Take responsibility for managing and organizing activities (How have the activities. Kotler 2. Principles of Marketing.Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions (conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and have been justified) D2. tables. interviews and resources involved in your research been managed? Give a detailed account). Explain target marketing.1 Explain the marketing process.Assignment Brief: A Study of Environmental Factors recommendations for the organization’s improvement upon your investigation and then justify your recommendations. while making use of the technical language of the subject and appropriate data presentation tools (charts. trade journals.Your report will be subjected to high scrutiny. 13th edition 3. and social networking etc. “Merit” Criteria M1-Clearly state the methods used to collect information for your report. diagrams etc) “Distinction” Criteria D1. M3. Grading Statement “Pass” Criteria Outcome-01 1.2 1. Identify and assess the benefits and costs of a marketing approach. dealing unfamiliar contexts) Resources Required: • • Lecture slides Books 1.Justify the viability and feasibility of your recommendations. blogs. Compare alternative definitions of marketing. with appropriate cost\ benefit analysis of each suggestion. Fundamentals of Marketing. This requires you to present your work coherently (topic wise documentation). market research companies.3 Outcome-02 2.1 1. Stanton. Identify and explain macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions. graphs. Newspapers. D3. self evaluation. M2.

The college has strict penalty for plagiarism and the assignment will be cancelled if the assignment is observed for this. the college will provide a reference letter for the project and the manager of the organization is welcome to contact the administration at the college. Following should be attached as annexure with your report. use of visual. 3.Assignment Brief: A Study of Environmental Factors Common Skills Covered Common Skills • Criteria • • • • Present information in a clear way with examples. if used(distributed. The copy of this assignment brief should be attached with the assignment as annexure 2. For meeting the respective managers. use of technical terms and presentation of the report to class Working with and relating to others • • Meeting the deadlines. Proper referencing should be given using the manual of Harvard System of Referencing 5. beliefs and opinions with respect Relate to and interact effectively with individuals and groups Use a range of technological equipment and computer software Use information sources Deal with a combination of routine and non-routine tasks Identify and solve routine and non-routine problems Communication Evidence The format of the report. developing effective skills of both listening and speaking The report in MS Office (Word. Receive and respond to a verity of information Present information in a variety of visual forms Communicate in writing Participate in oral and nonverbal communication Treat other’s values. • Interviews conducted(visiting cards of the interviewees) • Questionnaire . collected and analyzed) • Limitations of study (assignment) • Any other documents that you think can support your work. Books and online resources can be used at the College Library and Central Computer Lab 4. . Visits need to be arranged and made to the organizations. 6. quality of expression. Excel.aids. & PowerPoint) used will be considered How do you handle different kind of information from different sources? This area will be accessed via the content organization of your report and discussions with lecturer Applying technology • Managing tasks and solving problems • • • General Instructions 1.

Assignment Brief: A Study of Environmental Factors 7. Internal Verifier Course Incharge .

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