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SYNOPSIS: y History y Definition y Working y Examples and its Products y Applications .

and Computation. y Redefined by Dr. K. in his book Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology (1986) and Nano systems: Molecular Machinery.Norio Taniguchi in the year 1974.HISTORY: y This term is first defined by Prof. . Manufacturing. Eric Drexler.

y It means the control of Matters (Atoms & Molecules).DEFINITION: y Nano -One Billionth of a meter. . y It is a Multi-Disciplinary field.

to cause single-molecule components to automatically arrange themselves into some useful conformation. . y Bottom-Up Approach These seek to arrange smaller components into more complex assemblies. In particular.WORKING: y Top-Down Approach These seek to create smaller devices by using larger ones to direct their assembly.


y Coatings over the Materials. y Design of Computer chip Layouts.NANOTECHNOLOGY IN MANUFACTURING: y Surface Textures of components. y Manufacturing of Polymers. .

Application in Precision diamond manufacturing components .


Optical image of the diamond tool .


y Diamond turning for improved Surface finish .

y Finished components With Diamond turning for improved surface finish .

2. .

OTHER APPLICATIONS: y Medicine y Energy y Information & Communication y Consumer goods y Chemistry .