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NCLEX-RN Test Plan 2010 (Detailed)

NCLEX-RN Test Plan 2010 (Detailed)

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NCSBN (National Council for State Boards of Nursing) detailed NCLEX-RN Test Plan for 2010.
NCSBN (National Council for State Boards of Nursing) detailed NCLEX-RN Test Plan for 2010.

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examination is a variable length computerized adaptive test. It is not offered in paper-and-pencil

or oral examination formats and can be anywhere from 75 to 265 items long. Of these items, 15 are pretest items

that are not scored. The time limit for the exam is specified in the candidate bulletin. It is important to note that

the time allotted for the examination includes the tutorial, sample items, all breaks (restroom, stretching, etc.)

and the examination. All breaks are optional.

The length of the examination is determined by the candidate’s responses to the items. After the minimum

number of items has been answered, testing stops when the candidate’s ability is determined to be either above

or below the passing standard with 95 percent certainty. Depending upon the particular pattern of correct and

incorrect responses, different candidates will take different numbers of items and therefore use varying amounts

of time. The examination will stop when the maximum number of items has been taken or when the time limit

has been reached. Remember, it is in the candidate’s best interest to maintain a reasonable pace of spending

only one or two minutes on each item. The candidates should select a pace that will permit them to complete the

examination within the allotted time should the maximum number of items be administered.

It is important to understand that the length of the candidate’s examination is not an indication of a pass or fail

result. A candidate with a relatively short examination may pass or fail just as the candidate with a long examina-

tion may pass or fail. Regardless of the length of the examination, each candidate is given an examination that

conforms to the NCLEX®

test plan and has ample opportunity to demonstrate his or her ability.

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