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Weekly Reading and Lab Assignments

Wk Due Date Lecture Textbook: Discovering Computers Lab Textbook: Microsoft Office 2007
Sunday Chpt Shortened Topic Web Apps Learn Lab Unit Topic Unit Visual
Due Date How to Exercise Workshop
Concepts A
1 Aug 29, 2010 1 Intro to Computers G. Maps Blog Windows Windows
Location Inventory
Internet WWW
2 Sept 5, 2010 2 Internet/WWW W. Live MapQuest None Video
Office Office
Application Software Word A Create WIM Wong
3 Sept 12, 2010 3 Encyp Zip/Comp
Word B Edit PR Visa
System Unit Word C Deals Nina
4 Sept 19, 2010 4 G. Docs Memory Format
Word D Footprints Gardner
Input Excel A Excel Guide Items
5 Sept 26, 2010 5 Flickr Media
Excel B Formulas Tour Sales
Output Excel C Worksheet QST Topnotch
6 Oct 3, 2010 6 USendIt Printing
Excel D Charts Review Revenue
Storage Integr Word
7 Oct 10, 2010 7 Turbo H. Disk Integration A Price List Epicure
Midterm Exam (date to be determined)
8 Oct 17, 2010 8 Operating Sys/Utilities Photo Updates Access A Access Quest-A Basketball-A

9 Oct 24, 2010 9 Networks GMail Wi-Fi Access B Queries Quest-B Basketball-B

10 Oct 31, 2010 10 Database Management Calendar Search Access C Forms Quest-C Basketball-C

11 Nov 7, 2010 11 Security, etc. Dictionary Firewall Access D Reports Quest-D Basketball-D

Info Sys Development Integrate

12 Nov 14, 2010 12 Picnic Interview Integration B QST Tour Symphony
Language Development PowerPoint A
13 Nov 21, 2010 13 G Earth GUI PowerPoint QuestA Packjet

Enterprise Computing PowerPoint B Modify QuestB Trade

14 Nov 28, 2010 14 MSN VoIP
PowerPoint C Insert QuestC Guitar
Careers/Certification PowerPoint D QuestD Island
15 Dec 5, 2010 15 TaxAct Resume’ Finish PP
Integration C QST Sales Hotel
Final Exam and Required Course Critique (date to be determined)

This grid represents an overview of the combined lecture and lab assignment by week. Due dates and assignments may change. The precise list of assignments, page numbers,
instructions and due dates for each week are found under the Assignment button in eCampus.