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The EmoTrance Yearbook eBook 2007.09.21.AK

The EmoTrance Yearbook eBook 2007.09.21.AK

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Published by: Guðríður Margrét Guðmundsdóttir on Aug 26, 2010
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Dear Reader,

My name is Silvia Hartmann, and I would like to welcome you
most personally and wholeheartedly to our Enchanted World – and
this is a world which does not consist of illusion or fantasy, but of
actual experienced REALITY.
In 1993, I experienced the fortune and blessing that a door was
opened for me, and I began to see MORE, understand more about the
truths of the world we really live in.
Although it is the truth of so many people’s experiences that our
lives are indeed, hard and difficult, painful often and mostly just
bewildering and incomprehensible, there are also other truths about
our universe, and about trying to be a real human being, living a real
life of endeavour, experience and reward.
I hope that this book will become a key and an incentive to take a
new look at our enchanted world, a place where there is so much
REAL MAGIC, it takes your breath away.
My own journey into this oldest world of all, and the newest of
them all, has been one of truly never-ending excitement and such
delightful surprises, I often wonder how it is that it should be that I
was allowed to discover these things.
And yet, just like you, I am only at the beginning, for the one
true enchanted universe is endless in its beauty and splendour, and
even a thousand lifetimes would not be enough to know it all, to see
it all, to experience it all.
Our world, our universe is BEAUTIFUL.
The true world is logical. It is elegant, dancing lightly in
perfection and most of all, totally OTHER than we were taught to

A single human’s life is a fantastic journey in truth, and so let us
not delay for a moment longer and simply get going.
And I would like to start with a topic that has driven humanity
most practically insane - and for more than a hundred thousand years
at that ...

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