BIG MEDICINE SONG (lyrics) wrote at an Amerindian revival meeting we attended Chorus: Awaken the giant within...

(E,F,F#,F) Awaken the giant within...(E,F,F#,F) Verse: Went down to the river (E,G,D,D*,D) Went down to the sea (A,A*,A) Drank deep of the water of life (E,G,D,D*,D) and set my soul free,my soul free (A,A*,A,E,E) Ya Way is the mountain the ocean and the sea may the four winds of the ancients become one with thee,one with thee ...sing chorus here... Ya-way,your way (E,G,D) lead on mighty spirit (A,A*) Ya-way your way fill me with light Ya-way, your way the path is calling Ya-way, your way Rainbow warriors to the fight Ya-way use me make me a healer Ya-way, use me Big medicine is yours Ya-way, use me flowing waves of compassion Ya-way, use me My hands are your tools... ...sing chorus here... The spirit of the buffalo (E,G,D,D*,D) the spirit of the bear (A,A*,A) teach us to live in balance (E,G,D,D*,D) mother eARTh we will share, we'll share (A,A*,A,E,E) ********************************

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