First Home Reading Report Title: The Ugly Duckling Author: Kristine Arenas Setting: Countryside Theme/Moral

Lesson: Character is better than one s physical appearance Characters: Mother Duck, 4 Ducklings, Ugly duckling, Farmer s, Hunters Reaction: Do not follow what the four ducklings done to the ugly Ducklings.

The Ugly Duckling
Once upon a time, there lived a duck that grew up in the countryside. The duck had been sitting on her nest watching for her eggs to hatch. From each egg came a cute duckling that lifted its head and cried. Four ducklings had come out from their shell but there was still one that would not break. The mother was tired sitting on the eggs, but she seated again on the nest. One morning the large egg finally broke. She was Shocked. The mothers heart melted. She spread her swings and embraced her little one. The Ugly duckling became the center of jokes of the flock. Mother would fight other ducks because of him. The suddest part of it was that even his brothers would tease him. One day Ugly Duckling made a bold decision. A good farmer took pity of Ugly Duckling. The farmer s wife kept him warm and feed him. And he heard the woman said, If he is fat enough, I will cook him. Ugly Duckling decidedto flee. Ugly Duckling came to a place where he thought he would be alone only to find out that wild geese were all ove the place.

For the nest few week, he lived in peace .. One morning, he was awakened by the sound of hunters in the area. He fled away as fast as he could. Time passed by a lot of times the thought of his mother would creep into his mind. He also yearned for his brothers even if they had done him wrong in the past. The young bird felt that his wing had been stronger. Now, he could fly higher and longer. He saw four beautiful swans swimming in the water. He had been maltreated and had been discriminated because he was ugly. Mother Duck could not speak a work when a beautiful swan appeared before her. She would always remember the duckling mother. She cakled with joy as she embraced him.

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