Communication As A Process Of Adjustment

Done By; Ali Erma Flora II

Definition  Process Of Adjustment: › Effect on people › How to react with something  new/different. We can conclude that Communication is a process of adjustment in which the people can react to a new environment by applying a new ideas that the person have learn from. › Interpreting the new ideas to life › Adapting to a certain situation. .

Movies (sight) 6.Telephones (hear) 4.Smoke signals (sight) 8.Face-to-face (sight) 2.  Recall of channels of communication.  1.Contact (touch) 3.Television (sight) 7.Telegraphs (write)  .E-mail (write) 5.How communication act as a process of adjustment? Several kind of medium help one’s to adapt to the new surrounding well including communication.

..  Lets have some fun.  Through the information achieve by the person. analyze. and act from it. Information are gain from these channels: one’s learn. he will know how to act when he in various kind of situations. classify. interpret.

. in this context is he cannot adjust the communication.  In the other hand. someone that already learned. The video shows someone who do not know of his surrounding. interpret the information can easily know what to do. analyzed.

 More fun…  . It is different from someone who can adjust the communication and know how to act to it and someone that cannot adjust the communication.

is Important of not.  . How    the Channels Help .face-to-face Visual -gesture *determine someone is lying or not Vocal -way people talk  *determine the info.

 E-mail  -communicate without visual and vocal .  Telephone     -know how to communicate without any visual. Contact  -way to greet other people with manner.

 Movies -learn from experience  of the producer  Television  -gain information from advertisement and forums.  Smoke signals  -know somebody wanted  help     . etc.

. Telegraph  -sending regards and information using code and translate by the receiver..

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