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Neil Thomas, Team Building and Motivation

Neil Thomas, Team Building and Motivation


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Published by: Elena Mihaila on Aug 26, 2010
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A problem is a task for which the person or group confronting


•wants or needs to find a solution

•has no readily available procedure for finding the solution

•must try to find the solution.

Therefore, the team is motivated and consciously tries to find

the solution which isn’t necessarily easily reached.

As the leader it is your responsibility to present the problem

to the team in a sufficiently attractive way for them to be inter-

ested in and motivated by it. They should be made to feel that

the solution is within their grasp even if it may take a while

to discover it.

The leader needs to remember that it is the individuals who

are creative and will use this attribute to solve problems. The

team provides a positive environment for this to happen in. It

provides atmosphere, communication, standards, morale and

leadership which all contribute to the climate which stimulates,

triggers, encourages and develops creative thinking.

The skills needed for effective problem solving include:

•Analysing: the ability to divide a problem into pieces, to

dissect the whole into more manageable parts.

•Reasoning: the ability to think in logical steps.

•Synthesising: the reverse process of analysing – putting

together parts to make a whole, a solution.

•Holistic thinking: the ability to see the whole rather than

just the parts.

•Valuing: the ability to judge the value of something,

depending on the context and conditions.

•Intuition: the ability to use and recognise the use of the

depth mind, the subconscious.

•Memory: the important part of the active depth mind. It

is our storage and retrieval system for knowledge and


•Creativity: the ability to relate together more than one idea

that may originally appear unconnected.

•Imagination: the ability to think in pictures.

•Numeracy/literacy: the natural ability to think in terms

of numbers or words.

As a leader you should have good skills in all these areas and

be able to encourage them in others.

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