abash abate abet abeyance abject abjure ablution abnegation abominable abominate abortive abscission abscond absolute absolution

abstruse abut abysmall abyss accede acclivity accolade accoutre accretion accrue acerbic acetic acme acquiesce acrid acrimonious acrophobia actuarial actuate acumen acute adage adamant addle adjunct adjuration adjutant adroit adulterate advent adventitious

adversity advert aegis aerie aesthetic affected affidavit affinity affirmation affix affliction agape aggrandize aggregate aghast agog alacrity allay allegiance alleviate alloy allude allusion aloft aloof amalgamate amass amble ambulatory amenable amend amiable amicable amiss amity amok (amuck) anachronism analogous anatagonize anathema anchor ancillary anemia anguish angular animadversion animus

anneal annuity anodyne anoint antagonism antecede antecedents antediluvian anthropoid anticlimax antropomorphic anvil ape aperture apex aphasia aphorism aplomb apocalyptic apocryphal apologist apostate apothegm apotheosis appall apparition appease appelation append application apposite appraise apprehend apprehensive apprise appropriate appurtenances apropos aptitude aquiline arabesque arable arbitrary arboretum arcade arcane archetype

ardor arduous argot aria arraign array arrears arrest arroyo arsenal articulate artifact artifice artless ascendancy ascertain ascetic ascribe ashen asinine askance askew aspersion assail assay assent assert assiduous assimilate assuage assuage assumption astringent astute asunder atavism atone attrition augury august aureole auroral auspicious auster authoritarian authoritative autocractic

automaton aver averse aversion avert avocation avow avuncular awe awl awry badger badinage baffled bait baleful balk balm bandy bane baneful barb barefaced barrage bate bawdy beatific beatify bedizen bedraggle beeline befuddle beget begrudge beguile behemoth beholden behoove belabor beleaguer belie belittle bemused benign benison bent bequeath .

berate bereavement bereft berserk beseech beset besmirch betoken betroth bevy bilious bilk billowing bivouac blanch bland blandish blandishment blare blatant blighted blithe blowhard bludgeon bluff bluster bode boisterous bolster bolster bolt boon boorish bouillion bountiful bowdlerize brackinsh braggadocio braggart brandish brazen brevity brindled bristling brittle broach brocade .

brook browbeat brusque bucolic buffet bulwark bungle buoyant burgeon burnish buttress buxom cabal cacophony cadge cajole caldron callous callow cameo canard candid canker canny cant cantankerous cantata canter canvass capacious captious cardinal careen carillon carousal carping castigate catalyst cataract catcall catechism catholic caulk caustic cavalcade cavalier cavil .

cede celerity censorious censure centrifugal centripetal centurion cerebration chafe chaff chaffing chagrin chalice champion chary chase chasm chassis chasten chastened chastise chauvinist check checkered chicanery chide chimerical chisel chortle chronicle churlish ciliated cipher circlet circumlocution circumscribe circumvent clamber clamor clangor clarion cleave cleft clot clout cloying coda .

coddle codicil coeval cog cogent cogent cogitate cognate cognizance collate collation colloquy collusion comatose comely comeuppance comity commandeer commodious compact complacency complaisant composure compound compunction concatenate concede concerted conclave conclusive concomitant concord condign condole condone conduit conflate congenial conjecture conjure connivance connubial conscript consecrate consequential consign consort .

constituent construe consummate contempt contend contention contentious contingent contrite contrived controvert contumacious conundrum convene conversant converse conveyance convivial convoluted cornice corollary corrugated cosanguinity coterie countenance countermand coup covenant covetous cow cower coy cozen crabbed crass craven credence credulous crescendo crestfallen crone crotchety crux cull culvert cumbersome cunning .

cupidity curmudgeon cursory curtail cynosure dabble dais dally damp dank dapper dappled daub daunt dauntless dawdle deadlock deadpan dearth debacle debase debauch decant deciduous declivity decollete decorum decreptitude default defection defer deference deference definitive deflect defray defrock deft deign deleterious delineate delude deluge delusive demeanor demise demotic .

demur demure denizen deplete deplore depose deprecate depredation derange deride descry desiccate desiccate desolate despoil despondent destitute desuetude desultory desultory detraction devolve dialectical diaphanous diatribe dictum die diffidence diffident diffuse dilate dilatory dilettante din dinghy dingy dint diorama dirge dirige disaffected disavowal disband disburse disclaim discombobulated disconcert .

disconsolidate discount discrete discretion discursive disembark disgorge disgruntle dishearten disheveled disinclination disingenuous disinter dislodge dismantle dispabuse disparage disparate dispassionate dispatch dispel disport disquietude disquisition dissemble dissemble dissident dissolution dissonance dissuade distend distrait distraught diverge divest divine docket doctrinaire doddering doff dogged doggerel doggerel dogma doldrums doleful dolt .

domineer don dormer dotage dote dour douse dowdy downcast downcast dregs drivel droll drone dross drudgery ductile dulcet dumbfound dupe dupe duress dutiful dyspeptic earthy ebb ebullience ebullient eclectic eddy edict edify eerie efface effectual effete effigy effluvium effrontery effusion effusive egregious egress ejaculation elegy elliptical eloquent .

elysian emboss embroil emend emendation emetic emolument emulate emulate encomiastic encomium encroachment encumber endue enervate engage engender engross enjoin enmity enrapture ensconce enthrall entity entomology entrance entreat environ eon epicure episodic epistemologist eqable equanimity equine equipoise equivocal equivocate errant erratic erratic erudite eschew esoteric esoteric espouse essay .

esteem estimable estranged ethereal ethnology ethos eulogistic eulogy euphony evenhanded evince evocative evoke ewe exacerbate exact exacting exalt exceptionable excise excoriate exculpate execrate exegesis exertion exhort exigency exigent exiguous exonerate expatiate expedient expedite expiate exploit expository expostulation expropriate expunge expurgate extant extemporaneous extol extraneous extricate extrude exude .

exult facet facetious faction factious factious factitious factotum fallible fallow falter fancied fancier fancy farrago fastidious fathom fatuous fawn fawning faze feckless feign feint felicitous felicity fell feral ferret fervid fervor fester fete fetid fetter fiat fickle filch finicky firebrand fitful flag flagrant flail flaunt flay fleck .

fledgling fleece flick flinch flippant flit floe florid flotsam flounder flourish flout fluke fluster fluted flux fodder foible foil foist foment foment foolhardy fop foray forbearance ford forebears foreboding forensic forgo forlorn formidable forsake forswear forthright fortitude founder fracas fractious franchise fraught fray fret frieze frigid fritter .

frolicsome frond froward fulcrum fulsome funereal fusillade gadfly gainsay gait gale gall galvanize gambit gambol gamely gamut gape garbled gargoyle garish garner garrulous gauche gaucherie gaunt gavel gawk geniality germane gibe gingerly girth glaring glean glib glimmer gloat gloss over glower glut glutinous glutton goad gorge gory gossamer .

gouge granary grandiloquent grapple gratify gregarious grill grisly grotto grouse grovel grudging gruel grueling gruesome gruff guffaw guile guile guileless gull gusto guy gyroscope habituate hackeneyed hackles haggard halcyon hale hallowed halting hamper hap haples harangue harbinger harbor hardy harping harrangue harrowing harry hatch haughtiness haughtiness haven .

hazy heedless heinous heretical hermetic hermitage herpetologist heterodox hew heyday hindmost hindrance hinterlands hireling hoary homeostasis homespun homily hone horde hortatory hovel hover hubbub hubris hue hue and cry humdrum hummock hurtle husband husbandry hydrophobia hypercritical hypocritical ichthyology iconoclast idiosyncrasy igneous ignite ignoble ignominy imbibe imbroglio imbue immolate immure .

impasse impecunous impel impending impentinent imperious impervious impetus impiety impinge impious implacable impolitic importunate importune imprecation improvident impudence impugn impuissance impunity inane inanity incarnadine incense inception incessant inchoate incidental inclement incommodious incongruity inconsequential incontinent incontrovertible incorrigible increment incubus inculcate incumbent incur incursion indelible indemnify indentation indenture indict .

indigence indigent indignity indiscriminate indissoluble indite indomitable ineffable ineluctable inerrancy inexorable ingenuous ingrained ingrate ingratiate inimical iniquitous inkling innocuous inopportune inordinate inscrutable insenserate insensible insidious insipid insouciant insularity insuperable insurmountable inter interim interloper internecine interpolate interregnum intractable intransigent intrepid inundate inured inveigh inveigle inveterate irate iridescent irresolute .

irreverence isotope isthmus itinerant itinerary jabber jaundiced jaunt jaunty jettison jibe jocose jocular jocund jollity jostle juggernaut junket junta ken kindle kindred kismet knave knead kneel knit knoll knotty labile lackadaisical lackluster laggard laity lambaste lancet languid languish languor lank lap larceny larder latitude laud lavish lax .

leaven lechery lectern leery leeway legerdemain leniency leonine levee levity lewd lexicographer liability liaison libido lien ligneous limber limn limpid lineaments lionize list listeless litany lithe litotes livid loath lode lofty loll loom lope loquacious lothario lout low lucre lugubrious lull lumber lumen luminary lunge lurid luscious .

luster lustrous mace macerate maculated madrigal magisterial magniloquent maim maladroit malaise malapropism malapropism malcontent malediction malestrom malfeasance malign malignant malinger malodorous manacle mandate mangy mannered manumit mar marked marred marshal martinet matrix maudlin maul mawkish mayhem mealymouthed meek melee mellifluous mendacious mendicant mercurial meretricious mete meteoric mettle .

miasma milieu minatory mincing minion mire misadventure misapprehension miscreant misgivings misnomer misogamy mite mitigate modicum modish mollify mollycoddle molt molten momentuous monastic monumental moratorium mordant morose mortify mote motility mottled mountebank muddle muggy mulct multifarious munificient murky musky muster musty mutability myopic nadir naïve natty nebulous necromancy .

nefarious nemesis neophyte nether nettle nexus nib nice nicety niggardly niggle nimbleness nip noisome noisome nominal nondescript nonentity nonentity nonplus nostrum notable nubile nugatory oaf obdurate obeisance obfuscate obliterate obloquy obnoxious obsequi obsequitous obsidian obsteperous obstinate obtrude obviate occlude odiferous odium odorous offhand officious ogle olique omnious .

omnivorous onerous onslaught onus opalescent opaque opiate oracular oratio ordain ordeal ordinance ordination orthodox osseous ossify ostensible ostracize oust outlandish outstrip overbearing overweening overwrought ovoid paean painstaking palatable palatial palimpsest pall pallet palliate pallid palpitate paltry pan panache pandemonium pander panegyric paradigm paragon parameter paramount paramour parched .

parity parlance parley parochial paroxysm parquet parry parsimony partial partiality pastiche pastoral patent pathological patois patrician pecadillo pedant pedant pedestrian peerless pell-mell pellucid penance penchant pendant penurious peon percussion peremptory perennial perfunctory perigee peripatetic permeate pernicious peroration perpetrate perpetuate perquisite personable perspicuity perspicuous pert pertinacious pertinent peruse .

pervasive perverse perversion pestilential pestle petulant pharisaical philanderer philistine phlegmatic phylum physiognomy physiological piebald piebald piecemeal pied pillage pillory pine pinion pinnacle piquant pique piscatorial pitfall pith pithy pittance pivotal placate placid plaintive plait platitude platonic plaudit plenary plethora pliant plight pluck plumage plumb plutocracy poignancy politic .

polity ponderous pontifical pore portend portent portly poseur postulate posture potentate poultice practicable prate prattle precarious precept precipice precipitant precipitate precipitate precipitous precis preclude predicament preeminent preeminent preempt preen prefatory prefatory prehensile prehensile premontory preponderance presage prescience presumptuous preternatural prevaricate primogeniture primp pristine privation privy probe probity .

proclivity prod prodigal prodigious profligate profusion progenitor progeny proliferate prolix prolixity promiscuous propellant propensity prophylactic propinquity propitiate propitious propound propriety prosaic proscenium proscribe prostrate protean protract protrude provenance provender provident proviso prowess proxy prurient pry pugnacious puissant pulchritude pulverize pummel punctilitious pundit pungent pungent puny purchase purge .

purport purported purveyor pusilannimous putative pyre quack quadruped quaff quagmire quai quail quaint qualified qualms quandary quarry quash queasy quell querulous query quibble quiescent quietude quintessence quip quirk quisling quiver quizzical quorum rabid raffish ragamuffin rail raiment rakish rally rampant rampart ramshackle rancor rankle rapacious raspy ratiocination .

rationale raucous ravel ravenous raze reactionary realm reaper rebate rebuff rebuke rebus rebuttal recant recast recluse recondite reconnaisance reconnoitering recourse recrimination rectitude recumbent redolent redoubtable redress reek refectory refraction refractory refulgent refurbish regale regeneration regicide regimen reiterate rejoinder relegate relent relic relinquish relish remiss remission remonstrance render .

renege rent reparation repartee repast repine replenish replete reprehensible reprieve reprisal reprise reprobate reprobation reprove repudiate repugnance repulsion reputed requisite requite rescind residue resilient resolution resolve respite resplendent restitution restive resumption resurge retentive reticent retinue retiring retrench revelry reverberate revere reverent revert revile revulsion rhapsodize ribald riddle .

rider rife rig rile riveting rivulet rococo roil roseate roster rostrum rote rotunda rotundity rout rubble rubric ruddy ruffian runic ruse rustic rusticate saboteur sagacious salacious salient sallow salubrious salutary sanctimonious sanction sanguinary sanguine sap sardonic sartorial sate satiate saturate saturnine satyr saunter scabbard scad scaffold scale .

scanty scintilla scintillate scoff scotch scourge scruple scrupulous scuffle scurrilous scurry scurvy scuttle seamy sear seasoned secession secular sedate sedition sedulous seedy seemly seep seethe seine seminal sensitization sensuous sententious sentient sentinel septic sepulcher sere serrated servile sever sextant shambles shard sheaf sheathe shirk shoddy shun shunt .

shyster sibylline sidereel silt simian simile simper sinecure sinewy sinuous skiff skimp skinflint skirmish skittish skulduggery skulk slag slake slanding slapdash sleazy sleeper sleight slew slight slipshod slither sloth slothful slough slovenly sluice slur smattering smelt smolder snicker snivel sobriety sodden sojourn solace solder solecism solicitous soliloqui .

solvent somatic somber sophist sophistry sophomoric soporific sordid spangle sparse spasmodic spat spate spawn specious spectral spendthrift sphinx-like splice spoonerism sportive spruce spry spurious spurn sqaulid squabble squalor squander squat staccato staid stalemate stalwart stamina stanch statute statutory steadfast stealth steep stem stentorian stickler stifle stilted stint .

stipple stockade stodgy stoic stoke stolid strew stricture stringent strut studied stuffy stultify stupefy stupor stygian stymie suavity subdued sublimate sublime suborn subside substantiate substantive subversive succor suffuse sully sultry summation sunder sundry superannuated supererogatory superfluous supercilious supernumerary supersede supine supplant supple suppliant supplicate supposititious suppress surfeit .

surly surmise surmount susceptible sustain sustenance swarthy swathe swerve swill swindler sybarite syllogism symbiosis symmentry synoptic synthesis taint talon tangential tanner tantalize tantamount taper tarry tatty taut tautological tawdry tedium teetotalism temper tempestous temporize tendentious tender tenet tenous tensile tepid terminus terse tesselated testator testy tether thespian .

thrall threadbare throes throng throttle thwart tightwad tiller timbre timorous tipple tirade tithe titillate titter titular titvate toady tonsure torpor torque tortuous totter touchstone tout tract tractable traduce transcendent transfigure transgression transient transitory translucent transmute transparent transport trappings travail travesty trenchant trepidation tribulations trite troth trough truculence .

truncate tryst tumid tundra turbid turbulence tureen turgid turncoat turpitude tutelage tutelary tyro ubiquitous ulterior ultimate umbrage unaccountable unassailable unassuaged unassuming unbridled uncanny unconscionable uncouth unction unctuous undergird undermine undulating unearthly unequivocal unerringly unexceptionable unfaltering unfeigned unfetter unfledged ungainly unimpeachable uninhibited unkempt unmitigated unobtrusive unpalatable unprepossessing unrequited .

unsavory unscathed unseemly unsightly unsullied untenable untoward untrammeled unwarranted unwieldy unwitting unwonted upbraid uproarious upshot urbane urchine ursine usury uxorious vacillate vacuous vagary vagrant vainglorious valedictory valor vanguard vantage vapid variegated vaunted veer velocity venal veneer venerable venial vent ventral venturesome veracious veracity verbatim verbiage verdant verdigris .

verisimilar verisimilitude verity vertex vex viand vicarious vicissitude victuals vie vilify vintner virtual virtuoso virulent visage viscid vise visionary vital vitiate vitreous vitriolic vituperative vivacious volatile voracious vortex vulpine waffle waft waggish waif wake wallow wan wane wangle wanton warble warren wary wastrel waver wax waylay wean .

weather welt welter wheedle whelp whet whiff whimsical whinny whit whittle whorl wilful wily wince windfall winnow winsome wispy wistful wither withstand witless woe wont wrangle wrath wreak wrench wrest writ writhe wry yen yeoman yield yoke yokel zany zenith zephyr .

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