Carnivorous Carnival Walking a tightrope that is burning at both ends. No safety net. Got to draw those crowds.

We all agree that tragedy is interesting to see. Danger is a voice that speaks aloud. The ticket taker tells you that tonight’s show is once again sold out. Hmm.... No mystery there. We all want secretly to watch your plunge. Hoping against hope to see you fall. So the concession stand sells cold drinks. Cotton candy and peanuts for all. Children stare up in awe. Women gasp and strong men feel a thrill. The ringmaster announces your latest feat. As you climb the ladder rungs you think. “I must have lost my mind.” But someone has to pay these bills. The show must go on..... No matter what. The crowd holds it's collective breath. The ambulance stands by. Up there at the top, you feel that rush. Will it be this time? You hope not. And mutter a little prayer. God watch out for fools, I know you do. The music plays and that drum roll. That you have heard a million nights. You step out on that gossamer seeming rope. Concentration now on hyper drive. Tunnel vision at full force. All you see now is the end of that long rope. The crowds below now silent. Not a sound. Save one alto scream. As you plummet to the earth. You think, my isn't that a shame? Wish she could see me now. At the corner of your eye. Your life flashes by. All the triumph, trials and tears.

We often miss the good times focused on our pain. But not you. You climbed that rope and walked it. Facing all those fears. We salute you and thank you for the show. Goodnight folks. It is time to go. Phil G. Inman Sr. August 26th 2010

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