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prof. Thakur Submitted to University of Pune In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of Masters of Business Administration (M B A) Through ASM’s INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIES PIMPRI ; PUNE -18

DECLARATION I hereby declare that work on project entitled ‘’Analysing of Edible Oil Of B L Agro in Market”

Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of

Master of Business Administration [MBA] to Pune University, Pune

is my original work and is not submitted to any other degree, diploma, Fellowship or other similar title or prizes. The project has been individually carried out as a part of summer internship training and is meant for academic purpose only.

Place: Pune

Aviral Deep Saxena

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost I thank god, my parents and my friends for blessing showered on me. All my efforts will remain meaningful authorities, who helped me more than I expected, while I working on my project. I had project privilege of undergoing major concurrent project for two months at B L Agro Ltd at Bareilly. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Nagandra Singh (Marketing Manager) for providing me an opportunity to undertake majconcurrent project and guidance throughout the project to complete successfully. I extend my sincere thanks and acknowledgement to Mrs. Sindhu and all the staff of B L Agro who extended their wholehearted guidelines and their cooperation, in spite of their schedule in completing my project work successfully. I would like extend my sincere feeling of gratitude to Prof . Vandana Thakur (Internal Project Guide). Finally I thank to all the faculty member of our institute who have given me their valuable suggestions from time to time. Aviral Deep Saxena

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The title of the project is “Availabity of Edible Oil Of B L Agro”. The project was carried out at B L Agro Pvt. Ltd., Bareilly which is prominent oil firm . The duration of the project was of two months i.e. 15/05/2010 to 15/07/ 2010. One of the fastest growing firm in the market. With a Team of highly trained & experienced manpower; it consists of

independent teams for institutional & corporate sales. It is 365 days & 24 hours operational. This project is build to achieve certain objectives like how to increase the market share of B L AGRO &to find out the sale trends of the edible oil in Bareilly .This study will give you the keys to bringing new customers. To show you how all of the pieces work together, we have broken the process down into 3 phases:  Create the appropriate messaging and branding  Reach out to new customers  Get the right resources, There are two things that we have looked at.

.1) when will customers get back? 2) How to get them back? It’s a quite a moving target but we have gone through a long period of recession and people have started to change their thinking.

As this is the practical approach, after the interaction with customers, we believed that they require comparison of one brand with others







2 3
















Observations and finding




With a history that goes back to 50 years, B.L. Agro Oils Ltd. is a company with a simple corporate objective - to manufacture, package and market the purest possible edible oil that would offer healthier and tastier solution to

Millions of consumers. Currently, B.L. Agro is in the business of Refining, Quality Control, Packaging and Marketing of branded mustard and other edible oils VISION To be a way of life for every Indian. MISSION To be the benchmark in purity and perfection. To achieve a leadership position in the Indian market and to become the preferred Indian edible oil name globally.


B.L. Agro Oils Ltd. is committed to total customer satisfaction, and compliance with regulatory bodies at all times and at maximum effectiveness. We aim to Consistently enhance our understanding of market dynamics and changing customer needs so as to offer finest quality products that at all times meet our customers' expectations and the ever changing demands of the market place. Provide a high level of service to our customers with minimum cause for complaint.

 Maintain a healthy & constructive work environment that enables personnel to produce optimal output. Continually comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14002:2004, HACCP and other government regulations and continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. With a history that goes back to 50 years, B.L. Agro Oils Ltd. is a company with a simple corporate objective - to manufacture, package and market the

purest possible edible oil that would offer healthier and tastier solution to millions of consumers. Currently, B.L. Agro is in the business of Refining, Quality Control, Packaging and Marketing of branded mustard and other edible oils. MANAGEMENT The foundations of B.L. Agro were laid half a century ago by its Managing Director, Shri Ghanshyan Khandelwal - a veteran of the Indian mustard industry. Since then the management of B.L. Agro has gained an unmatched, in-depth insight of the industry and the continuously evolving customer needs. The leadership at B.L. Agro has a vision for the future and their acumen in adapting to the changing times has translated into consistent growth by the company. However, the most important attribute of the B.L. Agro leadership is the unfallible commitment towards quality, towards customers and towards Community at large. At B.L. Agro 'No Compromise with Quality' is a guiding philosophy. And the management takes it as their responsibility to not just ensure the highest quality standards of company's products but also to instill this 'quality attitude' in every member of the B.L. Agro organization. Another distinctive characteristic of the B.L. Agro management team is their strong belief that “Success and growth do not mean much unless accompanied

by trust and respect from the community.” And over the years this belief has ensured that as a corporate citizen, B.L. Agro Oils Ltd. earns an image of one of the most respected and revered organization in its region of activity A true entrepreneur, Ghanshyam Khandelwal stepped into the mustard oil trading business in the 1950s when he was still at a very young age. Beginning from Bareilly, he single-handedly expanded operations and so transformed Bail Kolhu into one of the most preferred mustard oil brand in the entire belt of Eastern UP. A man of foresight and vision Ghanshyam Khandelwal has been the guiding force behind consistent growth of B.L. Agro Oils Ltd. With an eye on the future, he has, over the years, displayed a tremendous prowess for anticipating the changing consumer needs and has repeatedly led the organization to be a winner in a dynamic industry scenario. The mantras of




Edible Oils

India is one of the largest producers of oilseeds in the world and this sector occupies an important position in the agricultural economy. Oilseeds and edible oils are two of the most sensitive essential commodities. India grows oilseeds on an area of over 26 million hectares, with productivity of around 1000 kg a hectare. But self –reliance in edible oils is not in sight and the country imports almost half of its edible oil requirements. India has a wide range of oilseeds crops grown in its different agro climatic zones. Groundnut, mustard/rapeseed, sesame, safflower, linseed, inversed/castor are the major traditionally cultivated oilseeds. Soya bean and sunflower have also assumed importance in recent years. Coconut is most important amongst the plantation crops. Among the non-conventional oils, rice bran oil and cottonseed oil are the most important. The Indian edible oil industry is composed of some 15,000 oil mills, 600 solvent extraction units, 250 vanaspati units and about 400 refining units. The National council of Applied Economic Research has projected the demand for edible oils under three scenarios on the basis of per capita income growing annually by 4%,5% and 6%.Under the low growth scenario, the demand was to rise to 22.8 million tones ,under medium growth scenario to 25.9 million tones and under high growth scenario to 29.4 million tons in the near future. The edible oil industry is largely dominated by the bulk segment. Unbranded segment accounts for anywhere between 80 and 90% of the total consumption. Imports are taking place in two forms-refined and crude oil. A large part of the crude oil gets sold as unbranded oil. The share of raw oil, refined oil and vanaspati in the total edible oil market is estimated at 35%, 55% and 10% respectively.

With growing quality consciousness and plummeting price differences between packaged and non-packaged edible oils, the packaged edible oil sector will capture 50% of the market share in coming years. The packaged branded edible oil industry is growing at 12% annually. Major Players like Marico Industries is the market leader with its two main brands, Sweekar and Saffola, having 15% market share, followed by ITC Agrotech’s Sundrop at 13%. Godrej Foods has a market share of 11% and HLL’s Flora has 3%. Cargil sells edible oil through Nature Fresh and Gemini brands, Ruchi groups with Ruchi Gold and Mahakosh oil, Adani Wilmer Limited, owner of Fortune brand, National Diary Development Board's Dhara brand and other small players own rest of the packaged edible oil market.

We can provide you detailed project reports on the following topics. Please select the projects of your interests. Each detailed project reports cover all the aspects of business, from analysing the market, confirming availability of various necessities such as plant & machinery, raw materials to forecasting the financial requirements. The scope of the report includes assessing market potential, negotiating with collaborators, investment decision making, corporate diversification planning etc. in a very planned manner by formulating detailed manufacturing techniques and forecasting financial aspects by estimating the cost of raw material, formulating the cash flow statement, projecting the balance sheet etc. We also offer self-contained Pre-Investment and Pre-Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys and Studies, Preparation of Techno-Economic Feasibility

Reports, Identification and Selection of Plant and Machinery, Manufacturing Process and or Equipment required, General Guidance, Technical and Commercial Counseling for setting up new industrial projects on the following topics. Many of the engineers, project consultant & industrial consultancy firms in India and worldwide use our project reports as one of the input in doing their analysis. We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement. We can also prepare project report on any subject as per your requirement.



Type Industry


Public Oil Farm 1950 Ram Khandelwal


Founder(s) -


Parsakhera Industrial Area; Bareilly, India

Nagendra sinah Key people -

( Marketing Manager ) ( H R Manager) ( Marketing Executive )

Quidar Ahmead S K Sindhu

Ashish Khandelwal , Director (Finance & Sales)


Telephone no

Mustered Oil Refined Soya bean Oil 0581,2560500,2560432




Product Profile

Bail Kolhu Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil is the flagship brand of B.L. Agro Oils Ltd. A 'Grade A' Mustard Oil with a unique taste and pungency, it enjoys a tremendous popularity in the northern parts of India and is the favourite Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil among its vast customer base. As a category, Mustard Oil is consumed in almost every Indian household although in variable quantity. Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil is perhaps the healthiest edible oil and one of the best cooking oils, due to its favourable composition.

What is Kachchi Ghani – Its properties and benefits Kachchi Ghani refers to cold press extraction process of mustard oil. In the ghani crushing of mustard seeds about 6% of water is added. This is because, apart from achieving oil expulsion, water,

Mohan Dhara Mohan Dhara is a superior quality Refined Soyabean Oil. Since B.L. Agro Oils Ltd. introduced Mohan Dhara a few years ago, the brand has created its acceptance in a highly competitive market. On the product composition front, Mohan Dhara possesses highest levels of transparency among its competitive brands, which is a measure of its purity and supreme quality as a healthy product. Every pack of Mohan Dhara contains finest Refined Soyabean Oil produced by an elaborate refining process at the B.L. Agro plant . For Mohan Dhara, crude soyabean oil of specific quality is sourced from either domestic or overseas markets, and put through Chemical Refining process using MNR and Nitrogen Blanketing technology.

Refining Process - Why chemical, & why not Physical? The purpose of refining edible oils and fats is to remove free fatty

Balance Lite Balance Lite is a fast growing brand that has facilitated the advent of B.L. Agro in the Blended Oil segment
The Blends in Balance Lite - Their Selection & Benefits

One Indian oil that is highest in Omega 3 fatty acid and lowest in saturated fatty acids and most stable oil is none other than mustard oil. Hence, to meet our daily dietary requirements of the above selection of one of the blending components is definitely the mustard oil. The second one may be either great health oil, the Rice Bran or the soya oil. The other choices for second blending oil may be any of the following high monounsaturated fatty acid oil i.e. Groundnut, Sesame or Palmolein.

The Benefits:

Aviral Dhara - Palmolein and Mustard Oil

Aviral Dhara brand of edible oils comes with two variants – Pakki Ghani Mustard Oil and Palmolein Oil. Having gained instant acceptance in the market, the brand is on a steady growth chart. Pakki Ghani - Pakki Ghani Mustard Oil is extracted from mustard seeds by employing processing technology of oil expellers only. All the goodness of mustard oil is there in pakki ghani oils as well. The only differences lies in its pungent odour. It is made especially for those who don't like the strong smell and taste, otherwise it is as good as that of kachchi ghani oil. It contains the so desirable essential fatty acid (which the human body cannot synthesize) and in good numbers. It contains the very vital Omega 3 in highest proportion among all the edible vegetable oils (12%). And it is very high in monounsaturated fatty acid (65%) and lowest in saturated fatty acid (5%). It is therefore, rated even better then the olive oil. It also has high amounts of Vitamins A, E & K. It also has rare minerals like selenium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Nourish Delite

It is increasingly recognized now that the balanced intake of saturated mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids is essential for good health. As no single oil can supply appropriate quantities of all these in ingredients, the only alternative method available for improving balanced consumption of edible oils is to blend oils so that the people have appropriate fatty acid composition in the oil they regularly use. Various Blends Planned to be introduced through Nourish Delite Series: Mustard and Soya Oil: As the mustard oil is rich oil Omega 3 fatty acid (an essential fatty acid, which human body cannot synthesize) and very high in antioxidants content, it is prudent to blend it with the ones those are deficient in it. One such oil is Soya oil which is least stable and very low in Omega 3 fatty acid. Mustard and Rice bran Oil:



Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction is the key to success. Getting your customer to tell you what’s good about your products or services, and where you need improvement . Helps you to ensure that your business measures up to their expectations. The Attached file contains a customer

satisfaction survey form designed to help gather This important information. it was designed to make it easy for customer to fill out and to make it easy for you to quickly customize to exactly match your company activities. It also includes suggestion for distributing the form. Ensuring that customer that will return the form, and following up on comments. Here are a few principles given by S teve smith.

The goal is to exceed customer expectation. The more the employee satisfaction, the more the customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is necessary, but not sufficient how many times do

Satisfied customer switch brands? Answer, a lot. All initiative must be derived from defined problems. For instance ,

Dissatisfied customers don’t buy. That’s an example of a clear problem.

Initiative must produce either measurable or conceptual benefits. Distinguish between the two benefits types.

The plan must be clear and congruent. The plan must be resonate with the VP and at least a minority of managers who agree with the objective and initiative.

The following items amplify customer satisfaction given by Steve smith  Quality of a company’s product and services

Quality of the relationship between the co agent the




1- Increase sale of the product 2- create regular demand of the product 3- create steady demand Increase employment opportunity in the society 4 - Aims at increanng the quality of the product 5 - Reduce black marketing 6 - Maintain the goodwill of the company 7 - Aaims at quality improve meant

The main objective of the study is to know about the recruitment, advertising and sales promotion strategies adopted by BL Agro, India. The study will help to analyze the overall development of the employee’s satisfaction level & the general feeling about the various policies of the company. The survey about the employee satisfaction will help the organization to know about the overall development and satisfaction level amongst the employees about the human resource development will help the management to take necessary actions. The specific objectives of the study are: 

To know the functioning of HRD in company To get familiar with the work structure.



Scope of the work include the study of demand of B L Agro product with its competitor’s product in order to drive the clear picture of the market share of B L Agro and its competitor . It is hoped that this work will help Organization in differentiating the actual demand with standard. It will
also help the company to increase it’s market share.


1. Trade presence of B L Agro oil 2 . Customer tast & preference analyzing on the basis c of feature of product & price 3.Maketing mix analyzing 4. Channel strength analyzing

5. Schmes & discount analyzing in Bareilly W. R .F to its operating competitors 6.Impact & importance of advertisement on sale of B L Agro edible oil 7. Price mapping & analyzing8.Importance of communicating mix & Advertisement upon sale &customer prefrance



There are various number of research methods to conduct any study Research is to explore various functions of adv, which have been, adopted by the company to assess the involvement of the employees of the Organisation. Tools of Data Collection 1. Primary Source. 2. Secondary Source.  Primary Source:Primary source is the source, which is collected for the first time.

Primary source includes questionnaire, personal interview, observation, circulars etc.  Secondary Source:Secondary source is the source which is not collected for the first time like journals, books etc. To ascertaining the company profile and product study, I took the help of data published in the company journal and various other articles published in magazines.


SWOT stand for the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. The analysis of strength and weakness focuses on internal factors that give the Organization certain advantage and disadvantages in meeting the needs of its target market. This factor derived from the environmenta l analysis in the preceding portion of the market plan. This allows the organization to determine what it does well and what it needs to improve.


Strength refers to competitive advantage or distinctive competencies that give the firm an advantage in meeting the needs of its target market. Any analysis of the company strengths must be customer focused because strength are only meaningful when they assist the firm in meeting customer needs.

WEAKNESS: Weakness refers any limitation that a company might face in marketing strategy development or implementation. Weakness should also be examined from a customer prospective because customer often perceives weakness that a company cannot see. It suggests that all firms should tie their strengths and weaknesses to customer requirements. Only those strengths that relate to satisfying customer should be considered true competitive advantages. Likewise, weakness that directly affects customer satisfaction should be considered true competitive disadvantage. OPPORTUNITIES:

Opportunities refer to favorable condition in the environment that could produce reward for the organization if acted upon properly. That is, opportunities are situation that exist but must be acted upon in order to benefit the firm. THREATS: Threats refer to condition or barrier that may prevent the firm from reaching its objectives. Like opportunities, threat must be acted upon to prevent them from limiting the capability of the organization. The SWOT analysis framework has gained widespread acceptance because it is simple and a powerful tool for marketing strategy development. However, like any planning tool, SWOT is only as good as the information contain within it.

Strength Industry leader in Oil manufacturing Superior product quality. Best talent in the industry.

A bunch of qualified professionals with employee age varies to all ages. Superior understanding of the market.

Weakness Customers are less aware about new products that is used by company.



1. Are you stock edible oil?

Table-1.1 Frequenc Percent y Valid Yes 68 68.0 Valid Cumulati Percent ve Percent 68.0 68.0

No Total

32 100

32.0 100.0

32.0 100.0


2. which different brands of edible oil do you stock ?


Valid Saffola

Percent 22.0

Valid Percent 22.0

Cumulative Percent 22.0


B L Agro Mohan light Vital Total

42 24 12

420 24.0 12.0

42.0 24.0 12.0

64.0 88.0 100.0

3. what is the size of B L Agro oil packe do you more prefer to stock?


Frequency Valid

Percent 12.0 15.0 53.0 07.0 13.0 100.0

Valid Percent 12.0 15.0 53.0 07.0 13.0 100.0

Cumulative Percent 12.0 27.0 80.0 87.0 100.0

500 ml 1 lit. 5 lit. 15 lit 20 lit

12 15 53 07 13 100

4. factors affect the customer preference?


Frequency Valid Brand Price economical availability Others Total 49 12 100 17 22

Percent 17 22

Valid Percent 17 22

Cumulative Percent 17 39

49 12 100.0

49 12 100.0

88 100

The same information is presented in the form of diagrammatically as follows

5. Availability of B L Agro edible oil in the market ?


Frequency Percent Valid Percent Valid Easily available Available 43 49 43.0 49.0 43.0 49.0

Cumulative Percent 43.0 92.0

Not Available Total

8 100

8.0 100.0

8.0 100.0


The same information is presented in the form of diagrammatically as follows

6. Do you know which sales promototoinal activities does the company undertake from B L Agro oil ?

Frequency Valid Price off Credit facility 11 20

Percent 11.0 20.0

Valid Percent 11.0 20.0

Cumulative Percent 11.0 31.0

advertise ment Coupons Others Total





37 24 100

37.0 24.0 100.0

37.0 24.0 100.0

76.0 100.0

7. which schemes are available in the market at present to attract the customers?




Valid Percent

Cumulative Percent


Scratch card Lucky draw Flat discount Re sale cane Other

37 ky5 12

37.0 35.0 12.0

37.0 35.0 12.0

37.0 72.0 84.0

14 2

14.0 2.0

14.0 2.0

98.0 100.0

8.How is the consumption of edible oil in your area?


Frequency Percent

Valid Percent

Cumulative Percent


Average Good Negligible

49 39 12

49.0 39.0 12.0

49.0 39.0 12.0

49.0 48.0 100.0





9.Do you think that advertisement affects the sale of B L Agro oil ?




Valid Percent 88.0 12.0 100.0

Cumulativ e Percent 88.0 100.0


Yes No Total

88 12 100

88.0 12.0 100.0

10 .Do you think that price affect the sale of B L Agro?




Valid Percent 60.0 40.0 100.0

Cumulativ e Percent 60.0 100.0


Yes No Total

60 40 100

60.0 40.0 100.0


Do you get timely delivery of B L Agro oil ?




Valid Percent 82.0 18.0 100.0

Cumulativ e Percent 82.0 100.0


Yes No Total

82 18 100

82.0 18.0 100.0



1. Total market of B L Agro is good

2. Analysing of market sows that; • In case edible oil , B L AGRO is having less market share as compared to its other

• Vital is major competitor for B L Agro as it has good market share and is also having good brand image so it is a major threat for future of B L Agro

• case of mustered oil there is no other competitor of B L • Agro in market 3 The delivery of B L Agro oil to retalier doorstep 90% only

10% retailer do not get at their doorstep they are buying from the market


81% of retailer are satisfied with the way of B L Agro

product are delivered , 19% are not satisfied


81% retailer’s are satisfied with the quality they are selling



75% of distributer’s are satisfied with the quality of service

provided by the company

7. 85% customer are satisfied with the quality of B L Agro oil


The research carried out includes the study of demand of B L Agro product which is mainly focused to find out the data related to demand of B L Agro perduct in this study the data has been collected in a systematic order that divided whole market in various zones in order to get the separat data for separated zone The data collected is important asset for organizations it’s products so using this company can conduct various program which will help organization in improving its weak area like in supply , in sale related issues The conclusion of this topic can be derived as B L Agro is a good company and bear a good brand name but still it’s lacking in market due to cases like unequal distribution system , This project provide

me a opportunity to know the corn and real market very closely . The whole project was concerned with the data collection for B L Agroproduct and for this I had to reach each and every dealer and had to interview them regarding the actual selling of daily product at their point of selling


• B v L Agro is well established because of its distribution channel , but still in some area like oldcity ,rajendra nagar etc supply is improper which is hampering sale data

• Promotional actives of B L Agro very week as retailer get hardly any reward or gift for srlling B L Agro product while others competitor are using the tool for boosting their sale

• As many other edible oil are perishable in nature so retailer need replacement facility by company , which is not as prompt as it should be

• For increasing the sale company should reduce the price near about competitor product price

• Build up the brand image in mind of customer by advertisement or through different media channel and spread the awareness aboutn purity of the product

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