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Final Report on Coca-cola

Final Report on Coca-cola


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Individual consumers are the ultimate buyers of soft drinks. However, Coke and Pepsi's real
'buyers' have been local bottlers who are franchised -or are owned, especially in the case of
Coke- to bottle the companies' products and to whom each company sells its patented syrups
or concentrates. While Coke and Pepsi issue their franchise, these bottlers are in effect the
'conduit' through which these international cola brands get to local consumers

Through the early 1980's, Coke's domestic bottlers were typically independent family
businesses deriving from franchises issued early in the century. Pepsi had a collection of
similar franchises, plus a few large franchisees that owned many locations. Until 1980, Coke
and Pepsi were somewhat restricted in owning bottling facilities, which was viewed as a
restraint of free trade. Jimmy Carter, a Coke fan, changed that by signing legislation to allow
soft-drink companies to own bottling companies or territories, plus upholding the territorial
integrity of soft-drink franchises, shortly before he left office.

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“Project Report on Coca-Cola Company and study of customer
preference for Coca-Cola brands with reference to Coca-Cola

Also, the three most important channels for soft drinks are supermarkets, fountain sales, and
vending. In 1987, supermarkets accounted for about 40% of total U.S. soft drink industry
sales, fountain sales represented about 25%, and vending accounted for approximately 13%.
Other retailers represent the remaining percentage.

While both Coca-Cola and Pepsi distribute their bottled soft drinks through a network of
bottling companies, Coca-Cola uses its own network of wholesalers for their fountain syrup
distribution, and Pepsi distributes its fountain syrup through its bottlers.

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