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small compositions of love.
small compositions of love.

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Published by: frankzeffi on Jun 26, 2008
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www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.

com WHO DERA Ah, who had, if love were bonzinho, I would not be just running in search of love, the udder of a cow blind. the world would not be so sad, a madness, a fever infinda, bleeding tears in difficulties, the search for a mild death. would not you own, morena, so serene, so mild, why so much grief, without fault killing me, without guilt, but to your taste. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com ADVERSIDADES In the park, children laughed; In the trash, the child died; In bed, the lovers transavam; On the floor, the lover sangrava; In the sky, the sun luzia; In the alley, the shadow hid; The rape of the Virgin; The blood of the dog; The body of the mo�o; The day was Saturday; The Sunday night was; The happiness was a child; The pain, an old lame; So many gods and so many demons From such large vanity, For that reason insane Put in the world So many adversities. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com MY MOON moon, all they say pure, I not only; 're beautiful yes;

But not only love; I do that one day you consume throughout; but it also saw your eyes gold on a gypsy, I saw about a beggar, on a vagabundo, and also beijavas a murderer; Moon that I, in my loneliness is the queen; beautiful moon, sapat�o moon, baijava that Mary, Rosana, and the Rosa I loved fugida; moon, you do not namoras me, What you want, is to crowd my eyes alone. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com SWEET GAROTA

I walked without direction, mascando chewing gum, in freedom under surveillance; vaguei by alleys and avenues, underworld and madrugadas; nothing found I shall want to come back; vagabonds accepted me as one of them; madames I wanted to toy; and I never, I never felt walking with someone; and now, in that garden without flowers, I feel you, sweet girl, ado�a that my poor soul. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com ALVORECER to dawn, sing a song of glory to my love is born ... beberei the poetry and rum;

I shall blind to the suffering and I loved encerrarei in the body. in the evening, sing a song funeral, to my love that part ... derramarei tears of love betrayed, live to see the pain. then take pills to sleep. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com ROSINHA Rosinha, name of virgin of grazing; Rosinha in the field ... flower pure, beautiful girl, happy girl, flower girl. Rosinha in field was all nature; Rosinha was life, was bush; Rosinha was everything: love, dream, passion ... Rosinha in the field: bare, free, gazelle ... beautiful girl, smell of love, Rosinha sex burning, Rosinha, beautiful girl. Rosinha fled the camp; the grazing wept; has been Rosinha, has been the love; the field has been: the girl; beautiful flower. Rosinha in the city ... smell of dirty quarter; �cool of smell, smell of smoke. Rosinha ugly! ugly! Rosinha the dark night. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com ONLY IN MARCH all in one motion; loaded in invisible waves; of children girls lonely women;

of strong arms doentios to lean breasts; I will remember now, gymnasiums of life; bars of the zones; the slums, the bourgeois, escarros of the streets; of farewells ... of farewells that were not called; the words of malditas mouths; of churches, the whisper of hunger; of men of the field; of men of war; I will remember for you; now for me with a kiss and did not say the word that I still wanted; I was blind to march constant and eternal, But now raise the eye for a glimpse of light. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com PAIN from the train already vai; are four hours of life; are times get forgotten; torments are to come, expressions on the face of pain; of sorrow; of solitude; the insurgency is a right way; the bitterness dilacera; and that fera fuge; dance; shouts; the hope died in the last season; Now waiting ... only death ... www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com SENHORITA walking done crazy against time; I do not arrebento stones in the street something because I still safe; the mind vai a thousand, transforms one second

a story dreamed, perhaps I want to go, because I can go back; and if I stay espante perhaps the charm and turn this place a city of stones away ... suddenly, perplexed, away all those thoughts, because something very strong occupies all my soul ... senhorita ... as a kiss your desire, desire to touch your body, however, frightens me a thousand times, farewells in his arms, but for you, senhorita, fugirei not at risk. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com It is I NEED TO

we must learn from evil pra was well aware of; we must penetrate the black get to know the light; we must descend the well pra see if the sky; we must dream if you want to get their lives; we must live pra is love; we must give up; you must want to; we must love; we must love. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com A FLOWER

Dona death it was sickle and was up; the times of hatred and hatred fell on my chest; I have a flower; I have a smile;

a smile that never predict; But ... I have a smile E. .. I have a flower. www.novidades100.com.br www.escrevapoesia.blogspot.com SAND Greta in the sand, Greta in the wet, of liquid hot, sex burning, that produces these people, these people poorly paid. Greta in the sand, Greta in saciada, of love suddenly, the body needy, that makes these people, mad and helpless. (translate by software)

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