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Asparagus Mini AL Spring Rolls FESTIVICACIES DEL Brocoli Pakoras Jelly with Crunchy Topping Mini Crispy Samosas Stuffed Brinjals with Mushrooms and Onions Cappuccino Badam Milk ● Tulsi Tea and Cherry Mithai Coconut Peanut Barfi ● Flavoured Indian Bread Pan Fried Spicy Pomfret (Makki Sarso Puris) Dimsum Chaat ● Fish Nuggets Litchie Strawberry ● Coconut Sugary Mithai Supreme Mini Vegetable Uttapam ● Non-Vegetarian Salad
Holi is a time when guests drop by throughout the day. We bring you recipes you which allow to be prepared with snacks, main sweets and be course and popular with your guests.
By Roma Ghosh

INGREDIENTS: s roll wrapper 6-8 spring oil for frying


For the filling: asparagus 3-4 sticks of cabbage 1 cup grated mushrooms 1 cup chopped powder 1 tsp of oregano and the spices. stir-fry for another powder 1/ tsp of basil Continue to water 2 sauce Once all the 1/ tsp of soya 2-3 minutes. ted from the 2 oil evapora 2 tsp of olive onions chopped has keep aside. vegetables, 2-3 tsp of spring portions one of the white Carefull y remove and cut this rolls - green and mini spring wrappers Asparagus easily. spring roll can handle into sizes you make small spring It is good to these you can serve into rolls so that having to cut whole without

sauce - or of red chilli 2 tsp taste more as per Cut the METHOD the filling: To prepare pieces and into 3 inch asparagus water. Put into boiling the drop these and allow off the heat the water to remain in the asparagus Drain out all for 3-4 minutes. asparagus into and cut the water and keep aside. the small pieces oil and add Heat the minute. stir-fry for 1 cabbage and of the vegetables rest Mix in the


in pieces. of the filling and Place a portion wrapper pieces each of the both the sides and first wrap from into a mini-siz ed then roll over

INGREDIENTS: 1 large brinjal frying oil for deep taste METHOD filling by heating salt to Prepare the mashed For the filling: adding the ms the oil and with the spices. 200 gm of mushroo potatoes together and keep 1 cup of sliced onions 2-3 minutes Stir-fry for 3 tsp of oil salt 1/ aside. of haldi powder the maida, 2 tsp Sift together with your 1 tsp of jeera powder the ghee r powder and mix in breadcrumbs. 1 tbsp of coriande into fingers to resemble to knead 1 large tomato – chopped water dough Add just enough INGREDIENTS: florets Divide the pieces brocolli into a dough. out each 2 green chillies – chopped 300 gm of portions. Roll into 12-14 chapatti. salt to taste pepper powder a very thin frying from portion into oil for deep D broad strips Cut 3 inches so as to get 2-3 METHO brinjal into two halves salt to taste Cut the portion each chapatti up one strip at a out the centre a Pick For the batter: and scoop such strips. so as to havebe 2 cups of besan in of the brinjals which can time. of the filling -out brinjal 2 tsp of oil powder Place a portion roll over scooped Sprinkle salt and keep of red chilli the strip and all 1 tsp or less that the stuffed. 5 minutes. Drain out the centre of 3-4 times so salt to taste fry the ar aside for the filling for a triangul and deep into final product is the water one at a METHOD broccol i with various out brinjals till both Break the discard shaped samosa from the scooped once or twice florets and Prepare samosa another time, turning Fry both medium-sized salt and pepper layers. fried well. Roll out the sides are the stalk. Sprinkle for 10 minutes. different strips. way. Remove cut into strips pieces in this keep aside and again the and portion layered samosas and keep aside. the water. and on for the and prepare the Drain out all Heat the oil ingredients Heat oil and a and For the filling: Mix all the half cups in this way. ms, onions one and a fry the samosas are fry the mushroo till most of the batter. Add and mix medium heat that these a little more your few at a time so tomatoes together ted. Add the of water or Mix well with brown. water is evapora low fire for 2-3 into the besan. a smooth flowing crispy and golden cook on -out spices and fingers to obtain for deep the scooped enough oil minutes . Fill stuffing and then samosas batter. Heat florets into Mini crispy this each of the just brinjals with frying. Dip fry in oil, a in the oven and deep are place the brinjals before you are this batter just till the pakoras for heating few at a time and crispy. ready to serve. golden brown

oil for frying salt to taste For the filling: mashed potatoes 3-4 boiled n 1/ tsp of cinnamo 2 3-4 tsp of oil – carom seeds 1/ tsp of ajwain 4 salt to taste


spring roll. pan-fry the You can either pan or on a non-stick Serve spring rolls in hot oil. deep fry theseinto small pieces. the without cutting You can keep and Optiona l: long to 3-4 inches roll asparagus in every spring us use one piece asparag cutting the instead of into small pieces.

INGREDIENTS: 200 gm maida ghee 100 gm of

INGRED milk 100 ml of hot


Woman’s Era

March (First)


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But the recent developments prove that one has to pay with his life if one wishes to use this Right. have led to recovery of some dangerous narcotics like LSD. It reveals that narcotic drugs have spread their tentacles among the youth and are essential feature of youth parties called rave parties. Corruption is a serious malady in India. which de facto implement a scheme at ground level. And it is just the tip of the iceberg. Increasing use of narcotics in rave parties is also an indication that drug peddlers are having a good time and a flourishing business in the country. But all this comes at a price – a price that our youth have to pay with their time and health. Lately. it is anybody’s guess how much difficult it is to fight corruption in this country despite having a potent letters@womansera. But youth try these drugs regularly in rave parties. News of threatening such persons. especially the Narcotic Bureau. So the situation warrants strict vigilance from enforcement agencies. 24x7 work culture demands that the work is to be done in shifts. There is also news that the State Government is mulling a proposal to amend the RTI Act in the state. in such a scenario. Murder of two RTI activists indicates that all is not well in Bihar – and in Maharashtra also – which is bragging of achieving unprecedented growth rate. Speed and even Cocaine. The addiction will very soon drain out their mental and physical capabilities. The police action has led to some startling exposures.EDITORIAL DRUGS ENGULFING YOUTH RIGHT TO KILL O ver the years. service sector has grown substantially in terms of providing better services and satisfaction to the customers. working late night and beyond physical capacity has become the order of the day. Hardly five to ten percent money reaches to the target audience. They are caught for consuming them. venues of rave parties. As such. S hashidhar Mishra of Begusarai. They are terming this murder a consequence of some old feuds of the activist. As such. There is nothing wrong in enjoying the goodies of life earned through hard work. Often they are forced into false legal cases. Rao in possession of a narcotic substance ephedrine shows that even celebrities are being caught in drug nuisance. which should have shown the courage to provide all the relevant information under RTI and made it stronger. But Bihar has surpassed all other states in this regard. Funds allocated for developmental works are diverted elsewhere. are common from all over the country. 5 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Bihar is the second person after Satish Shetty of Pune to have lost his life under Right to Information (RTI) Act. But the problem arises when these same hard-working youth begin to use narcotic drugs in their parties unaware of their serious consequences. After such a tiring work schedules. Panchayats and Block Development Offices are the last rungs. its move will render the RTI ineffective. Right to Information. Police raids on pubs and tents. His murder also indicates that all the tall claims made by the State Government of providing security to whistle blowers are hollow. he had become a bone of contention for the players indulged in the game of corruption. Ravers disclose that they procure these substances from Goa. but the big fish always evade interrogation. 24x7 is the new work funda of the modern corporate world. But the present day youth have an easy access to these drugs. His ‘crime’ was just that he had used this Right in order to expose the deeds of corrupt officials. especially in metros. What is more alarming is the fact that even the Police department is taking the matter very lightly. In the context of Bihar. who are using RTI. But exactly opposite is happening and people are being scared off or harassed in some other ways. as narcotic substances travel a long way within the country without any interruption. If the Government succeeds in its intention. work culture has changed completely in Indian cities. it is but natural for the youth to be indulged in partying and merry making in order to relax their crying nerves. Drugs very soon make a person addict even if tried for once only. Arrest of Tollywood film producer K. Needless to say. can empower the masses. RTI has provided a potent tool into the hands of the whistle blowers to challenge the claims of the government. Such disclosures put a serious question mark on the efficiency of our enforcement We tool in hands. Shashidhar had come to be known as ‘Khabarilal’ because of his using RTI and thus exposing the bureaucratic scams.V. Hyderabad Police has busted a drug racket in the city. Recently. Otherwise. it is a bitter reality that corruption has spread at all levels and in all spheres. Use of narcotic substances is a crime in the country.

By Praney Deb HE YOUR DREAM MAN S o you've been dating a man for a few months. and speaks with respect to his mom. If he . nobody can tell you if someone is the person you are to share the rest of your life with.. but here are the signs that will tell you that he is your dream man. Now. as things begin to become more serious. You have many things in common. you might wonder if he is actually “the one”.. chances are he’ll treat you with respect as well. polite and opens doors for you and stands aside to let you through first. He respects women: Okay. well mannered. so it's best to get it out of the way first.IS Measures of a man in a girl’s future. you love his company and. If he's respectful. this is a no-brainer. Is this him? Is this the dream man you've been waiting for all your life. If he talks nicely to your mom. he’s got class and comes from a good family.


give him his marching orders. A man who has a great relationship with his family is a man who has great family values. then he’s the real deal. shouts at his sister. He is happy to hear your voice. And while every family has ups and downs. with no pretence. Google him: We don't encourage spying but once you know his name it is kind of hard not to google him. all of us are nice to our superiors. It’s great to be wanted and he can’t hide how he feels about you. he’s a keeper. He gets along with your friends: If he enjoys your friends’ company. He is not a show-off: He doesn’t mention that his watch is a Rolex. it’s true. then it’s probably better to let him go. then he’s worth considering. A man who has a sound relationship with his family and friends reveals he has good family values and the potential to be an excellent husband and father. and his face lights up when he sees you. seeing your man stand tall and be supportive of his family is a good sign he’s one to hang on to. he truly enjoys you as a person and as a mate. If your man knows how to dress without you interfering. If he remembers what he promised in the heat of the moment. The guy who considers himself above the taxi driver or doorman may soon act like he's better than you (or your profession or your family). . Do this early. A MAN WHO HAS A GREAT RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS FAMILY IS A MAN WHO HAS GREAT FAMILY VALUES. If your man only requests you to sit in the same room with him while he reads or finishes work just because you brighten his day. because he will do the same for you. There is nothing worse in the world than having to dress your man and yourself for a night out. but use your own judgement and do not believe everything you read on the Internet.orders his mother around. and salivates at every passing skirt. then book yourself into the nearest mental hospital if you let him go. If he can coordinate his outfit and look great next to you – is that a dream or what? He loves being with you: Every woman needs a man who actually enjoys her presence. He knows how to dress: Every woman knows that a man who can dress is a man who is looking to impress. If he simply lights up the moment he sees you or hears your voice. his facebook friends. And because your friends know you so well they will gauge him on their own and pass their own judgement. Or that he made a killing in the real-estate market. He treats everyone nicely: Let's face it. Ever heard the saying that if you see how a man treats his mother you will know how he will treat you? Well. But it takes someone special to be nice to a person who is below their station in life and to whom they need not be nice. swears at his ex. get an e-mail from you when he’s at work. admit it. even if that means heading to the mall to ponder the sales. if he showers too much attention on your hottie friends and ignores your nottie friends. There is nothing worse than being with someone who always finds excuses not to hang out with you and your friends. and whether he has any harassment or stalking charges against him. it is a good sign that he's a definite keeper. Guys who talk about how much things cost. Plus. If he goes beyond and above the call of duty to carry out a promise. I mean really enjoys their company. you’ll always feel mortified about his bad manners. His relationship with his family can clue you into what family life would be like with him in the future. He really wants to be with you to share time and experiences with you. you must keep him. This is truly one of the best things you can ever have in a relationship. Or how much his Mercedes set him back. whether you like it or not. Of course. Lucky you! He has a solid relationship with his family: Finding a man who has a great relationship with his family is priceless. so there are no surprises later. especially to a FINDING A MAN WHO HAS A GREAT RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS FAMILY IS PRICELESS. Just typing in his name can tell you a few things about him – the school he passed out from. He keeps promises: If he keeps appointments and keeps promises.

He will be emotionally available to you because he trusts you and he loves you. He won’t get upset if you tell him you think Salman Khan is sexy (and you shouldn’t when he says he thinks Sonam Kapoor is sexy!). girl. If he’s not the type to blame others. doesn’t mean he’ll lavish it on his girlfriend. If your man is confident enough to not get upset if you mention a celebrity is good looking or sexy. C'mon. a man who will fight against all odds. insecure and definitely not dream men. he is all man when it really counts. This shows he has the character and ability to handle emergencies like paying the massive shopping bills you're about to surprise him with. he has to make you feel like a million bucks. Believe it. He is confident: If you have a confident man. nobody does. He’s not afraid to tell you exactly how he feels. In fact. They use money as a hook to catch women. He makes you feel fabulous: Finally. But you’re not landed that easily. well-rounded person who will be more interesting to hang out with. right? Just because a guy spends a lot of money on himself. you want a man with spirit. . you have found a great man. take responsibility. That's not what we mean. is a great catch. and basically stay out of trouble. he is a dream not to be woken up from. IF YOU HAVE A CONFIDENT MAN. then this is the dream man you've been waiting for all your life. that’s a real dream man! He is responsible: While every man has a bit of the "boy" in him. he is a definite dream. Now. all said and done. A man who loves winning but doesn't mind losing sometimes too. Work he's passionate about. He knows you love him and is confident about the strength of your relationship. THERE IS NO REASON YOU SHOULD GIVE HIM THE BOOT. if he is the one who arranges the dreamy romantic date and if he is the one who always makes up. or circumstances for life situations. He is your prince charming. He has a life of his own: Although you would love him to be available for each of your fancies it will get boring if all he does is hang about you all the time. if he accepts accountability for his actions and is willing to self-examine. like a princess even in your saggy sweatpants. your knight in shining armour. If he's still picking you up at the airport after two years. He knows that you say these things because you are honest and he’s confident of your love for him. say. hobbies that keep him engaged.manage finances. are basically insecure. he is a good man. Most good men know how to keep a job. there is no reason you should give him the boot. A dream man with a dream personality – who's complaining? He is a good loser: Of course you don't want a loser. But he shouldn't get all grumpy when he loses a game of caromboard. A man who is confident in his own skin and who can express who he is and how he feels without worrying about what anyone thinks. friends and family he cares about make him an interesting. Guys who price-drop and name-drop are shallow. people who have to tell you the price of everything are often cheap. If your man can understand that you can "see and not touch" another man. If your man can do this without your help. grow personally and if you can trust him with your dog for a weekend while you are out of town with your girlfriends. because you are the luckiest girl in We the world! virtual stranger.



Young as I was. I think of the suicide deaths of people whom I know. I did not realise the seriousness of the situation till we heard of Sumathi’s death. . The next day I remember narrating the incident at school (where our medium of instruction was Tamil). By Jency Samuel 12 Woman’s Era ● LIVE I DIE March (First) 2010 was nine years old when Sumathi. Then I learnt of the death of a disabled person whom I had interviewed for an article. And they had been searching for him throughout the locality for three days. This happened in Devakottai. Whenever I read about suicides in the dailies. a teenaged neighbour. a small town in Tamil Nadu in the’70. had immolated herself for the simple reason that her father had scolded her. sort of showing off that I had learnt a new word. A neighbour’s son had hanged himself in a thatched shed on the terrace of their house. repeating the word ‘suicide’ as many times as I could.THE WISH TO AND AN URGE TO It’s a huge internal conflict of the depressed.


Jagadeeswari's mother scolded her because she had dropped out of college and also did not want to work. Somasekar. fearing conviction. The rate is the number of suicides that take place in a population of 100. And generally through their words or actions.He had the spirit to achieve in spite of his lack of education and his disability. it is usually not just a single reason that drives people to suicide. Sankaranarayanan. There have been countless others. Lower serotonin levels lead to depression. V.” Those are not the words of advice of a counseller. former Director of SNEHA. picking up the acid bottle. They have the wish to live and also an urge to die. I still remember the way my colleague and her husband joked and laughed at my wedding reception. I'm never allowed to relax. While the worldwide suicide rate is 16. When there is a conflict. There is nothing that is common to those who commit suicide. FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES AND FAILED LOVE BEING THE MOST COMMON ONES. says that they get patients who have survived . My siblings fare better than me. "Those with suicidal thoughts want someone to listen. But suicide is a problem that can be prevented. in the case of students. The 22year-old has come to this realisation during her recuperation. The doctors give that as the reason why one needs to get medical attention as soon as one gets depressed. say doctors. the suicide rate worldwide has increased by 60 per cent in the last 45 years. as they had been booked for driving his parents to suicide. After Sanjay's brother committed suicide. teachers or spouse. TERMINAL ILLNESSES. A diamond merchant and his family resorted to the extreme step. the suicidal thought would have persisted for a while. And now even my spouse is angry with me.” Or. A newly-married girl committed suicide because her visa application to join her husband was rejected. The reasons for suicides are as varied as can be: failure in exams. Read a book. They say the thought process is something like: “My boss finds faults with me. they indicate that they are depressed. a few months after theirs. They are ambivalent during that critical period of time when they are depressed. a suicide prevention centre in Chennai. Go to a place of meditation and pour out your trouble to a good listener. The insensitive words (which are too harsh and insensitive to be printed) of his father had Narendra- SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY In 2003. Encompassing a broad spectrum of society. “I can't measure up to the expectations of my teachers. Talk to friends or family members. But. I learnt that he had taken his life because of a failed relationship. The antidepressants prescribed by doctors regulate the serotonin levels. Though the rate in India remains almost the same. Words or the lack of them appear to be the reason for many a suicide. the number of suicides is on the rise. go out and do something.000. terminal illnesses.” The reasons pile on one another leading to depression. Most of us have had to face suicidal deaths in our families or that of acquaintances. Dr D. attributes most of the problems to lack of communication. THE REASONS FOR SUICIDES ARE AS VARIED AS CAN BE: FAILURE IN EXAMS. Then I did not hear from him. emphasise experts. TEACHERS OR SPOUSE. angry words from parents. a student of standard ten. Even my mother calls me useless. S. at some point while feeling low. Sanjay learnt that his brother had been telling a colleague that nothing was worth living for. former superintendent of Royapettah Government Hospital. they opt either for life or death. And thoughts of suicide would have crossed the minds of many of us. according to whichever feeling is predominant at that moment.” says Sankaranarayanan. But the most disturbing had been the death of a colleague’s husband. ANGRY WORDS FROM PARENTS. According to WHO and the Inter national Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). but that of Jagadeeswari. It was a simple argument that resulted in his death. "Though suicide is an impulsive decision taken on the spur of the moment. kumar. P. Later. in India it hovers between 10 and 11. Why do people feel suicidal? Serotonin is a chemical messenger that transmits signals between nerve cells.” When U. financial difficulties and failed love being the most common ones. The level of serotonin is responsible for our mood swings. she consumed acid. the World Health Organisation declared 10 September as Suicide Prevention Day. There has also been the strange case of a Chennai astrologer committing suicide after predicting his death for the following day. according to experts. it includes the educated and the uneducated. He kept in touch asking for advice once in a while. "When you feel depressed or angry. Talking will iron out most of the problems.

poisoning, partial hanging and selfimmolation. While those in the lower economic strata consume acid or immolate themselves, those at the other end of the social spectrum resort to an overdose of pills or hanging, he adds. And what kind of an effect does suicide have on family and friends, especially of those 'completed' suicides? The list of survivors are not just the ones who attempted to take their lives. It includes the family members who have to grapple with the death of a loved one. Or the unconnected ones like an engine driver when someone chooses a railway track to take away his or her life. Sathish went into depression after his neighbour’s suicide. Sathish had been talking to his neighbour till 11.30 pm at night. When the neighbour suddenly woke up at 3 am and looked out of the window, he could see the same person hanging from the fan. In most cases the surviving family is left with a feeling of guilt. Raman, always shows those who visit him, the place where his brother breathed his last. "He died just because the girl's parents did not agree to the match. Had they found a good match for her, I'd have been consoled to some extent. That was not to be. The girl is not at all happy.” Even after 20 years, his brother's suicide rankles him. Sumathy is still haunted by guilt and at times anger, since her

husband took his life after the two had an argument. Unlike other survivors who attempted suicide, Jagadeeswari and Narendra Kumar would suffer for a long time. "The acid damages the food pipe badly. Any ulcer leaves a scar. Here, when the scarring process starts, the food pipe gets constricted and at one point of time they are even unable to swallow saliva. This can only be remedied by reconstructive surgery,” says Dr Chandramohan, gastroen terologist of Royapettah Government Hospital.

Rajan of Zeal, well known for his personality development training programmes is a survivor in both senses. He had attempted to take his life as a student because of a relationship which had gone sour. "Anger spurs you on. 'You made me feel miserable; I'll make you feel the same through my death,’ was the thought at that moment,” he recalls. "Work towards your purpose and not towards your problems, to banish suicidal thoughts,” he advises. Though he had come to this realisation, he could not prevent his mother and brother from taking the extreme step. "I felt very guilty when my mother took her life. Once when she confessed that she had made a mistake, I went all out at her instead of consoling her. Having been


widowed young, I was her only emotional support and she could not take my angry words. If I'd accepted her, had told her that it was human to err, she might not have resorted to it. Her confession was a sign that she was on the brink and I failed to realise it.” While there are support groups abroad to help and counsel survivors, the idea has not caught on here. Though SNEHA played a role in forming three such self-help groups in 2004, it is not known if they still function. The reason is that suicide is perceived as a personal problem; as an escape route of the cowardly, hence having a stigma attached to it. Sankaranarayanan, who presently contributes his time to Befrienders India as well, counters all of them. He says, "Suicide is a multidimensional problem. Of all suicides, 23 per cent are due to family problems and family problems are social problems. Depressed people see it as an option and not as a solution. The most important thing is that it takes a lot of courage to do away with your life. It is neither a courageous act nor a cowardly act, but an emotional cry for help.” Jagadeeswari breaks down when she talks of the pain she caused herself and her parents, but recovers quickly. She had shared her story as a sort of 'thank you' to Dr Chandramohan, who helped her heal not only physically but psychologically as well. When he told her of the purpose of the interview and asked if her name could be used she boldly says, "Please use my name. Let my story serve as an eyeopener for at least a few people.” "Accept people as they are," says Rajan as a solution to the problem. One can help others by watching for the symptoms, say experts. These include the person being withdrawn or talking of loneliness, worthlessness and death. Or if we undergo the symptoms, we can seek help. (see box). "If you Care, then there won't be any need for organisations like SNEHA,” says Sankaranarayanan. In other words: Care, accept, respect and empathise. 15

Woman’s Era

March (First) 2010

and make the healthier food choices and buy foods with less sugar and fat content. – Alma Letic. don't cut on your sleep to finish other things.snehaindia.O. Road Secunderabad – 500003 Andhra Pradesh Phone: 9166202000 e-mail: help@roshnihyd. when you went back to your previous eating habits. ROSHNI 1-8-303/48/21 Kalavathy Nivas.Santigram Changampuzha Nagar (P. between meals. In that way you keep your metabolism working and prevent overeating at the next SUMAITRI 1 Bhagwandas Lane Aradhana Hostel Complex Basement New Delhi – 110 001 Website: www.maithrikochi. A. ● Always start the day with breakfast. Ambedkar Road. Woman’s Era ● aybe you have no problem maintaining your ideal body weight or you belong to the larger group of women who struggle every day to keep the extra weight off. Then you are more likely to buy exactly what you need. It is the best to go buying foods after a meal. Next to Lal Baug Police Chowky Dr B.mpa. That will give your brain and body much-needed energy for starting with the day’s activities and get your metabolism running. so you will feel full sooner with less food eaten. Commerce College Road Navrangpura – 380 006 Ahmedabad. ● And. Ernakulam PIN – 682033 Kochi. Maybe you have tried many diets but they didn't work or they worked to some extent but.htm AASRA 104. That could be as simple as walking with moderate pace. The following living and eating practices will help you to maintain a healthy body weight. It takes about 20 minutes for the satiety impulse to arrive in the ● Eat small meals every two to three SAHAI 47 Pottery Road Frazer Town.) Kalamassery. K Road. Sector 16 Koparkhairane Navi Mumbai .org. That will maintain proper nutrient exchange and also a faster cleaning of harmful by-products of cell metabolism out of the body.aasra.sumaitri. P. ● Don't skip meals as you are about to overeat at the next THE SAMARITANS C/o Lowjee Wadia Trust Riddhi Siddhi CHS. Go for six to eight glasses a day. Active metabolism means burning more calories. preferably shortly ● Try to start the main meal of the day with a heart-healthy vegetable JEEVAN C/o Maharashtra Hithari SAATH B12 Nilamber Complex H.lifelinekolkata. Gujarat Phone: 91 79 2630 5544 and 91 79 2630 0222 MAITHRI – Cochin ICTA . last but not LIFELINE FOUNDATION 17/1A Alipore Road Sarat Bose Road Kolkata – 700 027 West Bengal Phone: 91 33 24637401/7432 and 91 33 2474 5886 and 2474 5255 Website: www. ● Drink plenty of water throughout the day.400 012 Maharashtra Phone: +91-22-32473267 Website: www. Puram Chennai – 600 028 Tamil Nadu Phone: 91 (0) 44 2464 0050 and 91 (0) 44 2464 0060 Website: www. ● Do some kind of exercise for at least 30 minutes every Email :reach@lifelinekolkata.400 701 Maharashtra Phone: 91 22 2754 6669 Website: www. In this way the nutrients in the soup will help with digestion. Sindhi Colony. ● Have your last meal of the day at least three hours before going to bed. and the consumed amount of liquid will satisfy a part of your stomach. Sunrise Arcade Plot 100. ● Never go grocery shopping SNEHA 11 Park View Road (Near Chennai Kaliappa Hospital) R. Parel Mumbai .maitreyi. you gained weight back. com/ health/samarita. L. Jamshedpur – 831 001 Phone: 0657-6453841 We M 10 ways to keep the Healthy Body Weight without Diet after a main meal of the day. Kerala Phone: 91 (0)484 2540530 Website: www. 18 March (First) 2010 . ● Eat slowly. mumbainet. Bangalore – 560 005 Karnataka Phone: 2549 7777 Website: www.SUICIDE PREVENTION COUNSELLING CENTRES MAITREYI 255 Thyagumudali Street Pondicherry – 605001 Phone: 91-413-233 9999 Website: www. Chewing the food well will also help digestion. Email: help@snehaindia.


take five tablespoons of fuller’s earth (multani mitti). Is there a simple list of how to use them for maximum benefit? When using the ready-made variety. I get them steamed in a salon but they appear in no time. What can I do to make my lipstick last longer? You might benefit from selecting the longer lasting lipstick – these are often matte and not glossy. Whatever I do my kajal bleeds and comes onto my cheeks. and that it is not for a specific skin type which is not yours. not just touched up in the centre. BEAUTY QUERIES Readers are invited to send their beauty problems and questions regarding face. Also. My lipstick tends to fade in no time. Generally. Adding buttermilk rather than water should give you better results. Mix these oils with evening primrose oil or another base to make your own natural anti-wrinkle lotion. blot gently. Or opt for surma which is powderbased. I want to prepare a suitable face pack. you could even seal it in with eyeliner. written legibly or typed on white paper. I used to do it when I lived in Canada and it was not a problem. rose jasmine. Alternatively. Apply a moisturiser afterwards.QA & My question is about what cream producers say about method of using exfoliators. Yes. With circular motions use the facial exfoliator. Who will guide me about the best results and where to get it done? Botox fillers seem to become more and more popular but two things you must know are that it is not a permanent solution and it would need to be redone within 4 to 6 months time. bronzing powder is used to give a defined sculpted look to the apples of the cheeks and the shimmer powder should only be used on top of the cheekbones. Alter natively. Apply a very light dusting powder and apply a final coat of lipstick. to: We are a group of five friends and we meet once a week. use an exfoliator that is specifically designed for the face and not a body scrub. Do remember that when it fades. are good for all skin types. I have ugly blackheads on my nose and on the side of the nose. do check out the instructions. Womansera. After using the exfoliator. Apply lipstick. Use a loofah or exfoliating gloves while using the facial exfoliator. E-3. Also. so we can all enjoy the same thing when we meet at my house. For five faces. rosewood. Address your letters. You cannot expect Angelina Jolie mouth if you have very thin lips. the whole thing needs to be reapplied. Secondly. fill in with strokes of lip pencil. What can I do to appear better? Blackheads are largely dirt that accumulates in our pores which is not removed. there are face packs which Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 WOMAN'S ERA. New Delhi-110055. add water and rub over the affected area daily. So regular exfoliation should reduce the occurrence and remove the surface grime. When exfoliating your face. I love wearing the natural kajal in the eyes and don’t understand why this is happening. yes. There are some lighter formulations available in the market. Can I do this at home? In principle. For all skin types. use a base of cocoa butter and add neroli. you could wipe your nose with ice-cold water before going out and that should minimise your pores. Apply on the face for 20 minutes and wash with cool water. Try a more dry version. geranium. skin. Jhandewala Estate. 20 I want to get Botox fillers to get a fuller lip-look. you could even use mashed banana. the person doing it must be qualified to do it and must inform you of the effect you can expect. If there is any leftover you could use it on the neck. What should I do? If you have always used the same product which is now bleeding it must be the weather change. To make a natural anti-wrinkle cream for the eyes. eyes etc to this column. Take rice and oatmeal powder in equal . Some essential oils that can reduce lines and wrinkles are sandalwood. Avoid the eye area. it is best to wet your face before exfoliating. What is the difference between glimm er/ shimmer powder and bronzing powder and how to use it on the cheeks? The difference is in the lightreflecting shine of the products. Another trick that works most of the time is powdering and layering – draw the outline with a liner. rinse with warm water. Maybe your kajal pencil is oil-based. neroli and frankincense. Q & A My beautician says she uses essential oil in anti-wrinkle treatment. complexion. hair. most self-made treatments that are not from a known company can be made at home but fine-tuning the ratio might take some time and practice. Add five tablespoons of honey and five table spoons of mashed papaya.


Durai’s She is doing her doctorate in clinical psychology. Dad. he did not have the mind to continue with beat. not now. It was just seven in the morning. Mom need not know he came home from work every day.STORY SHORT Sexual Favours for a Signature A TV director’s real-life drama. He had one eye on the newspaper and another on the door of Kunthavai’s TV serials. Durai. he ended the meet. Was telling that she had the garden French window in the drawing room.. Durai Kunthavai’s prelude served only to get him “No. Without That was his usual question whenever “Not so loud. beautiful daughter family soaps.. Durai to discuss something so badly with you. But.. “No.” room.. darling? Is it field. that bland press meet. She was restlessly waiting walked into she walked into the garden through the large for you till now. Name..” “What happened. waiting for about it. She tried to reach you in your mobile. I will talk to her first and questions with a kind of extreme confidence then go out. Did not even eat daughter.” celebrity who was answering all the earlier “I do. who commanded a reputation and had earnings Kunthavai too reciprocated his smile. “Only a daughter. He was an expert in making people cry with his hen he saw his tall. I am being insipid question. Okay?” out what she wants. let’s go and find drawing get worked up on this..” The celebrity. that she is damn tired. a trap. His serials enjoyed the highest TRP rating room. started issuing commands to his deputies.. Kunthavai’s face fell. “Ush!” Kunthavai placed her finger on her “What’s she doing?” lips. After answering another dad. from the kitchen. consent she Without waiting for her father’s consent “Sleeping. threatened. Why can’t you discuss that tomorrow bout your children. “Dad. Kunthavai. you have to control yourself. She is everything to me. he was all smiles.!” “Kunthavai. Why don’t we go to the garden and There was a marked concern in his her father’s talk?” wife’s voice. about the Honda car I promised you last month? Or A private TV channel had organised a felicitation shall we go ahead and buy that diamond jewellery for Durai and he was attending a press meet which we saw in Prince Jewellery two days back?” immediately afterwards. She has been telling me followed his worked up faster.. dad. The shooting schedule.” window in the “Dad. a much-wanted man in the industry walking out of the room. By Varalotti Rengasamy A fast asleep. dad. Mr Durai?” a young morning? Hope you do not have an early morning reporter asked the celebrity furtively.. This is something serious. large French Kunthavai started to talk in a whisper. Come..” bordering on arrogance.. was an acclaimed director of impatience was obvious. Don’t “Cut that stuff. through the followed his daughter. which were the envy of his counterparts in the cine “You wanted to talk with your dad. kind of.. in the State. in another two months I will finish her dinner. I am in a .... my dear?” Durai tossed the In response to Durai’s frantic call his wife came newspaper to the floor and stood up. with her eyes pointing to the kitchen. But it can wait. dad. Durai’s heart skipped a Once thoughts about his only daughter came flowing in. now lowered his Durai punched some numbers on his mobile and voice and told her softly.. Kunthavai. Has gone to bed and is now W 22 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 ...

my dear.. my dear.” “Good news. But. wants me.. Will a hundred thousand be okay.. I will tear him to pieces. What the hell is he thinking? “I don’t even need to go.. “That’s more than enough for me. if he had done something similar in an Arab country. let’s not get into any kind of violence.. why. three times the amount he normally gets from the other students. I will spit my heart out. But.” D urai was picking up bits and pieces from the dialogues he wrote for the last episode of his popular serial. came running to them. interview me and award me the doctorate. at a hotel in. girl. He opened it to check if it had enough bullets in it.. Then you will be caught in a criminal case..” Durai froze in his place. dad.. Mahabalipuram. He did not tell Kunthavai about his carrying a weapon. “He guided me on how I should do the research. to stay.. My guide should read my thesis and should write a few good words about it and sign it.. What’s the problem?” “Please wait. isn’t it?” “Why should you have doubt on that. the CM’s special cell. a shivering Kunthavai almost whispered to her father. After what seemed to be an eternity. now.” “Bastard! Scoundrel! Loafer! Leave him to me..” “Come on. I will kill him right away. “What the hell does he want?” “He wants me.” “Phew! That’s nothing to worry about.. His guidance has been really valuable. dear. And whenever I got stuck. for a night.” she said. With just one call I can have my men finish him in no time... what kind of torture will it be for them? As a professor. You know the academic system. Well. a Honda Accord. is. please.” Durai checked himself mid-sentence.. “If he asks a student like this and if the student’s parents come to know. “Dad.. Both the father and the daughter came out to the portico at the same time. dad? What that fellow has done is wrong. Then they will examine that. In my presence you lift that fellow up by his shirt collar and ask him how dare he talk like that to your daughter. dad! It’s not the money. It is something else. “What do you think. A driver who was standing nearby. dad.. Even if I don’t get my PhD. he. Professor Balakrishnan is my guide.. his punishment would be. I am going to make a petition to the DIG of police.. darling?” “Oh. The moment Durai was alone he went to his iron safe hidden inside his wardrobe and pulled out a revolver.. Make it fast.. Kunthavai got into the passenger seat and soon they were on the main road. He helped me in the choice of the subject. He clicked it closed and put it inside his jacket.. cool it.” “But now he has named a price for endorsing my thesis. Kunthavai was too shocked to respond. “His house is at Velachery. Kunthavai. Durai waved him aside and jumped into the largest of the cars parked in his driveway. I am very proud of you.. When in Rome do as the Romans do! How much does he expect? I will pay him double. Then only will it be taken up for assessment.. this is pretty serious..” “Give me a minute to change my dress. And if he is trying to misbehave with you. but. dad. should he not know that?” Kunthavai was now fanning the fire in her father’s heart.. Will you just listen to me? “Please come with me to that rascal’s house..” Kunthavai also went to change.. it does not matter.. 23 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . with him. the CBCID. he was there to help. Durai impulsively felt the weapon in his studies. You drag for one more minute. Kunthavai? You should be his daughter’s age.. Durai was going at breakneck speed.” “So what?” “Cool it.

He signalled to her that he would do as bidden. dad. Durai stopped her. dad. He has been treating me like his daughter.” “Oh. Durai started the vehicle and attempted to make a U-turn to go back to their house. She is exactly my age.” “And you know the irony of the situation?” she paused. And you know better. the popular TV director who had made millions of viewers cry every week. this is not the TV serial you are directing. If you do not agree to this. This will be the last time you will be seeing your only daughter. This is real life. You know what I did. The vehicles in the rear started to sound their horns. have a good look at me. nothing but the bitter. that Professor Balakrishnan has a heart of gold. It’s true. “She went for an audition yesterday. The car skidded to a halt. “Does he have a daughter?” “Yes. Kunthavai?” “Yes.” “But you know. dad?” “I am sorry. We are going to Professor Balakrishnan’s house. He held Kunthavai’s hand tight. She ran away from the scene in tears. Durai wore a puzzled look. that someone should ask the same question to his daughter. dad?” demanded sexual favours for an acting role was none other than my wonderful father. because you have been suffering the same hell for the past one hour. Listen to me. she would get a role in the next serial. He calmly told his daughter that she had to keep away from those places if she wanted to be good. I just lied to make you understand the gravity of your crime. dad. dad. A rogue has asked his daughter the same question. Is it not funny. “What the hell are you talking.” “What are you saying. “Never has he crossed his limits. dad. But he should have suffered a real hell inside. The famous TV director who used to teach his actors and actresses how to cry. dad. “This man has got his punishment even before he committed the crime. her father did not jump in anger like you did. She was sad and was about to leave the place. was now weeping shamefully.” “Dad. Kunthavai?” “Truth. “In my view. Uncomfortable silence reigned for a while. And his daughter should come crying to him as I have come to you. He was focussing on a dust particle in the floor mat of the car. dad.” “Dad. He was too emotional to speak. Goodbye. “One of the director’s assistants came running to her. Professor Balakrishnan’s daughter wanted to act in TV serials. I won’t let this happen again.” For the first time. “What are you doing. where the villain gets reformed in a single line of dialogue and some pleasant background music.” Kunthavai tried to get down from the car.Kunthavai continued to inflame him even more. harsh truth. We Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Kunthavai. The director shot her from various angles and finally told her that she was not good enough. On many nights we have been alone in his room working on my thesis. Durai swerved the car to the left and looked askance at his daughter. “And you should promise on your only daughter that this will not happen again. The Accord resumed its journey to the Professor’s house at Velachery. He did not see me any different from his daughter Gayathri. Kunthavai looked at her dad’s face.” D D urai was shocked. the correct punishment for that rascal is. You should apologise to the entire family in my presence. He told her in so many words that if she was prepared to sleep with the director that afternoon. I told my friend Gayathri that the scoundrel who 24 urai did not have the heart to lift his head and see his daughter’s face. dad. dad? I fell at her feet and at her parents’ feet and begged their forgiveness. “He did not show his emotions. And that rogue put that question to his daughter even before he asked me. “Yes.


A great, passive way to refresh and rejuvenate.
By Gayatri T Rao

h! In these times of stress what if someone helps you de-stress by giving massages? That would be a perfect day. And you are rejuvenated at the end of a session! That’s what you can expect at a spa. But, it is not known how and where the word spa came about. There are two theories prevalent. One says that spa is short for the Latin phrase, “salus per aquae,” or “health through water”. The other theory is that the word is derived from the Belgian town of Spa, which is famous since Roman times for its baths. It is said that the town became so important that the meaning of the word spa became a place where you are restored and pampered. Modern spas take off from their roots in ancient towns famous for the healing powers of their mineral waters and hot springs. Travellers would visit these places to rejuvenate. History has it that Babylonians and Greeks bathed in hot springs and mineral waters. 19th century Europe was a great spa destination for the wealthy, who went there to “take the waters”. Water treatments are still a popular spa experience in Europe. Today, massages and facials are the most popular spa treatments in America. Traditionally, in India the champi and other massages have been famous but done in a crude way. Today, India among the Asian countries is becoming a popular place to get de-stressed, rejuvenated and beautified with the new treatments discovered from all over the globe. And these traditional treatments are being rediscovered and brought to you in a scientific way. What are Spa Treatments? The services provided by a spa are called spa treatments. The most popular being massages, other popular spa treatments are facials and body treatments like salt glows and body wraps.


Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010

Many spas include a nail salon offering spa manicures and spa pedicures and salons offering hair cutting and styling services. Other than basic spa treatments, different types of massages like Thai massage, hot stone massage or reflexology are becoming popular. The aesthetician reviews your skin type to decide the appropriate type of facial services or body treatments. Spa treatments are refreshing besides having many health fitness benefits. Since people are becoming aware of the health benefits, spa massages are becoming popular in India also. When you are being treated, you are transported to a fantasy world. The treatment room boasts of a peaceful atmosphere, where your mind and body relaxes completely. Depending on the guests’ requirement the spas are of many types including destination spas, medical spas, health spas, resort spas and day spas. Types of spas: Destination spa: Here, you can have something called a holistic experience. It helps you to rejuvenate yourself at all levels. There is mind and body fitness while you indulge in healthy eating, ensuring complete relaxation. It's not a one-day experience. It gives you a chance to lose yourself in a new beautiful world for two to three nights, where no troubles and tensions are permitted to chase you. Some spas give

package deals like bridal packages, during seasons, which go on for one month at least. Resort spa: Tourists can enjoy spa treatments in their hotel itself in something called a resort spa. Usually, the resort may offer spa services with fitness classes and typical spa cuisine and this is good for business travellers and families. Day spa: A day spa offers spa treatments on a one-day basis. People can indulge in it every day. A day spa offers manicures and pedicures, besides facials and body massages.

Health spa: Health spas basically focus on ensuring the overall wellbeing of a person. Usually located at very peaceful places, they provide you with expert advice from health practitioners. Medical spa: A medical spa offers cosmetic treatments like lippo-suction and Botox injections and may give spa treatments as well. All the treatments are supervised by a doctor. Ayurvedic spas: This is not a new concept in India. Kerala already has many such spas, they call it Kerala Vaidyashala. Today, Kerala Vaidyashala has 30 therapy centres which are a combination of resorts, clinics and franchisee treatment centres across India in Kolkata, Shirdi, Alibagh, Mumbai, Goa, Nashik, Panchagani, Pondicherry, Fort Kochi, Aluva and Cherai. They have a holistic approach to treating health conditions. It comprises total health orientation with a living


Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010


Tips for a good spa experience: ● Arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to become comfortable. The Resort. broken bones and skin problems. Mumbai. high blood pressure. along with more modern refinements like Japanese Shiatsu. The centres offer ayurvedic therapies from the ancient texts. This is because many treatments have contraindications or indications that these treatments are not suitable for certain people. Sarvakaya abhyangam (therapeutic ayurvedic massage) is a therapy to ease the muscular pains and cramps of daily life. you can ask your therapist to stop the treatment. Some people may feel a lack of privacy there. Contraindication is the medical term for these conditions. Usually basalt (hot) and marble (cold) stones are used. ● You can repeat the treatment We every two weeks to one month. It consists of a medicated oil therapy in which therapists gently apply oil in synchronised rhythmic strokes. In big spas. Kerala Vaidyashala has its roots in Calicut district in Kerala. there are still times when you should refrain from giving one because it may adversely affect a health condition of the person. he says. Contraindications and disadvantages: It is always good to first consult the in-house dermatologist or ayurvedic doctor in ayurvedic spas before taking the service. Radha Shetty. This is a massage that removes fatigue from muscle tissues and eases your body and is considered to be the best treatment to pacify aggravated vata dosha. Dr Prashanth CP from the Birla Ayurvedic Vaidyashala says that people are either eligible or noneligible for treatments. Though Bodyscape has separate areas for men and women.” At certain places the interiors may make the person taking the service uncomfortable. sharpens eye sight and provides flexibility of joints and improves mental clarity. There is no door. Fusion therapy weaves many different treatment options into a gentle and effective tapestry of touch. which sells like hot cakes during the rainy season. don't take the massage. You get time to change into your robe and relax. and it includes some conditions that at first glance don't seem like massage would affect at all. One can just lean back and relax in the ethnic surroundings and soak in the ambience to get back enthusiasm and vigour. She explains that it is a carefully crafted blend of traditional Chinese Acupressure. it is better to arrive even earlier. like in Iosis Medispa. a dermatologist is always consulted before this therapy is given. “The list of contraindications for massage may be longer than you expect. As innocuous as a massage may seem. treating many common problems that plague our everyday lives. contraindi cations are things that are telling you not to do something. Abhyanga also helps delay ageing. ● If at any time during the treatment you become uncom fortable. 30 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Therefore. the changing room and the shower room are only covered by a curtain. steam bath or hot tub. many neurological disorders and neuromuscular disorders. Some spa treatments: Most popular spa treatments include the hot stone therapy. ● Pregnant women should inform the doctor about their condition before going for the massage since there are special massages for such conditions and most other massages are contraindicated for them. the causative factor. If your spa has facilities like a sauna. but in Iosis hot and cold basalt stones are used to massage the whole body. If you're not sure about a particular condition. and indications are things that tell you what to do one way or the other. VLCC day spa consultant introduce fusion therapy. “Contra” means against. Indian chakra balancing and breathing techniques. the spa executive from Bodyscape Spa. like: fever. infectious diseases. Foreigners may be sensitive to Indian oils and herbs. so extra caution is required. says. the most popular treatments in Birla Kerala Vaidyashala include sarvakaya abhyangam. who receives it. Basically the health condition is to be considered. Thai-yoga massage.experience of being in harmony with nature. On the ayurvedic side. Jin Shin Do. as in contrary.


externally. Another essential element that has to be kept in mind is that you must know your skin type before buying a sunscreen lotion. You can choose from creams having SPF15 to SPF50 or even more. But before buying a sunscreen lotion or a cream. aren’t they? After all the boss doesn’t understand that even the concealer fails to camouflage those dark circles after a hard day.BEAUTY CONCERNS ON DUTY By Payal Dasgupta through its natural process tries to protect itself from the ultra violet rays by producing more melanin. Remedy: Dermatologists opine that it is necessary to use a good quality sunscreen lotion before stepping into the sun. which is manifested through different beauty issues like dark circles. demanding schedules. This is a skin problem often caused by overexposure to the sun which causes severe damage to the skin. weird working hours and stress are taking a toll on our internal health. And that tiny pimple popping up on the right cheek is scary. There are a wide variety of products available in the market giving you a scope to choose the right product to suit your pocket and your skin type. skin tanning. Actually it’s really difficult to be a diva. Women who do not expose themselves to the sun very often may also get a tan. The skin . as they do not give a blotchy look whereas cream-based products are recommended for dry skin types. T 32 hose after-office surprise parties are a nightmare. But you could still be a epitome of grace and gorgeousness in spite of that busy schedule by following some simple steps: Tanning: A very common problem with women who are in jobs that needs one to stay outdoors for long hours is the tanning. etc. always remember to check the ingredients and the SPF. Home remedies: Although there are various products that prevent sun tanning it is really difficult to reverse Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 A common-sense approach to a pleasing personality. a pigment that determines the colour of our skin. You must apply the lotion on your face and other exposed parts of your body and even on the eyelids with gentle strokes as they are among the most sensitive areas. after nine hours of those acrobatic stunts with files. pimples. Waterbased or gel-based products are always better for oily skin. It is generally advisable to buy products having at least SPF25 and above if you are frequently exposed to the harsh rays. Our busy lifestyles. presentations and tetchy clients. How to use: It is said that the ideal duration for application of sunscreen must be at least 20 minutes before going out and should be repeated every four hours even though you are mostly inside.

the tanning effect once the damage is done. Certain home remedies really help a lot in removing the tanning effect. One of the age-old remedies is milk which works wonders in removing the tan when applied all over the affected areas. Sandalwood paste is another great remedy for tanning. This could be mixed with rose water for oily skin and with milk and honey for dry skin applied on the affected parts. Dry skin: This is another skin condition which is caused when the skin loses its natural moisture due to environmental pollution, imbalanced diet and other such factors. Women who work in corporate offices which have air-conditioned rooms for long hours often have a very dry skin and hair as the overexposure to air conditioners often robs the skin of its natural moisture levels. Excessively dry skin may lead to the appearance of wrinkles at a much younger age. It also makes the skin lifeless and dull. Remedy: To maintain a healthy and glowing skin in spite of the long exposure to air conditioners it is important to follow a simple regime involving cleansing, toning and moisturising. You must apply an effective moisturiser after cleansing your face and neck twice daily. If you still get that dry and itchy feel, reapply the moisturiser as frequently as required. Choose a moisturiser that suits you best – there are

numerous options available in the market, from the economic Indian products to the expensive imported ones. If you are using a toner, it’s always better to use one that is alcohol-free, as alcohol dries the skin further. You must go for a nourishing facial at least once a month. Regular facials help in restoring your natural glow and make your skin look younger. But choose an experienced beauty expert who understands your skin and suggests solutions accordingly. How to use: Cleanse your face and neck and wait for five minutes before applying the toner followed by the moisturiser. Apply it generously over the face and neck before going to bed, with gentle upward strokes to avoid skin sagging. Home remedy: Honey is a natural moisturiser which helps in keeping the skin smooth and supple. But applying honey could be a little messy, so you can mix equal quantities of rose water and glycerin to make your natural moisturiser that can be applied throughout the year by just altering the ratio depending on the seasons. Acne and pimples: This is probably one of most common and difficult of all skin problems. With the great transition in

their social and economic roles, women today find it very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced eating habits. They have hectic schedules, demanding working hours, lack of sleep, night-outs, instant fast-foods, etc. which often result in constipation and pimples. Acne is a skin condition which occurs due to the blocking of the sebaceous glands (sweat glands) because of dust or other impurities under the top layers of our skin. It is also a proof of our faulty lifestyle and imbalanced eating practices. Avoiding fried and greasy food often helps in minimising the occurrence of acne. Acne, if not treated in time, might lead to more severe skin infections which are far more difficult and expensive to treat. Remedy: It is always advisable to take an expert opinion or consult a dermatologist before planning a regime for treating acne. People with such problems generally have an extremely sensitive skin which reacts to most of the cosmetic products and needs to be treated with medicated products. You have to be very strict about your diet and skin care regime. It is important to keep the skin clean since the pores get blocked in this skin condition. Once a regime is decided upon you have to stick to it and don’t change the product without prior consultation, as that might aggravate the condition. There are several options in the market to choose from and more effective products are being launched to give you that smooth skin that you had always desired to have. And for those special occasions, you can use those instant acne removal pens that shrivel them up within hours of application to make you feel better and more confident to face the world. How to use: Once you have a regime to follow, you must clean your face with an anti-pimple face wash followed by the application of an antipimple cream or lotion of your choice. People with this problem must keep the skin clean, so it is wise to carry your face wash in your hand bag to the workplace as well.


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Home remedy: Fresh mint juice is very effective in treating acne and other skin infections. Rubbing garlic on and around makes pimples disappear faster with leaving those ugly marks. Raw papaya is another effective remedy for the ailment. Dark circles: A woman’s eyes are the most beautiful part of her face, but our extensive dependency on the computer and television has left us with poor vision and dark circles, undereye puffiness. The eyes are one of the most delicate and extensively used organs, so utmost care is needed to keep them healthy and bright. Computer professionals and other women who spend hours staring at the monitor have sunken eyes, dark circles, crow’s feet and undereye puffiness that is a difficult problem to treat. While we cannot avoid computers, since they are an indispensable part of our lives, we can definitely pamper those two precious gifts to admire the world around. You can start by splashing cold water into your eyes at frequent intervals during the work hours. You must drink loads of water and have adequate sleep to have bright eyes. Eye creams also help to some extent in removing dark circles if applied regularly. How to use: Many new revolutionary products are being launched that claim to be quite effective in treating dark circles. Some are definitely worth trying, especially the eye roll-on creams. If nothing else, these will at least accelerate the blood circulation around the eyes. Any undereye

cream must be applied around the eyes in gentle circular motions before using a sunscreen or a moisturiser. It should be applied before going out and at night. Home remedy: Application of cucumber and potato juice helps in soothing the eyes and reducing dark circles. Apply a mixture of lemon and tomato juice to treat dark circles. Cold used-tea bags also help smoothing the eyes. Body odour: In a hot and humid country like ours, body odour is real problem for most of us. For most of the working women who spend eight and more hours a day in cramped chambers of their workplace, body odour could often cause a lot of discomfiture with people around. But against the age-old myth that perspiration is the primary cause of the foul smell, the culprit is the bacteria growing on our skin surface that causes the odour. Perspiration just allows the bacteria by releasing an unpleasant smelling chemical to multiply rapidly. While using deodorants and perfumes does help to some extent, the results are temporary. Sometimes the various toxic chemicals in deodorants further aggravate the condition. So maintaining personal hygiene is the only answer. Always try to keep the underarms clean by waxing, depilating or any other means convenient for you. Home remedy: It’s always better to use body talc instead of a deodorant during the summers. Put a few drops of rose water in the bath

tub, for a long-lasting freshness throughout the day. You can prepare a home-made deodorant with the juice of about two dozen radish and half a teaspoon glycerin stored in the refrigerator for using later. Use alcohol or vinegar to rinse the armpits and applying baking soda to armpits and feet also helps preventing body odour. Bad breath: This is a serious trouble when you are in a job involving frequent social interactions, as prolonged hours of work often cause bad breath without even our realising it, especially after the meals. You should be very particular about your oral hygiene. With regular brushing, a dental floss is necessary to remove the plaque and deposits of food that get stuck between the teeth causing bacterial growth in the mouth. It’s always advisable to have a mouth freshener handy; you never know when you might need it. You could also carry an antiseptic or plaque reducing mouthwash for instant help and consult a dentist regularly to rule out other serious problems. Sugar-free chewing gums may also help you during those sudden presentations post-lunch. Home remedy: Drinking fenugreek tea is great remedy for bad breath. Chewing a clove after your major meals helps. Drinking a hot cup of unsweetened tea also reduces bad breath. Squeeze lemon in a glass of water and gargle frequently to keep bad breath at bay. Most importantly, believe in yourself because that’s the real mantra for being the woman of substance. We

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In case there is any cell disturbance or inflammation. A pathologist or gynaecologist collects it. quick and painless. In a German study. The Pap test provides an easy way of knowing what’s happening to the hidden cervix and vagina. It may be an infection or inflammation that also affects the appearance of the lining cells. Dr Georgios Papanicolaou. Worldwide. a woman can protect herself from immense suffering. It is now a universally accepted fact that a woman may be suffering from changes to the lining of the uterine cervix. Patients in grade III must receive more aggressive treatment. and his co-workers in 1948. The Pap test results are reported as a grade. Pap smears have played an extremely important and successful role in minimising the incidence of cervical cancer. By Dr S. the test must be repeated following treatment or after six months. early detection and treatment of cervical cancer has a very good outcome. ● Grade IV – rings loud alarm bells. It is done in the outpatient clinic. The Pap smear test helps a woman live a long and healthy life. the slides are stained and Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . With a regular Pap smear to monitor the status of her gynaecological health. In the laboratory. The slides are then sprayed over with alcohol. It is also a recognised fact that the success of cervical cancer therapy depends very much on the early detection of the cancer. with no complaints. Invented by Greek doctor. The test evaluates the changes in appearance of cells lining these female parts. it was found that 2025 per cent of the women with no complaints already had some silent gynaecological disease. It is therefore recommended that women without gynaecological symptoms take the first Pap test at the age of 35 years. so that the changes are arrested and not allowed to progress to the next grade. commonly after a gynaecological examination. Since cancer of the cervix may take about 10 years to become full blown. they are dropped into an envelope and sent to the laboratory for examination.HAVE YOU DONE YOUR PAP TEST? M 36 A painless procedure that could detect a woman’s disease early. Fonseca examined under a microscope by a pathologist who reports on the changes of the uterine cervix and vaginal lining cells. S. The Pap test should be repeated after adequate treatment. ● Grade V – confirms the presence of malignant changes in the gynaecological system. The invisible cells collected on the swab are spread on a couple of clean glass slides. ● Grade II – something is mildly wrong. it should be repeated yearly. ● Grade I – everything is fine. the Pap test is still accepted worldwide for being very informative and inexpensive and is routinely used as a screening system. The qualified doctor gently rubs a sterile cotton swab or wooden spatula over the cervix and vaginal lining. ● Grade III – the lining cells are definitely disturbed. If no pathology is found (grade I). The Pap smear is meant especially for women with no gynaecological symptoms or complaints. The collection of a Pap smear is simple. When dry. thus enabling her to continue showering her love on her dear ones. It indicates the great possibility of malignant changes in the cells. We ost women spend a lot of time and money on their outer appearance but forget that the well-being of the unexposed female organs is equally important. after 35 years of age.


Combing neatly Combing the hair is great art. If you can master it you will have gorgeous hairdo. A leisure combing .

Yerimentation exp always room for vement and impro An Afro look Occidental combing Curls and waves Throw back combing Oriental combing A bob cut .Focal combing a lot of It is evident that to these in thought has gone et there is hair makeovers.

expressing my E 40 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . However. All the same. we had “My dear dude. the office work. He seemed to enjoy all this plus man was tall and thin.” Whenever Ramana Rao entered the chamber. Our branch manager. All of us at French-cut moustache. was puzzling to all of us. as and never joined the others in their idle especially for his uncanny ability to emerge we took his from the boss’s chamber with a smiling chatter. As I mentioned this casually to a day work. was Ramana Rao. advice and face every time! We often gathered Apparently this was the reason for guidance in around Ramana Rao to listen to the stories Ramana Rao evincing special interest in our day-toof his long experience.” Poking fun at the girl. and his image give a thorough dressing down and spared doubled. strategies to be adopted. We held him in high esteem. I hated others’ there since the beginning. I always concentrated on my work him guruji. I should say. having joined the seniority and his seniority and long experience. Sporting the special attention. even a With this new revelation. This ven as I looked puzzled. that the boss had followed his advice in a number of though a good man. he had taskmaster and would tolerate no nonsense in reeled off several examples too. Being a perfectionist. “It’s not the love for you. And she is still a Ramana Rao had smiled and explained thus: The spinster. to get into the good books of the boss through him. and to strengthen his contention. he looked somewhat But I was the odd man out. advice and guidance in our day-to-day my seniors and never crossed my own We addressed work. everyone at the branch was damn scared of him. was a terror. as we took his before. I had every respect and regard for experience. and listeners. he had burst into laughter. one day. however. He threatened the staff with dismissal if they that Ramana Rao was very close to the manager. He was good at me. as I had the branch funny. as the latter was working I did not like the gibe. So. He would Rao had soared to new heights. Now that it became apparent no one. trying to the seniormost staff of the branch. You are an It had been the practice of the manager to keep eligible bachelor and guruji has an Elizabethan the door of his chamber a little ajar so that he could daughter to marry off. he had let out peal manager often consulted him on the marketing of derisive laughter again. to Ramana Rao. They threw drink parties collectively and individually The only exception. on some pretext or other. old as Queen Elizabeth.STORY SHORT Confidential What happened behind the boss’ closed doors? By PVV Satyanarayana O urs was a small marketing branch office with be asked to close the door. We branch as a computer operator just a year long addressed him as guruji. He had further added a strength of 25. he was never known everyone vied with one another to woo him. our regard for Ramana small mistake invited his wrath. hoping to resorting to this extreme step. did not perform well. Ramana Rao’s daughter is as expressed our curiosity to him. He was a cases. he would butt of jokes. you as his prospective son-in-law. He must be having an eye on check the staff from gossiping during working hours. limits. He had joined the branch at its neither the inclination nor push to follow in respected him inception 20 years ago. he would shut the door a couple of minutes later. narrating tales evoking interest in the colleague. I was for his All of us at the branch respected him for the juniormost of all. I made a grave face. the footsteps of my other colleagues. The 50please him. And whenever certain weaknesses or haplessness being a cause for the confidential matters were to be discussed. said. he had elaborated.

you are hardly moved and ashamed. Even as the boss was shouting at him. I peeped through the curtain. I could see Ramana Rao excusing himself.... mind you! If I continue with a waste fellow like you. Of what use is your long service if you can’t do a thing properly? You are only fit for rearing donkeys.. with his hands folded and head hung. After playing ‘football’ with him non-stop – hitting the ball from both sides himself – for quite a time. He received the banging meekly.” the boss continued the firing. Ramana Rao stood silently before him as would a most obedient student before the teacher. O ne day. that too at this advanced age!” He drank another glass of water. I suppose. This was a room made of plywood partitions and curtains and used by the boss for taking his lunch and rest. I should say. Yet. As the boss scolded him right and left using all the expletives he could recollect. and gulped the water from the glass tumbler that was offered by none other than Ramana Rao himself. the boss had now got tired. I was startled to hear our boss flaring up as soon as Ramana Rao entered. How I wish I got rid of you.. returning to the entrance and shutting the door quietly. even drawing out a time table. I have decided. Even though I am fed up with scolding you every day... man. “I have been admonishing you day in and day out. if only the compassion factor was not coming in the way! Do you realise what would happen to your family if you lose the job.. “You are mistaking my leniency for weakness. again handed over by Ramana Rao. Even as I was on the job. you don’t seem to mend your ways.disapproval. and the latter entering a few minutes later. I heard the boss summoning Ramana Rao. Unable to believe it. lest guruji thrust his over-aged daughter on you.” Even before the boss could complete the . I had left the place quietly. the manager had assigned me the task of locating some old files from the cupboards in his anteroom. “Ours is a marketing branch.” Even as he was teasingly delivering the unsolicited advice to me. I’m sure to be ousted from the job myself! So. “Be careful.

Not at all! You are my saviour. eh?” the boss jumped in his seat.. Now. okay. and could not help musing. frankly. What I mean is. I shall not garland your photograph. I listened silently and . I assured him that I would never reveal it to anyone. If I show mercy to you for the sake of your children.. Ramana Rao nonchalantly walked out of the chamber. He looked pitiable. “Mind you. he seemed to have mustered courage. Promise me not to tell anybody about whatever had happened here earlier. He had abruptly raised his head and looked at me. my children would be on the streets. “Yeah. Take pity on me. Do you understand?” “Yes. He squatted on the floor as if he had lost all his energy.” I eyed him silently for a few seconds. “No. Rambabu. this is the last and final warning! Next time.” “Okay. You seem to have mastered the technique of falling at my feet every time. and an excuse to get out of the embarrassing situation. for that matter. what a great actor he is!’ Soon after the manager had left. Even as he was trying to hold the latter’s feet.. sir.” I was flabbergasted at what I had heard. and held his face in his hands sadly. there came to be heard a thudding sound. Is there anything special?” Ramana Rao looked around carefully. sir. “The meeting seems to have taken a long time. okay. you leave my feet. S traightening his tie and sporting a broad smile. sir. the boss hurriedly withdrew them as though he feared being pulled down by his subordinate as revenge. I saw Ramana Rao emerging from the manager’s room. you commit a blunder in your work. I shall keep your photo in my puja room and worship it. I shall not make my feet accessible to you. Ramana Rao was lying flat at the feet of the boss. I walked slowly into the chamber. clutching the feet of the boss.. That gave me a respite. which is very confidential..” Ramana Rao was pleading. As I was returning. “Thank you very much. apparently for me. I did not dare look at him. Ramana Rao was so startled at seeing me that he almost fell to the ground but for holding on to the edge of the table. Not finding me in the vicinity. I think I should share my problem with you. I have three overaged daughters to marry off. sir. One of the staff had approached him and asked. sir. Now the boss is going out on that mission. We were discussing an important task.” Okay. anyone else – there at that ‘odd’ moment. I had instantly peeped in to know what had happened. I almost ran out. any more. I felt quite uneasy at the situation. ‘Oh.” T he boss seemed to be pacified a little. as if nothing had happened. “Please. I found the driver sitting in the shade of the banyan tree in the compound smoking and chatting with somebody. like the leg-break in cricket. I walked up to him and conveyed the message. but worship it with flowers daily.sentence. Shaken a little at the unexpected unfolding of events. carefully avoiding meeting the eyes of Ramana Rao. I shall be more careful in my work. sir!” I was so stunned and obfuscated by the whole episode that I could come to my senses only at the second call of the boss. Ramana Rao was quick to add. “Rambabu.” he chided him. “Please. I could hear him closing the chamber’s door behind him. Kindly do not dismiss me from service.” “What? You want me to die. I did not know what to say. For he would not have expected me – or..” I looked into his eyes expectantly. I hid myself from his view. Suddenly he caught hold of both my hands and pleaded with me. The boss asked me to tell the driver to keep the vehicle ready as he wanted to go out on official work in a few minutes. “I promise you. Ramana Rao rushed to me even as I continued with my task in the anteroom. Take care!” “Yes.” Ramana Rao got up happily. Guruji. He replied with a broad smile.

outside. So.. He would tell the colleagues that the boss Light-hearted and ebullient at my reassuring was discussing confidential matters with him. Even if you suffer from a bad branch. Rambabu. If our colleagues come to know of the truth. I would become a demands for huge dowries. had three over-aged marriageable daughters after all. whenever has got the kind of long. he me and bury the secret within yourself. This had severely by the boss. and if the others came to know that he was being scolded by the boss. Of staff member have been fooling all of of you late. affected his concentration and efficiency in lose their I held his hands trying to soothe his his office work. as he was unable to meet the came to know long experience. as also being scolded taunts from his neighbours.” said I. Rao was once an efficient worker and had seniormost “Sorry. however. Who else sure to lose their respect and regard. the situation had changed. no now. not even for my marry them off. All these days. So please have pity on the ridicule and rebukes from his wife. at this branch? You are always a guruji for all so that the shouts of the boss were not heard of us. guruji.. Ramana Rao embraced me with affection save his own face. This had invited that he was laughing stock. and if pretending to be close to the boss. and seriously was sure to hands. you will surely come out of it soon. In spite of his best efforts he could not the others one would care for me. You are still our valued senior colleague. I received appreciation from all his bosses. with folded upset his mental peace. As a result. the wrath of the boss quite often. Ramana He was the on learning the truth.” pleaded Ramana Rao again. after all. he was inviting respect and emotions. he would close the door have. regard. while weeping inside! We .A terrible shroud of pity engulfed me intently as he spoke with emotion.. He in the branch. wholeheartedly.. only to words. I can very well understand your He was the seniormost staff member in the problem. “Don’t you worry about it. rich experience as you the boss was to scold him. he was patch at present. He would sport a smile even and apparent gratitude.

It is no surprise that it has found wide acceptance in the west too.Sari. the Indian attire looks enthralling from any angle you look at the wearer. The . Stunning Sari This superb and stylish sari can be your prized possession.

It is the way of wearing the sari which has enhanced the wearer’s looks. .

It leaves nothing that can’t be admired.The wearer has worn the sari in quite a novel way. .

Designed by: Reena Aggarwal Mob: 09871916663 .There is imagination and innovation in the style of draping the sari around the person.

the stress of family life and as one grows up. STRESS & By Dr S. tract and nervous system. proper settlement in life. In fact.S tress in modern living has become a part of life and there are a number of people who fall victims to it. Stress involves all the major organs of the body like the heart. Every person from birth goes under some or other form of stress. It may be in the form of studies.I. There is one important aspect affected by stress which is generally not taken care of and that is the sex life of the person.N. the stress of one’s very existence visa-vis daily chores of life may come into the picture. job satisfaction. ambition to go higher on the ladder of life. both physical and mental. Khosla Methods to tranquillity to solve a major modern problem. Stress is one aspect of human existence which cannot be dispensed with. SEX LIFE YOUR . From a very young age one comes under form of stress and strain. Those who fail to stand this normal stress fail to lead a normal life and fall an easy victim to many ills. G. stress is something which becomes an integral part of one’s existence.

It increases its capacity to withstand various forms of pressures. A person under stress may be anxious. Use good cosmetics as many times as you wish during the day. Take note that good diet means good health and consequently a soft. this leads to tension in the minds of people as if some major catastrophe is going to happen. irritable and tense.There is a big distinctive difference between stress and strain. It is but natural. palpitation. Emotions and stress have a great role to play in the causation of a number of ailments. That’s the best way to ensure good health and silky skin. the whole strain is absorbed but in case the tissues fail to respond to the stressful stimuli. There is lack of concentration. carry an unnecessary burden of undesirable situations which produce nothing but poor health and an ill-adjusted individual. unwelcome surroundings. lawyers and people holding senior jobs. Often. “when this happens. But let us not get away with the notion that it is only the higher-income group or rich people who suffer from tension. common manifestations of stress and strain. In fact. it is a vicious circle. smooth and shining skin. the rat race to go up in the hierarchy and. headaches. certain physiological changes in the form of an increased liberation of hormones takes place and if the body withstands the stress. Stress may be responsible for a decrease in the sex urge (libido) while the couple is unaware of it and may start blaming each other as impotent or frigid. Those who fail to react. pain in neck or back. there is anarchy in the body and mind. Keep it on the skin for half an hour and give it a vigorous rubbing in. the struggle to fight for their very existence. absolute tranquillity in the face of stressful situations is neither desirable nor conducive to good health. Now is the time to choose the best. Do it daily. instead of forming a coherent and harmonious whole. But stress for one person may not be stress for another. There is often general irritability. Poverty has its own hazards and probably it may be the single biggest cause of physical and mental ailments in our country. tension worry and fear when an individual is unable to adjust successfully to the unpleasant situations and it has been rightly said. Vitamin E oil works wonders to the skin. loss of vigour of life. excessive fatigue. Stress may be a source of anxiety. No wonder such people are always more prone to getting ulcers. loss of memory and sleeplessness. excessive fatigue or often hyper excitability. March (First) 2010 49 . When put under stress. MANIFESTATIONS OF STRESS Irritability. the difficulties and frustrations of daily life. There are certain professions which mean more stress and these include high executives and professional people like doctors. premenstrual tension in women — all are some of the Woman’s Era ● The most prominent part of your personality is your face. strain is a reaction inside the victim who is crying. attention. it is like soldiers in the same regiment who set about killing each other. you must be a foundation user. A small degree of anxiety induces a person to react in a way he or she can adjust. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Use it every night before retiring. Hardly any system in the body escapes from the ill-effects of stress. heart attacks and high blood pressure. But select a lightweight one. In contrast to this. The human body has great capabilities of adapting itself to environmental situations and states of stress. The daily chores of life become a constant effort and rather disagreeable. whether external or internal. fighting with his or her normal body processes and in the bargain gets various physical and mental ills. You should get habituated to the oil. In fact. Therefore you should keep it shinning like the moon.” Most of the time we cope with stress and strains of everyday living but when the pressure mounts too high or the stress or strain lasts too long. sleeplessness. You must cleanse it with a nice cleanser. for some. It is living under this constant state of tension whether physical or mental which has its own hazards. lack of concentration. Needless to say. We may respond differently to various stresses depending on our build and genetic predispositions. A very important aspect of stress which is often ignored is the deleterious effect of stress upon sex life. Stress is what is going on in our environment. There is a lot of cosmetics available. A decrease in the sex urge develops because of an imbalance developing in a person’s sympathetic system due to heightened tension and anxiety. weakening of activity. etc. Cosmetics and beauty go together. It is a good way to smooth your face. Anxiety and lack of well-being may be the index of a person’s response to external stress. the damage varying from mild to irreparable may occur. it takes a heavy toll in its wake. The earliest casualty may be a decrease in the sex urge and both men and women may start having hardly any urge left for normal sexual activity.

treatment has to be instituted first managing these conditions by explanation. transcendental meditation. ● Develop a system of mental isometrics. Do this methodically and soon you will appreciate the value of solving your problems by cool thinking. yoga. etc. worries and preoccupations with you. Find methods to channelise your energy in useful physical activity or sports. prayer and devoting adequate time to things like listening to good music. Whenever he wanted to have sex with his wife a certain degree of stress would engulf him and he would suddenly go limp. guilt feelings and a sense of anxiety. ● Lead a hassle-free sex life. The malady produces acute anxiety and stress and these in themselves start a cycle. the general principles are: ● Do not let the tensions and strains be bottled up. Work them out. The result was that he headed for divorce soon. People can adapt stress and anxiety-causing irritability. Biofeed back training. in any such person.Take here the example of A. hockey. BUT DO NOT TAKE YOUR CARES. 70 per cent felt that anxiety and stress was a significant cause of their problem. Learn to live with tension and stress but in a balanced form. many women are worried about having orgasms and attach too much importance to it. All people have sex desire and in a great percentage this is fulfilled by normal sexual activity. Do not buy sleep with pills. explanation of the whole problem. “There is only one time when you will be free from stress and the technical form for that We is death. Sex problems like impotence and premature ejaculation are to a large extent precipitated by acute stress and they often start a chain reaction. Often. Walking. Stress is something which occurs overtly. A sympathetic ear and understanding of their complaints regarding sex problem goes a long way in alleviating their symptom. reassurance. giving psychotherapy. not only does the sex desire decrease but some people are also likely to develop temporary impotence. But do not take your cares. psychological factors in the absence of organic disease act as trigger mechanisms for the cause.” Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . ● Release your mind. It is the reciprocation of each other’s feelings that makes sex life enjoyable. Even a short weekend outing with one’s family goes a long way in relieving tensions. In fact. premature ejaculation. Take your mind away from them by physical workouts. Do not brood over minor sex problems. are really good sports activities and can be selected according to one’s age and taste. Sleep is one bliss which acts as an antidote to excessive stress and strain. etc. a healthy young male. swimming. Recognition of stress and anxiety as important factors in the causation 50 of sexual disorders is very important since. sleeplessness. Psychiatric help unravelled the cause and the problem was solved. etc. Some sublimate their desires while there are some who can neither fulfil their sexual desire nor sublimate it and the result is development of frustration. exhaustion. at work but will find it hard to believe that it can in any way cause sexual dysfunction like impotence. Thus. Normal fulfilment in sexual relationships is not easy to define and unnecessary stress worsens the condition. One of the important causes of impotence is emotional or psychological factors. use of antianxiety drugs. so much is being talked about orgasm being the end of sexual fulfilment that couples are always under stress about whether they are having it. etc. TAKE HOLIDAY FROM YOUR WORK AT LEAST ONCE IN A YEAR. Management of a healthy sex life free from hassle is interrelated to the general management of stress. Similarly. Many couples worry whether both of them are having orgasms at the same time. They are very good for relieving pent-up energies and tensions. In a survey conducted by Forum it was found that impotence in nearly 80 per cent of the cases was due to psychological factors while regarding premature ejaculation. WORRIES AND PREOCCUPATIONS WITH YOU. In times of great stress like natural calamities. This may be achieved by meditation. anxiety and stress. Such people require listening to. cycling and outdoor games like tennis. It has been rightly said. Do not brood over your sex problems. There may be hidden frustration. ● Take holiday from your work at least once in a year. reading a book or even listening to the sounds of nature. yoga and autosuggestion are helpful aids in relieving mental tension. Premature ejaculation is another red herring which results because of acute anxiety and stress and the individual often fails to perform the sex act. wars. Picture in your mind the future images of your problems and how you can solve it. Six-eight hours of undisturbed sleep at night is a panacea against stress and strain. This may or may not be possible. holding various sessions regarding sexual life and habits of the partners. It may not be possible to get free from mental tension and stress but evolve methods by which you can outgrow your problems. ● Have adequate sleep. in such cases. ● Take part in physical exercises and games.

you do not have siblings either to lessen your distress. If he is still tied to his parents’ apron strings. I fell asleep.. It seems evident that you are full of unexpressed rage and sad with your parents’ neglect. In the meanwhile. Your parents will decide whether to suppress the matter or report it. My problem is that each fills my ears with complaints about the other. do not waste much time.. You must. Since these persons feel impotent rage and frustration against the whole world. I felt very dizzy and disoriented and had to be helped to a bedroom to rest. My problem is that his parents do not approve of me and are trying to scuttle our plans. This is a very real risk. they direct the attacks on to their own persons. do not even know I exist! I have no siblings. This could be a wake-up call for them to take up their child-rearing responsibility more realistically. I remember nothing at all. All the inflicting cuts on my arms and thighs. My friends and I attended a party last week where we tried some alcohol for the very first time. I hate this for I do not want to take sides. Your views are indeed mature and considerate. unwind and start enjoying life. talk to your parents frankly and tell them not to badmouth each other to you. however. Does he think both of you can stay with his parents? This may be difficult considering their antagonism. you need adult help and support. Please tell me what to do. Should I just put it aside like a bad dream? First of all. I love both of them. The two of them do not see eye to eye over any matter and are always quarreling. you should consult a lady doctor to find out whether you have been raped. and preferably to a better-suited girl than I am! I know my boyfriend cares a lot for his parents. When my friends came to wake me up. recognised behaviour pattern of disturbed youngsters. when you are taught the right attitude. especially in consulting a doctor. friend or psychiatrist who will help you unload your will find that no external element can upset you unless you let it do so. The doctor can also treat you for infection and bruising if any. Do you think I will be happy with him. In your case. Nobody knows this because the cuts are hidden by my clothing. Help! Parents often think only about themselves and do not see how their children are affected by their quarrels. although you may have to face the music for imbibing drinks. Your habit of cutting is a common. and take stock of them. Experienced persons will help you relax. You should confide in your mother and surely you will not be scolded or blamed for the incident. It is definitely advisable to wait before taking the plunge. when he will surely take their side more than mine. have talks with sympathetic school counsellors or a kindly understanding relative. It was very clear that someone had molested or even raped me. and whether you have become pregnant. I am a 15-year-old girl in a very difficult situation. covered by a sheet. Some even show excessive aggressiveness. 14-year-old girl who is beset with depression and anger. We decided to keep this a secret to protect my character. when we are married? You have seen the risks of this relationship quite rationally.. All things considered. do not make any promises or commitment. I am a highstrung. I think they are thinking of divorce too. he should not think of marriage. This is a very grievous crime. What can Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Enjoy your life in the company of good friends without being overwhelmed by this situation. As you are very young. try not to be unhappy with their self-centred behaviour. Whenever I get angry and frustrated with life. It will be good to I am really at the end of my tether! I am an only child of my parents. If you keep it to yourself. You are both very young by today’s norms to enter matrimony. your molester could blackmail you after some kicking and punching the wall or furniture. Let them know how disturbed you are. both high-ups in the corporate world. you may have to be very tolerant and forgiving in this marriage. Are you willing to do this? His parents’ reluctance to an early marriage is understandable. 51 A Q & A My boyfriend and I are both 19 years old and are planning to get married in a couple of years when he starts earning. They do not want him to marry for at least 10 years more.. If pregnant. Both of you could find more suitable partners with the passage of time.QA & TEEN ACHE TEEN C E H I do to become okay? My parents. I find that I get relief by causing hurt to myself. they found me naked. In fact. Unless a man is fully capable of looking after family and home. you should consider an abortion. At the present.



Serves 4 . place on a hot tawa and cook further till steam begins to come out from the sides of the lid. 1 tsp oil and 1 pack Knorr Ready to Cook Punjabi Chana Masala. 1 ½ cup fresh water. Step 2: In a deep pan cook 350g chicken/ 350g chopped vegetables with 2 tbsp oil.Now you can make restaurant like food Punjabi Chana Masala at home Step 1: In a pressure cooker add ¾ cup soaked chana(soaked for 6-7 hours). 1 ½ cups water and 1 pack Knorr Ready to Cook Hyderabadi Biryani till the chicken/vegetables are cooked and gravy is reduced to half. Serves 2 Hyderabadi Biryani Step 1: Boil 3 ½ cup rice in 1 litre water with 2 tbsp oil and 1 tbsp lemon juice till ¾th done. Drain excess water and keep aside. Step 3: In the same pan spread the boiled rice and mint leaves on the chicken/vegetables. After 2 whistles. Step 4: Seal the pan with heavy lid. Step 2: Put the cooker on high flame. Then spread a mix of hot ghee and ½ tsp turmeric. lower the flame and allow to cook for 30 min.

add fresh paneer or fried paneer and 1 tbsp chopped coriander. Cook till gravy is thick. Step 3: Cook for 2 min.Paneer Butter Masala Step 1: In a pan melt 30g butter Step 2: Add 2 cups water and 1 pack Knorr Ready to Cook Paneer Butter Masala. Serves 4 .

Put off the heat and allow the asparagus to remain in the water for 3-4 minutes. Optional: You can keep the asparagus to 3-4 inches long and use one piece in every spring roll instead of cutting the asparagus into small pieces. . Place a portion of the filling in each of the wrapper pieces and first wrap from both the sides and then roll over into a mini-sized spring roll. We bring you recipes which allow you to be prepared with snacks. By Roma Ghosh FESTIVAL ASPARAGUS MINI SPRING ROLLS INGREDIENTS: 6-8 spring roll wrappers oil for frying For the filling: 3-4 sticks of asparagus 1 cup grated cabbage 1 cup chopped mushrooms 1 tsp of oregano powder 1/ tsp of basil powder 2 1/ tsp of soya sauce 2 2 tsp of olive oil 2-3 tsp of spring onions chopped .green and white portions Asparagus mini spring rolls 1/ DELICACIES 2 tsp of red chilli sauce . Heat the oil and add the cabbage and stir-fry for 1 minute. You can either pan-fry the spring rolls on a non-stick pan or deep fry these in hot oil. sweets and main course and be popular with your guests. Mix in the rest of the vegetables and the spices. It is good to make small spring rolls so that you can serve these whole without having to cut into pieces. Serve without cutting into small pieces. Once all the water has evaporated from the vegetables.or more as per taste METHOD To prepare the filling: Cut the asparagus into 3 inch pieces and drop these into boiling water.Holi is a time when guests drop by throughout the day. Drain out all the water and cut the asparagus into small pieces and keep aside. Continue to stir-fry for another 2-3 minutes. Carefully remove one of the spring roll wrappers and cut this into sizes you can handle easily. keep aside.

Drain out all the water. Sift together the maida. Dip each of the florets into this batter and deep fry in oil. Roll out each portion into a very thin chapatti. Divide the dough into 12-14 portions. Prepare samosa from the different strips. Roll out another portion and again cut into strips and prepare the layered samosas in this way. MINI CRISPY SAMOSAS INGREDIENTS: 200 gm maida 100 gm of ghee Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 57 . Mix well with your fingers to obtain a smooth flowing batter. Mix all the ingredients for the batter. Stir-fry for 2-3 minutes and keep aside. Pick up one strip at a time.Brocoli pakoras oil for frying salt to taste For the filling: 3-4 boiled mashed potatoes 1/ tsp of cinnamon 2 3-4 tsp of oil 1/ tsp of ajwain – carom seeds 4 salt to taste METHOD Prepare the filling by heating the oil and adding the mashed potatoes together with the spices. Add just enough water to knead into a dough. Cut 3 inches broad strips from each chapatti so as to get 2-3 such strips. Mini crispy samosas STUFFED BRINJALS WITH MUSHROOMS AND ONIONS INGREDIENTS: 1 large brinjal oil for deep frying salt to taste For the filling: 200 gm of mushrooms BROCOLI PAKORAS INGREDIENTS: 300 gm of brocolli florets pepper powder oil for deep frying salt to taste For the batter: 2 cups of besan 2 tsp of oil 1 tsp or less of red chilli powder salt to taste METHOD Break the broccoli into medium-sized florets and discard the stalk. salt and mix in the ghee with your fingers to resemble breadcrumbs. Sprinkle salt and pepper and keep aside for 10 minutes. Place a portion of the filling in the centre of the strip and roll over the filling for 3-4 times so that the final product is a triangular shaped samosa with various layers. a few at a time till the pakoras are golden brown and crispy. Heat oil and on medium heat fry the samosas a few at a time so that these are crispy and golden brown. Heat enough oil for deep frying. Add one and a half cups of water or a little more and mix into the besan.

Continue to cook on low heat adding a little ghee at a time and cook till the mixture is almost dry. COCONUT PEANUT BARFI INGREDIENTS: 200 gm of desiccated coconut 100 gm of coarsely crushed peanuts 80-100 gm of sugar as per taste 2-3 tbsp of ghee METHOD Dry-roast the coconut till it is golden brown in colour. Cut into shapes and serve. onions and tomatoes together till most of the water is evaporated. Sprinkle salt and keep aside for 5 minutes. Place the contents of the coffee pouch into a large glass cup or glass. contents of the coconut barfi on the plate and allow to set. Allow the fish to cook on medium heat till one side is cooked.100 ml of hot water 2 tsp of crushed blanched almonds 1 drop of almond essence – optional 1 sachet of cappuccino coffee METHOD Mix the water and the milk. For the filling: Heat the oil and fry the mushrooms. Heat oil in a non-stick pan – 2 tbsp or so and place the marinated fish on the hot oil and cover with a lid. Now. Sprinkle salt all over the fish and keep aside for 30 minutes. Turn over gently and cook the other side. this should take around 4-5 minutes. Add the crushed peanuts and on low heat mix in the sugar and keep stirring till the sugar melts. Fill the scooped-out brinjals with this stuffing and then place the brinjals in the oven just for heating just before you are ready to serve. Add the spices and cook on low fire for 2-3 minutes. Mix the crushed almonds. Mix all the ingredients for the marinade and rub the fish with this marinade and keep aside for 30 minutes again. Serve hot with boiled veggies or potato wedges. add the milk and water mixture and stir gently and serve at once. Remove and keep aside. turning once or twice till both the sides are fried well. Fry both the pieces in this way. Pour the PAN FRIED SPICY POMFRET INGREDIENTS: 2 medium-sized black pomfret fish oil for pan frying salt to taste For the marinade: 3 tbsp of tomato puree 1 tsp of red chilli powder 1 tsp of green chilli paste 1/ tsp of amchur powder 2 2 tsp of oil salt to taste METHOD Make deep insertions on the fish. Drain out all the water and deep fry the scooped out brinjals one at a time. CAPPUCCINO BADAM MILK INGREDIENTS: 100 ml of hot milk 58 Cappuccino badam milk Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Stuffed brinjals with mushrooms and onions Coconut peanut barfi 1 cup of sliced onions 3 tsp of oil 1/ tsp of haldi powder 2 1 tsp of jeera powder 1 tbsp of coriander powder 1 large tomato – chopped into pieces 2 green chillies – chopped salt to taste METHOD Cut the brinjal into two halves and scoop out the centre portion of the brinjals so as to have a scooped-out brinjal which can be stuffed.


Allow the jelly to set in the glasses and place a strawberry or two with a bit of the syrup on each of the set jelly and serve chilled. Place circles or tomatoes and mushrooms over each of mini uttapam.Pan fired spicy pomfret LITCHIE STRAWBERRY SUPREME INGREDIENTS: 1 packet of strawberry or litchie jelly For the topping: 1 box of red strawberries 100 gm of sugar 1 tsp of cinnamon powder through. mix in the pakoras and lastly the dimsums and toss gently. Cover with a lid and cook on low fire. Sprinkle some red chilli powder. leaving space to add the strawberries. Boil 200 ml of water and add the sugar and the cinnamon powder and stir till the sugar melts. Mini vegetable uttapam METHOD To prepare the topping: If the strawberries are small in size than leave these whole. DIMSUM CHAAT INGREDIENTS: 8-10 dimsums or momos 1/ cup of chopped spring onions 2 – white and green portion 1 chopped tomato 3-4 tsp chopped coriander leaves green chillies chopped 3 tsp of oil 1 tsp of red chilli paste 8-10 small pakoras prepared with besan or dal or rice For garnishing: peanuts and bhujia METHOD Heat the oil and fry the spring onions for 1-2 minutes. Put off the fire and allow the strawberries to remain in the syrup. otherwise cut into half. Now. Add the tomatoes and green chillies and chilli paste. Garnish with coriander leaves and bhujia/peanuts Dimsum chaat MINI VEGETABLE UTTAPAM (rice patties with veggies) INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of dosa batter 10-12 slices of tomatoes 10-12 circles or half circles of mushrooms 2 tsp of coarsely crushed red chilli powder 2 tsp of melon seeds oil for frying the rice patties METHOD Heat a non-stick pan and ladle small portions of the dosa batter on the non-stick pan. Prepare the jelly and pour the jelly into small glasses only half way Litchie Strawberry supreme 60 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Turn over very gently and cook the side with the vegetables. Add the strawberries and allow these to cook in the sugar syrup on low fire for 6-7 minutes. Serve piping hot once both the sides are cooked.


Roll out each portion into a small puri and fry in hot oil till the puris puff up. fish into one inch pieces with a thickness of almost half an inch. Heat the milk and cook the coconut mixture in the milk and cook on low fire stirring from time Fish nuggets FISH NUGGETS INGREDIENTS: 400 gm of boneless fish 2 tsp of gingergarlic paste 1 tsp of green chilli paste 2 beaten eggs 3 cups of bread crumbs oil for deep frying salt to taste METHOD Cut the boneless 62 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Sprinkle and rub in the ghee as well. Dip each of the pieces in beaten egg and roll in the breadcrumbs. COCONUT SUGARY MITHAI INGREDIENTS: 200 gm of freshly grated coconut 400 ml of milk 150 gm of sugar METHOD Grind the freshly grated coconut in a mixer so that the end product is really smooth and without any granular pieces. Tulsi tea and cherry mithai FLAVOURED INDIAN BREAD (Makki sarso puris) This is a combination of makki and sarso saag and goes good as a starter. Serve hot with green chutney. Once only a little syrup remains. Serve topped with icecream. Keep aside. You could use a few tbsp of milk when you are grinding the coconut. Dip each of the fish pieces in egg and roll each in breadcrumbs to form nuggets. Divide the dough into small portions. Heat enough oil for deep frying and fry a few nuggets at a time on medium heat. Cook and stir till the mixture begins to thicken. Sprinkle salt and rub the ginger. Bring the tea to boil and mix in the cashew pieces.TULSI TEA AND CHERRY MITHAI INGREDIENTS: 3 tulsi tea bags 100 gm of petha 100 gm of cherries 100 gm of broken cashew nuts 2 tbsp of sugar 1/ tsp of cinnamon powder 2 Flavoured Indian bread METHOD Boil 200 ml of water and drop the tulsi tea bags into the boiling water. garlic. petha and cherries and cook on medium heat. adding sugar. Fill only half the glasses and allow the mixture to cool and set. chilli paste and keep aside for 10 minutes. INGREDIENTS: 2 cups of makki ka atta 1 cup of prepared sarso ka saag 1 tbsp of ghee or oil oil for deep frying METHOD Mix the sarso saag into the makki atta and knead into a dough. Allow the tea bags to remain in the water for 15 minutes and then remove these. pour spoonfuls of the prepared mixture into small glasses.


Oil an aluminium sheet and spread out the prepared mixture INGREDIENTS: 12-14 pieces of chicken salami 10-12 olives 3 tsp of cherries chopped or keep these whole 5 boiled eggs lettuce leaves For dressing: 4 tsp of olive oil 1 tsp of pepper sauce Your word is just as good as the apples. Once it has set and is hard cut into pieces and store in airtight containers. Jailor: Jewellery shop? But it requires lakhs of rupees. Allow the sugar and coconut mixture to cook on low fire till most of the sugar has been incorporated into the coconut mixture.” * * * Wife: You don’t believe in hell? Husband: No Woman’s Era ● Patient: Doctor. “Why do people call the language they speak their mother tongue?” “Because. You’ve got to do something to help me. Anjar. – P. We Wife: Then where has the business gone? JOKES Patient: We like you better than the last nurse.” * * * Customer: (on the phone): The apples I bought from you yesterday have turned out to be rotten. What have you to say? Convict: It was an emergency. I am bringing them back. you kept yawning. cherries and olives on the lettuce leaves. Jailor to a prisoner: Tomorrow you will be freed from this jail. Mehta. What will you do? Prisoner: Sir. Doctor: In that case.” Employee: “That is good. All the time I was talking to you. New Nurse: (Flattered). NON VEGETARIAN SALAD to time. Hubby: I was not yawning. I snore so loudly that I keep waking myself up. P. sleep in another room. mix in the sugar and stir so that the sugar melts. where do you usually go? * * * * * * Wife: You are extremely impolite. I know a man who was just released from prison the other day who took 15 years to finish a sentence. When most of the milk has evaporated. Mix the ingredients for the dressing and pour over only when you are ready to serve the salad. egg pieces. who took 10 years to write a novel.Coconut sugary mithai on the foil in a thin sheet. I was trying to say something. * * * * * * * * * “Daddy. Latha: That is nothing. Allow the mithai to set. * * * * * * Candidate: Do you think I came here to be insulted? Employer: Oh. Shopowner: There is no need to. “Fathers never get a chance to use. I will open a jewellery shop. – Ram Babu. Non vegetarian salad 2 tsp of vinegar 2 tsp of tomato ketchup METHOD Lay out the salami. Judge: What sort of emergency? Convict: It was a stolen car.” said the son. 64 The boss called an unproductive employee into his cabin and announced: “You have got an increment. When does it start?” Boss: “It becomes effective as soon as you begin to work. Vijayawada. Jyothi: I know an author. Judge: You have been arrested for driving at 70 miles an hour. Prisoner: Sir. your honour.” replied his dad. for me it is a question of only to hammer throws. Why is that? Patient: You seem more like one of us. March (First) 2010 .

Q U I Z Win Prize 1 Q 1 What do you prefer to eat as a snack? a. S Last date for sending entries: 31 March 2010 A friend for a better photograph of yourWoman’s era ttach a g in chance of featurin . Chips and soda Q Healthy Are You Do you think you’re really healthy? Well you’re about to find out how healthy you are! e be published in th elected entries will oman’s era. Apples or fruit and water c. Seven c. 2 c. 1 How many servings of fruit are you supposed to eat each day? a. Three Answer the questions & win a grand prize. Five b. Look out of W forthcoming issue April 2010 issue e 15 for th HOW 2 Q 3 How many water bottles do you drink a day? a. I drink juice instead b... Granola and juice b.

. Of course b. I don’t eat healthy food b. Jhandewala. or fast the next day. Send us the coupon with your photo along with the correct answers. Around 1200 c. Prove that you are aware of this trivia. Nothing What do you eat for lunch? a. what do you do afterwards? a. False Name Age Address PIN Effective exercise has to be for one hour. Send a photograph of your own. a.Q 4 Q 5 Q 6 Q Do you read the ingredients before you eat the food? a. a. Fast food Q Do you eat healthy food because you want to or your parents force you to? a. So answer according to what you feel is best. a. It may be printed in Womanʼs Era. True b. I don’t eat lunch b. Purge d. False Phone: Occupation E-mail You are supposed to have eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I don’t know d. Do you exercise almost every day? a. True b. My parents force me 13 How many calories do you eat per day? a. False Scoring Terms and Conditions: Don’t you hate those artificial quizzes that only have one obvious right answer? Health food makes healthy body. 115 d. b. Whatever is healthy c. Around 500 Q A candy bar is healthier than fruit. As little as possible b. True b. The decision of the editor will be final. False 7 Q 8 Q 9 Q 10 Q 11 14 If you were 5’8’‘. 2. So hurry up and post it now. 4. New Delhi-110 055. Depict your true self only. E-3. Delhi Press. True b. Mark the answers and send us the cutting of this quiz along with this coupon. along with the results. 95 b. Send to: Woman’s Era. Exercise until you have fully burned it off. Not usually Q 12 If you eat a lot. Why should I c. True b. 105 Eating healthier food helps you mentally and physically? a. what weight would you want to close to be? a. False Donʼt forget to attach a photograph 1. Home-cooked meals c. Go to sleep c. 3. The last date is 31 March 2010. It’s my own choice c.


coincided with the Lovers’ Day. Thrust of tech nology Remarkable life Japanese toy manufacturer company Tomy displayed a toy robot called “Transformers Disney Label. Sri Lanka’s legendary doorman Kottarapattu Chattu Kuttan (89) shows off his souvenir lapel pins from different countries. Valentine Day.Anne Julia Hagen poses for photographers after winning the Miss Germany Beauty competition in the Southern German city of Rust. The phenomen on of electron ics Toshiba displayed a prototype model of a head set used to analyse a person’s brainwaves which connects to a computer using bluetooth wireless communication at a symosium of Continua health-care devices and Communication Alliance in Tokyo. and is the world’s oldest employee in the hospitality business. span . the most important holiday on the Chinese calendar. standing outside the Island’s historic 146-yearold Galle Face Hotel in Colombo. He has no plans to retire. Hailing from Kerala. Kuttan turned 90 on 15 February. For the first time in 50 years Chinese Lunar New Year. Donald Duck holiday vehicle” which changes shape from a small vehicle to a Donald Duck-shaped robot on a surf board at the company’s headquarters in Tokyo. The winner Day of love Zero yau Man-hong (L) and Rain Siu Wang-Shan (2L) wearing traditional Chinese costume and Gigi Hui Sin-Chi (2 R) and Ken Cheng Chi-kin (R) in Western wedding attire kiss after their wedding ceremonies outside a shopping centre in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay district on 14 February.

The theme of the 77th edition. Free figure sk Quite an astounding mobile phone series named “Wave” by Samsung is displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 15 February. ating program me What a cellpho ne! . Citrus fruit scu lpture Darwin’s journ ey Re-enacted China’s Dan Zhang and Hao Zhang perform during the figure skating pairs free programme at the 2010 Winter Olympics at the Pacific Colosseum in Vancouver on 15 February. The Dutch Tall Ship is retracing charles Darwin’s famous journey on the HMS Beagle that led to his Theory of Evolution. is “Menton does its cinema”. three-mast clipper ship passes the Sydney Opera House after entering Sydney Harbour on 13 February. In the next picture a man places citrus fruit on an installation. ahead of the start of the “Fete du Citron” (Lemon carnival).A man works on a “Melies” sculpture made with citrus fruit in Menton on the French Riviera. The 2010 Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona for four days. running from 10 February to 3 March. a 60metre. In the next picture a man at his mobile phone. The Stad Amsterdam.

These hormones help the body to remain in top form. the doctor scribbled on his prescription pad. “What’s this. after his usual greeting. T4. The TSH is released by the brain to stimulate or remind the thyroid to produce more T3 and T4 to meet the body’s requirement.” Having done that. I don’t feel like doing anything most of the time. Maybe she’s right. thinking pensively. the body processes slow down or accelerate. her doctor came straight to the point.” “Oh. The butterfly in my throat is not working properly. It rests Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 .LOOK OUT FOR THE BUTTERFLY IN YOUR THROAT M 70 Thyroid therapy demystified. “You were absolutely correct. What does that mean?” “This condition is called hypothyroidism. I wonder if it’s something to do with my completing 45 years. When the T3 and T4 are in sufficient quantity. Even my lips and nose are thickening. I mean. therefore you have such symptoms. How simple you make it all sound. “Nothing definite on examination but go for this blood test in any reputed laboratory and get back to me with the reports. I’m falling apart. “How can I help you?” He watched her silently while she recounted her woes. By Dr S.” he laughed gently and explained. My legs also pain so much. Take the dose once a day and come back after a month to tell me how you are feeling. Mona was back at her doctor’s clinic with her blood report. doctor. Fonseca against your voice box in your neck. the TSH will also come to normal. you may get such symptoms as you have. I can feel myself slowing down. T4 are hormones or substances produced and released into the blood by the thyroid gland.’ Later. “There’s a very important butterfly-shaped gland called the thyroid. The T3 and T4 are less but the TSH is high.” Mona looked at the paper which he handed her. I must go to my doctor immediately. ‘I’m getting lazy and forgetful. We ona put down the receiver. I must check your pulse and pressure and see if we can feel any bumps on the gland. just look at the weight I’ve put on. yes. “I’m so fuzzy-headed and forgetful. When it doesn’t function properly. In spite of all that walking exercise. Now walking as an exercise is a real challenge. doctor? T3. Did you see one. doctor. Aunty was very concerned. “These tablets will replace the T3 and T4.” Mona’s doctor handed her a prescription. she gazed at the mirror and mused. “First. Mona’s hand reached for her neck. the body works faster in that the heart beats faster and there are symptoms like palpitations and tremors. T3. “The thyroid gland is very small but it does very important work.” A couple of days later.” Mona left her doctor’s clinic smiling.’ That evening. doctor. In your case. saying.” “Tell me more. You mean that if there are less of these hormones the body slows down. They’re essential for practically all the body functions in very tiny quantities. But if they are increased the body will work faster? How can this be?” “By accelerate. TSH? Some doctors’ code?” He smiled patiently. doctor?” “You can’t see it. It simply means that the thyroid is not able to cope and is not producing enough T3 and T4. Is it because of my age? Can’t something be done?” Her trusted doctor smiled. It had been all so simple and she had wasted so much time unnecessarily struggling with her doubts and fears. the hormones may be less. “Where’s the butterfly? There’s none here.” he said. If they aren’t present in the right amounts. It can happen at any age but is more common in middle-aged women. ‘My hair has thinned and my face looks puffy. “It must be the butterfly in your throat. doctor? Just look at my puffed face. while Mona got herself ready to visit her old family doctor.” “How can we find out if it is not functioning properly?” Mona asked quickly. I get nervous and irritable easily and haven’t you noticed how fat I’ve become.


They not only complement beauty but also redefine it. This necklace will unfailingly steal the scene with the glowing danglers. A necklace with a different design to go with large danglers.Jewelled beauty The picture of beauty is never complete without jewels. A necklace of ingenuity with corresponding danglers. A necklace made with pearls with ruby-encrusted danglers. A moon-shaped necklace with matching eartops. .

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Neha?” occurred inside the Bentley. “Can’t you ever be normal when we go out?” The same applies this year too. but Neha was not interested in what “Give me one. tickets. outside Neha’s house. Shankaranarayanan eha Banerjee had just won the May Queen Come now or we will be late to the Sapphire Club. His father programming like the back of his hand and was an engineering-goods manufacturer. at exotic restaurants. always do so. was peculiar too. I showed him the consequences. eight metres away. that’s Borivali National Park in the city. One day. “You hat night.STORY SHORT Making a Monkey out of a Millionaire It was the classic choice for Neha – a middle-class or high-society suitor. But the Aviator goggles. Rs 200 each. eh? Ajitesh replied.000 Ray-Ban guys swooned over her. a usual scene won’t dance with me there. with gelled hair. beauty contest at the elite Army Club in Hurry up.. despite those animals of a time accompanying him to costly being considered a nuisance by other nightclubs and high-society parties.!” called an arrogant voice. Sorry. Ajitesh bespectacled and assumed by all to be Ajitesh easily outgunned Ashok in easily having an intelligence quotient of a material wealth. He knew computer when it came to brainpower. See you later. give me some breathing “Nehaa! Nehaaa. But I gave you a polite NO last year. exasperated tone. but with Rs 15. jumping into the car. Ajitesh! Coming. This was precisely why the wealth. Everyone nearby is coming. Neha! Would you like a ticket to in his Playstation. a Britishtalk to you. clean ways. will you?” “Wasting your time with this computer geek.” sighed the complained Neha. proudly cruising the brainpower. like a Neha’s parents preferred Ashok and his polite salesman.” replied Neha. they said. eating opposite colony residents. cheerfully. Ashok Chaudhari and Ajitesh weighed down by pure gold jewellery. skinny. “I will be what I am. I’m selling the streets in a Bentley or a snazzy Jeep. She was one of the 26-year-old. pierced all over the face. By garden. even feeding them with tilted in Ajitesh’s favour. hanging out with cool came to next month’s annual dance in the locality? friends and above all. a posh locality near the “Yeah. Banker of Diamond Colony. space. though it was the opposite outgunned whopping 179 points. Before leaving. as Neha was watering the plants in her Bye!” said Neha hurriedly.” said Ashok. Ashok in was not far from becoming a civil service while both Ashok’s parents were civil material officer. “I have my own life.” made Bentley two-seater car screeched to a halt just growled Ajitesh. donning two main youths seriously wanting to marry a custom-made French suit. Countless young was also bespectacled. Ashok asked with a smile. Count me in. a usual visitor arrived. It was that guy who tried to As if to bolster the firmness of her ‘No’. yaar!” Mumbai for the third year. girl in a friendly. Ashok was the time Ashok’s jaw dropped in the nerd of the colony. first by slapping her and then by T 74 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . handsome! Ashok.. By J. The dude in the left-hand-drive vehicle prettiest girls in the city. playing video games when it “Hi. why I said no. no doubt. of course. having topped the main exams. and completed the transaction. He servants. It had to be. I’ve got to hurry now. Ajitesh had his “Oooh! Please! I consider you a friend and will usual share of pub brawls and was sozzled. and it was a hat The voice came from the arrogant mouth of a hep trick too. being a good friend of balance of affection in Neha’s mind was though it the local monkeys. She had a whale was the his own hands. and her were. disappointment the other two were gone.


thinking of his promotion all the time. I thought I would take you along to show them the monkeys at Road No. “Get out. Neha immediately retorted. and verbal abuse.” “Yaaay! We’ll see the monkeys!” cried Gunnar triumphantly. “We can’t see them now. outside was a smiling Neha with two European kids. Neha finally gave in. “All right kids. pretending to sound cheerful. seven years old. 33. we’ll see some monkeys now. Ashok replied that he was writing to a woman’s journal on wife battering. and in this case with Neha. The two kids’ names were Adam. being told by friends and relatives that India was an exotic land of elephant. “Be careful.” For Ashok. “But he’s preparing for the civil services exams most of the time. 33? There is a large troop of bonnet macaques there. Ashok tried to chat with Neha en route. They walked for half an hour. these are my dad’s boss’ children from Sweden. “Ashok. Neha’s father saw this as a means to get his long overdue promotion.” said her father. “But they have already bitten 11 people over the past several weeks. “Papa. “Road No. my dad has to impress his boss. the kids started pestering their parents. all right?” Neha’s mother intervened.” She wanted to avoid the geek at all costs. like physical assault and the burning of the body with cigarette butts.” chirped Neha. “Beta. “Adam and Gunnar. Ashok’s enlightening lecture sent . he concluded by saying how it sometimes ends up in murder. and they want to see monkeys. Neha stood shocked as the car sped away. But their busy parents had no time to visit any wildlife sanctuary. It was Ashok who opened the door.” said Neha’s father as they left.” the boys’ mother replied. Ajitesh was outand-out abusive with most people. To his amazement. and returned in a jiffy with a large packet of salted cashew nuts. but she initially replied to his questions in monosyllables. They would like to see you feed them. Please. But Neha was not intellectually developed enough to firmly reject such behaviour. and said.” replied Neha’s father. clearly sounding irritated. Ashok is friendly with them. And they all went. may have gone to his study circle.” pleaded the older Adam. And he spoke at length about the problem. sounding a bit irritated. But this was not the first such incident.” he suggested. Take him along. Neha began listening with rapt attention. much to the surprise of local residents. why don’t you take the kids to see the monkeys at Road No. who had till now only seen Neha with the richie-rich dude.” “That’s not a problem. After a few minutes she asked Ashok what his latest essay was about. Visitors were few for the past several months as no one wanted to disturb his preparations for the grand exams. So. Neha got the idea and said. “Papa. Ashok went on to say how wifebattering takes various forms. The children. who could not believe the pleasant surprise. They were quite disappointed as a result. come. I want to see a monkey. Papa has work. used as she was to living in her boyfriend’s golden cage. and Gunnar. this was a situation that had fallen straight from heaven. The family had arrived in India just two months earlier.” barked the brute. nine. as how it was a violation of a woman’s rights and selfrespect. Two weeks later. really closely. 33. Who knows? He he doorbell rang unexpectedly at Ashok’s house. “Where to now?” smiled Ashok. darlings. she began opening up. and we’ll see monkeys. It will only take two or three hours. Finally.burning her shoulder with a cigarette butt. “The kids will be disappointed if they don’t see the animals. However. all of you. Take Ashok along. “Right ho!” he said happily. and went into the kitchen. But Neha came to the point and said while gesturing to the children.” said little Gunnar. “Hi! What a surprise! Come in! Come in!” said Ashok. I want to see some elephants. fakirs and maharajas wanted to see some local wildlife. as Ashok’s warm and friendly nature came out. Neha’s father’s Swedish boss paid a visit to her home with his wife and two children. T A fter the guests settled down and downed some coffee and snacks.


it’s all over. had bitten a dozen people over the last to TGIF for Ajitesh. “Stop it. 33. such circumstances. Her mind also began to dinner like you any more. nine monkeys lay dead and dozens “So. On reaching the ridge there. the news of Ajitesh’s cruel deed All three of them smiled and went into Neha’s spread throughout Diamond Colony. air-rifle and a boxful of metal pellets and drove and said. word. uncle!” Ajitesh protested. “Hey. or a human monster with all the quietly. and she wondered under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Neha’s father got his long-overdue “But. was eha was horrified. And. Neha himself. up with other common criminals. Ajitesh! Get away from here before we the Swedish kids joyfully told their father about their call the police. The children One evening. Ashok beckoned Neha and remembered Ashok’s talk on abusive relationships the two children to join him in feeding the monkeys. At last. you could kill me tomorrow. The next day. definitely. experience and her father’s subsequent promotion. “Hey. away.” women. namaste!” He took a dozen bananas from arrest. the police. father his promotion. She had begun to like the standing there with a plastic bag full of bananas. if they wanted to avoid getting bitten. By the time the pellets in the box Neha’s father watched as he put her hand in Ashok’s. I cannot love a monster several months. The more. He replied that it was safest for Subsequently. Don’t return here for Neha happened to tell Ajitesh about her your own good. irritable and unpredictable animals that Neha! Let’s go TGIF for dinner tonight!” Neha replied quietly. which was getting damaged each fter about half an hour. him was Ashok. Ajitesh’s Bentley screeched to a were on cloud nine. not only seeing. Ashok greeted him cheerfully. Some religious organisations also put pressure for She in turn asked Ashok what should be done in action as monkeys are considered sacred. the love both of you have for me. She thought and thought. I could put you behind bars joyful and had seen Indian monkeys monster like by this evening for assaulting me repeatedly from close quarters to their heart’s you any in the past. The animals surrounded Ashok and began instantly remembered all the assaults and cigarette to eat from his hands. Consumed by jealousy and rage. And. “Go today. stuffing their huge cheekburns she had received from Ajitesh. The instructor at the local gym. But it was better he immediately began shooting at the monkeys with late than never. when is the engagement?” he asked. We N 78 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . and next to Indian experience. money in the world. the group reached Road No. But he was bailed out by his father’s Neha was also impressed by his knowledge of lawyers after spending three hours in the police lockfeminism. there is something called selfit’s all over. and changed her mind. besides.” deadly accuracy.” it was Neha’s father. “No one wants you here. animal. a friend of Ashok. Ajitesh took an Neha then turned back to her father and Ashok. hyperactive monkeys. On reaching home. but also halt outside the gate of Neha’s house. That evening the gym instructor and a couple of nature lovers filed home in bliss. promotion. playing with and feeding an exotic Neha came out. Neha across her face. Ajitesh was arrested from his home by the woman to simply break off such a relationship.” four of them began to return to Neha’s Ajitesh raised his hand and slapped home. were injured. They were ready to return. “I am sorry it took me so long to realise down to Road No. Neha wondered how Ashok could Ajitesh told Ajitesh told her. they gave her feeding the simians. following Ajitesh’s “Guruji. 33. “In a week. an tonight!” “What?” intelligent and gentle guy with limited Neha replied “If you could kill those harmless creatures means.” said Neha. with Ashok enlightening the girl further on various current issues. He hung his head in He immediately slapped her and walked away in a shame and went back to his car without uttering a huff. I now love Ashok who respects content.” said Ashok. A week later. I respect. the kids were cannot love a time you hit me. Ajitesh conceded defeat. Neha! Let’s go to be on such friendly terms with these her. her father asked her what she would do if he the instructor and proceeded to feed the monkeys were arrested for even bigger offences. After all. whether her own life was going in such a direction. She then pouches in the process. pleasing everyone in the house. “Go away. got exhausted. He told the kids not to irritate or tease the animals and the need for women to be assertive. Ajitesh.” wonder who could care for her better.A a complaint against him in the local police station a chill down Neha’s spine.

and health under one roof. medium and large size. regenerate dry hairs. Another collection Street Wear was designed by very talented students namely Abhay Malhotra. “I.) and having its head office at Delhi – Manufacturers of Fine Quality with World Class Technology wide range of Pressure Cookers and Cookware. Street Wear and Red Carpet under the Guidance of Abdul Halder. MD. Fashionista came up with this Fashion Show. regulate oily hairs and helps growth of fuller.Fashionista. no follow-ups. So Berkowits is the only safe.S.e. to extend his hand of help to guide our students for materialising their concepts. It also offers multi-therapy treatments based on European hi-technology latest machines. They worked on various themes like Punk. designed for men. for cleaning these utensils. The pouch will shine with the name Pitambari that couldn’t be missed by anyone. and one can feel like his/her own hairs and would get his/her confidence back. it was a wonderful gesture by Abdul. Hard Anodised item in all the ranges. Neetu Pavan Manikatalia. What could be better than using the health-restoring benefits of Brass-Copper utensils! The craze for Brass-Copper utensils is on the rise. painless. Saus. Wide range of Cookerware i. is experimental in its style. Its modernised plant is equipped with modern infrastructure and managed by professionals with experience of over 40 years. Punk Collection. says Seema Goel. which controls hair loss. Needless to say. It offers unique solution for baldness. etc. Berkowits Offers Unique Solution for Baldness The stressful lifestyle of modern times is giving rise to many ailments. Pressure Cooker and Pressure Pan OUTER Lid. BIS. FIEO. Ankush and Chandni. herbal and Ayurveda to give complete diet to your skin. Managing Director and emceed by famous Vandana Vadhera. Berkowits introduces unique multi-therapy treatment for excessive hair loss and receding hairline through American Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with a combination of Acupuncture and Ayurveda. In the panel of Fashionista’s Celeb Faculties. Pressure Cooker Inner Lid. Pritam International’s Core Competency is as OEM Vendor to most Prestigious Brands in India and abroad.P. skin Seema Goel. Kadai. However. Meetu Jain and Mukesh Sharma. acupuncture. Pallavi Agarwal. March (First) 2010 79 Pritam International’s Pressure Cookers . www. Vanica.fashionistaschool. (H. people are now familiarising themselves with simple. result-oriented and hygienic place for every problem. thicker and healthier hairs. The show exhibited works of the very talented Fashionista Students from Fashion Design Department. Tawa. The School of Fashion Technology. The firm is accredited from EEPC. 60 and 175 gram pack everywhere! Woman’s Era ● Pitambari Shining Powder. which is nonsurgical cosmetic treatment. above and up to 108 Ltrs.”. Available in 10. Fry Pans. Stainless Steel Puff insulated Casserole with small. Wide range of Encapsulated Thermal Base Stainless Steel Cookware with Glass Lid. Non I. D and B and many other government agencies which ensures the performance reliability. Pitambari is the first choice everywhere. The event was graced by famous designer Abdul Halder and model and actor Jesse Randhawa. were the designer students behind it. The kitsch look that models were given added the oomph factor to the runway.S. effective and pocketfriendly (economical) ways to stay away from these ailments. Pitambari Shining Powder is now available in the markets in a totally new packaging and a new look. Their products include: Outer Lid Pressure Cooker and Pressure Pans made of Aluminium with size from 1 Ltrs to 22 Ltrs. to celebrate the launch of its two Centres in North India that people would swear by for ages. celebrated the launch of its Chandigarh and Amritsar Centre. one retains youth if one has the right attitude and it has discovered the power of good looks for hair. one sitting.I. Now in a New Look Pritam International is a professionally managed company based at Fashionista opens two centres Berkowits believes beauty is essentially a way of thinking.I. The show has added another edge to the fashion fraternity in Chandigarh at manimajra and in Amritsar at Ranjit Avenue.

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We have been married for eight years. presuming that she is over 15 years of age. What can I do? Your efforts should be focused on making him see his ways and not to make people believe how bad he is when you are alone with him. My sister is married into a very rich business family whereas my husband is not doing well. Nobody believes me. Ask yourself and ask her a few leading questions and you will know. How can I do that without sermonising all the time? Although you have not written the age of your daughter. not telling him about your divorce is not right. You have to clear the air if you feel that she is looking down on you for lack of money. My children are very fond of reading and have a good command of English. I now find that my wife is addicted to these sites and that’s what she does all day. Recently when their grandparents visited I realised that they can barely converse in Hindi. A split personality like that implies that he wants to be accepted by people and relatives but there is some reason that he gets sadistic pleasure in torturing you. Together you can overcome this malaise of modern society. He is a per fect gentleman in public but the moment we are alone. selected by my parents. What do I do and how can she be so sure I am wrong when she knows no better? You are obviously stressed by the situation. I feel my sister looks down on me and our lifestyle. Of course. Only by respecting the process of selecting the manner in which money is spent can she understand the concept of spending and saving from one’s income. There are some Hindi publications as well – select the ones right for their age. My husband and I got divorced because he was a bisexual. We decided not to tell our son who was three at the time. Communication is the only key. can be equally wrong. ensure that you are not imagining something which is not there. But before talking to her. I am very upset. try to make her participate in prioritising of expenses. There can be no secrets between a husband and wife. However. When my wife confronted me. He thinks his father lives in another city. My husband is like two men in one body. How do I tell her that I am happy? Your sister is probably equating money with happiness. Now he is 10 and we have still not told him. You can watch blue films together or read an instruction guide (foreign ones are much better). She also had no experience of sex but says I have no sexual skills and that I cannot even kiss properly. I feel guilty. neglecting our children and her work. Yet you have to follow your heart when it comes to the right time to tell such news to the child. She asked me to stop and I totally stopped. I never had a girlfriend and got married to somebody my age. Maybe she is lacking something in her sex life and is trying to fulfil that space. Maybe you lack some tricks but they are easily learnt. so that is why they meet once a month. pushing the child or not controlling their behaviour. should I confront her? There is nothing to be gained by confrontation except maybe losing your brother’s confidence and 82 support.QA & Q & A I find that my daughter is always comparing our home with that of her friends and ours is never good enough. I told her that it was exciting but not perverting. You have to take some sort of stand before it gets worse and you could consult a psychiatrist if you are unable to handle it. Extremity of any kind. it is possible that your wife’s perception is wrong and she is imaging lovemaking as seen in Hindi films. I want her to understand the concept of living within means. We all do parenting in the way we believe and you are doing what you believe is best for your child as surely your sister-in-law is doing. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . I used to surf the porn sites but it meant nothing. he taunts and harasses me. You will have to speak to your wife just as she confronted you. It will be difficult but it is achievable. I find that my brother’s wife pushes her young children to be great achievers and recently told my brother that my way of bringing up children is wrong. What is the right course of action? How do I tell him? At the age of 10 he is still too young to comprehend the details of bisexuality. Command of the mother tongue is desirable and they will be as fluent in Hindi as they are in English. what should I do? Quite simple really – ask your parents and those of your husband to spend more time with your children.


T hanks to growing friendly relations between them and their families. reportedly Shah Rukh Khan has agreed to play a brief.B O M B A Y F I L M D O M films with Vidya Balan (of Lage Raho Munabhai fame) in mind. Congrats Vidya. But she has proved that she is. several other awards were also announced. Three Idiots directed by Raj Kumar Hirani was adjudged the best film. 67-year-old Amitabh Bachchan has done full justice to the character of a 13-year-old Auro in Paa. No wonder. You may wonder what’s the connection between hockey players and Shah Rukh? He had played a hockey coach in Chak De India. t the same function. Vidya Balan won Best Actress Award in Paa. therefore he walked away with the Best Actor Award of the 16th Annual Screen awards at a lavish programme in Mumbai. Dipika Padukone has already been finalised for the female lead. Shah Rukh Khan expressed his sympathy with them. W 84 Amitabh Bachchan got Best Actor Award for his role in Paa. a super hit film. A A fter the grievances of hockey players of India that they were not being paid their well-deserved dues. Aamir Khan plays one of the key roles. S hahid Kapoor who took a few giant steps ahead in his film career with his performance in Kaminey is mentally prepared to tie Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Meanwhile hockey players’ complaint has been taken care of. She won the Best Actress Award for her performance in Paa at the function mentioned above. A believer in taking up challenges. It hardly needs any reaffirmation that Krish was a super-hit. hen director Sujoy Ghosh said recently that he wrote his next Aamir Khan in 3 Idiots. but important. this writer had wondered if this relative newcomer was really so talented. negative role in a sequal to Krish planned by Rakesh Roshan.

and that he considers marriage an important duty. Good to know that from Salman himself. Balki. He gave a hint of this in a programme given as a reality show titled Lift Karade. well be the brainwave of Gulzar. It’s Zaayad’s role which gives the crucial twist in the climax of the film. Proof? The songs of Ishqia are becoming very popular. oliticians knocked at the door of film industry once again asking for ‘star-power’ to woo voters in the Ellenabad constituency in Sirsa. We earnestly hope (and pray) that this time it turns out to be a sweet experience. Now it seems to be the turn of Gulzar and Vishal Bhardwaj (as a lyricist and music director). which turned out to be a sour experience. R. Raj Babbar supported the Congress candidate. She has got married again. Balki. an army officer considers it ‘outrageous rubbish’. Dutt was heard shouting Ellenabad niwasion ko Munnabhai ka salaam. yet another Best Actor Award. the director. A bhishek plays a politician in Paa and politicians generally wear spotless khadi clothes (never mind if some of them are not spotless themselves). Amitabh. Let’s see who wins? n a free and democratic country like India. a good poet himself. he is sure of being a good father. has got his dad. everyone is entitled to express his or her opinion on anything. O ne cannot help wondering what prompted Salman Khan to issue a statement reaffirming that while he cannot guarantee that he would be a good husband. Of course. Probably that’s what Nandita Das (actor-turned director with Firaq) did when she plunged into her first marriage. S ome duos (twosomes) like SalimJaved (as writers) and Shankar Jaikishen (as music directors) have done extremely well in Bombay filmdom. P I . Directed by R. While Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty canvassed for INLD candidate. the film was completed with a budget of approximately Rs 15 crore. to make sure that Abhishek donned spotless white attire.the knot. A bhishek Bachchan’s debut as a producer with Paa has been well worth it. ‘act in haste and repent at leisure’. While the jury for the 16th Screen Awards has selected 3 Idiots as the best film. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are already shooting for the film in America. Believe it or not. cinegoers are the ultimate judges. The title of the film may Salman Khan. Producer Abhishek with dad in Paa. Z aayed Khan is playing a brief but important role in Sajid Nadiadwala’s film titled Anjana Anjani. ordered as many as ten sets of the same costume! A n adage says. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in Anjana Anjani.

While Rajendra Kumar was nicknamed Jubilee Kumar because many of his starrers turned out to be jubilee hits. Dilip Kumar. here is no exaggeration whatsoever if we say that the Bachchans will always cherish the moments when Amitabh passed on the trophy to son Abhishek for making a splendid debut as a producer with Paa (as part of 16th Screen Awards). When Sholay was being planned. W atrina Kaif’s decision to work hereafter with heroes on the ‘A’ list only is uncalled for. Both gave an excellent account of themselves in the black buster film. like Akshay Kumar. including actresses who want to get married: two handsome actors – Shahid Kapoor (of Jab We Met and Kaminey fame) and Vivek Oberoi have decided to tie the knot. All The Best produced by Ajay has been well received. Aamir Khan and his team used every gimmick to attract cinegoers to cinema houses: they pasted unique Amitabh Bachchan with Dharmendra at the Lions Gold Awards function. stickers on rickshaws plying on streets that read: “Capacity: 3 Idiots”! K D D I magine what a wonderful feeling of joy Shah Rukh Khan must have had to read that he is one of the most influential muslim in the world today alongwith music director A. – Deepak Puri . he has turned a producer too! Producer Dinesh Patil told this writer that when he decided to give a break to Ajay. Kat? G W hile promoting their starrer 3 Idiots. some prophets of doom told me that I was backing the wrong horse. Rehman! hile talking of Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan. let’s not forget the first Khan. ood old memories and nostalgia marked the recent meeting of Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra at the Lions Gold Awards function in Mumbai. Amitabh went to the jat hero to put in a word for him to Ramesh Sippy for the second male lead. Deepika Padukone with Abhishek in ‘Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se’! A jay Devgon is not only a successful actor today. agreed to work with her in Namaste London.W hile former ‘Dream Girl’ Hema Malini reigned supreme for almost a decade. but going by instinct that he would make it. It can mean denial of opportunity to relatively new but talented young actors. Esha’s stagnant career. I gave him a break and he did make it. she was also a new entrant at one time and heroes on the ‘A’ list. After all. What can you say except Naseeb Apna Apna? Remember a film was also made with this title almost a decade ago. What do you say. Dharmendra was finalised first and reportedly. R. his son Bunty remained one film wonder. Guess how does the thespian spend his time in the evening of life? He reads a good deal.e. her daughter Esha’s career just refuses to move ahead. plays tennis and enjoys an evening walk with a friend or two. amn good news for beautiful young girls. Yusuf Khan i. the film which got for him yet another Best Actor Award! T D estiny has its own strange ways of dealing with us mortals. ame Luck’s darling Deepika Padukone who started her film career with a hit film Om Shanti Om has just started shooting for Ashutosh Gowarikar’s film Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se with Abhishek Bachchan.

.Katrina Kaif’s decision is uncalled for not working with newcomers.

this festival has been celebrated here as the symbol of love. the first place that comes to mind is of course the Vraj bhoomi. arms. by decorating the entrances to their homes with richly varied patterns of rangoli in bright colours. People go around singing Radha-Krishna bhajans in full masti and enthusiasm colouring everyone around. let us take a look at some of the exciting ways in different states of India as they celebrate this colourfully-spirited festival. there is the flower Holi too in which the whole of Vrindavan’s population is seen showering everyone around with flowers. smudged on their faces. green leaves and look UTTAR PRADESH Mathura aur Vrindavan ki holi: As one thinks of holi. As this colourful festival signifies a triumph of good over evil. Since then. looking as unrecognisable as ever with unbelievable variety of colours of pink. By Deepali Nandwani splendid with freshly-blossomed. oli. deep-blue tunics and turbans they go The festival of colour across India. Shop vendors have a gala time as they display the plenty of colours and gulal and also the pichkaris of various shapes and sizes. As the trees show off their new formed lush. Come. To be seen here other than the Holi of all temples. Saade Punjab di holi: One day ahead is celebrated here as the chhoti Holi and days ahead the kids are seen roaming around with water pistols in their hands wetting the place wherever they go. maybe orange and green. as sheepishly they call aloud “holi hai”. in their clothes blotched with patches of dry and wet colours that were splashed on to them. the place where Krishna is believed to have spent his childhood. The story that goes around here is that. The woman nationwide show their skills in an attempt to join hands with nature. of course. Immediately. Women here are seen in big groups with large ghunghats on their faces carrying big sticks. neck. All this is in a spirit of pure fun and joy as side by side they sing bhajans in the typical Braj language and punish the men who retaliate by making them wear female clothes and dance around. We. Then. violet. cannot miss the Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . beautifully – coloured flowers. May it be a gun or a huge dolphin or any others. is the gulal kund Holi at Braj where Holi goes on for almost the full year with small children enacting the scenes of Kanha and his pastimes. spreading a distinctive air of romance all around. the birth place of Radharani. to hit the men as they try and shield themselves and also throw colour on them. Sikhs here celebrate the special ʻHolla mohallaʼ. The houses emit the fragrance of yummy carrot halwa or kheer or sweetmeats made with mava. people of all communities come together to rejoice. makes its grand entry in the month of Phagun heralding the entry of the beautiful. the teeth too. She laughed at him and one day asked him to colour her face with any colour. they really do hit hard. Some houses make the ghujias too. trying to leave behind all their in-between enmities. feet and – surprise surprise. Dressed in long. the most spectacular festival celebrated in India. The culprits may have been our very lovable pichkaris or the small water balloons available in delightful colours. Big glasses of lassi are gulped down by people. sometimes laced with bhang too. Ouch! Mind you. Zealous children and elders are seen roaming around. The Holi here goes on for around two weeks till the day of rangpanchami arrives. just in fun. balmy spring season and an effective exit of the dry and cold winter season. Kanaha always complained to his mother Yashoda about his dark complexion whereas the gopis and Radha were fair.& COLOURS THE GAIETY H 88 OF HOLI mention of the boisterous lathmaar holi that is celebrated with a lot of cheer and joy at Barsana. Everybody can be seen running around or trying to hide from the colourful water squirts. one is reminded of the divine love between the playful chitchor Kanha and his consort Radharani. they are seen hanging in abundance at the entrances of the shops to attract attention.

even as huge processions are taken out to Lord Krishna’s temple. Bihar ma holi: It is known as phagwa here and is celebrated with great gusto. reminding one of the immortal love shared between the Radha and Krishna. and Editor’s Name: Paresh Nath. Then people apply tilak and hug each other on this very lively festival. See Rule 8 1. the celebrations match the excitement of that of Vrindavan. seen amidst different colours flying in the air. Publisher. Paresh Nath. Nationality: Indian. Paresh Nath. celebrated in some tribal-dominated areas also attracts a lot of tourists as it is celebrated with sheer joy and cheer. Dol purnima or the swing festival is celebrated here with great joy as the images of Radha and Krishna are seated in decorated swings and are made to roam around the streets with people singing the bhajans aloud. Jhandewala Estate. Jhandewala Estate. The dish puran poli wins hands down on this day. One famous Holi here is dolchi holi of Bikaner which some communities have been celebrating for several years by throwing water on each other’s backs from specially designed vessels know as dolchi. New Delhi-55. in traditional white and yellow turbans. Sd. In Mumbai. Big huge human pyramids are made to reach the handi even as people surrounding them throw huge amounts of coloured water on them to hinder their smooth performance. Holi in Gujarat: Celebrations here start with the lighting of the bonfire of Holika and offerings of khoya. sugar toys.around as a spectacular affair showing their skills in martial arts. Gulal and kumkum can be seen flying around or scattered on the road in patches as people in multicoloured attire. Holi in Rajasthan: Here. this marks the last festival of the Bengali year. As the women dance around swings. Periodicity of publication: Fortnightly. There are loud sounds of the dhol vibrating in the air as people sing folk songs intoxicating themselves with bhang and bhang pakoras or thandai. Manipur: The flavour of Holi here is enjoyed with people seen toying with gulal and dancing around in Lord Krishna’s temples. puranachi Holi. swords and shields and spears. I. go around dancing and singing giving performances of the raslila. Orissa holi: Here also. impressing everyone around. may be malpoas. which may spread their mouthwatering fragrance all around. One can hear loud bhajans dedicated to Radhe and Krishna. The Bhogorian festival here. Names and addresses of individuals who own the newspaper and partners or shareholders holding more than one per cent of the total capital: Delhi Press Patra Prakashan Pte. 4. a tasty preparation of milk. 3. with children screaming in glee Holi re holi. The royals also come out in the open these days to celebrate the lovely spirit of colour. Ltd. Holi in Bengal: Lovingly known here as the basant utsav or the dolyatra. coconut and corn. Address: E-3. people surrounding them throw colours on them. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 89 . collected dry leaves and the wood of the araad and the redi tree and cakes made out of cow dung (pathiyan). as there are a large number of people whose devotion is to Radha and Krishna. The bonfire is lit with Statement of ownership and other particulars about WOMAN’S ERA FORM IV. Dishes. & 5 Printer’s. Cultural programmes take the lead. Maharashtra: Burning of Holika is the main custom here and is known as the shimga. 2. dol purnima is celebrated with Lord Jagannatha’s images being taken in palanquins and people singing bhajans aloud and throwing colour on each other. wrestling. New Delhi-55.. People put abeer (colour) on all around and there is a distribution of prasadam in extravagance. Publisher’s. E-3. Lord Jagannath’s temple is heavily decorated and looks beautiful. the Bollywood holi is a different affair altogether with various types of parties with huge tubs of colour laid out in the lawns and all celebrities roaming around sprawled in a variety of colours and clearly enjoying themselves amidst the loud music We being played. basanti sandesh or the kheer sandesh. hereby declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Place of publication: New Delhi. Kolkata’s streets are thronged with large numbers of people. Images of goddess Gauri are made out of the leftover ashes from the bonfire by the unmarried girls. It is a custom here to break earthen pots filled with buttermilk. 6.

.Which one has the stunning impact? Dresses or bags? Both. Your dress colour goes with dress sense. It means you should wear a colour suiting your personality. A proper hand bag necessarily enhances your personal appeal.

T ime to flaun t your assets as it is now the call of s pring. you are befittingly dressed and have an attractive bag around your hand. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 91 .Another kind of bag to suit a different colour. For a curvaceous look you have to wear a top that will make others’ eyes pop out. Now. TREND TIP The two stylishly crafted bags are meant to match equally exquisite dresses. It is the req uirement o f the season to w ear revealin g dresses.

also known as Druk art. settings and ideations. It influenced my paintings and instead of going outdoors and capturing the beauty of the rocky scenery of Ladakh. Finally. the oldest material that mankind Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . I have made sure that I work at the he art journey of this shy. he came to Delhi and to Rang Art Gallery . not as an empty space but as a span of life filled with Also. I felt. I felt that this was the ideal way to depict a symbolic concept and ever since then. held in its centre so many household stories because it has been witness to so many generations of life amidst us. Why? I am by and large a self-taught artist who has picked up skills from studying the great masters of Europe. The shape of the pot suggests a circle or shunya. peace and the higher thoughts. depended on my memories of artists and works and began to discover my talents. I received formal training in Tibetan folk art painting. you have not been doing work in that style. has gone out of his way to promote my artistry and on my part. How did you depict this concept through art? I was drawn to the idea of the earthen pot. I have also studied several other books on Indian art with the aim of acquiring knowledge on art and painting.rangartgallery. What was the reception of the galleries and viewers when they first saw your works? It was at Rang Art gallery of Delhi (www. Ph No. the owner Kapil. I also observed people at work. soft-spoken and committed artist spans the three cities of Delhi . moulded for his needs. when I went to Ladakh. I realised the tremendous power of Silence. Inspired by the works of the miniature painters of his home state of Rajasthan. I have been painting pots in various forms. from where the unusual but fascinating journey into art began for him. Jodhpur and Leh.ARTISTIC JOURNEY A FASCINATING By Subhra Majumdar T 92 “Mini pots in a heap means that everything on this earth will return to earth in the cycle of life. I have painted more than 200 works with this theme and Rang Gallery’s patrons are very satisfied with my art hung on their walls.” says the artist. When in need of materials and a gallery to display his art. Meghwal took to painting like a devotee to his Lord. my mind began to conceive art works depicting the form of Shunya. Thereafter. On that circuit. Despite your liking for miniature art. in the Ladakh district of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The household pot. 9811078742 that I got the most heartening response. It is also made of primeval earth. he met a Dutch traveller who influenced him to try his hand at painting the landscape of the Ladakh region and thus Meghwal included it in his painting journey. How did the Druk style of painting affect your own art style? Besides the style of using the brush and paints. I also imbibed the philosophy of Buddhism.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 93 .

They rise above the mundane heap at the bottom and symbolise the state of oblivion achieved through intense meditation. What is the next thing you will paint? Perhaps after this series. as if waiting to go into the fire. As yet it is struggling to climb out of the everyday existence and climb to higher goals. and followed his works through the various stages. Their character is Which painter has inspired you the most? Although I am inspired by the Masters of the Renaissance in Europe . What kind of colour palette do you prefer? Although I paint pots. His interaction creates a sense of positivism in me and I thrive on it. The pots lie in different directions in an untidy heap. They are the highest state of human thought and action and their floating in the air is because they have no pressures to pull them down to basic living and its concerns. as if they signify a new life emerging from the earth. I sometimes spend 14 hours without a break to work on a painting and even forget hunger. that are bursting to break all bonds. in that arid landscape. I often study his works in books and never tire of seeing the paintings images over and over again. thirst and rest when I am working on one of the works for him. 94 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . My paintings also have a non-real aspect and so my colours are made to evoke the power of energy rather than imitate nature. orders he procures with single-minded devotion. my inspiration is from the artist Satish Gujral. sculpt and make installations with equal ease and each exhibition of his art means a new phase in his art career. making sure that I never paint the same thing again and strive to come out with a new feeling from my pots at every new exhibition I display my We works.still unformulated unlike the larger well-baked pots. It also means that everything on this earth will return to earth in the cycle of life. Why are mini pots placed in a heap usually in your paintings? This is to show that the miniature pot is what conceals the central point of energy. I will paint a series of Buddhist icons in the Tibetan style. and explode in that state of shunya or Non-Being. Which is the most popular work on matkas that you have done? The work entitled Kumbh Snaan( Bathing at the Kumbh) is my best work. The blue surroundings in the work are positivism and they appear in all my works because I like my viewer to vibe with my art. I have learnt a lot from him. The pots are perfectly created and are the embodiment of the Shunya concept. dedication and service. For me this artist is the true Vishwakarma because he can paint. I do not always stick to a rigid realistic colour scheme. I may also concentrate on the idea of the release of the supreme Energy within us and paint a series of pots set in a dry terrain where a seed pod will be emerging from a pot. All this is something that I still spend nights thinking over and nothing has yet materialised…in the meantime I continue to struggle. Above this heap are an arrangement of life-size matkas that are reaching towards a clear blue sky. It depicts a collection of small pots in an unbaked bleached mud colour.

my limbs become very cold. Your are treading on a very dangerous path. Readers are invited to send in any health and medical queries they would like to be answered. You have to be very careful about getting infections.g. If you follow the advice of your doctor correctly there is no reason why you should not be cured. On biopsy it again turned out to be a benign growth. My problem is that I have too many boyfriends. My problem is that I get repeated skin infections. It would be better if you go for mammography to exclude any other lesion in your breast.Q & A I am 28 years old and married. Individual replies cannot be sent. Moreover a regular check-up will be required at frequent intervals to detect the appearance of any untoward growth. But sometimes I get afraid about whether I may get some deadly disease. MD. From the description given in your letter it appears that you are getting attacks of acute pancreatitis affecting a small organ situated in the upper part of the abdomen. I am sure your doctor is taking care of your problem by proper investigations. What you suffer from cannot be ignored. Appearance of swellings on your breasts requires special attention. Best would be to maintain a diary in which you record your daily activities and see what is responsible for causing Q I am 25 years and unmarried. Best for you would be to take adequate treatment and avoid any future source of infection. I see no reason why your pelvic infection cannot be treated properly. Please help.) and do exercises which strengthen your pectoral muscles on which the breasts rest. So be careful. Address your letters (neatly written on white paper) to: WOMAN'S ERA. — Dr S. Any injury also takes a long time to recover. Jhandewala Estate. egg. I presume it was an unprotected sex act. New Delhi-110055. Best for you would be to take good nutritious food (high-class proteins. I am 35 years old. I have suffered from diabetes for the last five years. Now another swelling has appeared on my breast. flowers and hair from pet animals In fact the list is endless. Allergy is one problem which is very difficult to manage. Your fears are well founded. I have tried many methods but to no avail. I am 28 years old and had a miscarriage last year. Recently I got infected and was diagnosed to be suffering from the papilloma virus infection. fish. Khosla. Diabetics are notorious for getting repeated infections. Nature helps only to some extent. clothes – especially synthetic) household dust. obese and mother of two kids. Whenever I get the attack. poultry etc. I am getting repeated attacks of acute pain in the upper part of my abdomen accompanied by vomiting. I presume that you are not fat and also not suffering from inflammation of the gall bladder. What you have got is as a result of sexual contact. Please help. Woman’s Era will provide answers to your questions and offer solutions to your problems. Please help. fish. Poor diabetes control always worsens the condition. Even AIDS and HIV infection can also occur. I am afraid I may get cancer. I consulted a surgeon who advised me to go in for surgery which I do not want. Please help. Q liable to get infected with many sexually transmitted diseases. milk. So desist from your wayward ways. eggs. Please help. You are . Repeated infections of the pelvis is one of the factors responsible for causing carcinoma of the genitalia in females. My breasts are of average size. I am 25 years old and suffer from attacks of allergy. E-3. You can be allergic to anything on this earth. Please help. N. A slight massage will also be helpful. Q Q I am 22 years old and employed in a multinational. Q I am 35 years old. I am worried. Womansera. the two conditions which predispose a woman to suffer from this disease. My problem is that I get recurrent pelvic infections. Sometimes it occurs when diabetes is not under control. I am 40 years old and mother of two kids. Sex with too many people at this age is nothing short of promiscuous behaviour. Please advise. Five years ago a swelling appeared on my left breast which on biopsy turned out to be a benign growth. Please help. Get yourself examined by your doctor and if there is any infection you should get it treated promptly. There are many artificial ways by which a women’s breasts can be made to look bigger. Women who repeatedly suffer from this type of infection are more liable to suffer from carcinoma of the cervix. Any mild infection must be treated promptly under medical guidance. I also indulge in sex with them. Sadly I have to admit that I indulge in sex with my boyfriend. A person may be allergic to the food he or she takes (e. bananas) perfume.

Bijan utilises canvas as the platform to reveal the secrecy of life which we don’t ponder upon. Artist Bijan Paul is too feeling the heat due to speaking his heart rather than mind. New Mexico. Proving his talent and uniqueness in the field of art for more than 30 years hasn’t been easy.” Secrecy is like an invisible worm that grows up inside us and bugs silently. Paul says. society’s entire life and later the society gets the healing. gradually. Singapore) 2007: Art in CANAN Road. misunder standing or non-understanding. Our Correspondent COMMUNICATION IN ART THE MATTER OF A n unorthodox is the most mum person in this chaotic world as he finds no one to listen to his words that show the mirror of man and society. He went through many ups and downs in his work-time but never compromised on the matters he wanted to communicate. 1981: Home Stores (Art Division) (Telok Karau. But we don’t talk about the problem and it has become a secret in our lives.“Revelation is not just for unfolding the hidden things but to educate and inform us.” says the artist. They feel the heat of apartness in Bijan Paul Birth: 1st January 1958 in Calcutta Ph: 09871182009 Solo shows: 1981: Paris. although the rules or restrictions are introduced by the same mind of people – unorthodox. A conscious person close to heart understands meaning and purpose of life well. poured by those – labelled out of track persons of that time. Truth must not be hidden whether it is with good or bad face. 2000-2008: First International Conference South Asian Artist. Society frames rules that become tradition and puts restrictions – what to do and what not to do. 1982: Canada. So we ought to reveal this secret and understand how it affects us. “There are many precious and important matters that require to be discussed for settling down outcomes of miscommunication. Group shows: 1980: London. He unfolds his experience and . 1985: Germany. 1983: Japan. 1986: London. focusing on “Capacity Building of Marginalised Women and widows in February 2002.

Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 97 .At nature’s doorstep.

I worked on Banjaras and made realistic paintings on them depicting their simple and pure lifestyle. Revelations of secrecy is a discovery that lets us mull over the hidden matters. Don’t try to bend the things that emerge in heart and keep working. In more than 50 years of my life many experiences are stored in my bag of memory. Paul now began a new journey of abstract art on ‘Secrecy of life’ theme. Every discovery throws new outcome but it is we who are responsible for the outcome for good or bad purpose. The need is to look and open our soft world that has plenty of energy and kindness. However some moments were really very unforgettable in my life like seeing Picasso in real time at the age of seven in London and my grandparents’ lulls. Through this vision we can look inwards and open for humanity. What are the changes and developments you see in your recent works in comparison to 10 year-old works? It’s you not me to point the changes. What is difference between Bijan in tender and Bijan in matured age? Bijan was very happy as he hadn’t known what is around in true sense but now he tries to get happiness by ignoring the material nature in true sense. I am satisfied with my art passion and profession. Revelations inform. Now.experiments on canvas and the canvas unfolds the same with various colours for communicators. So I chose colours. If we haven’t opened our heart to others in true sense yet then it is now a duty of our conscious mind to mull over the matter and endeavour to see the hidden soft world of ourselves. Actually practice makes one perfect. After a long and successful series of realism works on ‘Banjaras’. So by this way I have been living in different forms of art and technically improving by the time. If one’s gratitude towards another is taken in wrong sense then the first must understand it however expressing gratitude continuously. I am doing abstracts and working on secrecy of life theme. educate. Your message to budding artists? Let the things come in your mind naturally. But the senses that see the matter with different angles are intact in me. I don’t know where I would be after five years but one thing is sure that I will be in the same world because art has given different understandings that let me see the surroundings with different connotations. then you will know the technique well to present your pure ideas in pure form. Art world is an ocean and a human mind can’t cover the stretch of the world. and open doors to look beyond the boundaries of trends and commonness. But I didn’t communicate and now feeling the absence of that. However the pictures I used to realise at tender age was more clear and pure. brush. After all. What is the significance of revelations of secrecy? Revelation is not just for unfolding the hidden things but it is to educate and inform us. finger and canvas to unveil the secrecy what are common in society. Since childhood I am in this world with mind and soul and will be till the end. 98 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . I have seen people ignoring or not taking the matters that do matter. But I know on what parameters I have developed my standard of art. At least if one knows what matter haunts in hidden form the guy will try to get rid of that. continuous practice leads towards We perfection. Bijan Paul starts doing the new after the completion of the last. I have felt too in my life that I couldn’t tell the things that can be sorted out in communication. An excerpt from talk with Bijan Paul on his long experience in art world: How has been your art journey? It’s long and will end never What about latest of works? Secrecy of life is the theme I am working on present time. The soft and hard both entities are in everyone. because it dictates me to do more and more. A developed mind requires knowing all things including bad and good but not wrong. I have been practising and still not perfect.


his body weight is expected to be less by 21 gm. Arthur A. The theme sketches the lifestyles of those who lead an endangered life. Venkatesh. Jayaprabha and Ananda Vaidyanathan are also in the main cast.m. who has directed several serials for several channels. Hence. Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music scorer. the theme of which revolves around the problems of middle-class people who mostly dream about happiness but suffer in reality. Venkatesh and veteran playback singer S. make everyone believe that he is the owner! Afsar. has music by S.THE moment a man breathes his last. Santhoshi and others have a lot of problems. The story sketches their plight and their courage to overcome them. P. Mahendra) has in its history. The serial which is aired between 12 noon and 12. has handled the screenplay and direction. both on the national and international front. Balasubramaniyam has rendered the title song. While renowned writer.P. Deepa Venkat. Wilson is handling the camera. The owner of the house is living in Singapore. forged some dynamic partnerships. Vaadagai Veedu presented by Sri Kamakshi Vision is the channel’s latest offering. the weight of the athma is said to be only 21 gm! E. The partnership was first encouraged by the British Council through the exchange grant and support by the council through the curriculum grant as a part of the R. This serials speaks about 10 families that live inside a compound in Chennai. Raj Selva is the cinematographer. Reddiar who lives there.30 p. screenplay and direction. screenplay. Prakash KALAIGNAR TV has always willingly come forward to showcase serials that have a realistic setting and feel. music and direction besides appearing in the lead role in Uriyin Vilai 21 gm. S. 100 NATIONAL award-winning director Bala is currently busy with AvanEvan which has Vishal and Arya in the lead roles. Newcomer Janani Iyer is the heroine. He is a former student of the Film Institute. Manian Pradeep is the music scorer. G. K. SOME personalities associated with the artworld – both the screen and the stage – have always exhibited a unique passion for education-related purposes. Indranath has assumed responsibility for the story. Ramakrishnan has penned the dialogue. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Veteran Malayalam actor Thilagan is playing a vital role in the film. S. The forerunner to all these has been its partnership with Edward Richardson Primary School at Lincolnshire in the U. L. Bala handles the story. The Calibre Academy Education Foundation started by Madhuvanthi Arun (who is the daughter of the popular stage and screen actor. M. Murali. Y. Ambika.


Kathai. Meghna is the heroine of Kavithalayaa’s Krishna Leelai too. the television actor-turnedfilmmaker. Says Madhuvanthi. written and directed by Abishek. who is a spoiled brat. When the director narrated the script to him. she plays Sarath Kumar’s 102 daughter and the narration has been set in Australia. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 Global School Project. Ajay Kumar has penned the story. NARAYAN. etc. FOLLOWING the success of his Malai Malai. the banner carrying the name. heroine and three villains searching for a treasure. THOUGH her first film in Tamil this year. a recent release is one such attempt. NANDA – Nandhitha has been produced by the firsttimer banner. Kutty hasn’t exactly set the boxoffice on fire. A. Shriya Sharan seems to be moving on steadily in her chosen career path and in Jaggubhai which has just hit the screens. “Karthik was everyone’s first choice for that powerful role. Kannada scorer Ezhil has composed the music. Two songs of the film have been shot in picturesque locations in Bangkok.” SAYS director Madhumita who is back with a comic caper Kola Kolaya Mundhirika. offbeat flicks too seem to have caught the fancy of Tamil film-goers. Sundar is the heroine. We dialogue and direction.” Prabhu who teamed up with Arun in Malai Malai is also cast in an important role. Super Team Cinema Megha. Explains Arun. Arun Vijay commenced his project Maanja Velu and the actor is happy about the way it’s shaping up. I want them to remember their childhood and have a smile on their lips. this movie will be on the lines of Bunty Aur Bubli and Mr and Mrs Smith. a bit too loud bordering on the obnoxious and who is a also onto drugs. Nariya Nariya Sutti Vaa is a game which we played as children. is making his debut though Maalai Pozhudin Mayakkathile which is being jointly produced by about 10 assistant directors. Veteran actor Karthik returns to the silver screen after a gap of five years and he plays Arun’s brother in the film. Thanks to the support and dedication of the teachers from both the countries. not adapted from any. When people come to watch my movie. “We have been working on forging partnerships in specialised fields and will soon be announcing our partners in the fields of technology and design as well as arts and art-education. justifying the title! Achu is the scorer and Gopi Amarnath is the cameraman. So. “Jaggubhai is a movie that is very close to my heart as it deals with dad-daughter relationships. Team AD Productions (AD assistant directors) the entire cast is new and the screenplay is set around the happenings on an evening. Also. Kola Kolaya is an apt title for the comic movie. As I know nobody around who has these characteristics doing the role was a challenge and it was a journey of exploration with destination unknown!” JUST like commercial pot boilers. The story sketches the plight of a celebrated writer who . Dhanshika of Peraanmai fame is cast opposite him. he loved the character and gladly agreed to do the role. it has reached a rewarding third year and is ready to set and achieve loftier goals. this movie is about the hero. Says Shriya. he makes her a character in his stories and turns all his marital experiences into runaway sellers by getting them published. She had played the female lead in the Kannada remake of the Dhanush starrer. Ram Shiva has handled the screenplay. Polladhavan. a former deputy of veteran filmmaker Mysskin.possesses psychic characteristics. Venkatesh directs the film. I have played Monisha in the film. After wooing and marrying a girl who is a violinist by profession.


V. He has already produced and directed two films Aval and Avanum Avalum and both were dubbed into Telugu. Malayalam and Hindi. the producer being Mohan Natarajan. strike a chord immediately in the minds of film – goers. Rakmangadhan is presently the president of the Film and Television Producers Guild of South India as well as a committee member in the South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce. Rakmangadhan. He is making this movie in four languages – Tamil. films that showcase themes on intimacy attract and arrest the attention of the viewers instantly. but the was getting wasted. town’s latest offering is Andharangam which means intimacy that deliberates on the life of an innocent young girl. With great difficulty Ileana was roped in. plays the protagonist in this. Andhra Pradesh. so now it has been decided to replace Vikram Kumar with Bhoopathi Pandian who rose to the occasion and came up with a good story idea that was liked by the team. owing to creative difference between them both regarding the script as well as the choice of the heroine. Telugu. the schedules are to start soon. he is yet to come up with a proper script and Vikram’s call-sheet Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 wo incidents that took place recently at Kollywood. Prakash R OVER THE TOP! egardless of the language. Stories that sketch the plight of sexworkers. Film-maker Vikram Kumar who stunned the Tamil audience with his sweeping success story Yaavarum Nalam was supposed to direct actor Vikram in a project tentatively titled 24. according to whom.TAMIL STARS S P E A K ! R. has . Anand (who is credited with 2009’s biggest hit Ayan) and actor Simbu.” says Rakmangadhan who struck gold with one such earlier venture titled Ilamai Thudippugal. who is an actor too. a wellknown Tamil film-maker with about seven films to his credit as a director has assumed responsibility for the story. “Such themes have a global appeal and language is no barrier. clearly proves this point. who has acted in a couple of Bengali and Hindi flicks. screenplay. K. In the second incident the parting of ways between director K. in accordance with the demands of the script (!) It is understood that the film’s leading lady did a topless scene which was canned within the confines of a posh bungalow in the city. remarks the source. With nearly three decades of experience in the distribution and production of films. Vikram Kumar has been replaced by Bhoopathi Pandian. music and direction too. Hindi and Malayalam following their successful run in Tamil. Kamalika. He has also distributed over 350 films in Tamil Nadu. obviously with a skeleton crew! Initially Kamalika was a bit reluctant to do the scene but once the director explained the necessity of having such a scene in the film. who after having been taken for a royal ride by her lover gets embroiled in the flesh trade. that too with a sizzling screenplay. Kerala and Karnataka. she agreed to do it and did it. He is also an importer of foreign films and has also marketed them throughout the country. J. owing to the force of the circumstances. He is also contemplating on taking this movie overseas with suitable sub-titles! T 104 THE SCRIPT CALLS THE SHOTS! recent buzz is that as now. V. When probed further it was learnt that apart from the oneline theme which Vikram Kumar narrated. who are really and literally dared to bare! Reveals a source from the unit. who made successful films as Devadaiyai Kandein Thiruvilayadal Arambam (both with Dhanush) and Malai Kottai (with Vishal). dialogue. the film features a couple of semi-nude scenes.

Initially Tamannaah was the choice to play the female lead (Tamannaah had acted in Ayan along with Suriya.created a big flutter in the Tamil industry. the daughter of yesteryear heroine was roped in. Simbu has always exhibited a tendency to interfere in the work of the director. not only with reference to the manner in which the film has to be made but also in matter of casting. Also. Simbu had in fact given him bulk dates and the schedules were to commence in Macau in China. Going by some past precedent. had gone to create tunes. which catapulted her to big stardom!) but as she has reportedly demanded a big salary. Now. Simbu had also reportedly suggested some changes in the script much to the displeasure of Anand. who was reportedly looking forward to act with Tamannaah was disappointed (!) at that. Bowled over by Anand’s script for the project that was tentatively titled Ko. Nag is doing Simbu’s role in the Telugu version of Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya. she couldn’t be zeroed in and hence Karthika. More so. despite the fact that the photo shoot had come up well! Sources state that Nag Chaitanya (Nagarjuna’s son) had an influence on this decision of Simbu as his film Josh in which Karthika played the female lead was a flop. the location where Harris Jayaraj the composer. who was so sure of his script that he didn’t welcome it. Simbu. he was not in favour of Karthika. Jiiva has come in place of Simbu and the shooting is expected to start as scheduled in China on the scheduled dates! .

of the state!) But for this fact.” she exclaims. head in heels in love with him by virtue of the fact that she was a major eyewitness of his noble act of championing the cause of the needy. the ad manturned-film-maker of Tamizh Padam can certainly be credited for dishing out a creditable screenplay that is nothing but a mirch masala of several other screenplays that run on predicable lines. etc. Devar Magan. so on and so forth. Su Krutham (Malayalam). presently. M. C. When it comes to taking things in stride. Venkat Prabhu’s Goa too. son of Azhagiri who is the son of Sri M. When quizzed about the response. she soon turned an all-time favourite of Kamal Hassan after co-starring with him in Aboorva Sahodarargal. who are college-students. it takes a dig at the phenomenon and process of hero-worship that the Tamil tinsel town is famous for. to a reasonable extent. But then time has come just now with factors like the producers of the serial being Abirami Ramanathan (of the Abirami group of theatres) and the channel making it happen. all at the instance of his lover’s dad and eventually becoming a undercover cop (after being suspended!) and standing out as the commissioner at the penultimate reel. But then. “I have gone through ups and downs and life keeps on changing. Prod her about her best films and you would find them mostly to be Kamal films in which she co-starred besides films as Rudra. No hero of the contemporary times has been spared. duets. the Sarika era is only too well known. Tamil filmgoers need to learn to laugh at themselves! T LEARNING TO LAUGH AT ONESELF! amil cinema has certainly come of age – Tamizh Padam (which means a Tamil film) released recently is truly a trend – setting movie that has dared to do something which no film-maker has ventured so far! The film talks elaborately and in detail about the cliches that are usually associated with the screenplay of Tamil films. she has made a foray into the small screen.” she elaborates.. taking the challenge of the heroine and turning into a versatile dancer overnight (courtesy a book titled Learn dancing in one night!) the hero turning into a prince from being a pauper at the stroke of a finger. S. it is no doubt a daring attempt by the first-time film-maker who has facilitated Tamil cinema to move on to the next level. including character artistes and scenes from their films have been ripped off and recycled! Sources state that even the legends – MGR and Sivaji were not spared but the seniors in the family of the makers advised the makers to remove those scenes! (The film has been produced by Dayanidhi Azhagiri. and the crew are the factors I consider before I take up a project. Karunanidhi. she gets excited. right from the moment go. To quote a few anecdotes the hero being projected as the sole savior of the masses. to be paired opposite superstar Rajnikanth in S P Muthuramna’s Guru Sishyan Gauthami has come a long way. the reel-life friends of the heroes. the heroine falling. Also. “It has been a tremendous experience and I have been receiving encomiums from several quarters for my serial Abirami aired on Kalaignar TV. “As a matter of fact. After all. as it also takes a dig at some regular and oft-repeated cliches of Tamil cinema that have been in existence since time immemorial. I used to get offers from the small screen even when I was busy with the big screen. One interesting feature that is quite obvious with respect to her film career is that though she started it off with Rajnikanth. Her special relationship with Kamal Hassan before and after. my character. Gauthami has always remained firmly rooted to the ground.TAKING THINGS IN STRIDE! H aving branched off from a branch of engineering degree. Amudhan.. whereas in real-life they belong to an age-group that would be well beyond that of retired college professors! Conversations suddenly breaking into Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 106 . What draws her to project – big or small screen? The script. Recently. could be categorised in the same genre. Gauthami’s inner mental strength has been truly phenomenal and not only has she been able to go ahead with her life despite shortcomings on her health side but has also been able to stand out as a source of support not only to Kamal Hassan but also to his daughters. I am on workouts regularly as I have realised what it is like to maintain fitness. K. she turns philosophical. the C. Kurudipunal and Nammavar. Nee Pathi Naan Paathi. the film would not have been ever released! Yet.

sung in five languages is the first of its kind in India. It captures you by its versatility. The strong sublime and flexible lyrics are so ingeniously coined that they can adapt to any language.M A MESMERISING MUSICAL ALBUM universal appeal. they have presented the first ever five languages romantic album “FOREVER”. a departure from the set of patterns is a multilingual collection of melodies tuned by the music director. Another distinctive feature which sets these songs apart is its wonderful adaptability as caller tunes. the five-language romantic album stands out as a special gem as far as music lovers are concerned! We . Sadaa. Ennadiki. Endendhu. Even while sticking to regional styles. Vijayan East Coast. Thirty eminent singers of India from different languages have participated in this grand musical fiesta. Music has always been one form of art that transcends all geographical barriers.. that is primarily based in Trivandrum. Ennennum. The project. Kerala. The theme Ennennum is envisaged to transcend barriers created by regionalism to reaffirm the universality of music and love. As is always the East Coast way. style and are Malayalam. The use of simple yet precise words with profound meanings and insight add to the sublime effect. East Coast Audio Entertainers. The languages that feature in this pioneer venture usic is divine-whether it is from the east or west. Telugu and Kannada apart from Hindi.. No doubt. this mega-project has also offered a platform to many young talents and prodigies. The five language project is the result of the relentless pursuit of the East Coast crew which has taken more than 15 months for completion. As a part of their series. The melodies have been meticulously crafted to perfection without losing its charm. Vijay Karun in which each song is sung in five different languages. is the lyricist of all the mellifluous melodies. a fabulous collection of melodies. Tamil. to sing along with accomplished singers of repute. Entrentrum. has been associated with the music industry since long and has been responsible for the release of several soul-stirring albums that have simply stolen the hearts of millions! East Coast can boast of a repertorie of songs and albums of a evergreen nature such as the romantic series. the refined and tasteful mind behind all the success stories of the audio company. feel and emotions in translation. Ennennum. all the songs are marked by its amazing uniformity of composition and rendition.

splatter themselves with a pan of hot food left at the edge of a kitchen counter. . get an electric shock when they poke their finger into a plug point which is too near the IN THE LIVING ROOM ● Keep away all heavy bric-abrac. may just fall off the bed. Accidents involving little children. Unplug wherever possible. They can fall into a bucket of water. he still bears the scars even three years after the accident. it is essential that you get down on all fours and look around with the eyes of a curious baby. it can present a 101 accident traps. E Got an infant? Take these precautions. ● Cover all unused electrical outlets with safety caps or tape. and who is busy exploring new activities every day. happen much more often than we think. which may cause electric shocks. ● Position the TV or video in such a way that baby cannot fiddle with the back. Everything around us can become a potential hazard and the little one is unaware of the danger surrounding her or him. ight-month old Chandran burnt the entire skin of his palms when he reached out to touch a hot iron left on a low table by his mother. A baby learning to roll over.‘BABY-PROOF’ YOUR HOME By Mita Banerjee floor. The next step would be to ‘baby-proof’ your home to guard against all these accidents just waiting to happen. Apart from the pain. We may consider our home to be a safe haven. cut themselves on sharp instruments or even on bric-a-brac decorating a coffee table. A baby may not only break them but cause cuts and injuries to himself or herself in the bargain. To see the world from their point of view. The baby might just give it a tug. anguish and expensive medicines needed to treat him. ● Don’t leave electrical cords from TVs and lamps hanging. crystal and glass curios. ● It is better to remove small rugs as it may cause you to trip while carrying a baby. who is only 12 to 24 inches above the floor. But to a little baby who is just learning to crawl or walk.

● Keep your dustbin out of the reach of the baby. ● Keep all knives. Very dangerous if it is full of hot stuff. ● Try to do away with a pillow for the baby. An immersion rod plugged into a bucket of water is a potential hazard with a baby around. ● reach up and pull them down. forks. ● Never keep coins or any small objects on low dressing tables. as it can accidentally cause suffo cation. Babies have been known to drown in a few inches of water. toxic paints. ● If anything spills on the floor. Never leave a baby unguarded even for a moment when bathing in a bathtub (to answer the doorbell or phone). If baby swallows anything. The baby might swallow one. ● Don’t allow your baby to ever fiddle with the knobs of the stove or oven. ● Disconnect any electrical appliances like hair dryers. in case the baby gets stuck inside. small buttons for eyes or stuffed sawdust and foam can be harmful. IN THE BATHROOM As far as possible. so that the baby cannot get in. Sharp edges. Keep the lid of the toilet seat down. shavers etc. Never keep buckets filled with water. ● Remove all medicines from the baby’s reach. matches and lighters out of the reach of the baby. ● Never leave a hot iron where a baby can reach it. ● Keep all hot dishes out of the reach of the baby. etc.● Empty all ashtrays immediately and never keep burning cigarettes lying around. There have been cases when babies have leaned and toppled in or have splashed and even drunk that water. ● Turn saucepan handles inwards or the baby might . many electrical gadgets. IN THE BEDROOM Don’t keep cosmetics and perfumes where your toddler can get to them. ● Ensure that cupboard doors can be opened from the inside. ● Keep away all detergents. unguarded. keep the bathroom door bolted from the outside. mop it up immediately. they might cause choking. ● Be careful while buying toys and keep a close watch on them even later. pesticides. ● If you have low drawers ensure that there are no small objects inside because the baby can easily open the drawer and fiddle inside. Or the baby might just stick into up his or her nose. and umpteen utensils like knives and forks is a danger zone and one has to be especially careful here. We IN THE KITCHEN A kitchen with its fire. ● Keep all alcoholic drinks safely locked away. spoons. Keep the refrigerator locked or the baby might easily pull it open. ● Make sure that no electrical gadgets or their wires are within reach.

Many a time it is confused with Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Mostly a high plateau. not much known to many. tourists covering other places can have a break-journey and complete their sightseeing and then proceed. geography and tourist attractions – right at the centre of the country.BEAUTY OF JABALPUR An absorbing view of a unpublicised city rich in history. being the centre of India. Geographically. Madhya Pradesh is India's largest state with very dry and hot summers going up to a maximum 48oC and cold winters 110 . Madhya Pradesh in general is known to all as the central part of India but not many know about its historical background and the tourist spots worth visiting. By Sheela Ramakrishnan THE J Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 abalpur is a beautiful city in Madhya Pradesh.

Buddhism. It has the highest percentage of forest in India. had been the cherished pleasure resort of the 12th century Gond rulers.” said John Keats – so is Jabalpur. the region saw continuing struggles between Hindu and Muslim rulers or invaders. It is 1348 feet above sea level. Jabalpur is exactly the central point of India through which the Tropic of Cancer passes. The city of Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 Jabalpur. but also because it portrays the cultural heritage of Hinduism. stupas. It is a land of beauty and variety with Bhopal as its capital. Between the 12th and 16th centuries.000 years with the rock cave paintings at Bhimbetka near Bhopal. In this central state of the country. the Chandelas constructed the fantastic series of temples at Khajuraho in the north of the state. Jauli Pattala. The "Heart of India" is famed not only because of its location in central India. met their doom at the hands of the Marathas. who in turn fell to the British. Many are not aware of nature’s beauty in India and spend lots to experience the same abroad. The fortified city of Mandu in the southwest was frequently the scene for these battles. 111 . Jabalpur is an important historical and cultural city of Madhya Pradesh. “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Although signs of habitation date back to some 12. They are chiefly remembered for Raja Bhoj. sheltering a wide variety of wildlife including 22 per cent of the world's tiger population. The Mughals. making their visit memorable. Madhya Pradesh's history can be traced back to the 3rd century BC when the great Buddhist Emperor Ashoka controlled the Mauryan Empire in Malwa. Jabalpur. Jubbulpore. Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh is one such place. It gives an out of this world experience to tourists. the place crafted in marble. however. Madhya Pradesh still has many pre-Aryan Gond and Bhil Adivasis (tribals) but the state is predominantly Indo-Aryan. Around a thousand years ago the Paramaras ruled in southwest Madhya Pradesh. Innumerable monuments. From 950 to 1050 AD. packed with nature’s beauty. but the Mughals finally overcame Hindu resistance and controlled the region. Historically known as Malwa.touching a low of 4 oC. Jainism and Islam. The British enamoured by the scenic beauty. forts and palaces are found all over the state. Jabalpur was earlier known as Jabalipuram. The Mauryans were followed by the Sungas and then the Guptas before the Huns swept across the state. The place surrounded by hills grant an inherent protection from being run over by marauding armies. The central location of the city of Jabalpur was once instrumental in it being considered for the capital of the Mughals. has a fascinating rustic splendour and a number of interesting places on a platter for you. developed it as a major cantonment during their rule over India. who gave his name to the city of Bhopal and also ruled over Indore and Mandu. exquisitely carved temples. whether capital city or not. It is a place with many beautiful spots.

Hindu. A step into the city takes you several hundred years back. educational. Satpura and Bhitrigarh mountain ranges of central India. Buddhist and Muslim saints and their teachings have given a spiritual aura to the place.) Jabalpur. Through the ages. The city resounds with various memories of the city-state of Tripuri. educationists. the Guptas. Mumbai. Whether you are in Delhi. Emperor Ashoka. Jabalpur is packed with many beautiful spots for outings and picnics. playwrights. One can also have a view of the best spot by doing a mini-trek through a narrow but breathtaking passage behind the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation guesthouse. notably Rishi Jabali from whom the city is supposed to have got its name. the military rule was replaced by civilian officers. musicians. (Jabalpur was occupied by the British in December 1817 and in course of time. divinity. passes through the marble rocks. In more recent times. political and social life of the state and the country. Some of the prominent ones are : Tourists coming to Kanha National Park and Bandhavgarh National Park. sports personalities and journalists who have contributed to the rich legacy of cultural. giving you a sense of great past stories of empires and kingdoms. This was followed by the Maratha domination under the Bhonsles of Nagpur and later in the British period. The state judiciary operates from this city. Its vast plateau is broken up by the mighty Vindhya and Satpura ranges and is streaked by the meandering Narmada. saints and philosophers. art and architecture in combination render a rich and fascinating experience to the visitors. One of the best parts about Jabalpur is its accessibility on account of its central location. William Henry. is a land of saints. there has been a mingling of diverse religions. Sleeman who vanquished them. It is at a distance of about 20 kms from Jabalpur by road. . Chennai or Kolkata. poets. warriors. But the real beauty is that of the marble rocks glowing in multicolour on a full moon night. There is a rock formation that has the face of Shiva and another a crocodile face. nestling in the valley between the Vindhyanchal. the Gonds. wild life. Vanganga and Hiran rivers. Here are some facts of the place to arouse interest in people who are unaware of them.was a professor of philosophy at the University of Jabalpur) and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. legal luminaries. People who proceed on a religious pilgrimage to Allahabad and Varanasi can also break journey at Jabalpur to have a glimpse of nature’s beauty. history. Soaring in glittering splendour. The city also played a prominent role in the freedom movement of the country. political leaders. you're never very far. Its diversity. The city is steeped in divinity and has been an eminent centre of learning. land up in Jabalpur by default. Jabalpur is a central district of Madhya Pradesh. the marble rocks at Bhedaghat rise to a hundred feet on either side of the Narmada. Jain. the notorious 'thugs' and the phenomenon of thugee and the brave Maj Ge. this city has been associated with the activities of the great Osho (Acharya Rajneesh who Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 Bhedaghat: This is a small town and a Nagar Panchayat on the banks of Narmada and is famous for its marble rocks. Vedic sages have blessed the soil. warriors. also named “Sanskardhani” by Acharya Vinoba Bhave. the sunlight sparkling on the marblewhite pinnacles and casting dappled shadows on the placed waters. The serene loveliness of the scene is one of cool quiet. Jabalpur is a city of natural splendour. The river Narmada. hills and the rivers have provided spectacular scenic splendour. These intersections of plateau. and the memory of the famous and valiant queen Durgavati who took on the 112 might of the great Moghul Emperor Akbar. Jabalpur is a town for the pleasure seekers as well as for those who are looking for solitude and tranquillity. the kalchuris. builders. the Satavahanas. three of the more prominent ones in this area. This city is in the process of seeking second-capital status of the state.

the Chausat Yogini Temple commands a singularly beautiful view of the whole area around and also of the river Narmada flowing through the jagged Marble Rocks. Madan Mahal Fort: This fort was built in the 11th century by the Gond king Raja Madan Shah. On a bright sunny day. a natural geological wonder. But for the main deity and few others in the garbha gruha. Today.) The Poornima night which falls after Dusserra is most sought after inviting huge crowd. Bargi Dam: It is a multipurpose project on the river Narmada and also a tourist spot. Chausath means 64 and the temple once had 64 cells for figures of the 64 yoginis who attended Kali.are also organised during the season giving the city a more festive look. There is a naga nagin idol in the garbha gruha that once was said to be itchadhari naga nagins (meaning – they can change to whatever form they wish – even human form). Boating on a moonlit night. is located slightly off the path that leads to this palace. Ropeways. 125 lakh Shiv lingas were dropped into the river Narmada. This 10th-century temple has 64 exquisitely carved sixty four stone figures of deities belonging to the Kalchuri period. The rocks have recently been floodlit. there is a place approached so closely from the opposite banks that the local people have aptly named it the "monkey's leap”. it is a ramshackle structure with crumbling walls. some amount of demolition by way of a chopped limb or defacement is obvious. narrows down and then plunges in a waterfall known as Dhuandhar the smoke cascade. Dhuandhar Falls : Dhuandhar. The famous balancing rock. Cultural programmes titled Narmada Darshan . The falls and the breaking of the volume of water at the crest present an awesome spectacle of Nature's power unleashed. A boating trip during the day takes a person through the marble pinnacles on either side of the river in different colours – pink. (It is said that the gap between the marble pinnacles was earlier so narrow that monkeys used to jump from one cliff to the other. the naga nagins either come together or alone to offer prayers to Shiva and Parvathi on specific days. allow a person to have a glimpse of the beauty aerially. Rudrakunt: Very close to Bhedaghat is Rudrakunt where it is said that during Threthayugh. is absolutely magical. Chausat Yogini Temple : Situated atop a hillock and approached by a long flight of steps. Recently the local authorities have started a cruise boat which runs on the reservoir of the dam. Some of the idols belong to even the 2nd century. The local priests say that even today. So powerful is the plunge that its roar is heard from far away. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 113 . adding new dimension to their beauty. blue. all other deities are in a ravaged shape. the Narmada making its way through the Marble Rocks. According to a local legend. It is believed that any stone picked within one km radius will be a linga so dropped during that period. when the whole stretch of water is transformed into a sheet of liquid silver. The main deity is a very rare sculpture where Shiva is seen seated with Parvathi. made operational recently. are truly majestic and produce a magical effect on moonlit nights.These white rocks with views of black and dark green volcanic seams. Legend says that the Mughals demolished almost all the idols. this ancient temple is connected to the Gond queen Durgavati's palace through an underground passage. In almost all the idols. it is absolutely magical to see the waterfall change into a rainbow. Chausat Yogini is the oldest surviving temple in the group dating to 900 AD. The fort dominates the skyline and provides a panoramic view of the city and area around it. black and white. and hence the name. It is the sole granite temple dedicated to the goddess Kali and the only one not aligned east to west. Boating facilities are available between November and May. In the narrow channel of the mighty river.

inscriptions and other artefacts of great historical and cultural importance are preserved in this museum. Kanha Kisli National Park: Jabalpur is the nearest big city to the Kanha Kisli national park which is one of the biggest national parks in India and has the distinction of having successfully implemented the “Project Tiger”. It is close to the Bandhavgarh National Park. and well connected by road. of the park. The city is also well connected by road and needless to mention that train routes are in plenty. It has section dedicated to artefacts and photos related to Mahatma Gandhi also. Are these glimpses not arousing an interest in you? So. Bandhavgarh Fort: This fort is believed to be nearly 2000 years old. who is revered by the people of Jabalpur for her valour and sacrifice. Fascinating fossils strewn all over the place speaks about the richness Kanha Kisli National Park has the distinction of having successfully implemented the “Project Tiger”. less than two hours drive from Jabalpur is ranked second in the world with a huge collection of trees. The park is also the birthplace of the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. pack up and start off on your trip to enjoy nature at Jabalpur. The entire park could be covered on foot in about an hour’s time. this is one of the more famous museums of Madhya Pradesh. the Narad Panch-Ratna and the Shiva Puran. Everyone travelling from Bandhavgarh to Kanha should take this route. It might not be as comfortable a journey as the other alternatives but just seeing this park more than makes up for it. A vast collection of sculptures. We . It lies right in the middle of the wilderness on the highest point of Bandhavgarh Hill. There are references of this fort in the ancient books. A visit to this park gives a different experience to visitors from their usual visits to wildlife reserves. Jabalpur also has 'Bandhavgarh' and Pench national reserve forests very close by.Rani Durgavati Museum : Dedicated to the memory of the great Gond queen Durgavati. It is a place worth experiencing and also worth trying to get someone to protect. The saddest part is that not much publicity is given to this park and no effort is being made to care for and preserving this amazing treasure chest from our past. Jabalpur has an airstrip called Dumna Airport capable of landing most of the aircraft. as tiger conservation programme in India. Fossil Park: The fossil park. leaf impressions and seeds turned into stones.

– Dr A. Basic tips to help reduce swelling are: ● Avoid wearing elastic topped socks ● Wear comfortable shoes. Ideally you should give up the habit before you get pregnant but if that has not occurred. I am in the 7th month of my first pregnancy. Now. Limiting the amount of salt you take in can cause swelling as well. standing for a while. is common in pregnancy. When should a pregnant woman visit a doctor? As soon as she misses her periods and pregnancy is confirmed by a home pregnancy kit. Is this normal and what should I do about it? Many women experience breast tenderness during the first three months of pregnancy. I have tried stopping but when I don’t smoke I become very irritable and moody which makes things unpleasant at home. ● If you stand at work. or at the end of your day. people believe that the swelling is caused by excessive amounts of salt in the diet though the opposite is also true. You need at least eight glasses of water a day. asthma and sudden infant death syndrome. Bajaj. There is no pain or discomfort. Take professional help if needed to do so. the extra fluids will help flush out your system of waste products. fortnightly between the 7th and 8th months and every week in the last month. Till then a properly fitting bra with good support will help relieve the soreness. Regarding salt intake. MD. Though it doesn't seem to make sense to get rid of fluids by taking in more. or has extended from the legs and feet to the face and hands. The risks of smoking to the baby include stillbirths. Report to your doctor immediately. but being around people Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 women report that the swelling subsides after a good night's rest. It is aggravated by warm weather. try to move around slightly or get a stool to prop a foot up on. moderation is the key to balance. Is this a cause for concern? Please advise. The first is to drink a lot of water. ● Try support stockings You have reason to worry if the swelling does not subside after a rest. or after several hours lying down. or oedema. if it is sudden or extreme.I am one-and-a-half months pregnant and have developed breast soreness. In general the swelling is nothing to be alarmed about. Thereafter according to WHO (World Health Organization) a woman should visit her doctor every month for the first seven months.PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). 75 per cent of women will experience accumulation of fluid around the legs and ankles at some point during pregnancy. who smoke is as bad. Will this affect my baby? Not only is smoking harmful to your baby. 115 . I take a few drugs now and then but do not smoke as I used to. ● Put your feet up when possible. Recently I noticed that my feet have begun to swell. Most I smoked till I was three months pregnant as I did not know that I was pregnant. K. The commonest cause of swelling is the weight of the enlarging uterus on the blood vessels. Swelling. which may have increased the swelling. This usually goes away during the second trimester. Slipons work best. for the nicotine is passed on to the baby as carbon monoxide. pre maturity. for you are at risk for a complication . no matter how irritable or moody you have become. low birth weight. There are a couple of things you can do to help relieve the symptoms. do so now. As with all things.

Self-styled “sexologists” or quacks tend to thrive on a patient’s ignorance and compulsion to maintain secrecy about his problems like erectile dysfunction (ED). our social set-up does not allow us to openly debate issues related to lovemaking – an art and way of style mastered by our ancestors who created the centuries-old Kamasutra.” said Dr Ashok Gupta of Ashok Clinic in Delhi. guilt and taboo attached to anything sexual in the minds of the people.QUACKS ON SEX PROBLEMS The cause of impotence is in the body and not the mind. One. as andrologists prefer to call it. Talking about myths and ignorance surrounding sex and problems related to performance in bed. few cases come to light as ignorant and shy patients tend to consult a quack than a specialist on issues related to sex. nearly 52 per cent of men are affected. Though the picture is changing fast in some urban areas. Even today. Above the age of 40. Impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). This is unfortunate because most cases of impotence are curable as long as they land before a trained and qualified medical practitioner. who has personally helped thousands of patients over the last few decades. quacks who serve as the first point of contact for abysmally illinformed patients who end up endangering their lives by falling in their trap. It is said to afflict as much as 10 per cent of the male population. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 “Despite this staggering incidence. the founder of Ashok Clinic said andrological research over the past few years have conclusively established that physical exercise and aerobics can improve sexual .” said Dr Gupta. sexual impotence is perhaps the most poorly understood and mismanaged condition among men as compared to other medical disorders. But unlike the West. in large chunks of the country sexual ignorance and lack of knowledge continues to force millions of Indians – both men and women – into unhappy sex life. By Rajendra Kumar Rai BEWARE OF A 116 satisfying sex life is the foundation of overall wellbeing of a healthy individual. has always been and continues to remain an extremely common disorder. Myths and stigma have made all discussions on sex a taboo. Two. “A man’s ego often does not permit him to admit that there is something wrong with his manhood. superstition. Two factors are responsible for this unfortunate state of affairs. ignorance.

“In many cases. The problem is there for everyone to see but. The vast majority of people suffering from sexual maladies go to private doctors. Where as in 80 to 90 per cent of chronic impotence cases. An ignorant and shy man who seeks remedy for his disturbed sex life from a quack is made to believe that impotence is something that is largely psychological in origin. Over the last decade. “A survey conducted by IMA showed that the number of quacks in our country exceeds the number of doctors. perhaps. Minor sexual problems. Like condoms and HIV messages. “Perhaps.000.000 registered doctors in the state.000 quacks in Maharashtra as against 90. For those in whose case impotency is linked to the mind and not the body.” said an AMC office bearer. Mr R S Shukla. with Mumbai having as many as 10. need a trained counsellor more than a quack. Policy makers are also concerned about fake sexologists’ popularity despite government hospitals providing much better service. this figure has crossed 2. However. sudden and slow injuries and medication – the basic mechanisms causing impotence are only a few. quacks are the last persons to share this information or guide patients properly. But the clock is ticking fast for the officials to come up with solutions like increasing the proliferation of government clinics – to counter the huge threat posed by imposters and quacks who pose a threat to millions of people looking for cures for sexrelated problems. nearly 95.5 million mark and it would not be wrong to say that almost 80 per cent of these are in the business of selling wonder drugs for sex-related problems. reports said at that time there were 95. the cause is not in the mind but the body. heart disease. renal failure. hypertension.” he said. it is due to the abundance of quacks that consulting them appears to be the easiest. government machinery is somewhat helpless in weeding out fake sexologists who are a creation of the demand for their services. said Dr Chandra Bhushan. West Bengal was among the first few states in the country which have been trying since 2007 to map the patients who visit quacks and use the data for spreading awareness on STD and HIV.prowess of men and can tackle minor irritants in enjoying a happy married life. block in the artery to the penis. A major cause of ED among young adults and college goingstudents are injuries which cause a POLICY MAKERS ARE ALSO CONCERNED ABOUT FAKE SEXOLOGISTS’ POPULARITY DESPITE GOVERNMENT HOSPITALS PROVIDING MUCH BETTER SERVICE. an old injury or a childhood accident turns out to be a reason for ED later in life. QUACKS AROUND According to a study conducted by Association of Medical Consultants (AMC) in 1998.” says Dr Rahul Gupta. in his capacity as Special Secretary of West Bengal health department.” Planners have all along felt a strong need for gathering more information about the patients who visit such fake and semi-qualified sexologists. especially when these are caused by sexual ignorance and psychological factors. Interestingly. Sex therapist Rahul Gupta said although erectile dysfunction (impotence) can afflict anyone from 13 to 90 years old and is associated with a wide variety of clinical conditions and disease states – including diabetes. 117 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . he said. a homoeopath. The injury can be major and sudden as after a vehicular accident causing a fracture of the pelvis or pubic bones. there are around 1. neurological disorders.5 million quacks in India. counselling and sex therapy are very effective. Even if one quack causes the death of one patient in one year due to wrong diagnosis and treatment. quacks or under-qualified practitioners.000 silent murders take place across the country. ED could also be brought to the forefront of public campaigns to remove the stigma We around discussing this issue. fastest and the most confidential option available to most men suffering from sex-related problems. faith healers. had once observed “People are not turning up at government clinics in expected numbers.

Such couples suffer from great emotional stress. The egg is picked up by the fingerlike processes at the loose end of each tube called fimbria and is transported towards the uterus. Some people with conditions like endometrisis. planned delay in conception. Though most people fulfil this desire to reproduce and raise offspring there are an unfortunate few that are unable to do so. The vagina connects the uterus with the external genitalia. more so because of the social stigma attached to infertility. If intercourse occurs during this fertile period the sperms swim up and fertilise the ovum in the proximal part of the tube.If you are infertile. Of these about a third are due to female causes. ● The female is incapable of carrying a pregnancy to term. ● The couple has not conceived after six months of contraceptive-free intercourse if the female is over the age of 35 (declining egg quality of females over the age of 35 account for the age-based discrepancy). One must remember to count the first day of the period as day one. The vagina is the organ for intercourse. The fertilised egg is transferred to the uterus where it gets attached to the uterine wall and remains lodged there for the nine months of pregnancy. irrespective of whether the previous pregnancy had ended in a delivery or a miscarriage. Prevalence: About 15 per cent of all married couples are infertile. those with secondary infertility have difficulty in conceiving after already having conceived before. Infertility can be further divided genitalias comprises two ovaries that are responsible for the production of female hormones and eggs (ova). A single egg is released during each menstrual cycle usually around the 14th day before the next period is due – this works out to be midcycle in women with a normal. and forms the birth canal during delivery. the number of infertile couples have been increasing worldwide. Causes: Infertility may be due to a single cause in either the woman or her partner. or a combination of . It is important not to lose heart. polycystic ovarian disease are subfertile which means that they have lower chances of conceiving than an average couple. Couples with primary infertility have never been able to conceive while. another third due to male causes and in the remaining third both partners have problems that make them incapable of having a child. By Dr Amrinder Bajaj N 118 ext to the instinct for survival. remember there is a vast range of treatment options. 28-day cycle. and medical aid is available to most of infertile couples. the receptacle for semen. into primary and secondary. for rapid progress had been made in this branch of science. and environmental factors. The internal female Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 DEFINITION ● The couple has not conceived after 12 months of contraceptive-free regular intercourse if the female is under the age of 34. Conception: To understand the causes of infertility it is important to understand the process of conception. the urge to procreate is strongest in all living beings. There is a uterus in a pyriform structure of about 3” x 2” x 1” with a fallopian tube attached on either side. Due to various reasons like increasing age of marriage.

A thorough general physical examination is followed by a battery of tests. ovulation studies and testing for tubal patency. Men working in high temperatures expose their testicles to heat that can affect fertility. phimosis. her tubes must be patent.TO UNDERSTAND THE CAUSES OF INFERTILITY IT IS IMPRTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE PROCESS OF CONCEPTION. Lifestyle pattern is taken into account since the intake of alcohol. Therefore. Assessment: Once a couple visits a hospital for infertility a detailed general. smoking. Treatment: If tests do not reveal abnormalities the couple is asked to make lifestyle changes. Hyperprolac tinemia is a condition in which there are secretions from breasts without the presence of a pregnancy/ delivery. smoking. medical sexual history is taken. Treatment depends upon the diagnosis. ultrasound. In these cases abnormalities are likely to be present but are not detected by current available methods. hydrocele. lack of exercise can affect fertility. Tuberculosis of the genital tract if present. Obstetric history is of import in women with secondary Fertilized ovum (5 days) infertility. Those with diabetes or thyroid diseases need to have these issues addressed before contemplating pregnancy. need to be treated with long-term antitubercular drugs before conception is attempted. Males with varicocele. hernia. blocked vas (the tube that carries the sperms from the testes to the penis) need to have surgical 119 Fertilized ovum (4 days) Fertilization Ovulation implanting fertilized ovum (6 days) Endometrium Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . This is due to raised levels of a pituitary hormone called prolactin which interferes with conception and can be normalised with drugs. Low sperm counts and motility in males can be improved with drugs. undescend testes. drug abuse and maintenance of optimal weight for height is required. her uterus prepared to receive the fertilised egg and her hormones must be balanced. intercourse must take place around the time when an egg is released from her ovary. There should be adequate amounts of healthy sperms. Other factors contributing to infertility are: ● Advanced maternal age – fertility declines sharply after 35 years of age due to decreased quality of eggs ● Weight – over or underweight ● Genital infections ● Endometriosis ● Environmental toxin-like pesticides ● Genetic causes Unexplained infertility: In about 15 per cent of cases the infertility investigation will show no abnormalities. it is seen that for a woman to conceive. diabetes. Basic investigations include sperm count. Common causes are: ● Ovulation problems ● Tubal blockage ● Male-associated infertility ● Hormonal imbalance ● Uterine problems ● Previous sterilisation operation on the male/female ● Tuberculosis (TB) of the genital tract – a common cause in India ● Anatomical defects in either partner ● Medical conditions like thyroid disease. factors that may prevent a pregnancy from occurring or continuing till term. Abstinence from alcohol.

Other methods to enhance conception rates include IUI – intrauterine insemination wherein the good quality sperms are segregated in the laboratory. This is a minimally invasive procedure done under general anaesthesia that can. she picked me up from the car seat and took me up to my class. These too can be treated by laporoscopic cauterisation of the endometriotic tissue and removal of the chocolate cysts. the doctor advised my parents to get me operated upon for tonsolitis. This issue needs to be addressed. had a few words with my uncle asking about my operation and well-being. While a student of Class-II. There is a vast array of treatment options that can help them have their heart’s desire. Endometriosis is a condition wherein the endometrium (the internal lining of the uterus) is disseminated inside the abdomen where it bleeds during menstruation leading to adhesions. Though infertile couples are under immense emotional stress and social pressure they need not lose heart. residing in Jalandhar. tissue samples can be taken for histopathology and for the diagnosis of genital tuberculosis. surrounded by a long boundary wall and the building was far from the main gate. An affectionate disciplinarian The incident relates to the days when I was studying in primary school. Those with a healthy sex life are taught to time intercourse according to ovulation. Can you recall any such event or occasion in your life. Patients with polycystic disease may not respond to the usual oral drugs for ovulation induction and need injectable hormones that could have side effects. chocolate cysts of the ovaries and subfertility. understanding and love from some fellow human being. Her affectionate behaviour left an unforgettable impact on my mind. Our school had a very big area. etc. I was thrilled when uncle 120 offered me to take to school in his car. had visited and stayed with us for help during my hospital days and his having a car. Sometimes antibodies are produced against sperms which may hamper conception. Adhesions can be broken. For upgrading the ground. had such a caring heart. My uncle and family.P. New Delhi-110055. restricting the car from going inside up to the building. a strict disciplinarian lady of around 35. Adhesion if present can be broken. Womansera. polyps and fibroids removed. Laparoscopy views the inside of the abdominal cavity and is a useful tool in infertility.treatment to improve their fertility. collected in a syringe and inserted directly inside the uterus with the help of a fine plastic tube. Those with ovulation failure are given ovarian stimulation medication. Send your contribution to: GRATEFULLY YOURS E-3 Jhandewala Estate. when you received such consideration and for which you are grateful? Each published anecdote will be awarded a prize of Rs 200. sometime or other in one’s life. The ultimate diagnostic tool in the armoury of an infertility specialist is laparoscopy/hysteroscopy. came up quickly and reached us in no time. My class teacher. diagnose and treat conditions that interfere with fertility. was really helpful. walking through the long stretch of rough ground. This is usually done for low sperm count. The day I rejoined school postoperation. hence heaps of soil was scattered everywhere. a rare prestigious facility in those days. sympathy. – M. If the above treatment modalities fail there are artificial reproductive techniques (ART) like in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET) that can help a majority of infertile couples. Couples with sexual dysfunction need counselling. I wondered how the alwaysstrict disciplinarian. a lot of soil. Name: Mobile: E-mail: . The operation took place successfully and I had to abstain from school for few days. Chandigarh. ovarian cysts removed and blocked tubes recanalised. If tubes are blocked they can be opened up surgically or bypassed altogether by resorting to in vitro fertilisation (IVF). received help. For the remaining unfortunate few there is always the option of an adoption. Chadha. perhaps seeing us from the window of the classroom. Falloposcopy views the inside of the fallopian tubes from the uterine end and can open up proximal obstruction.S. With smiling face and kissing me on cheeks. The inside of the uterus is viewed with the help of a hysteroscope. was being unloaded by trucks. The classes had already begun when our car stopped near the main gate. in between being katcha grounds. in the same sitting. Every one of us has. whom we were Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 usually afraid. unexplained infertility or a hostile cervix with thick mucous that decreases sperm penetrability. All they need is perseverance and a positive We approach to life.


She does not want to go in the crowd with her blemishes. college gatherings and for that matter any social event. Will good skin bleach rescue her? “Excess or unwanted hair growth was irritating and downright . The effectiveness of bleaching embarrassing problem for me.” says Shama. I spent countless hours and a good fortune putting myself through torturous hair removal techniques. Since most hair removal methods are temporary and painful. The mixture is then washed away. only to watch the hair reappear. the skin will also become lighter. widespread body hair or a female “mustache. By Shailja Mehta Asians are fonder to get a whiter skin and do lots of things to get the skin whiter and lighter than the natural shade. Her acne left behind small brown spots on her face and she hates them the most. I choose to make my body and facial hair less noticeable by bleaching it. Especially Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 hreya avoids birthday bashes. Whether your issue like mine was a few random chin hairs. She wants a beauty product that will hide her blemishes by making them lighter. The mixture is then applied on the hair for ten to fifteen minutes according to the manu facturer’s instruction. it may again need to be bleached.” it was important to hide those excess hairs. Even fairer skin people put their best efforts to keep their skin tone whiter. The cream and powder should be mixed using a plastic spatula provided. She suffered acute acne problem as a teenager.S 122 POWER OF HERBS Tips for whitening your skin. As new dark hair grows in one or two weeks. She too desires a good complexioned skin. This was frustrating. Along with the hair. She wants to feel comfortable among others. Everybody in the world is fond of white skin and is ready to do anything to get the skin whiter. The skin will revert to the original colour within a few days. The facial bleach packs available at chemist shops consist of a cream and powder.

The herbal facial bleach now available in the market now make you naturally fair with herbs like keshar. But it should be done carefully as if the ingredients have not mixed in proper proportion or you put it more than the applicable time. blackheads or other blemishes. Dry up and use lemonbased face masks. Nimbu (Lemon) acts as an effective antiseptic. Temaalpatra. you can use an oatmeal scrub to remove the dead skin cells and stimulate the skin’s circulation. Wash your face with warm water in which a few drops of lemon juice are added. which are easy to make at home. Natural and Safe. If a person has coarse hair. Make lemon squash – mix two cups of sugar in a cup of water and boil it to 1/3 consistency syrup. Over time. Herbal bleach is a good option. add a tsp of honey to a glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning. Chandan. The sun’s rays are the primary cause of skin damage for all of us and a good herbal sunscreen and wearing a hat whenever you are outside. Raktachandan. One can learn applying bleach in a right way on the face and body from a professional beautician and then can do it oneself. Nimbu (Lemon) and Aloe Vera. the effort will pay off with a balanced skin tone and healthier clearer skin. A herbal face bleach not only bleaches the skin but also nourishes it with the goodness of nature’s wonders like Haldi (turmeric). – Urmilla Ramrakhiani. reduce sun tan and pigmentation and clears the skin to make it look lighter in shade. lean proteins such as chicken and deepsea fish. Primarily. Kamal. One tsp of lime juice. What is important is to choose the right one for your skin. Internally. Vitamin C. Tasty by itself. Lodhra. Why use chemical to bleach your skin when you can use the power of herbs to bleach naturally? These days' herbal bleaches are available in the market for sensitive skin. the bleached hair will still be noticeable. There are many herbal preparations that are available to balance your skin tone. Add one cup of lemon juice while the water Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 is still warm. There are plenty of bleaches available for skin whitening. Stir well and bottle it. including salads and steamed vegetables and fresh fruit will help your skin look its best. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one tsp of milk cream and apply on your face. Aloe Vera adds life to the skin and Chandan (Sandalwood) soothes and adds glow to it. you need to remember that with fairer skin comes less resistance to the sun. so people who have sensitive skin should choose them. Manjistha. especially sensitive skin.varies from person to person. Agru. We LIME AND LEMONY Lemon is a very versatile fruit full of vitamin C. Persons with sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation and may wash away the bleach after a very short time. even on overcast day will go a long way in preserving your skin. It keeps you fresh and healthy and keeps your weight in check. wholegrain breads and pastas. Patang. Squeeze a lemon. such as brown rice. While Haldi (Turmeric) protects the skin from inflammation and works as an antioxidant. which are meant not only for those who have darker complexion but also even for those who gets darker complexion because of sun tan. but it may not be obvious for a person with fine facial hair. it might burn your skin. Pune. which make Kumkumadi Thilam. Laakh and Daruhalad. age or pollution.Walaa. Use lemons as refreshing face masks. Vitamin E and a quality B complex will help to reduce the environmental effects on your skin. Remember that your skin reflects your inner health. So use plenty of lemons in your daily diet. Kosth Kolinjan. This makes it perfectly safe for all skin types. leafy green vege tables. one tsp of rose water and one tsp of papaya pulp makes your skin soft and smooth. It helps to reduce pimples. Jesthmadh. Herbal Bleaches are a blend of nature's best. One tsp of lime juice mixed with honey leaves your skin glowing brightly. many ancient Ayurvedic formulation for fairness. You can make lemon-based health drinks. Padmakastha. it also enhances the taste of food and drinks it is added to. Once or twice a week. Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Looking good and feeling great is the enduring ambition worldwide. 123 . Halad. MANY WAYS There are many ways to whiten the skin. Chandan. and a diet that is high in fibre. Bleaching helps the skin to remove scars.

Shelby herself found no if I don’t get the job. She felt an innate urge that told her Vuitton navy-blue pencil skirt and white blouse that it was time for her to get a job and fortunately." Shelby said. she thought she would miss looking you want Robert rose from his chair and walked to out of the big window of the living room at me to spend his wife in the kitchen and put his hand the busy Manhattan street filled with more time around her slender waist and kissed her. Since I am not a reason for getting out of her fabulous glass home? Do careerist. “We are happy devoid of pain and she was more than happy to the extent that she would cry while watching with our lives” but Shelby knew how to count her happy stars. Shelby's make-up and accented her dark brown eyes with a eyes fell on a hiring ad. Her face had a healthy favourite magazine for ages. herself saying. Robert. She had been married York women who had everything and still felt like a for three years now and. "I that they wrote about in great detail and partly can do this. unhappy in-laws. It is just that I dinner. Martha Stewart and Food networks. The office of the Her magazine in the Twentieth Shelby read those solutions intently. tomorrow. as expected. honey. By Barnali Saha S magic page for her reading all the problems on helby Watson was a paragon of virtuous earth and comparing them to her life – devoid of human relationships.STORY SHORT The Relationship Adviser It was an exciting new job that took Shelby to a devastating revelation. She lived a classic life in marital clashes. She looked at herself in the mirror and hers. Robert. it really doesn’t matter. Shelby was waiting for his honey?" he Robert smiled at her and raised his glass response. who was munching on a love this idea of being a relationship perfect steak. Robert." said Shelby as she did you?" happy at the dishes. down. I am going for the interview sipped a little red wine and put the fork "Why. and I hope you get the job. "I wish you all "Why. After careful consideration Shelby decided to thinking of getting a job." Shelby said one night over go for the interview. You know. said. At people. "Robert. she was now fiasco. money woes. you are perfect. a well-known inevitably lifted her spirits. a great many Wall Street figure. He adviser. "I need a job. most of them carrying glossy bags with you?" that moment of passion. surprised. I have nothing to lose Quite frankly. unique solutions to the problems they provided. see the beautiful sunset." house. " l love you. It her quintessential New York home with her was a measure-your-happiness page for her which quintessential husband."You see. honey?" he said. from Christian Dior. looked up from his plate. Are you nervous?" he asked. you want me to spend more time with "Aren't you "No. she was filled with she had already found the dream job that had to be confidence." But life to Shelby meant a little more than being a he next morning. as Shelby put on her Louis home-maker. looking to toast his wife's decision. not that. in perfect bliss. then took a deep because of their Personal Woes column and the breath and left the apartment. looking quite quite the luck. She would miss whole being melting like ice and she heard listening to the radio murmur. Life was people on earth can seldom say. partly because of the glow from the tinted moisturiser and the little sweep fabulous coupons and the line of events in the city of the blush that made her cheek bones prominent. It was like a T 124 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Her had been Shelby's coat of lush black mascara. She had put on minimal While lazily turning the pages of Her. She was not one of the morose New the daily soaps on television. "Aren't you happy at home? Do surprised. Shelby felt her full of designer stuff." she said to herself. complimented her features.

someone who was mature and sincere. Shelby noticed her fabulous Giorgio Armani black striped jacket and her Cartier watch. Laura had a round face and her cheeks were definitely chubby." Laura asked as she took out Shelby's resume from a file and looked at it. Shelby. Becky Snider. They had interviewed a number of women for the job but Laura Warren wasn’t satisfied. New Jersey. Becky didn’t like her job and wanted to work in a more scholastic magazine. Since each case was unique in itself I had to talk to my patients and. "So tell me." she replied. T hey now owned two floors of a building in Twentieth Street and were doing pretty well. a woman who had phoned her on Friday about the details of the job interview. she was looking for a confident woman just like she was. who worked as the relationship adviser in the magazine's Personal Woes section. Laura had liked her tone – calm and composed and the fact that she had a degree in clinical psychology made her a positive candidate. in most cases. I encountered a gamut of challenging situations where I had to think out of the box and combine my theoretical knowledge with my sagacity and find out solutions." Laura said. young face to guide the mortal millions. "Hello." Laura said with a grin. "I read your resume early this morning and I must say I am impressed by your previous experience as a clinical psychologist. "Well. "I wanted to get . Shelby replied with a smile as she looked at Laura Warren sitting behind the chic table with a flawless glass top and fancy wrought-iron legs. it began including such features as political discussions and health to broaden the spectrum of the magazine. my therapy helped them cater to their personal development. they had been looking for a new face to work with them. which she later gave up after her marriage to Tim Smith. I had to be careful in dealing with them. a famous billionaire from London. I guess my previous knowledge will help me in this job as this job involves dealing with personal problems and finding solutions to them. thus Her was now looking for a fresh." Laura said. A group of smart young men and women in designer skirts and pin-striped suits was working in their cubicles. thanks. Shelby. Most of the women she had interviewed were young college girls or up-and-coming models who had no idea about real life. while her hair was cut in layers and fell loosely on her shoulder. Shelby felt a burst of confidence inside and she knew there was hope for her. Her was a comparatively young magazine that was started by a New York fashionist. Laura Warren. and then she started her own fashion magazine." "Then why did you give up your job. One of them had acute OCD and was on medication. The room was spacious and airy and Shelby sat comfortably in the black leather chair and smiled again. had met with an accident and would be bedridden for quite some time. "how are you doing today?" "Pretty good. keeping in mind that you did so well?" Laura asked. On Monday morning Laura was to meet Shelby Watson. Her was an instant success among young women aged between 15 and 30 but then. "have you ever tried a new way of doing things? Did you succeed? And why do you think you are suitable for this job?” S helby thought for a minute before saying. Laura Warren was simple. who had learnt the definition of prada from her career as a model. "In my previous job as a clinical psychologist intern at St Peter’s Hospital. fortunately.Street was buzzing with morning activity. Of late. Unlike the models that Shelby saw on the covers of the various magazines. My job involved dealing with patients who were on medication due to psychological problems. glistening in the morning sun. Shelby.

Mrs Watson. but wanted to do her colleagues or in-laws. I now want was thinking of having an extramarital affair with a "happily married man" who had lately been to have a new career. with his other a couple of times outside office and one such wife's success. besides. Recently. She would receive all kinds of questions from people." replied Shelby. she asked Laura. Sheila. unfeeling rogue who didn’t give her enough time or Shelby began her journey with the magazine on attention." and she was about to shut her laptop when the "Then. She knew it was unethical offer her hand in a handshake. Shelby knew the answers to job. It was pretty late. around 12. Everybody in office woman needed a break-up with her husband and go congratulated her on her first day and Shelby for the new man. then definitely the the following Monday morning. why are you applying for a job now?" 'New Message' icon popped up. She felt wrote a note where she asked Paula a tad nervousness in her gut as she looked laugh but several questions about her marital life and at the first e-mail but then she realised that it decided to her job. She looked Laura took Shelby to the office and introduced her at Robert. Congratulations. S 126 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . the e-mail and the way the woman put her questions. Shelby had a facebook community to her she had tried to express her interest and the man name. every time she did that. the co-editor. The reply came the following evening she could definitely find out healthy to solve her and Shelby was amazed at what she saw. Since the woman remedies. Maybe the Everyone applauded and Shelby was happy to see woman was not happy with her husband. Shelby's husband. you are now part of our magazine and I wish you all the best. she saw a deluge of e-mails and letters and couldn’t concentrate on work. as she often did. the photographer. Paula was evidently a successful She looked businesswoman with a happy family and n a month Shelby was a well-recognised at Robert. "The job is all yours. which included Janice. She had a unique approach while providing and asked her to follow her heart. The readers' whereabouts. But Shelby decided not to involve her emotions with one's boss or difficulty in dealing with one's in this case. I intended to become a homeshe got an e-mail. Laura Warren was happy with her selection had reciprocated to her feelings. One such e-mail came from a girl who spied on her husband for no reason. Apparently. Shelby thought over the issue and each declared in bold one problem or wanted to and finally decided to help Paula. what would Watson was confident and cool. he was fast asleep. more than anything else. but then. and the other staff. and why she was interested in was not rocket science and. or maybe he was an magazine. If that was the case. meeting was fateful. handsome features and.I she always compared the happiness in her life with married and have a family. I the unfortunate one. Unwillingly. dilemma. people had a lot she saw around. She would read each problem and place had already developed feelings for the man and the herself in the situation of the writer and think how man had also reciprocated. Shelby enjoyed every moment of her newly Shelby had received such clueless queries before acquired job and felt that her happy life was which made her laugh over the psyche of people happier now. After my college. I like Paula Sexton. since then. maybe the her future as a relationship adviser to the Her husband wasn’t good in bed. thus. the magazine now asleep. but Shelby Watson had all one came from a woman who was a compulsive the solutions – be it personal problems or problems liar. showing her enough interest to make her feel "Well then. You will helby wanted to laugh but decided to write a begin your work from next Monday. She was happen to the wife of the man? She was given a line of printed letters and e-mails Shelby innocent. she write a had the brains to debate her own ideas so serious note another man.” serious note to solve her dilemma. Shelby detested to the staff. She had met the new man at eyes loved Shelby's solutions and he was fast a business meeting and was drawn by his debating techniques." Laura said with a smile and rose to wanted in a special way. opened the page and found an e-mail from one "Because I think I am suitable for this job. maker. It was an interesting mail – the woman talking with people and I love reading your magazine and. Shelby thought there she would deal with it but. solutions to all private anguishes. her husband had no idea about her figure in the Her magazine. another of problems these days. realised that I wanted a family life more than One night Shelby was working from home when anything else.30. on her part but she couldn’t forget the man. They saw each and so was Robert. She another which she had to answer. but she wanted to write a good answer. So she replied to Paula with a two-lined e-mail all.

"Dear Paula. We are getting new stuff for the home and we talked with each other the whole day today. She didn’t know what to do." Shelby deleted the e-mail and opened the other unread one. I am waiting for your advice. "Dear Shelby. She opened the door and called out to Robert. which said 'we took your advice. Wish you two all the best – Shelby Watson. She dropped the laptop and threw away the dinner plates and began to cry.was no point in stopping them. there was no sign of Robert. Shelby reached home in half an hour. For some reasons. You know my story. It had been two and a half months now and Shelby was well versed in Paula Sexton's love life. a sultry blonde woman. There was no answer. There is no point in replying to you with any negative ideas. it said. "I really do not have an advice to give you. I am in a fix. There were a couple of new messages in her folder. Still. His wife doesn’t have any idea. In the picture with Paula. it was only 7. Within a span of a week. so she switched on her computer. I wish you all the happiness in future and I want you to enjoy your new life. this one said. she felt like throwing up. do you think it would be a good idea to live together right now? We looked up a good apartment yesterday evening and he seems to be excited too. Outside the glass window of the apartment. you have even seen an apartment. I hope you are doing fine. I am also thinking of divorcing my husband before we start over. The e-mail read. By 9 o’clock the pasta and the garlic bread was ready. So. The lost traveller in a new road – Paula. she opened the letter. She had two unread messages from Paula. In a moment. Shelby had shared Paula's story with her colleagues and with Laura. She was worried about the people who were still in the dark. thanks so much for your advice. Shelby thought it might be Robert who had the habit of leaving quick instant messages. There was heavy traffic on the Fifteenth Street. since you two love each other. the romantic New York City evening was setting in. She rushed to the parking lot. He said he wants to leave his boring wife and start a new life with me. Would it look absurd if we suddenly vanish from their lives to live with each other? I am so excited about my new life. Rather. She didn’t know what it was but she wanted to be home. She looked at her watch. start living together and get to know each other better. The whole world had stopped and Shelby felt like a cold corpse. He was somebody Shelby knew for ages — it was Robert. and so Shelby changed and decided to make a good dinner for Robert. and I hope you like him." S helby was thinking about Paula's latest e-mail for over an hour now. We have taken the decision of living together from today." Shelby read it over again and clicked on the reply option. and so does my husband. I think. each of them updated her regarding the status of her relation with the "new-man"." Shelby typed." Shelby scrolled down and found an attached file. It was probably the strangest e-mail she had got. I guess you have your answer. She had decided not to receive Paula's e-mail any more and so she wanted to compose the final entry with more thought than usual. Shelby called him on his mobile but it went straight to his voicemail. Thanks so much honey for your support. need your advice ASAP. The man I love proposed to me over lunch yesterday and I am ecstatic. as she called him. he wasn’t home yet. "Dear Shelby. was a man.15. the person whom she least wanted to encounter at that moment. We 127 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . since you two have decided everything already. she missed Robert now and wanted to head back home as soon as possible. Love – Paula. "I am attaching a picture of myself and my Prince Charming. Unwillingly. and they had a whole afternoon's laugh over Paula's crazy love life. Shelby excitedly opened her AOL account.' She opened the picture. nonetheless. We are on our way to our new apartment now. It is time you thought about your happiness and forgot about the spouse who doesn’t evoke any passion in you. it is a great idea to S helby left her office that evening with a strange feeling in her gut. Shelby received a number of e-mails from Paula.

successful pregnancy can sometimes result if especially treated sperms are placed into the uterus above the level of cervix at the time of ovulation. by using fertility drugs such as clomifen. the majority are normally lost because the sperm either trickle out or are destroyed by vaginal acidity. the mucus of the cervix (neck of the uterus or womb) can be hostile or very thick and unfavourable. Doctor discussed the matter in detail starting from the story of the initial test tube babies of the world who are now young women and men. Some men may have problems such as impotence. This is likely to be a significant cause of infertility. In fact. Assistance in repro duction could be done in various ways. it can be relatively easy to stimulate eggs to grow to maturity and to ovulate. ALL YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT nfertility has always been an issue which has brought forth many social and psychological traumas in the society. premature ejaculation or an abnormality of penile anatomy which may make it difficult or may be impossible for sperm to be deposited in the vagina. This treatment is called Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI). The maturation of ova and ovulation is monitored by ultrasound and couples are encouraged to have sex at an appropriate time. Various hormone injections are also utilised for ovulation induction. This was a revelation for Sunanda when she took her childless daughter-in-law Pooja to doctor for consultation. Advances in medical science have come to the aid of such childless couples with the development of various new assisted-reproduction techni ques. Ovulation induction: Ovulation. is not always a regular and predictable event. For the success of this technique the fallopian tubes of the woman partner should also be open and undamaged. Semen contains many other biological entities besides sperms. These medical methods are technically called as assisted reproduction. The commonest cause of this is a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome where there is a major Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . In these situations. advances in medical science have come to the aid of childless couples and help find cure to impotency. Sperm loss may be a factor when infertility is otherwise truly unexplained. In most cases. which is the release of an egg from the ovary. A childless woman was considered a bad omen on happy occasions in the family.Now. nearly 30 per cent of infertility problems are due to defective or absent ovulation. Sometimes. Intrauterine insemination: Sperms are deposited in the vagina at intercourse. By Dr Neelkamal Kapoor I 128 TEST TUBE BABIES hormone imbalance which prevents the normal maturing of eggs. hence prior to putting the sperms into uterus they are prepared by certain washing and treatment techniques. These hormones also help in making the cervical mucus of a better consistency so that sperms can pass through with ease. It is quite common to find that the seminal fluid containing the sperms do not liquefy or remain very like glue. IUI is not a very good technique when the sperm count or quality is very poor.

some men have so low sperm count that it is not possible to do a successful IVF. the male partner is completely unable to produce any sperm and the female partner is medically problem-free to conceive and produce a child. In fact. TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration). This entire procedure requires very skilled team of doctors and technicians and high-class hospital facilities. In the United kingdom in Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI): In an IVF technique at least 100000 (specially treated) sperms are put in contact with one ovum. This is a simple and safe technique medically but involves lot of psychological. Hence this should be a very considered activity in consultation with various experts. test tubes are used nowhere in the actual IVF process. However. IVF is used in cases where the fallopian tubes of a woman are blocked or sperm count in a male is very low. This union is called fertilisation and this fertilised ovum is the year 2006 out of all women undergoing IVF only 31 per cent women (under the age 35 years) succeeded in having a child and this success percentage became less and less with advancing age of the mother to the extent that in women below 44 years of age it was only 4 per cent. now put back in the uterus.Donor Insemination: Sometimes. These multiple mature eggs are then taken out of the ovary and the body through vaginal route and made to mix with the sperms in a dish outside the body. thereby placing the genetic material within the sperm inside the egg. TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction). In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF): IVF is medically a very complex technique based on a very simple principle. IVF IS MEDICALLY A VERY COMPLEX TECHNIQUE BASED ON A VERY SIMPLE PRINCIPLE. If the fertilisation occurs by union with a sperm then a further set and levels of hormones help in its transport and implantation in the uterus. It was the media who popularised the term “test tube baby”. legal and ethical issues. In IVF the hormones are utilised in the same way to produce a large number of matured ova. in the laboratory. It is a very timeconsuming and skill-intensive procedure. In such cases an effort is made to retrieve the sperm by using various methods like PESA (Per Cutaneous Epidedymal Sperm Aspiration. Before starting the procedure of IVF counselling of the husband and wife and complete medical examination and pathological examination of both the partners are done. For a normal pregnancy the body creates such a hormonal secretion and profile that one ovum finally matures and ovulates. but its advent has blessed thousands of childless couples with children. still the success rate is not very high. It is sometimes used in certain cases of infertility due to unknown cause. In ICSI a prepared ova is held while a single sperm is injected into it. This does not mean that the egg is fertilised but at least now there is a chance for this complex process to commence. In such a case sperms from some other anonymous donor male can be used. In vitro means “in glass” and is the laboratory term used for any biological process that occurs outside the body. BUT ITS ADVENT HAS BLESSED THOUSANDS OF CHILDLESS COUPLES WITH CHILDREN. 129 .

woman is given hormonal treatment to support this procedure. after knowing all the possibilities Pooja has already fixed second appointment with the doctor so that she can bring Ranjan. but wanted a good. In the GIFT technique. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 If you have had an encounter with any of your in-laws. Well. Gamete Intra Fallopian Transfer (GIFT): This is a method which may be used for unexplained infertility. etc. The proposed girl was the daughter of the elder brother. The embryo is thawed and implanted in the womb. the first 13 days were spent in doing all the religious ceremonies. Now. It is also used for older age group patients in whom several attempts at IVF have failed. They seemed to be living without any quarrels or misunderstandings. and an unemployed graduate. the widow is presented with a sari on the 10th day by her brothers. To overcome this Zona Pellucida is breached mechanically with the help of needle or other such implements just before the embryo transferred to the womb. all under one roof for the last 40 years. Though the girl was very. It is thought that a thickened or hardened Zona Pellucida may be a factor in preventing implantation and pregnancy. Womansera. their wives. let our readers know it. accommodating girl from a respectable family.Assisted Hatching: Failure of IVF is mostly due to failure of implantation. An alliance came through. It is also done if three previous IVF cycles with good quality embryo has failed or at the time of egg collection Zona appears to be thickened. very ordinary. Even if good quality embryos are replaced back in the uterus a pregnancy may still not occur. Later the uterine endometrium either matures by itself or is hormonally prepared to accept implantation. I thought this was the girl for my son and went 130 ahead with the marriage arrangements. we are also living as a joint family. Whether it is pleasant or sour. Two brothers. gametes (egg and sperm) are transferred together into the fallopian tube where it is hoped that fertilisation would occur naturally. Though I have asked my son and family to move upstairs as it is constructed for them by taking a bank loan. Assisted hatching is usually needed in those IVF requiring patients who are above 35 years of age because it is thought that age hardens Zona Pellucida. We Frozen Embryo Transfer: Sometimes after doing an IVF extra embryos are frozen. You may please hand it over to your servant. The embryo that is then formed will pass along the tubes and enter the uterus at the correct phase of the cycle so that it may implant naturally. The Joint family Fifteen years ago. Chennai. All accepted contributions will be paid Rs 200 each. The girl belonged to a joint family. obsequies. New Delhi-110055. “Babby. The brother of the lady was not well-to-do but he still purchased an ordinary sari and presented it to his sister. – Savithri Viswanathan. her Name: Mobile: E-mail: . I was on the look-out for a suitable bride for my bank-employed son. A discourtesy A distant relative of mine lost her husband some years ago. children — each one had two — their old parents and also an old unmarried uncle were staying together. Send you contributions. Now. to meet and discuss everything in detail with the doctor. So GIFT is in a way an attempt to assist the nature and is akin to an arranged marriage with the doctor playing the matchmaker. IN-LAWS/OUT-LAWS E-3 Jhandewala Estate. duly typed or written in neat hand writing to.. I never wanted any dowry or cash from the girl’s party. the sister returned the sari to her brother’s wife with the comment. it does not matter so long as it is interesting and illustrates human strengths and weaknesses. after a year or so. they are not inclined to shift and stay with us. As is the custom in Brahmin communities. for the last 15 years. According to the custom. etc. In order for implantation to take place the embryo must first hatch through outer covering of the embryo known as Zona Pellucida.” You could imagine the feelings of the poor sister-in-law. I don’t like the sari given to me by my brother.

military and navy personnel. Can I wear contact lenses after the Lasik? Yes. A femto-second laser is used to create a flap instead of the microkeratome blade. INTACS or intrastromal ring implants. How is blade free Lasik different from Lasik? ● Personalised Lasik Treatment for any kind of refractive error ● 100 per cent Blade Free ● Uses a laser to create the corneal flap ● Highly advanced computercontrolled technology ● Better night vision and contrast ● Improved quality of vision – crisp vision How safe are the Lasik procedures? Millions of people across the world have used Lasik for their vision correction and have found it gave them a safe. accurate and stable result. athletes. What are the restrictions following surgery? You can return to your daily routine the very next day. What is blade free Lasik? It is a 100 per cent blade free technology for laser vision correction. Get yourself examined and seek the best advice for your eyes. It has been available across the world for nearly 15 years and millions of people have undergone this Laser vision correction 131 NEW WAY TO EYESIGHT asik has brought about a revolution in the field of eye care. By Dr Mahipal Sachdev. Eye drops are used to numb the eye and a thin flap of cornea is raised using a fine micro-keratome blade. If Iʼm unsuitable for Lasik is there any other option available for me. Visual recovery is quick with little or no post-operative discomfort. far sightedness (hyperopia) and cylindrical (astigmatic) refractive errors. surface ablation procedures. They have several options at their disposal: Implantable contact lenses (ICLs). Even an enhancement for any post-lasik residual power is usually possible. They are able to pursue the lifestyle and profession of their choice without the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses. This is followed by customised ablation of corneal surface to correct the curvature of the eye. LASIK stands for LaserAssisted In Situ Keratomileusis. There are no dietary restrictions. golfers. you can wear glasses or contact lenses after Lasik.L Freedom from glasses – all you ever wanted to know about blade free Lasik.g. scuba divers. etc. Do I need to wear glasses after my eyes have healed from the procedure? No glasses are required for routine daily activities. What is Lasik? Lasik is a surgical procedure for correcting near sightedness (myopia). People over the age of 40-45 years may need reading glasses as that is a normal ageing change called presbyopia. reassured and were ready to take on the challenges of life. Centre for Sight Are the procedures painful? Lasik is almost painless procedure performed under topical drop anesthesia. The flap is replaced and the reshaped eye curvature helps you to see clearly. People who underwent Lasik Vision Correction felt more confident. The flap is everted and a laser is used to reshape the cornea. Few eye drops have to be used for a couple of weeks to allow a smooth healing. You can walk in and walk out of the operation theatre in less than 15 minutes. People found unfit for Lasik have no reasons to lose hope. Sun glasses should be worn outdoors. Professionals ranging from pilots. How is Lasik done? Lasik is a simple procedure which takes less than15 minutes to perform. You can watch TV or work on the computer as and when you feel comfortable. NASA has recommended the Intralase with Customised Excimer laser correction for its astronauts as this can withstand high gravitational forces and has been found to be stable and secure even in extreme environmental conditions. This is the most advanced technology for Lasik and has been found to be extremely safe. sports people e. Avoid splashing water or rubbing your eyes for a few weeks. People who hid behind thick glasses or had to put up with the discomfort and inconvenience of contact lenses during their entire life can now gain a new lease of life with Lasik. Email: drmahipal@gmail. models and air hostesses and even people working in offices and at home have benefited from the various advantages that Lasik has offered them. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . clear lens extraction with multifocal IOL implantation.

The cream and powder should be mixed using a plastic spatula provided. The skin will revert to the original colour within a few days. I spent countless hours and a good fortune putting myself through torturous hair removal techniques. The effectiveness of bleaching embarrassing problem for me. college gatherings and for that matter any social event. Since most hair removal methods are temporary and painful. The mixture is then applied on the hair for ten to fifteen minutes according to the manu facturer’s instruction. widespread body hair or a female “mustache. She wants a beauty product that will hide her blemishes by making them lighter. it may again need to be bleached. I choose to make my body and facial hair less noticeable by bleaching it. Even fairer skin people put their best efforts to keep their skin tone whiter. Along with the hair. She too desires a good complexioned skin. By Shailja Mehta Asians are fonder to get a whiter skin and do lots of things to get the skin whiter and lighter than the natural shade. She suffered acute acne problem as a teenager.” says Shama. Her acne left behind small brown spots on her face and she hates them the most. Especially Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 hreya avoids birthday bashes. As new dark hair grows in one or two weeks. She does not want to go in the crowd with her blemishes. The facial bleach packs available at chemist shops consist of a cream and powder.S 132 POWER OF HERBS Tips for whitening your skin. Everybody in the world is fond of white skin and is ready to do anything to get the skin whiter. Will good skin bleach rescue her? “Excess or unwanted hair growth was irritating and downright . She wants to feel comfortable among others. The mixture is then washed away. only to watch the hair reappear. This was frustrating. the skin will also become lighter. Whether your issue like mine was a few random chin hairs.” it was important to hide those excess hairs.


Tasty by itself. age or pollution. Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Natural and Safe. Herbal bleach is a good option. What is important is to choose the right one for your skin. . One can learn applying bleach in a right way on the face and body from a professional beautician and then can do it oneself. MANY WAYS There are many ways to whiten the skin. Chandan. reduce sun tan and pigmentation and clears the skin to make it look lighter in shade. Raktachandan. which make Kumkumadi Thilam. Lodhra. It helps to reduce pimples. Temaalpatra. Remember that your skin reflects your inner health. While Haldi (Turmeric) protects the skin from inflammation and works as an antioxidant. Halad. blackheads or other blemishes. especially sensitive skin. add a tsp of honey to a glass of warm water and drink it first thing in the morning. Patang. Jesthmadh. A herbal face bleach not only bleaches the skin but also nourishes it with the goodness of nature’s wonders like Haldi (turmeric). There are plenty of bleaches available for skin whitening. you can use an oatmeal scrub to remove the dead skin cells and stimulate the skin’s circulation. Over time. One tsp of lime juice mixed with honey leaves your skin glowing brightly. it might burn your skin. Nimbu (Lemon) acts as an effective antiseptic. many ancient Ayurvedic formulation for fairness. Dry up and use lemonbased face masks. One tsp of lime juice. Primarily. Laakh and Daruhalad. So use plenty of lemons in your daily diet. Vitamin C. But it should be done carefully as if the ingredients have not mixed in proper proportion or you put it more than the applicable time. the effort will pay off with a balanced skin tone and healthier clearer skin. Chandan. Pune. Use lemons as refreshing face masks. Manjistha. Aloe Vera adds life to the skin and Chandan (Sandalwood) soothes and adds glow to it. – Urmilla Ramrakhiani. This makes it perfectly safe for all skin types. Wash your face with warm water in which a few drops of lemon juice are added. Nimbu (Lemon) and Aloe Vera. such as brown rice. We LIME AND LEMONY Lemon is a very versatile fruit full of vitamin C. Internally. which are easy to make at home. Vitamin E and a quality B complex will help to reduce the environmental effects on your skin. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one tsp of milk cream and apply on your face. Looking good and feeling great is the enduring ambition worldwide. you need to remember that with fairer skin comes less resistance to the sun. even on overcast day will go a long way in preserving your skin. lean proteins such as chicken and deepsea fish. You can make lemon-based health drinks. It keeps you fresh and healthy and keeps your weight in check. Stir well and bottle it. Herbal Bleaches are a blend of nature's best. Why use chemical to bleach your skin when you can use the power of herbs to bleach naturally? These days' herbal bleaches are available in the market for sensitive skin. including salads and steamed vegetables and fresh fruit will help your skin look its best. Squeeze a lemon. it also enhances the taste of food and drinks it is added to. one tsp of rose water and one tsp of papaya pulp makes your skin soft and smooth. Kosth Kolinjan. The sun’s rays are the primary cause of skin damage for all of us and a good herbal sunscreen and wearing a hat whenever you are outside. The herbal facial bleach now available in the 134 market now make you naturally fair with herbs like keshar. If a person has coarse hair. the bleached hair will still be noticeable. Agru. Add one cup of lemon juice while the water Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 is still warm. which are meant not only for those who have darker complexion but also even for those who gets darker complexion because of sun tan. and a diet that is high in fibre. Kamal. but it may not be obvious for a person with fine facial hair.varies from person to person. Bleaching helps the skin to remove scars. Once or twice a week. wholegrain breads and pastas. leafy green vege tables. Persons with sensitive skin may experience a burning sensation and may wash away the bleach after a very short time. Make lemon squash – mix two cups of sugar in a cup of water and boil it to 1/3 consistency syrup.Walaa. Padmakastha. There are many herbal preparations that are available to balance your skin tone. so people who have sensitive skin should choose them.


Otherwise you will waste a lot of precious time in commuting and undergoing a lot of inconvenience. it is not correct to blindly go and enrol yourself in any gym just because your friend or someone else has recommended it. Location: The location of the gym is of prime importance. who was in her late forties. money and energy in commuting. but found that she did not use most of the equipment whereas she was charged for it! So first decide your fitness goals. For just using weights. cardio and high-end equipment that you may not use at all! Check out the Gym Facilities: When you go hunting for a gym. So. You should feel akin with the gym. and then only will you reap benefits. In particular. It would be wonderful to be able to afford a home gym. not every gym is going to meet the needs of every person. enrolling in a gym is the better alternative to get rid of the flab and to get fit. the next important step is to choose the right gym. you need not choose an elaborate gym. and not go by word of mouth. just wanted to get rid of her excess body fat. swimming pool. An ideal gym will be near your residence or your workplace. you will be offered a tour of the centre. as you will waste time. but space and money constraints will limit that luxury to a select few. The popularity of gyms is on an upward rise. Make sure that you check it out thoroughly and assess it for yourself. Woman’s Era ● 136 March (First) 2010 . check out: corner. This has also led to the mushrooming of gyms at every nook and Decide fitness goals: Amritha. how will you know that the gym you have chosen is right? Here. Do you want to tone or contour your body? Do you just want exercise to stay healthy? Do you want to lose weight? Are you aiming for that eightpack abdomen? Whatever your aim is. SELECTING THE RIGHT GYM Five basic gym rules you need to follow. By Renuka Vishwanathan B eing physically fit has become such an integral part of everyday life that more and more people are enrolling in gyms to get regular exercise. A nearby gym at a slightly higher rate may be worth signing up for rather than a further away gym at a lower rate. She selected a high-end gym. Follow the tips below to ensure that you are on the right fitness track. So. compatibility is the key word. For the majority. select a gym that meets your specific needs. How will you tell a good gym from a bad gym? Also. which includes charges for sauna.Once you have decided to join a gym.

● Whether the equipment is wellmaintained. You don’t want to work out on poor equipment which may fall apart and harm you grievously in the bargain. This can include looking for frayed cables in machines and also loose plates and rust in other equipment. ● Check if the gym is clean and well maintained. ● Do check out the cardio machines for wear and tear, and especially for any strange noises. ● Ensure that the gym does not have too much equipment nor too little. Both situations are quite confusing. But make sure that the equipment you plan to use is available at the gym.

end up badly hurt or not realising your health goal. Qualified trainers will assess you and train you according to your needs. So, don’t be afraid to ask for the qualifications of trainers before you enrol in a gym. Clarify whether the trainer will work with you on a one-to-one basis or in a group. Choose whatever you are comfortable with. Also, make sure that the trainers are cheerful and friendly. Working with grouchy and morose trainers is a sure put-off, and will make your gym visits painful and dreadful. You may not want to come at all! Check out the nature of the trainers with other members. Changing Facilities: Make sure that the gym you select has spacious and clean changing facilities. You don’t want to dress and undress in a cramped closet! The changing rooms should also be well ventilated and lighted. Some gyms offer locker facilities as well for keeping your valuables and other stuff. Separate

changing facilities for men and women are a must. If there are shower facilities also, ensure that they are clean and there is water supply at all times. The Price: Last but not least, don’t select a gym because it is cheap and affordable, or because it is highly priced. High costs do not mean good quality. As pointed out earlier, the high costs may include charges for things you are not even using! Remember that some of the best gyms are reasonably priced and affordable. Do not fall for the trap of glitz, shine and glamour. Look for utility and what you will be using! Also, lower rates may mean that the hours you can work out may be less. Satisfy yourself on all these matters, before selecting a gym. Suresh, a busy sales executive, took a 10-year membership on a new gym in his neighborhood, under a promotional scheme for Rs 40, 000. Although his intentions were good, he found that he never found time to visit the gym and neither did his family members. The amount was literally money down the drain, and could have been invested elsewhere. A monthly membership, though a bit costly may be the best choice initially, especially as you may not be sure whether you can commit yourself to the gym for a year or more. Test out the waters of the gym for a month or so, and then you can opt for a longer membership if you are satisfied with the gym and its facilities and find that you have the time! Before you sign the membership contract, read carefully for any hidden costs. Some gyms will slap annual maintenance fees whereas the maintenance may not really be done or satisfactory. Check out any “liability” clauses too. Now that you have finally decided to join a gym, a few lines about gym etiquette. Gyms today are the new social hubs of modern life. They are so popular that they have become social gathering places akin to

The Timings: Jayanthi had recently joined a gym and found to her horror that it was packed when she went there. She had to wait to use the equipment, and the noise and crowd completely put her off exercising. She had other members breathing down her neck to use the equipment. The result was that she ran out of the gym as fast as she could. It is essential to check how many people will be around in the gym when you plan to be there. Having to wait for equipment and working out in a crowded atmosphere is definitely not enjoyable. So, check out the times when the gym is not crowded, and if it is not suitable, opt for another gym. Also, check out the timings of the gym. Select one which has timings suitable to you, depending on whether you want early timings or late. Most gyms offer separate timings for ladies, and the rest are unisex timings. Make sure that you are comfortable with what timing is offered. Otherwise you will be too conscious of the people around to exercise properly. The Trainers: It is necessary to check out the credentials of the trainers in the gym. It is easy for people to wear a T-shirt and track pants and proclaim themselves as trainers. The result is that you may

it is a good idea to take a shower to remove any offensive smells. other do too! Do change out of your sweaty gym clothes before you go home if you do not want to offend people on the way. Apart from the noise it makes. etc. they do not want to be disturbed by loud conversations. Near Cricket Ground. Pin: 141003 140 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . So mind your gym manners or you may be labelled as the Bad Gym Guy. Winners of DBS Quiz Contest . Burnpur (Via: Asansol) Dt: Burdwan (W/B) Pin: 713315 Meera Sharma 321. Avoid wearing the same clothes to the gym again the next day and wear a fresh set. Keep the cellphone on silent mode or.. neither would anyone else like to sit on yours. ● Smell good: The smell of sweat is definitely not attractive! Just as you abhor the smell of sweat on others after a workout. Pin: 422007 Sukanta Poddar Rambandh (Near Friends’ Club) P. a pleasure to gym with and a pleasure We for the gym too! IT IS NECESSARY TO CHECK OUT THE CREDENTIALS OF THE TRAINERS IN THE GYM. If the gym offers shower facilities. annoying and disturbing noises in a gym. please! ● Donʼt be an Equipment Hog: You may have checked the timings and ensured there is no crowd in the gym at the time you come to train. who barges in out of turn. The best way to avoid this problem is to cover the seats or benches with a towel beforehand. avoid talking and whispering to other members. If you leave them lying around. like handles. Phase-II. and you have taken the first step to becoming the ideal gym-user. Be patient and share equipment. Using cellphones in a gym is a major infringement of gym etiquette. To make the gym experience pleasant. it may be better for you to consider other ways of getting fit! Also. IT IS EASY FOR PEOPLE TO WEAR A T-SHIRT AND TRACK PANTS AND PROCLAIM THEMSELVES AS TRAINERS. Just as you would not like to sit on someone’s sweat. K. ● Keep Machines Clean: Always wipe off any machine you use in a gym. if working out together in a group exercise class. When everyone is working out hard and focused on achieving their fitness goals. Gupta. ● Silence is Golden: Maintain silence in the gym. and the equipment and machines will become limited. they may cause mishaps and shops and malls. slamming down the weights or any equipment is a definite no-no. Grow up. Nasik. It is not only disturbing. Neither do they want to be subjected to annoying ring tones. In gyms. So spare a thought and place equipment back properly in pace. who hogs all the gym equipment. do remember that others are waiting and strictly adhere to the time rules so that everyone can benefit from the equipment. Never spray yourself with cologne and perfume to disguise the sweaty smell. the air in the gym will be pure and odour-free and PLEASANT! Follow these five basic rules. Mahatma Nagar. and you may end up with a pulled muscle or tendon or even more. This give-and-take is necessary if you don’t want to waste time at the gym just waiting! Regarding cardio equipment. Dugri. and you may end up having to pay for the damages! Also. That makes it worse! By following this basic hygiene. Handle equipment carefully and with kid gloves! ● Put Things Back: The cardinal rule in a gym while using weights is always to put them back in their places when you have finished with them.O. weights. better still leave it behind at home or in the locker! In case you can’t bear to be parted from your precious cellphone. consideration and etiquette should apply there as well. So. the basic rules of group politeness. 4/213 Siddhj Mangal Appt. Ludhiana. such dropping and slamming of equipment is liable to damage them. Also. However. This reduces the problem of sweat and grime. many gyms have time limits for their usage during peak hours. who talks loudly on his cellphone while exercising and leaves the changing room a mess! Follow these basic rules and contribute to making the gym experience pleasant for both for you and other gym members. but is plain rudeness to the instructor. at times there may be more members around. cleanliness is definitely next to godliness! ● Do not drop things: The dropping of dumbbells or barbells is one of the most jarring. seats.70 Shilpi Sharma C/o D. it indicates your inability to control them.


the extra fluids will help flush out your system of waste products. pre maturity. is common in pregnancy. Slipons work best. ● Try support stockings You have reason to worry if the swelling does not subside after a rest.I am one-and-a-half months pregnant and have developed breast soreness.PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). Swelling. or at the end of your day. fortnightly between the 7th and 8th months and every week in the last month. Will this affect my baby? Not only is smoking harmful to your baby. ● Put your feet up when possible. no matter how irritable or moody you have become. As with all things. which may have increased the swelling. Is this a cause for concern? Please advise. You need at least eight glasses of water a day. low birth weight. This usually goes away during the second trimester. ● If you stand at work. people believe that the swelling is caused by excessive amounts of salt in the diet though the opposite is also true. Bajaj. for you are at risk for a complication . Take professional help if needed to do so. I am in the 7th month of my first pregnancy. Thereafter according to WHO (World Health Organization) a woman should visit her doctor every month for the first seven months. Limiting the amount of salt you take in can cause swelling as well. Till then a properly fitting bra with good support will help relieve the soreness. Ideally you should give up the habit before you get pregnant but if that has not occurred. Report to your doctor immediately. try to move around slightly or get a stool to prop a foot up on. or has extended from the legs and feet to the face and hands. It is aggravated by warm weather. I take a few drugs now and then but do not smoke as I used to. Now. 75 per cent of women will experience accumulation of fluid around the legs and ankles at some point during pregnancy. Though it doesn't seem to make sense to get rid of fluids by taking in more. for the nicotine is passed on to the baby as carbon monoxide. . MD. In general the swelling is nothing to be alarmed about. if it is sudden or extreme. or oedema. asthma and sudden infant death syndrome. moderation is the key to balance. The commonest cause of swelling is the weight of the enlarging uterus on the blood vessels. Regarding salt intake. There is no pain or discomfort. or after several hours lying down. Basic tips to help reduce swelling are: ● Avoid wearing elastic topped socks ● Wear comfortable shoes. who smoke is as bad. do so now. – Dr A. I have tried stopping but when I don’t smoke I become very irritable and moody which makes things unpleasant at home. Most I smoked till I was three months pregnant as I did not know that I was pregnant. The first is to drink a lot of water. When should a pregnant woman visit a doctor? As soon as she misses her periods and pregnancy is confirmed by a home pregnancy kit. Is this normal and what should I do about it? Many women experience breast tenderness during the first three months of pregnancy. There are a couple of things you can do to help relieve the symptoms. The risks of smoking to the baby include stillbirths. K. Recently I noticed that my feet have begun to swell. but being around people 142 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 women report that the swelling subsides after a good night's rest. standing for a while.


vagina and the whole area of the perineum. This ascending mode of infection is the most common but the infection may occasionally start from the kidneys through the bloodstream and descend to the ureters. become harmful and disease producing. If the infection with subsequent inflammation and tissue damage is restricted to the urethra. The normal structure and functions of urinary tract are such as to discourage and inhibit the entry and multiplication of bacteria from outside through the external urethral opening. The danger of developing UTI looms large throughout the life of a female right from infancy to old age and it has been estimated that about 50 per cent of women suffer from symptoms of UTI sometime during their adult lives.” The cells lining the female urogenital region are rich in oestrogen receptors. urinary bladder and urethra as shown in Fig. when they enter the body tissue other than the large intestines. next only to respiratory infection. The urethral orifice as well as a wide surface area of the body VULNERABLE TO INFECTION The body area includes the vulva. ureters. B 144 acterial infection of the urinary tract is quite common among women. UTI is far more common in females as compared to males because of certain anatomical. A mild trauma to the urethra received during sexual intercourse forces the organisms into the urinary bladder resulting in a disease called “honeymoon cystitis. From the urethral opening. Nagpal surrounding it is contaminated and crowded with a variety of a large number of micro-organisms which are normal harmless inhabitants of the large intestine and are passed but with faeces/wind through the anus. The urinary tract consists of the kidneys. varying height producing a varying degree of illness. its sphincter is opened and urine is allowed to pass out through a slit-like passage called urethra. although the number may vary with the degree of personal hygiene. makes the urinary tract most vulnerable to infection. a delicate balance is maintained between the defence mechanism of the urinary tract and the invasiveness of bacteria and if any factor disturbs it in favour of bacteria. The micro-organisms A typically female problem all women should be aware of. 1. The kidneys produce urine drop by drop which is propelled through ureters to the urinary bladder which acts as a reservoir. the disease is known as pyelonephritis. physiological and pathological factors seen exclusively in females. The close proximity of the external urethral meets to the anus which is a source of infection. When filled to its capacity the bladder contracts. UTI will easily result. it is called as urethritis. Normally. and certain bacteria like E. Even the undergarments carry these bacteria. The short length of female urethra (4 cm to 20 cm in males) facilitates the entry of bacteria from the urethral orifice to the urinary bladder. if the bladder is involved it is termed as cystitis and if the kidneys are infected. The organisms. bladder and urethra along with the urine. Whenever given a proper understanding of this disease and taken adequate preventive measures many of its complications and recurrences can be avoided. L.URINARY TRACT INFECTION By B. the organisms ascend into the urethra and urinary bladder and are carried on to the ureters and kidneys up to a Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . coli have a special affinity for adhering to these receptors.


congenital abnormalities in the urinary tract. ● Change underwears daily twice a day during the summer months. partly forward and partly backward in a semicircle and the latter portion pushing the bacteria into the anterior urethra from the meatus. UTI may be asymptomatic or symptomatic. vaginal orifice and anterior urethra where they eagerly wait for a chance to get entry deep into the urinary system. urine does not show micro-organisms in an otherwise obvious case of UTI. which are not uncommon. ● Take plenty of fluids. particularly during the summer months and see that the urine passed is always colourless and not yellow.multiply and colonise the vulva. nausea and vomiting. wash the urogenital region. before and after sexual intercourse and again after 10-15 minutes of urination if there is residual urine (doublemicturition). it is felt in the back lumber region. paralysis of the bladder. Do not use tight. lower abdomen. It is important to note that mere presence of the organisms in urine does not mean infection. inner side of thighs. press upon the ureters causing obstruction and stagnation of urine which gets easily infected because urine acts as a good culture medium for the growth of bacteria. Even the ‘mechanics’ of urine outflow stream formation in females differs from that in males. Catheterisation during childbirth and gynaecological operations as well as instrumentation directly carry the bacteria into the urethra and bladder. cancer cervix. stress. ● Avoid excessive use of deodorants. The risk factors for UTI common to both sexes are diabetes mellitus. regular exercise and avoiding drugs. muscular pain. Along with these there may be fever. spinal injury and suppressed immunity. prolapse of the uterus. atrophic urethritis and atrophic vaginitis of menopause. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . disinfectants. Culture and sensitivity tests are done to find out the specific causative organism and the antibiotic to which infection would respond. When symptoms appear. stones in the urinary tract. projectile and complete in circumference whereby throwing out any bacteria which might have attempted to enter the urethra. clean the anus with paper from front to rear followed by washing with soap and water preferably using some antiseptic soap like Savlon or Dettol. chills. Enlargement of the prostate gland is the most common predisposing factor in men above the age of 50. Enlargement of the uterus during pregnancy and pelvic masses formed by disease of the uterus and ovaries. these are increased frequency of micturition. anus and perineal region with soap and water. vaginal spermicides and diaphragm contraceptives. For good health always remember: keep your genitalia more clean than your face and keep your latrine more clean than your We kitchen. the urine stream in females is weak and split. Urine may be cloudy with an unpleasant odour and even blood. Sometimes. ● Keep on changing the reaction of urine from acidic to alkaline to acidic either by diet or by drugs. there is no tissue damage and if left uncared for. smoking. UTI is associated with the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract and examination of a midstream urine samples should demonstrate more than a hundred thousand organisms/ml of urine for diagnosis. Diagnosis is established on bacteriological examination of urine. greatly enhance the risk of getting UTI. the pain is felt in the lower abdomen and in pyelonephritis. ● Empty the bladder at regular intervals before retiring. toilet preparations. ● While bathing. forward. In cystitis. During the asymptomatic stage. groins. pollution. In a healthy male the urine stream during micturition is a forceful. synthetic underwears and tight jeans. BACTERIOLOGICAL EXAMINATION Certain other conditions like a weak pelvic floor. In contrast. tumours. In urethritis. ● Boost your body’s immunity by healthy food. Preventive measures ● After defecation. urgency and pain. the pain or burning sensation is felt in the urethra during and immediately after the act of urination. alcohol and over-indulgence in sex. it may progress to the symptomatic 146 stage. prolonged bed rest. gluteal region. back.

cataract and refractive surgeon of The earlier techniques of cataract Delhi. The natural opaque lens is dissolved and aspirated and an ultrasoft intraocular lens is placed through the same incision. “Ever Since Microintraocular lens was then Phaco has come it has implanted and the wound revolutionised cataract was closed by stitches. a cataract surgery which provides faster recovery enabling the patient to get back to work the next day is the need of the hour. one of the virtually painless and a biggest manufacturers of walk-in. The • Premium Lens smallest incision in this technique • Reduced need for glasses could be as large as 2. Why Micro-Phaco? The routine Phaco-emulsification (Incision on the eye 1. The patient can go Such a surgery would put back to work the very next the patients off their daily day and one cannot even routine for a month or so. Dr Sanjay Chaudhary who pioneered Micro-Phaco Surgery in Delhi on the INFINITI system at Chaudhary Eye Centre. Micro-Phaco. The blindness caused by cataract can be avoided by timely intervention.2 mm is made and a Phaco needle is (www. This technique is designed to speed the recovery of vision. A hard artificial is also a pioneer of Lasik surgery for vision correction.eye7. Alcon-USA. and owner of the breakthrough innovation in INFINITI Phaco machine cataract surgery making life INFINITI – the have launched the Microa lot simpler. INFINITI by Alcon and Stellaris by Bausch & Lomb.8 mm. comfortable machine for Phaco kit “Propak” which and safer for cataract Micro-Phaco has all the world class patients. cataract surgery has come a long way. Darya Ganj says. This technique requires the combination of a highly skilled surgeon and a highly advanced machine. This procedure takes hardly 10 minutes.8 to 2 mm) which was the most accepted • Micro-incision technique of cataract removal till now • No stitch requires an incision of around 3 mm. is a the world. With the advent of newer technologies and modern innovations. surgery is the only treatment. He around 8-12 mm.6% are due to cataract. he has been in the forefront of all latest technologies and innovations in the field like the use of accommodative. improve visual outcome and reduce restriction of activities after surgery.LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN CATARACT SURGERY O MICRO-PHACO f the 1. Today. MICROPHACO does just that. SBK (Sub Bowman Keratomileusis) and ICL in the field of refractive surgery. Here. Dr Sanjay Chaudhary is also DirectorEye7 Group of Hospitals Email: drchaudhary@eye7. He is one of the pioneers of removal required a large incision of phaco and Micro-phaco in Delhi. walk-out cataract cataract related products in surgery.2 crore blind people in India. only 2 companies have launched these machines. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 147 . surgery. In India. With over 25 years Dr Sanjay Chaudhary performing of experience in the field of Micro-Phaco ophthalmology. • Walk-in Walk-out surgery A foldable intra-ocular lens is injected • Faster recovery through the same incision. The quick. These incisions are usually self sealing with Dr Sanjay Chaudhary is a leading good recovery. Once cataract develops. multi-focal and toric intra-ocular lenses in cataract surgery and C-Lasik.8-2. consumables for cataract surgery in one bag including the lens. an incision as small as 1.” outdated. The ultra soft intraocular lens which is used in this technique are – Acrysof IQ by Alcon and MIL by Bausch & Lomb. make out if a surgery has Such techniques are now been done. Micro-Phaco has come as a boon for cataract patients at a cost just 15-20% more than normal Phacoemulsification surgery.

they are definitely from the Sansi tribe. Bosses control them. etc. The beggar population in Delhi at present is more than 60. The responsibility of eradicating begging depends upon multi-agencies. But the track record of the government so far casts a shadow of doubt on its efforts to wipe out beggary from the city.M. Foreign language tutorials are being arranged not to prepare them for taking any degree or diploma but enabling the beggar to talk to foreigners. preparation for the Commonwealth Games. These beggars donate their begging places in dowry. It has been observed that many boys and girls amongst the beggars are really intelligent enough to pick up the rudimentary knowledge of the language taught to him or her. so collect Shani dues on Saturdays and act as pujaris at shani temples. The beggar problem has over a period of time assumed menacing proportions and government has miserably failed to eradicate this social evil due to poor implementation of its laws by its corrupt and disloyal authorities.” “Mother ill. The Sansi is a criminal tribe and notorious for killing people in cold blood. be it English. the government itself is confused whether the Bombay Prevention of Begging Act or Juvenile Justice Act should be used to tackle this chronic problem. Their estimate is that each beggar will earn at least Rs 200 to 300 per day. Beggars live in these two colonies.” “No money for treatment. beggar mafias/controllers are expecting huge earnings from foreigners who may be visiting India in lakhs during games. with a tooti phooti knowledge of that language. we suggest that you pay a visit to Katputli Colony in the Shadipur Depot area and Lal Quarters area in Rohini. Training courses are designed taking in view the emerging Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 trends and opportunities – e. Vijay Babli is the beggar leader at Lal Quarters who regulates the working hours of the beggars who are constantly rotated at different spots where they earn Rs 150 to 200 per day. Sharma in different groups leave for their allotted begging places for a fixed period. It is they who pick purses. Their activities start right from 6 a. when beggars BEGGARS BEING CHOOSERS In fact. Beggars from Rajasthan belong to the Dom and Sansi tribes. In fact. They are taught all possible tricks to get the full sympathy of the client who is compelled out of compassion to donate something. the beggar trainees are made conversant with all the denominations of the currencies of many countries. are closely connected with this problem. Two agencies. if you happen to see two. The entire picture seems to be gloomy according to a report. A conservative estimate of about 1. The Department of Social Welfare of Delhi Government is primarily responsible for making the national capital beggar-free when .000 which is likely to go up to more than one lakh well before the games. three women carrying a so-called pregnant woman asking for alms. German. French. he Delhi government has got elaborate plans to rid Delhi of beggars before the Commonwealth Games this year.BEGGING FOR A POOR REFLECTION T 148 Will Delhi be free of beggars during the Commonwealth Games? By K. But the training involves torturous methods similar to those applied to animals such as less food to eat only once a day. This training system can be easily seen in Lal Quarters. At a red light.500 such beggars will be on the prowl during the games. Spanish. They usually beg through tricks. “No place to go. bags and other articles from cars if the side glass is open. the Delhi School of Social Studies and the Delhi Commission for the Protection of Child Rights. Doms are worshippers of Shani Dev. in phrases like “I am a destitute”. The begging business is well organised and proper training for begging is imparted to new entrants. To avoid or detect the possibility of cheating foreigners.g. It is not the prerogative of a beggar to choose a place for begging. Beggars have their own plans. If you desire to see how beggars are preparing for the Commonwealth Games.” etc.m.


where the traffic light stays red for a longer time. All the beggars unhesitatingly confirmed that begging rights + 50 to 60 per cent of the earnings of each beggar are taken by a man called “boss of beggars” who comes and collects the percentage of the day’s earnings from the beggars. Beggarsʼ earning profile: 1. In September 2002. One Ram Parvez is the boss of this area. begs at Mool Chand crossing from 9 a. Poverty driven Beggars earnings and invest ments: 1. Destitute children 3. Beggars generally take a Money Plus LIC policy which provides Rs 20 lakh in 16 years on a deposit of Rs 30.m. it was found that several dozen graduates and postgraduates have resorted to begging as it fetches them from Rs 200 to Rs 500 per day. do not allow them to beg unless hafta is regularly given to them. a beggar in tattered clothes. I talked to many beggars about the presence of the mafia in the begging trade.000 per month and that too in tax-free income. Temples and other religious places 2. a mafia has come to control the beggars and has turned their pursuit into an organised racket with enormous dimensions. Railway stations and bus stops 3. Beggars all over adopt an almost identical modus operandi to make their earning and accumulate wealth. beggars or vendors they won’t survive. In case of a default. Ramesh. The police. Recently. which means Rs 10. These bosses are very brutal and normally operate singly. But this department always bemoans the shortage of officials. so its anti-begging campaign had to be discontinued. On the contrary.the Commonwealth Games commence. 150 . Is it not a mockery of such an important campaign? If shortage of staff is a real problem then why has the government not made arrangements on a war footing to provide additional staff who can be put on the job. It is certain that if motorists do not patronise them. Some beggars possess PAN cards 2. they beat up beggars very cruelly and don’t allow the beggar to beg at a particular spot where ear nings are comparatively quite sub stantial.m. But police hardly prosecute motorists under these sections nor round up beggars found begging at such intersections. They are good earners but have also learned the art of investment to multiply their earnings. Gradually they are being organised and have formed a formidable beggars’ unions. Red-light signals. is controlled by the mafia. 5. Tourist spots 4. She was grumbling against police and the boss.000 to Rs 15. and earns from Rs 100 to Rs 200 within this short time. Kochi-based NGO Sishu Kshema Council. punishable under Sec. Prime haunts of beggars: 1. Shyam Bandopadhyay of Kolkata’s Beggars Research Bureaus have carried out a deep study and surveys of the beggar problem and have given very interesting revelations. Disabled man/woman made or born with infirmities 5. to 11 a. They invest in shares and mutual funds 3. Otherwise how will Delhi government remove beggars from the streets of Delhi and out of the full view of the foreigners visiting the city? My survey reveals that most of the beggars in Delhi belong to that floating population who migrate to Delhi from adjoining states as begging is comparatively more lucrative in Delhi since Delhiwallas give alms generously. A woman beggar Jugni and a dozen Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 others are allowed to beg at India Gate. In fact. 1989. 177 of the Motor Vehicle Act. Their siblings do not necessarily follow their parents’ profession but have now been seeking placement in diversified portfolios. the older the beggar the greater is his or her earning capacity as he or she can arouse optimum public sympathy. an ordinance was issued directing Delhi Traffic Police to prosecute drivers who offer alms or buy anything from vendors at traffic lights as these actions are punishable with a fine of Rs 100 for the first offence and Rs 300 for subsequent offences under rule 22 (a) of the Rules of the Road Regulations. MAFIA Of late. But the irony is that such unions are in a majority of cases controlled by the mafia of the respective area. Busy market areas and malls. the world of beggars is a typical wonderland which provides a very fascinating reading. The ITO red light. Leprosy patients and some with mutilated limbs 4. Another problem is that there is no retirement plan in the begging profession. But a survey has also revealed that some siblings do follow their parents’ profession. 1988.000. Mother with a rented newborn 2. Mumbai-based Social Development Centre. Some mafia bosses never come on collection rounds but the beggars have to go and tender their percentages to the boss at his place. she says.


one day. In Ayodhya. Ludhiana. there are 1. Another very interes ting and amusing report has come that a beggar husband gave his wife FDs worth Rs one lakh as settlement amount after divorce. It has also been reported that militants snatch beggars’ earnings and from some of the beggars they could find 10 gold coins and more than Rs 40. earn Rs 200 to Rs 500 daily. as luck would have it. In Hyderabad a woman beggar earns Rs 300 to 400 a day. In Kolkata there are 35.000 beggars and earn approximately Rs 35 lakh a day. The beggar mafia’s criminal wing uses beggars to accomplish their nefarious designs. In Varanasi beggars earn Rs 3. In some places it was also seen that in case a beggar fell short of his or her earnings he or she would try to steal another beggar’s money. In Thiruvananthapuram. Hindus give alms only to Hindu beggars who usually flock at Hindu religious places and traffic signals. There is a full communal divide in this begging sphere also. But the government is clueless as usual about how to do it. which leads to violent scenes. He drops her at the begging point and picks her up in the evening on his scooter. The complete eradication of this problem is impossible unless the government comes out with a comprehensive social security scheme ensuring all its citizens the basic minimum social security especially to the old. 152 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . sick and destitutes who have absolutely no source of any assistance. Now. while Muslims give alms to Muslims who throng the mosques and mazars. In Chandigarh they earn Rs 100 to 150 per day. however. In Mumbai. so begging is going on unabated. The attitude of the government in such matters We demonstrates its altitude.The surveys conducted by the aforesaid NGOs covered Kolkata.000 beggars who earn Rs 200 each daily. Generally. the beggar population is estimated at three lakh and their yearly earnings are approximately Rs 100 crore. But it is certain that the government has to perform a balancing act between legal and humanitarian angles of this problem. One beggar who usually sits near the Jain temple and Gauri Shanker temple in Chandni Chowk was used by them to encash cheques with forged signatures and the ring leader used to stand and watch him at Red Fort. In police investigations he revealed the whole game plan of the mafia using beggars for criminal activities and that the mastermind is seldom caught. its implementation is lamentably very poor. Surprisingly.000 to 4.000 per month. BEGGING DYNAMICS Though begging is banned in Kerala. But. One-third of the beggar population is women and children. Don’t forget that the beggar problem is a stigma on the government as it has failed to provide generous help to genuine citizens. In Kashmir. Ujjain. Delhi High Court and various sports bodies have persistently asked Delhi Government to rid the city of beggars before the Commonwealth Games 2010. and the cash of the cheques was to be handed over to him in lieu of some commission.000 in cash. In Tamil Nadu a beggar earns Rs 700 daily during the Sabariwala pilgrimage season. Kashmir. 60 beggars earn Rs two lakh on a daily basis. that beggar was caught by the alertness of the bank employees who became suspicious about this beggar withdrawing a big amount of five figures. There is absolutely no scope for secularism. Varanasi. a resident of Kovilpaltti has recently launched his seven-year-old daughter in begging with the same zeal as is shown by the film personalities while launching their sons or daughters in acting. it is seen that the minimum earning of a beggar is Rs 100 a day. They. being a religious city. In Ludhiana 2. Chennai and Kerala. Her children are studying in a convent school and her husband owns a scooter and three acres of cultivable land. they say begging is a traditional profession and residents of various villages are engaged in begging to keep ancestral traditions alive in spite of the fact that their economic status is far better than in previous times. Indore.000 beggars earn Rs 10 crore every year. In Bhubaneswar the government is strictly prohibiting begging near the Jagannath temple but still beggars earn Rs 30 to 40 per day.


That friendship had slowly blossomed into love. Things were in such a turmoil. what’s wrong with you?” Abhishek had hissed at me. this time on a chair.” I had laughingly told him. He would not question me. mom. He sat down again.” I began. as it was linked to the present. The late evening breeze came in through the windows and the dim light duly lit up the room. Her father owns a manufacturing unit in Jabalpur and exports a lot.” I said sharply. By Renuka Vishwanathan “Don’t put on the lights.STORY SHORT Destined to be a Mother Why was Abhi’s mother shocked to see his sweetheart for the first time? A stunning revelation. Would he understand why I had done such a thing? And would he understand why I had behaved as I had? The most important question was: should I tell him? I must have fallen asleep. I had to take the bull by the horns. not lit up by the harsh light of an electric lamp. exhausted by the events because I woke up with a jerk. I had been lucky to land a job in a government .” “Let me meet her first. What I had to tell him needed a soothing atmosphere. She was his junior. working in his firm. I went to my bedroom. “Then how come you don’t know Kamna? I had told you about her. I couldn’t reply as I had been numbed by his words. but they had worked on a project for six months together in the USA and had become very close friends.” I said and he obeyed. we need only you to approve. The events of the last few hours had completely upset me and I felt as if my head was being pounded by a hammer from inside. and he nodded his head. But I desperately needed him to understand why I had done such a thing. I sighed. as I had stared open-mouthed at Kamna. you must be wondering why I reacted like that to Kamna when she mentioned her parents. mom?” he asked in a whisper. I just couldn’t believe it. But the mention of Jabalpur had raised my hackles. the girl I had been eagerly waiting to welcome as my daughter-in-law.” His pained eyes looked at me. I nodded at him. “She is the only daughter of her parents and they are very well off. I sensed his discomfort. And I had meant to approve. He had to understand the past. “You do?” he asked a bit shocked.” he had gushed to me. I was ready to welcome Kamna into my home and heart. Abhi had mentioned he had met a girl he liked.” I needed to lie down desperately. “I know Kamna’s parents. But I couldn’t relax. Now. I took a deep breath. What cruel twist of fate had brought her back into my life? I knew that I had a lot of explaining to do to Abhishek and I began to panic. They were very nice to me and they have no objection to my relationship with Kamna. Abhishek had gone to drop Kamna home. the only reason that had kept me going on throughout my life. “Are you okay. I could never break the heart of my only son. Kamna. as he went to switch on the lamp. What must she have thought of my behaviour and the way I had reacted to her? “Mom. subdued and calm. It was a burden I had carried for many years and now providence was giving me a chance to share it with my son. as the daughter I never had. drew the curtains and lay down in the dark. when Abhishek opened the door of the room to enter. “Abhi. I decided I had to come clean. coming and sitting on my bedside. not knowing how to broach the topic. She was a software engineer. His mother is a well-known social worker in that area. trying to calm my agitated mind. our relationship was too deep for that. “Open the curtains and windows. “She is wonderful. I sat up and looked at my only son.


I opened up and told him about my concerns for Abhi. casual and had no airs. An infertile couple was desperate to have their own child. You were an infant. That was the day I had sold myself for Abhi’s future.” I had sighed. I had done a bit of spying. There I had been allotted a small room. as I had told you. annoyed. And the money involved is considerable. I could give Abhi whatever his heart desired. “The procedure is quite complicated and there may be success immediately or may be not. “But there is one condition. “What is Kamna’s date of birth?” I asked Abhi suddenly. a few miles away from the city. “It is just that it is not so common in our country. who was chief of the hospital. He was an enterprising person and a keen researcher and headed the hospital’s fertility centre.” he urged me.” “I need anonymity. They should not know my identity.” “I agree. That is when Dr Mathur had put forward his proposition. in a way.” “There is nothing wrong with it.” said the doctor. Actually. Dr Mathur. I had initially been shocked. Science was not as advanced as it is today. “We used to live in Jabalpur between 1977 and 1980. to take part in the project. I still remembered it after so many years. “I want to give him the best education.” I told Dr Mathur finally. And that is what set me thinking. I was talking with him when he had invited me to join him for a cup of tea. which Abhi and I had called home. “And don’t interrupt. So it takes time. And Kamna was the right age. I want to make him an engineer. That was the day it had actually happened. Desperate for money and the future of her son. The pay had been just enough to manage our food but I was lucky to have a wonderful boss. But I was adamant. I T he amount he mentioned took my breath away.” he replied. Dr Mathur managed to convince the couple and the whole operation went through successfully. I had secretly peeped into a file of Dr Mathur’s and got to know their names and address.” I insisted. He in turn approached a young. “All this money we now have and had is not your father’s legacy to you. They had all the money in the world. But in 1979. a bit stumped by my demand. “Mom. I am waiting for explanations.” Dr Mathur had said gently. but there is just not enough money. I knew I could no longer hide things from him. And that is how I was roped in by him into his plans. healthy woman.” . We could buy a small house of our own. do I?” “I will talk to them. Fertility techniques now have made it so easy for infertile men and women to have children. came back to the present and saw Abhi waiting eagerly for me to continue with my explanations on how I knew Kamna’s parents. “Hear me out patiently. the young woman agreed. Your father was not killed in a road accident. I don’t think I have to come in contact with them. “I can’t do such a thing. I had been quite curious about the couple who had required my services so many years ago. healthy and you are at no risk at all.” “What did you do?” he asked horrified. That was proof enough. He was investigating some new technique which was still in the nascent stage. “12 December 1980.” he had soothed me. It’s immoral.” Abhi gaped at me in shock. He was friendly. so they approached a doctor known to them who was a pioneer in the field of a new fertility He had abandoned you and me and left with all my money and jewellery.” “But how is that possible?” Dr Mathur had asked me. but in a few years it is sure to catch on. He is so brilliant. That is what I liked about Dr Mathur. “That is my condition. You are young. “You will have to decide soon.” I said. but because of me or rather what I did. it was quite difficult. I told you lies because I did not want you to feel upset and humiliated on having a good-fornothing father and be ashamed of what I did. Our future would be secure.


With the way suddenly. months. it was me. it is not such an issue never thought about the child. Kamna is not to know any of “Abhi. a girl. Abhi jerked his head abruptly out of his hands “It was you!” exclaimed Abhi. I also wrong to anyway would not bother about the poor learnt that the child I had given birth to was deny that I woman who helped them have a child. a person would not be sure if a stranger he done such a thing? How can you keep such a thing meets is genetically related to him or her or not. I held up my hand to silence him. us.” had never babies from donor eggs and donor sperms It would be wrong to deny that I had thought are all so common.” I said as calmly as I could. Kamna’s parents don’t know me at all. Her parents don’t know me. He seemed to be in a sort of “That scoundrel” I exclaimed in scorn. And wasn’t motherhood about all. I waited quietly as long as I could. We’ll lunch together tomorrow. Abhi jumped up and ran out of the “What happens now?” demanded Abhi room and I followed him. nurturing? But I knew that to forget the past nurtured her “Now go and tell Kamna that I was not was best for the future and so I had tried not to think of her. “Kamna was that child born to the couple. IV fertilisation. She immediately left the place and made a new life for herself and her son. I knew that the next words would shock Abhi. Kamna is their child biologically and genetically. looking out into the darkness.” A great sense of relief flooded over Abhi’s face. “We do nothing. mom. Call her and I’ll talk to her. and the young woman with the promised money.” I paused. “How could you have science was progressing. now. “Yes. and to justify myself. feeling better than I months. She does not have my blood or genes. And I am sure she anonymity. I mean my father?” he stammered at the unfamiliar words. it is possible that in the future. It this. so you’ll both be free. I met one of his friends by chance after I had left then I felt I had to say something to break the silence Jabalpur and he gave me the news. The project went through successfully and the couple went home happily with a child.” had nurtured her in my womb for nine child. Kamna. It’s the revealed the truth to Abhi if Kamna had not for nine weekend. There can be no mistake.” 158 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . isn’t she?” Abhi broke into a huge grin after absorbing my words and hugged me. I about the that it was years ago. Her parents and they are embedded in my mind. is Kamna. But I got to know their names It would be will not know about me. I bent forward and took his hands firmly in mine. “Is bhi’s face showed no expression on hearing he still alive?” my words. But hidden from me?” We He collapsed in the chair. I had had in the last few hours. “I love you. burying his face in his hands. I had to talk to my daughter. After I stretched myself. After all. If she knows the truth and ever reveals was my condition that I would maintain my it to you. I have just been a mother to her when she was in the womb. act surprised. And fate has given me another chance to be a mother to her for the rest of my life. today surrogacy. Isn’t it wonderful? She is really my daughter. That child Besides. “We pretend that we don’t know about Kamna’s origins. facing me with anger and anguish writ large on his face. “He was stupour. “I know you always do right.A and stared at me as if I had gone mad.” entered our lives in such a fateful way. He shook his hands free from mine killed in a drunken brawl about 10 years after he left and went and stood near the window.” he said.” But suddenly his face clouded. The couple are her parents and I was the surrogate mother who bore Kamna. “And remember. “But what about your husband. with both astonishment and horror in his voice. Maybe I would never have in my womb feeling well.


the girls’ legal guardian. so to see them as separate human beings is a pretty amazing moment. Melbourne. had been flown to Australia by the Children First Foundation Trust. who operated on the orphans. With medical experts opining that the twins had only a 25 per cent chance of survival. the doctors. Now we have the long task of reconstructive surgery. “The teams managed to separate their brains and they are both very well. an aid organisation. Working through the night. . visibly jubilant hospital chief Dr Leo Donnan said. Koul Speaking to reporters. But they were nursed back to health developing a unique system of crawling on their backs as they underwent a series of team of 16 surgeons and nurses at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Australia. threeyear-old Bangladeshi twins – Krishna and Trishna – after more than 50 hours of complicated surgery on 17 November 2009.” said Dr Donnan. The surgeons described the moment as ‘surreal’. “Everyone has known these girls as one with their individual personalities.” Plastic surgeons. headed by Dr Tory Holmes finished reconstructing the girls’ skulls using a combination of their own skin. Moira Kelly. The twins shared parts of their skull.CONJOINED TWINS SEPARATING A 160 The wonders of modern surgery. who brought them to Australia from Bangladesh. the specialists took occasional food and rest breaks and listened to pop music in the operation theatre to stay alert as the operation ran hours past its scheduled midnight finish. rescued from certain death in a Dhaka orphanage. successfully separated joined-at-the-head. in November 2007. bone grafts and artificial materials about five hours after the separation surgery ended. which will go on for many hours. The twins. By Maharaaj K. say such a surgery is a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. was Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 overcome by these dramatic developments. brain tissue and blood flow.

hunched on a wooden chair on a porch in front of their single-storey house. but the physical bond they share. who was close to death when they arrived in Australia. As her lifesupport tubes were lowered. The fertilised egg somehow fails to divide fully as it begins the process of cell multiplication. merrily eating and watching television. said that it was a sign of total recovery of the twins. The separated twins came out of the ICU on 23 November to share a common room. Head surgeries in any case are rare. While Jeheratun Necha Tannaccha. beat the long queue to cast not one but two votes. woke up fully from her medically-induced coma on 21 November. ONE BODY. the weaker of the two. Dr Wirginia Maixner. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 161 . triggering jubilation among the surgeons as she showed signs of normalcy. was all smiles and more than eager on a soundbite. The 41-year-old sisters became the country’s oldest living conjoined twins to vote. Krishna. head of neurosurgery. the twins held up their voter IDs for the world to see. as the name on the ID read.preparatory operations. West Bengal. doctors in Singapore failed to separate two adult Iranian twins who died from severe blood loss after a 52-hourlong-operation. Both presses of the button on the EVM were perfectly legal. having right of way. In 2003. a record made possible by a medical miracle and a dogged desire to live. TWO VOTES! The voting exercise had just entered its second hour in May 2009 in the tiny Keshabpur village in Basirhat. Trishna. It was a strange picture when. causing two balls of cells to develop as separate individuals but permanently joined together. when a pair of legs walked into the lone polling station there and. Twins are formed by the fertilisation of two ovums or the division of a single fertilised ovum. Krishna started reaching out for Trishna. North 24-Parganas. The biological error causing the appearance of a conjoined twin is thought to happen during the early stages of development after conception. One of the separated twins. The latter is known as monozygotic twins. That’s because Jeheratun and Akheratun are inseparable – not just for their love for each other. woke up on 19 November from the induced coma to cuddle her caretaker Kelly. the more media-shy Akheratun Necha Tannaccha preferred to look away and would reply with ‘haan’ and ‘naa’ after much persuation! TRICKY SURGERY Separating conjoined twins is a notoriously difficult procedure with attempts elsewhere failing over the last some years. usually the division is complete and each member of the twin is born separate from the other. Several different kinds of human twins are recognised. non-identical twins and conjoined or the so-called Siamese twins. among them the most important are identical twins.

000 births. but half of them hand died soon after the operation. attached at the hip by skin and muscle tissue. The first such operation was conducted in Kolkata by Dr S. Relatives of such people should also have no objections. Punjab. Ganga and Jamuna Shrestha. US. But their hearts and urinary organs were separate. separated a set of Siamese twin girls. These are the unfortunate few who have suffered irreversible brain damage with no hope of recovery – the very cases that frequently end up in ethics courts wrangling over issues of euthanasia. a team of surgeons led by Dr Ashok Sharma. We 162 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Nepal-born 11-month-old conjoined twins. some medical visionaries are contemplating the exact opposite – a day when surgeons might have to artificially create Siamese twins in order to save lives. at the Christian Medical College. who may even be cranially attached to each other. Chang and Eng Bunker born in Siam (now Thailand) in 1811. a pair of conjoined barn swallows. earning their living as ‘freaks’ in the famous Barnum and Baily Circus. After all. Chatterjee in 1986. It was also the reason why Chang died minutes after Eng’s death even though he himself was healthy. But that didn’t stop them from settling down in the US. successfully conducted a rare operation to separate 10-month-old conjoined twins Ram and Lakshman. after surgery lasting over 10 hours in August 1996. Their brains had become enmeshed where they shared the same cavity. joined at the abdominal region. conjoined twins. they could always reckon that even in such a condition. Ludhiana. The twins shared a common liver and pancreas along with some other parts of the body. Arakanas. over four months. However. The reason doctors couldn’t use the scalpel on them was because a part of Eng’s liver was inside Chang’s body. The actual incidence of conjoined twins is about one in 200. This was the second case in India. can now be separated successfully.Why are Siamese twins so called? The term ‘Siamese twins’ probably dates back to the famous pair of conjoined twins. The birds first appeared to have only three legs. surgery wasn’t developed enough to handle it. The two were joined together at the sternum by a thick. And clinicians are merely marking time to the day when they will be able to disengage even more seriously fused Siamese twins without major hassle. but further examination found a fourth leg tucked up underneath the skin was connecting the pair! With advances in medicine. but he performed his surgery in two phases. who were joined at the head were separated at the Singapore General Hospital in April 2001 after a marathon 91-hour operation by a team of doctors led by neurosurgeon Dr Keith Yu-Ching. fathering 21 children and leading otherwise normal lives for 63 long years. And. believe it or not. getting married to two different women. their loved one had helped save a life. And. Their answer to objections such as who would be willing to go through such a procedure is simple: use people who have reached a permanent vegetative state. at that time. at the government-run Dr Ambedkar Hospital. muscular ligament and remained united throughout their lives. was found by a man in White County. SUCCESSFUL SEPARATION A team of senior doctors. Till then only 12 cases of attempted separation had been recorded in the world. led by paediatric surgeon Dr Yogesh Sarin. He also operated on twin girls. In the fourth such surgery in India and the first in Chhattisgarh. They point out that in Chang and Eng’s case two individuals lived off one organ for over 60 healthy years and say that there is no reason why any person with a damaged organ cannot be temporarily ‘hooked up’ to another person instead of a machine while waiting for a donor or artificial organ.




(such as Ann or doctor). but are not sincere. A very slight difference in meaning. sound. not afraid of people. especially when examined and used to find out things or to make Decisions (4) 11. to be too difficult or strange for somebody to understand or explain (6) 14. A cover over a container that can be removed or opened by turning it or lifting it (3) 7. etc. and used to living with them (4) 1. 173 F 1 Crossword A M I L Y N 2 3 P 5 H O T O ✂ CONTEST B 4 6 Down . I subscribe to all the rules and regulations of the competition. colour or sb’s feelings that is not usually very obvious (5) 18. Abbreviation for English Place-Name Society (4) 3. A list of items to be discussed at a meeting (6) 19. strong. Facts or information. A word that refers to a person. and do not show much thought (4) 10. A situation which cannot be avoided (10) 6. A person who is very large.D E 7 E 8 G 11 12 9 10 T I 13 A 14 15 F 16 17 I E 18 19 O 21 20 R N 22 E Across 166 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 ✂ 1. To appear as a large shape that is not clear. especially in a frightening or threatening way (4) 21. sound. Attractive and showing a good sense of style (7) 5. To drink something. that they keep to the rules. especially alcohol (6) 13. A substance that enters the body and starts a process that can cause disease (7) 12. A bitter taste made from malt (= a type of grain) or wine. etc. A star that suddenly becomes much brighter for a short period (4) 20. To confuse somebody completely. Delhi Press. (11) 2. A very slight difference in meaning. birds. New Delhi-110 055. used to add flavour to food or to preserve it (7) 9. To draw or bring out. a quality or an activity (4) 22. A fight or violent behaviour in a public place (6) 17. intelligent or important (5) 15.. bitter smell or tase that is unpleasant (5) 4. Having a strong. colour or somebody’s feelings that is not usually very obvious (6) 16. A person appointed to watch people while they are taking an exam to make sure that they have everything they need. Chemical symbol for the element Molybdenum (2) Please accept my entry for the crossword competition. Using words that are clever. a place (such as Paris or city) or a thing. 173 Womanʼs Era. Animals. elicit (5) 8. Name Address City Pin Tear along the dotted line and mail to Crossword No.

Nihar Lenka. Kabita Mohan ta. Hyderabad . Bangalore. Krithi Sandeep.WIN UP TO Winners of Crossword . Bihar. Naresh Sah. Nam biar. Faridabad. Cuttack . Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 167 . UMA. Bhubanesw ar. Sunder Singh. Mangalore. D. Amritsar. Champawal. Dipsikha Jayant.000 5 IN CASH PRIZES Shailaja More. Babita Sharma. Vinod N. Rosalin Saho o. Pragyanshree Rout. Ahmedab ad.170 Rs1 . Bang alore. Dombivli.

170 Seema Mahajan. Satna. . Jam hal. Ruchi Shivan Delhi.173 F A shedpur. New Shailender D Delhi. Vinita Singh. 168 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Agra. Bareilly. utt. Angul. Kumkum Sing Crossword M I L Y P H O T O CWinnersNCrossword S T O of T E . N. Nanda Devi. Pooja. Noida Krishna Gopal Rachna Bhatnagar Chawdhary. Salima Malik. New Delhi. Jaipur. Sana Soni. Pune. Meerut. Sharma. i. Ashok Sethi.

your family picture may be printed in the oncoming issue. Sect. Cliffard Kwneman. Exit . NE. 11. Lilt. Odd. Every entry should be accompanied by the sender’s family photo. 17. Srinivas D. Answers to Crossword-170 Across: 1. 9. Bharati. 22.7. Axle. Beau. FE. Entries must be on the crossword printed here. Gamul. 3. ble. Dredg 6. 19. Entries must be sent so as to reach Womanʼs Era by 15 April 2010. 21. the prize amount will be divided among the first 30 competitors chosen by lot. . Calyx. The decision of the management will be final and binding. by ordinary post. Gurgaon. Lycra. Minister. Mumbai. 12. 15 . 10.000 will b e g i v e n to the person sending an all-correct solution. 5. 4.000 5 IN CASH PRIZES Rules and Regulations Sudhir Kumar Sharma. ious. R. Down: 1. 27. 17 14. Satiate. Inch. In case there are more than one sender of an all-correct solution.170 Rs1 . Am .WIN UP TO Winners of Crossword . Jodhpur. Pist Lux. The contest is not open to the employees of Delhi Press. Udder Ar n win d wi wor in ur W yo wer n po o 169 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . Satin.. Asha A. Ova. 2. Flimsy. XML. MMS. Trident. Jabalpur. Piston. No corres pondence in this matter will be entertained. Radha Dutt. Henry . 18. 26. Obnox e. Atom. 23 ies. 14. RUT ol. Please send a signed declaration that you have no objection to printing your family picture. If you are declared a winner. 20. Photocopies will not be accepted. 25. Ba ngalore. 5. 13. P. Index. 8. 16. Delhi . A prize of Rs 15. 24.

in the onion and garlic basket. How can we avoid this? This is a very common problem We are always getting to hear that pistachio nuts are the best among all nuts. The kitchen dusters reek of oil even after washing them with hot water and detergent. Rani Jhansi Marg New Delhi-110 055 Click womansera. When we make rice pudding or what we call ‘kheer’ in a saucepan even a very heavybottomed one. Grease the measuring cup before pouring the honey. We shall try to help you sort it out. some gets stuck on the grater. When we have to measure honey or some other sticky liquid for any recipe. so they make a perfect snack. The egg slicer in your kitchen can be used to slice mushrooms and that too in no time. They have zero sodium but contain potassium and other minerals that help maintain blood pressure. Just store the potatoes with garlic. This imparts a burnt smell to the kheer. To solve this problem you do not have to go out of your house. there is wastage and cleaning the measuring cup is also messy. The rust will do a disappearing act. Address your queries to: WOMAN'S ERA. How can we avoid wasting it? To dislodge the cheese that gets stuck on the grater. as the solution lies in the neighbourhood – i. How can we whip the white of an egg more quickly? If a teaspoon of cold water is added to the white of an egg. How can we avoid this? Take a clean and thoroughly dry saucepan for the purpose. Jhandewala Estate. it will whip more quickly. Please help. Soak soiled dusters in a mixture of hot water and gram flour (the old gram flour comes handy here) for some time before washing. or kitchen for that matter for the to lodge your queries. Our kitchen scissors and knives tend to get rusted sooner or later however careful we are with them. The honey will slide out easily without any of the messy scraping that needs to be done. the milk tends to stick to the bottom. When we grate cheese especially in the winter season. Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 which has a very simple solution. Please tell us a simple way to slice mushrooms. Please advise. E-3. grate a small piece of bread (preferably the crust). They make us feel full for a long time even if eaten in a small quantity. and then proceed in the normal way. . grease the bottom and sides with a little desi ghee. To remove rust from scissors and knives. soak them in a bowl filled with water and vinegar for some time. 170 If you have any problem in cooking or kitchen.e. write to Woman’s Era. Is it true and why? Pistachios are the best because they have the lowest calorie. – Savita Bhargava Can you tell us a simple and practical way in which we can preserve potatoes for a longer period. The duster will not have the oily smell.The grater will become totally clean and you can use all your cheese. lowest fat and highest fibre content.

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vice-president understoo are likely and Tata fully and dense bones be breast cancer. Faizabad. WOMAN'S ERA invites readers’ opinions and reactions on articles. By Kasturi our countr IN JUST in the January I. One reveal they hold wishes to the other give away. The trend is that women prefer to work in apparel manage ment. About are thought to women who studies have has become this than a getting cancers cancer affecting number of risk in common it is primarily cent of breast changes in certain used them. Boomija. tainted politicians need exposure. class has body and But the middle that is much else. Thanks to mammo graphy and early detection. and There is about the person. oestrogen as breast Women’s often wonders have higher cancer.. The art of India has been well depicted in pages of Womenʼs Era. pushing the cervical cancer to the second spot. you can save your life through early detection. Better bonding with the family and resorting to meditation and spirituality will keep the society sober and the Indian heritage and culture will be preserved. not afraid everywher on its hands The poor. short stories and features published in Woman’s Era. also known is the fifth the Hospital. interesting and useful material in every issue. The mushrooming of malls. one needs to mitigate the risk factors that may lead to breast disease and breast cancer. Address your letters by E-mail to: letters@womansera. multiplexes has made people wild. that proven and part birth control low in Asian cancer in changed been found The most for getting but it has and genetics. years of age. common friends gradually other through ip relationsh their and culminated d to love courtship. arranged marriages are forgotten and the educated singles prefer to select their own life partners. postmeno cancers occuryet fully genes. now changing their outlook. particularly in rural areas that are more “orthodox and conservative” and where people do not feel comfortable talking about breast cancer. Memorial malignanc carcinoma no at greater cause of she got the d with There was most common concerne after how everything right. They were working in insurance. Here is a simple message for women to keep in mind “If you love your E-mail: onedesignstudio@gmail. T SHOPPING INFORMATION THE STUNNING SARI Designed by: Reena Aggarwal Mob: 09871916663 TREND TODAY Designed by: Deepak Singh No: 09899595195 Website: www. And e. New Delhi-110055. The beauty of paintings of India is beyond compare and needs exposure at international level. To prevent a disease. So. HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS ISSUE? Entertaining. Era ● January factors at Woman’s Chandra this disease is on a steady rise. By Padmin i Singh Rangachari. Suggestions for new features and topics are most welcome. almost in men be among Considerin pausal disease of nt therapy. – S. – Akhilesh Kumar Sah. my family.our culture is the old. deaths done Risk factors who have not had cancer in cancer a liver and Women of breast child my kids for their first lifestyles: lung. hough it is and knowingeven telling all years or one can spend each other’s life in and an entire as husband company knowing still not much wife. Women in apparel or call centres do not have a restricted dress code. Tall women to Devika Bhojwani. WE is anxious to give you good. that matter is among fact of the especially and ng fast – disappeari our towns class in one the middle that too in just about metros. We on how preen ourselves our traditions ancient and of life are and way they how well-suited to deal still are were and social with various care of – the problems etc. the particularl known although identified. cancer survivor levels and heavy orldwide. risk of breast y: “I had . sekaran By Sudha A TIMELY ADVICE ON BREAST CANCER Hormones also at risk. New Delhi-110055. Cancer Initiative. take sit up and GIVE A THOUGHT TO VALUES Apropos the article Name: Mobile: E-mail: E-3 Jhandewala Estate. Level of awareness of breast cancer in India is “worse” than other countries. Boomija. issue written by Kasturi 182 Woman’s Era ● March (First) 2010 . According to the health experts lack of awareness is the reason why W cases breast with in several who is a of a role d. g the family now reported women women. for which it needs applause.” that cannot after 30 ly year though breast still not clear traditional play in Risk factors family history. The tip for fighting recession was of million JEWELLED BEAUTY Jewellery: Feminine. rate and are using incidence who the of getting being at an alarming most significant per women greater chances cancer are India is rising five to 10 have never the second Indian breast pills have older. when it is time to traditional to change. It is rates are pills might include countries. the bastion of all ss middle-cla always been . and or anybody. Liberalisation has led to the fall in the traditions of family value.. “Men of Substance” illustrates how much Womenʼs Era cares for men. Women have this ng early (before been t with formulatio menstruati and progestin. The cancer survivors have rightly said that “courage is all that is The prize is awarded to: S. annoys them and what of each. The article Know and Under standing Your Spouse is incomparable as regards relationships. the dreams Viveka are now married met each Rahul and The couple and for 10 years.” – Vinod C. or by post to: AS YOU SAY W are very proud e Indians and our of our heritage frequently culture. Bangalore. birth control of breast risk factors female and this. The Women women whose a number ns containing disease. e after the never get it do not have any menopaus (First) 2010 who do get Isn’t it strange? all.deepaksingh. ! everywher generation classes. It will help us a lot if you let us know which features. and people seek solace in rave partying and drugs. close blood relatives hormone replaceme causes are of risk who both y with prolonged also. Please address your letters to: WOMAN'S ERA E-3 Jhandewala Estate. thus they opt for western wears. But the facing adversity. Ph: 0120-4245564 FOR RIGHT STEPS Courtesy: Adonia Ph: 0120-2457132 Cover Courtesy: Designed & Styling: Sonna Bhatia Model: Meghna Naidu Make-up: Virendra Narvekar Hair: Sonu This refers to Womanʼs Era (January II) 2010 issue. stories and articles you like from this issue and which you didn't. A a higher Although one per history taking linked to women. cancer I had be children. KNOW AND loving is said that all. reveal that spouses s and much knows themselve back. Ahmedabad. Even historybreastfeed both or who had a slightly colon cancers. “Stripping of police medals” is an apt editorial for teaching lesson to bigwigs at the helm of nation’s affairs. only what and words features what actions or most important ps is One of the l couple relationshi share of successfu friendship they of about the quality they know much do what pleases — how are particularly and what each other. Similarly. Womansera. seem to play but are not Thanks for your nice.” The task of spreading the awareness about the prevalence of this cancer and advising women on undertaking self-breast examination comes into the picture. My Bua (Father’s sister) in Vadodara is suffering from breast cancer that was diagnosed as intraductal breast cancer on one side and is doing fine. Womansera. banking and service sectors a decade ago. The present scenario for employment of women has vastly changed. The incidence of breast cancer in India is on the rise and is rapidly becoming the number one cancer in females. values begin notice. always did of anything always had e. Dixit. Noida. The upper still do what they like. risk factors underwen factors have or who one or more and those started are oestrogen of 12) who have age of 55 risk age breast cancer. risk is higher not use and cent of breast of a ONEN!In Just One Generation GENERATIO . progresse after a year’s in marriage IN STEP WITH THE TIMES ND UNRDERSTASE YOU SPOU An ideal way to keep ge your marria going. The best letter will be given a prize of Rs 500. have what each. Both editorials are eye-openers. let us look Year dawns ht about i As a New changes broug Rangachari at the social y. age higher risk. fashion technology and call centres. has enough of keeping and still the nitty-gritty to think of dealing with soul IS LIFE AFTER BREAST CANCER er A breast-canc woman alert every should read. Bangalore. Time comes when differences arise between spouses and timely write – ups of Womenʼs Era work during these testing times. informative article There is a Life After Breast Cancer (January II). It tries to incorporate the best and the most. The magazine presents article according to the changing needs of the readers.

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