Sample - Seminar Evaluation

ABC Company
Thank you for participating in our XXX Seminar. We hope you found it valuable. We would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to complete this form and send it to us. Thanks.
1.1. Please select the speaker you are going to rate? *

1.2. How would you rate the seminar in terms of the following: Ver F G Po y ai oo Excellent or Goo r d d Overall The speaker The audio-visual aids The presentation handouts

1.3. On a personal level, how important was the topic to you? Very important Somewhat important Neither important nor unimportant Somewhat unimportant Very unimportant

1.4. How difficult was the presentation to understand? Somewhat Just Somew Much too hard Much too easy hard right hat easy

1.5. Would you recommend this seminar to a friend or colleague?

2. 2. Helped me a lot. Your Contact Information optional Name: Title: Company: Address: Email: Phone: 2.7. Agree Dis Strongl Ag nor agr Strongly disagree y agree ree disagre ee e Very knowledgeable about the subject Well-prepared for this course Motivated me to learn the subject.1. Please indicate the level of agreement that most accurately reflects your opinion of your instructor.6. Would you like to be included on our mailing list so that we can inform you of any future events? Ye s No . Do you have any comments or suggestions about the seminar? 1.Definitely Probab ly Might or might not Proba bly not Definitely not 1.

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