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NiNa Dobrev

The Vampire Diaries’




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September 2010 saturday night magazine


back to school


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on tap

Bored in lecture? We can help. Check out the top 10 ways to keep yourself amused (and your forehead from hitting the desk). Plus, check out this month’s “Term of the Month” - “Road Game.”

The Dan Band’s Dan Finnerty teaches us how to kick off higher education right with his number one tips on making college memorable … if you can remember anything that is.

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advice from a celeb

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the scene

From L.A. and O.C. to S.F., we’ve got this month’s best bars, lounges, restaurants and hotspots.

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Photo courtesy of UCLA Athletics


Guest columnist Erwin Chemerinsky takes an in-depth look at the controversial Arizona immigration law.

back to school

We’ve got your go-to guide for the ultimate college experience including:




42 College Pranks 44 Roommate Horror Stories 48 Coolest Classes 52 Rush Tips 56 Football Road Trips
stuff we like

this month on the cover

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Check out or roundup of the coolest stuff:

Stefan or Damon? Werewolves versus vampires? Nina Dobrev shares secrets from the set of The Vampire Diaries.

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nina dobrev

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2 saturday night magazine September 2010

Check out this month’s funniest viral pics.

scratch and sniff

September 2010 saturday night magazine


smells like magazine, doesn’t it?

At participating McDonald’s. ©2010 McDonald’s.


saturday night magazine September 2010

I can’t believe you actually did that when you could be getting a Real Fruit Smoothie from McDonald’s®. I mean, you did see the delicious fruit all over that page, right?

real fruit
smoothies September 2010 saturday night magazine 5


Publisher Michael H. Ritter managing editor Jillian B. Gordon associate editor Carla Thorpe Design/layout Timm Freeman Design Intern Marissa Hoffman Guest columnist Erwin Chemerinsky contributing Writers Audrey Pradel, Ivana Wynn, Chase Darren, Lorraine K. Lee, Tanya Ghahremani, Jamie Iglesias, Lisa Eberly, Kiowa Bryan, Amanda Delzell, Mo Masi, Erika Brickley contributing Photographer Bobby Quillard

President Michael H. Ritter

SNMag Publisher Michael Ritter with Nina Dobrev Welcome back to school. For you freshman out there, welcome to the best four (or five, for some of you) years of your life. For sophomores and juniors, you know the ropes, and for those seniors and super seniors, take full advantage of your precious last year. Saturday Night Magazine first hit campus in 2004 with Matt Leinart on the cover. At the time, Leinart had just lead the University of Southern California to a Rose Bowl victory over Michigan. The following year, Leinart won the Heisman and the National Championship. The year after that, Saturday Night Magazine interviewed Reggie Bush and he went on to win the Heisman. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Those were the glory days. Since then, the NCAA has found the USC athletic department guilty of major infractions, which included the Bush family accepting payments and gifts from a booster. USC’s punishment included losing 30 scholarships and a two-year post-season ban on the Trojan football team. I’m not here to complain or dispute the findings; this is not a “USC thing.” Someone needs to protect student athletes. It is just not fair or acceptable how the NCAA dictates their sanctions and rulings. As Carroll, Bush and OJ Maya go on to make millions in the pros, young developing athletes have to incur the blunt of the punishment. The NCAA preaches that they fund and provide a free education for student athletes. At USC, that scholarship is worth up to $180,000. So when the NCAA takes away 30 scholarships from the University of Southern California, where does that $5.4 million in student funding go? How is this an effective punishment? The money isnít taken out of Carroll’s, Bush’s, or Mayo’s pockets. They already got paid (in spades, for that matter). The fact they got caught is meaningless to them because someone else has to pay for the crime. Worse, the NCAA is robbing deserving student athletes of an education. Families now have to stretch, dig, claw, and god forbid, “borrow” money just to make ends meet, as their son or daughter makes millions for their university and for the NCAA. There is clearly a disconnect.

advertising sales Lindsay Feinstein consultant Larry Steven Londre, Londre Marketing Consultants/USC/CSUN
Ben Silverman, President of Electus Bernt Ullmann, Kellwood Ira E. Ritter, Chairman, Andela Group Inc. Brian Weitman, CEO, Security Textile Corp. Ed Goren, President of Fox Sports

advisory board

cover Photo by Bobby Quillard Location: Hotel Palomar, Westwood
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Michael H. Ritter Publisher saturday Night magazine

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saturday night magazine September 2010

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smart ultimate

on tap
By Mo Masi

Ways to stay entertained

During a boring lecture

Your time is precious, and professors love to waste it with long lectures that – let’s be honest – they probably get bored halfway through themselves. Take a few notes, answer a few questions, then turn to our list of ways to keep yourself from dozing off and risking a potential neck injury when your head hits your desk.


memoRIze the lyRIcs to a soNG No oNe kNoWs

Knowing all the words to “The End of the World” by REM or “One Week” by Barenaked Ladies will make you a god at parties. What better way to utilize your downtime than learning that that line is actually “Chickity China the Chinese Chicken.”


bRING back the aRt oF Note PassING

Don’t we all get a little nostalgic for middle school? Okay, probably not… (I’ll get you back some day, Jeff Allens!) But let’s not allow the note pass to die just yet. Pick a stranger of intrigue in your class and pass them a “What’s up,” “How boring is this class?” or “You wanna learn Morse Code some time?” (see #1). Smiley faces optional, but not necessarily encouraged.

saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo: Students in Classroom Photo by Marin Conic


leaRN to sext IN moRse coDe

Sexting via phone? How pedestrian. 19th century coding techniques are way more impressive. “No underwear” spelled out in a series of taps against the desk? Now that’s hot.


ReWatch Doogie Howser, M.D. oN yoUR PhoNe

That’s right – the entire series of Doogie is on Hulu. HE’S A 16-YEAR-OLD DOCTOR! Just remember to hold back all tears and joyous outbursts until after class is over to avoid frightening those around you. Oh, and invest in some quiet headphones.


RoaD Game

TerM of The MonTh:
By Chase Darren The time is 10:07 p.m. Dinner at Loteria was flavorful, albeit a tad spicy, and so far the date has gone swimmingly. God, did I just say “swimmingly?” Pull it together Brad; she just invited you over to her place for a movie and unless that movie is Just Friends, I’d say you’re cleared for landing, er, takeoff. Brad, you’re going to get some action. The car is in gear, and we’re moving, and her legs look really soft to the touch. Ooh, do one of those moves where you come to a sudden halt and put your arm out in front of her like you’re really protective. Nice. Okay, in her apartment. So while she has home court advantage it’s as though you’ve taken a sweaty, seven-hour bus ride into unknown territory, all for a little road game. But wait, this town ain’t so bad; it smells like an apricot had sex with a coconut. You like it. There are no faux leather recliners and you’re confused as to where to sit. Oh wait, there’s a really clean-looking couch, with a chenille blanket casually tossed over one of the arms. God, she’s really hot. She chose The Hangover for your entertainment. A respectable choice; a crowd pleaser. Hold on a second, those fish tacos are not sitting well.


tRy to FIGURe oUt the mysteRIes oF LosT
This will definitely pass some time, but may also bring on feelings of helplessness which can turn into mania. Enlist token nerds in your class to keep detailed notes and research on your findings. For extra nerd points, this can also be communicated in Morse Code.

6I 7I 8I
Photos: Laptop Photo by Jacques rousseau; Scoreboard Photo by feverpitch

staRt the WaVe
Not a stand-up-from-your-seat wave – just a mini one. When the professor turns his back, raise your hands maybe a foot from your desk with a quick, knowing look at the person next to you. If said person is not incredibly lame, he or she should reciprocate quickly and delightedly (because who doesn’t love a good wave?!). Once the whole room catches on, you’ll pretty much be the coolest people of all time.

In her bathroom. It smells like the apricot and coconut had a threesome with vanilla. Everything in here appears to be breakable. You can’t bring yourself to defile this sanctuary of a room. Game face, Brad, game face. Halfway through the movie and you find yourself distracted by all of these framed pictures. Does she really like this many people enough to buy all these frames for? Post movie: In her room, gettin’ down, doing your thang. Help, there are pillows everywhere and every time you roll over her stuffed lamb it very loudly goes, “Baaah,” scaring the hell out of your boner. 2:13 a.m., back in your car. Kind of embarrassed; Came all over her nice sheets when you saw she had the Star Wars trilogy box set.

sPam aN ex
A boring lecture is the perfect time to fill out a bunch of requests for more information on the Mormon Church with your ex’s address. Postage is usually paid for, you just need to put in some leg work. But hey, you’ve got the time! And sometimes people just need to learn their lesson the hard way.

seND a messaGe IN a bottle

You’ll need to sit near a window for this, but it could prove to be disgustingly entertaining if successful. Just write a message instructing someone to bring the bottle back to whatever room you’re in, put it in an empty soda bottle, and drop it out the window. Hopefully someone will actually return it. And then you can just throw it back out the window… and someone can bring it back again… Oh, did I forget to classify this as a stoner activity?

9I 10I

ReName eVeRyoNe IN yoUR class WIth a Jersey sHore NIckName

Don’t worry if you don’t know the names of everyone in your class -- stereotypes and judgments work well enough for this time-passing activity. The kid who sleeps all the time? Snoozey. Skanky girl in the front row? Hepatitis. To take a page out of The Situation’s book, “Circumstances” or “Predicament” seem like they might be successful. Then bring in name tags and make one for each person. Even better if you don’t tell them what the name tag is for, and just hand it to them with a smile.

WRIte the GReat ameRIcaN NoVel

Just kidding.

September 2010 saturday night magazine


l™ Drop In. Have Fun. Eat Wel
CALIFORNIA - COLORADO - HAWAII - TEXAS Special Events Catering and Party Packs available.
10 saturday night magazine September 2010



You may remember him as the hysterical wedding singer in Old School or The Hangover, but when he’s not filming, Dan finnerty keeps the laughs coming as the lead singer of The Dan Band. We caught up with this emerson grad, who counts showering with an empty keg as one of his greatest college memories, to give us some tips on making the most of the college experience.

hoW to make colleGe memoRable

dan finnerty
By Jillian Gordon Photos by Collin Stark

aDVIce FRom

OF the DaN baND


“There’s the whole beer pong thing, but I hear everyone is getting herpes off playing beer pong.”
sNmaG: When you’re putting together the perfect party playlist, what tunes are crucial? DaN FINNeRty: I would say, definitely have “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by The Dan Band, “Candy Shop,” by The Dan Band and then after that, you could literally play any music and it won’t matter – everyone will just be in a good mood. sNmaG: We’ve all heard some pretty bad roommate horror stories. In the event that you do get a horrible roommate, what is the best way to deal? DF: I had two roommates my freshman year, and I think the best advice if you really hate one of your roommates is to get the other roommate to hate that roommate. sNmaG: What’s the best theme for a party? DF: I was going to say, “glory hole,” but that’s wrong. I think as long as there’s beer, it will write itself. sNmaG: Best way to win over the ladies? DF: Take an acting class and get partnered up with a girl and pick a love scene. That’s how I got my girlfriend my junior year. We got partnered up on a love scene. You have to practice – don’t be afraid! sNmaG: If you could create a major, what would it be? DF: How to Survive a Hangover. It’s important to learn. sNmaG: What is the best college prank that someone could pull? DF: When I was in school, we did a horrible thing. We didn’t want to take our final exam and there were bomb threats everyday at our college during finals week so me and my friend called one in. But at that point, they were literally just like, “Another bomb threat…” They didn’t even cancel class. sNmaG: Any secret hangover cures? DF: Here’s my hangover cure, and it actually works – a fucking cold Yoo-Hoo, and the Original Chicken Sandwich from Burger King. I don’t know what it is, but it works. sNmaG: What drinking game should everyone know how to play? DF: There’s a game called “Anchorman.” They should just call it “Drink.” It’s basically quarters. When you get the quarter into the pitcher of beer, everyone on your team has to chug the pitcher of beer. If you don’t get the quarter in, the last person has to finish it. So if you don’t like your “anchorman,” you can basically just take a sip. Then the last person has to drink the whole drink. There’s the whole beer pong thing, but I hear everyone is getting herpes off playing beer pong. sNmaG: What are your thoughts on spring break?


saturday night magazine September 2010


DF: I say go on spring break. Do it while you’re in college, because if you wait and go on spring break after college, you look pathetic. I say do what you’re supposed to do while you’re there. Live it up. Have a fucking toga party. sNmaG: What are some things that someone could do during a boring lecture? DF: I think Ecstasy. It works. sNmaG: What is something that no party can be truly great without? DF: Cups. People get pissed if you run out of cups. Or people get herpes. Oh, and a Sharpie to write your name on the cup, again, for the herpes. Obviously, don’t run out of alcohol. We had a party at my apartment when I was a junior in college and it got so crazy because we ran out of alcohol that people started going into our refrigerator just taking things. I called the cops on my own party because people got so out of control. sNmaG: Best excuse to give to a professor if you turn in late homework? DF: “‘I caught herpes at beer pong.”

“I called the cops on my own party because people got so out of control.”

September 2010 saturday night magazine


the scene


best spots
IN los angeles, orange county & san francisco
By Amanda Delzell

So school is officially back in session. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! What’s the point of studying so hard if you can’t party on the weekends… or Tuesday? here’s this month’s roundup of hotspots sure to help you get your groove back.

los angeles
caFé habaNa Ready for a place that’s both social and socially responsible? Visit Café Habana in Malibu. The Café was first opened in Brooklyn, NY as a place for all people, regardless of statistics, and has been practicing the same great business at all its locations. And, the Café is described by its creator as an “Eco-Eatery,” using sustainable resources like solar energy and biodegradable sugarcane fiber plates. Worried about prices for these too-good-to-be-true sustainable goods? Never fear—prices really aren’t unreasonable at Café Habana. You may even want to apply for a job at the Café—thanks to the community-based atmosphere, the girls were given J Brand jeans. statIoN hollyWooD Located in the heart of its title city, Station Hollywood is the ultimate hideaway. It’s an intimate, dim-lit area perfect for enjoying cocktails, delicious food, or house music. And don’t hesitate to bring your date to Station Hollywood—the cozy atmosphere makes you lean in just a little

closer. You may feel so comfortable with the people in your party that you’ll almost forget that you’re sitting right on Hollywood Boulevard in the upscale and exclusive W Hotel Hollywood.


saturday night magazine September 2010



Live your dream. Train with our Master Chefs

Le Cordon Bleu is quite simply the crème de la crème of culinary arts training. With practical hands-on training in state-of-the-art kitchens and amphitheatres, graduates become part of a great culinary tradition of excellence. | 800-457-CHEF(2433) September 2010 saturday night magazine 15

the scene

LA / OC / SF

the GleNDoN baR & kItcheN In Westwood, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of O’Hara’s and BrewCo. Fortunately, the new Glendon Bar and Kitchen has opened up for both lunch and dinner. Their menu boasts the kind of food you’d expect from a chic restaurant, yet their prices are within reach for collegians and recent graduates. What’s more, the Glendon Bar & Kitchen holds two happy hours—three hours in the afternoon, perfect for post-class or work celebration, and two late-night hours, best for your social engagements. The service can be under-whelming at times but it’s a good alternative when you’re over the usual Westwood haunts.

J RestaURaNt & loUNGe Who says high-class nightlife has to be confined to one space? J Restaurant & Lounge redefines how you spend your evening, with tens of thousands of square feet, two floors, and three bars for both indoor and outdoor socializing. The indoor holds a rich and woody ambiance for dining, chatting, and even private areas for meetings and exclusive parties. You might feel like an old veteran exchanging war stories over scotch in the luxe open smoking area, with first-rate cigars and a host of whiskeys, cognacs, and other full-bodied drinks. The outdoor is incredibly unique to J: myriad tables with umbrellas, VIP cabanas, and a grand fire pit make for a truly unforgettable LA experience.


saturday night magazine September 2010

September 2010 saturday night magazine


the scene

orange county

21 oceaNFRoNt Ever dream about eating fresh-caught lobster and prime-aged steak while watching the sunset from the beach? Well, your dreams could come true at 21 Oceanfront, claimed to be the best steak house in Newport Beach. Serving a variety of different steak cuts and seafood dishes, 21 Oceanfront offers a

romantic, trendy environment to accompany their incredible, creative dishes. Also, it is home to Orange County’s #1 wine collection. So, whether you’re looking for a juicy filet mignon, melt-in-your-mouth swordfish, or even just a glass of Pinot, there is no better way to enjoy Newport Beach than 21 Oceanfront.

saGe An absolute gem tucked away in a little shopping plaza, Sage Restaurant is one of Orange County’s best kept secrets. Offering fresh and creative dishes in a cozy and local atmosphere, Sage is a great place for

anything from a romantic date to a business lunch. Sage’s dishes range from fresh salads to fresh fish and lamb, and they boast an incredible wine list. Not to mention, many people go to Sage for their warm, sageinfused appetizer foccacia bread alone!

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We’re here for you.

• Birth Control and Condoms • Emergency Contraception (“the morning after pill”) • HPV and Cancer Screenings • STD Testing and Treatment • Education and Counseling • All Are Welcome • Confidential and Affordable

Rok sUshI kItcheN Hermosa Beach’s new Japanese fusion restaurant, ROK Sushi Kitchen, offers guests traditional sushi with California kitchen cuisine. Its menu includes grilled fish, chicken, shrimp, and a sushi bar with fresh fish. Full-service bar taps feature a fresh-squeezed fruits and vegetable menu created by one of the country’s top mixologists. They also offer the largest selection of sake by the glass in Los Angeles. ROK is located in the Hermosa Pier and a beautifully designed mezzanine offers a great venue for private parties and events of 25 to 40 people. Chef’s from two of the area’s highest Zagat rated restaurants have helped design and manage the sushi bar and kitchen to offer guests an upscale, yet casual atmosphere along with fresh food and drinks.


eNo Escape the hectic stresses of everyday life with a trip to the newest location of the Eno Wine Tasting Rooms at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel. With its quaint California Riviera setting and exquisite blend of wines, cheeses, and chocolates, Eno provides a tranquil, romantic way to spend your Saturday night that is unique to traditional wine club experiences. Indulge your tastebuds and relax in the affluent atmosphere of the Ritz Carlton’s sophisticated wine club, Eno, for a luxurious night out you will not soon forget.

the scene


san Francisco

Dosa Never heard of dosa? Then head to DOSA, one of the most-awarded restaurants in San Francisco. DOSA serves up over a dozen varieties of South Indian dosa, a savory crepe-like dish. If that doesn’t appeal to your palate, DOSA offers soups, salads, and other Indian entrees sure to please even the most finicky eater. The delicious food is hardly even the best part—one step into the restaurant and you are immersed into a funky, colorful, yet sophisticated atmosphere, perfect for anything from a big birthday dinner to an intimate first date. One meal at DOSA and you’ll be booking a flight to the south of India in no time.

eVe loUNGe Remember Eve, the ultimate woman of vice? She’s back with apple in hand at Eve Lounge in San Francisco. The lounge is reminiscent of a speakeasy to bring out the pinup or the debonair in you, decorated with local artwork and alluring film noirs projected inside. Everything about the lounge is sensual, from the shapely tables to the suggestive feathers and chains draped from the chandeliers. Stop in for happy hour and you’ll find Eve has a tempting collection of 21 unique cocktails designed specifically for the venue by celebrated San Franciscan mixologists Scott Baird and Josh Harris.

stePs oF Rome caFFe You’ve probably been to an Italian restaurant with live music. But have you ever had the restaurant give you a lap dance? That’s what you can expect if you visit Steps of Rome on your birthday, according to locals. Even if it’s not your birthday, Steps of Rome Caffe has phenomenal Italian food—plenty of antipasti and even more pasta to satisfy your every craving. And no matter what you may think, no one can resist the Caffe’s grilled focaccia paninis: warm, fresh, and quite possibly the most refined “comfort food” available, these sandwiches are incredible. Plus, Steps of Rome Caffe has a constant stream of Italian pop music and soccer games playing for your entertainment.

amélIe If you’re a wine connoisseur, look no further than Amélie. The French-inspired wine bar not only serves the drink, but uses it as décor: wine bottles line the inside of the lounge, creating a striking visual around the lounge’s classic theater seats. If this social setting doesn’t suit your desires, move to the lustrous bar, where you can expect personal service, or to the back of Amélie, where you’ll find privacy in a candlelit booth. While you’re there, take a look at the menu—we guarantee you won’t be able to resist ordering. Remember, Amélie has a heavy French influence, so the food is decadent, with cheeses, savory breads, and incredible desserts.


saturday night magazine September 2010

(213) 623-2288 Burbank (818) 524-2288 Pasadena (626) 578-1818

(323) 951-1122 Santa Monica (310) 458-3050 Long Beach (562) 951-9652


11:30am–11pm Fri 5pm –11pm Sat 5pm–9:30pm Sun


SERVING ALL DAY (Available 9pm - 2am, Sunday thru Thurs)
Must present a valid student ID

Best restaurant for Parents’ Weekend! 9001 Santa Monica Blvd. Not valid with other special offer West Hollywood La Cienega Blvd. 55 n. Dine in only. Expires 11/2/09 310 550-8811 (near Wilshire Blvd.)
12:00pm–10pm Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri (310) 652-7673 5pm–11pm Sat 5pm–9:30pm Sun 11:30am – 10pm everyday


The THE palm


Student WATCH YOUR FAVORITE TEAM Special ON OUR 1/2 11:30am–10pm Mon-Th FLAT SCREEN TV price sushi
1100 S Flower Los Angeles, Downtown 213 763-4600



Downtown LA (213) 623-2288 Burbank (818) 524-2288

W. Hollywood (323) 951-1122




• Smiles, service & atmos• Private Rooms Available phere Like nowhere else • Jumbo Nova Scotia lobster • Iron skillet-roasted mussels, shrimp & crab Pasadena & 40-clove garlic chicken • prime aged steaks (626) 578-1818 • Italian style steakhouse • Garlic roasted Prime Rib (USDA Prime) with private dining rooms

Santa Monica (310) 458-3050 Long Beach (562) 951-9652

Take you

• Roasted whole Dungeness crab (over two pounds)



Student Special 923 E. 2nd Street e. 2nd Street 923 Cienega Blvd. Downtown Los Angeles The sTinking 55 N. LaDowntown Los AngelesThe (Near Wilshire) 1/2 price sushi r23 (213) 687-7178 (310) 652-7673
(213) 687-7178 5:30pm - 10pm (Available 9pm - 2am, Sunday thru Thurs) Mon-Sat dinner Mon-Sat 11am-11pm Everyday- 10pm Dinner: 5:30pm 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri lunch www.thestinkingrose.com2pm Mon-fri Must present a valid student ID Lunch: 11:30am Not valid with other special offer • Private Rooms Dine in only. Expires 11/2/09 • Best Sake Choices Available • • Best Sake Choices Private Gallery Rooms for Downtown LA W. Hollywood • Iron • Parties skillet-roasted (213) 623-2288 (323)Private Gallery Rooms for Parties 951-1122


1100 S Flower Los Angeles, Downtown 213 763-4600
11:30am–10pm Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri 5pm –11pm Sat 5pm–9:30pm Sun


th he


Burbank (818) 524-2288 Pasadena (626) 578-1818



mussels, shrimp & • “Best Japanese Restaurant” Restaurant” – Downtown “Best crab Japanese Santa Monica —Downtown LA News, 5 • 40-clove LA458-3050 garlic chicken News, five (310) yrs in a row! years in a row! • Garlic • Beach Best Japanese Long“America’sroasted Prime Restaurants” “America’s BestPrime) Rib (USDA Japanese Restaurants” (562)Zagat 2006 951-9652 – —Zagat 2006 • Roasted whole Japanese Restaurants USA” • “TenDungeness crab (over Best “Ten Best Japanese Restaurants USA” two pounds)

With more than 90 destinations in California, t been easier. Amtrak is the stress free travel a simple for you to get• home to catch up with f Smiles, service & atmosphere Like nowhere else Join Student Advantage todayScotia lobster at StudentAd • Jumbo Nova and save 15% on rail fares. aged steaks & prime
• Italian style steakhouse with private dining rooms

12:00pm–10pm Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri 5pm–11pm Sat 5pm–9:30pm Sun ®

9001 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood 310 550-8811

The palm BonavenTure
Brewing Company


1100 S. flower St. 1100 S Flower Downtown Los Angeles Los Angeles, Downtown 404 S. Figueroa St. 213Los Angeles, (213) 763-4600 763-4600 CA 90071 11:30am–10pm Mon-Th (213) 236-0802 11:30am–11pm Fri 11:30 am – 10 pm Mon-Th –11pm Sat 11:30 am – 11 5pm–9:30pm Sun pm Fri 5 pm – 11 pm 11am – 1am Monday – FridaySat, 5 pm – 9.30 pm Sun 9/17/09 12:45 PM 9001 Santa Monica5pm – 1am Saturday and Sunday Blvd. 9001 West Hollywood Santa Monica Blvd. 310Take escalators to the hollywood 550-8811 West fourth
12:00pm–10pm make a right to the floor and Mon-Th 11:30am–11pm Fri Brewing Co. Bonaventure 5pm–11pm Sat10 pm Mon-Th 12 pm 5pm–9:30pm Sun 11 pm Fri 11:30 am –

Travel made simple.
923 E. 2nd Street · 1-800-USA-RAIL Downtown Los Angeles (213) 687-7178 5:30pm - 10pm Mon-Sat dinner 11:30am-2pm Mon-Fri lunch • Best Sake Choices • Private Gallery Rooms for Parties • “Best Japanese Restaurant” —Downtown LA News, 5 yrs in a row! • “America’s Best Japanese Restaurants” —Zagat 2006 • “Ten Best Japanese Restaurants USA”


(310) 550-8811




• Award Winning Beers • Extended Happy Hour Times • Smiles, service & M-F phere Like nowhere else • 18 Happy Hour menu items • Jumbo Nova Specials • Happy Hour Scotia lobster starting at just $2.50! & prime aged steaks • Kitchen open til Midnight • Smiles, service & atmosphere like nowhere else • Italian style steakhouse • Late Night Scotia • Jumbo Nova Patio lobster & prime aged steaks with private dining rooms • Italian style steakhouse with private dining rooms • Big Screen TVs
www.thepalm.comSat, 5 pm – 9.30 pm Sun 5 pm – 11 pm

Take you



923 E. 2nd Street Downtown saturday night magazine October 2009 Los Angeles (213) 687-7178



the scene

LA / OC / SF
los angeles listing:
3939 Cross Creek Rd. Malibu, CA 90265 310.317.0300

caFé habaNa, malIbU



1071 Glendon Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90024 310.208.2023

the GleNDoN baR & kItcheN

119 South Olive St. Los Angeles, CA 90015 213.746.7746 6250 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 323.798.1360

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Sun-Thru: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm Fri-Sat: 11:00 am to 12:30 am Happy Hours: 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm Late Night Specials: 10:00 pm – 12:30 am (Friday & Sat @ Polk only)


2531 Eastbluff Dr. Newport Beach, CA 92660 949.718.9650

saGe RestaURaNt
“What we can’t Rock, we’ll Roll”
• 2004 Best SF Sushi Bar … San Francisco Examiner • Happy Hour Daily - Drinks 50% off, Appetizers 25% off • Special cocktails and Premium Sake • Lounge, VIP Room and Music • Late Night Specials - 2 for 1 All Sake & Beer

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Join us Saturday, September 11, 2010 for The Art Institute of California — Hollywood

Open House

Check-in begins: 9:30 AM Presentations begin: 10:00 AM At our Open House, you’ll be able to:
• Learn more about our programs. • Tour our facilities and get a feel for our school. • Speak with current students, faculty, and admissions staff. • Learn about student services, scholarship opportunities, grants, and financial aid (available to those who qualify).

Let yourself be inspired and imagine the possibilities of your creative future. At this event, you’ll see a world where talent and drive become industry skills and professional savvy. It doesn’t matter what you create; just make something.

Don’t Hate. Create.

We offer programs in the following areas: CULINARY • DESIGN • FASHION • MEDIA ARTS
Get more information and register online at:
Or call us: Toll-Free: 877.468.6232 • Local: 818.299.5100

5250 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601
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aRIzoNa’s ImmIGRatIoN laW
By Erwin Chemerinsky
Dean and Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine, School of Law

“Opponents of SB 1070 regard it as a mean-spirited measure that will do nothing to stop illegal immigration, but that will cause real harm to Latinos in the state.”

But opponents of SB 1070 regard it as a meanspirited measure that will do nothing to stop illegal immigration, but that will cause real harm to Latinos in the state. Opponents maintain that SB 1070 will lead to racial profiling, as police will now have a basis for stopping those who appear to be Latino. Although the law was quickly amended to ban racial profiling, opponents claim that inevitably it is those who are Latino or appear to be Latino who will be stopped. It will make it easy for the police to stop anyone who appears to be Latino for the purpose of checking his or her immigration papers.

The enormous controversy over the Arizona law reflects the deep emotions surrounding immigration issues in the United States. This is not new; throughout American history there have been sharp disagreements over immigration. The Arizona law is the latest chapter and a symbol to both sides in the fight. On the one side, the law reflects great frustration with the failure of the federal government to successfully control the borders and prevent illegal immigration. On the other side, opponents of the law see it as ignoring the reality of the economy’s dependence on

saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo: Arizona Immigration SB1070 Protest rally Photo by Scott Griessel

FeW state laWs attRact the national attention or generate the tremendous controversy that accompanied the enactment of Arizona’s new immigration law. SB 1070, which was passed by the Arizona legislature and signed by Republican Governor Jan Brewer, makes the failure to carry immigration documents a crime and gives the police broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

Supporters of the law see it as a necessary effort by the state to help control illegal immigration in light of the federal government’s failure to do so. Supporters argue that the measure does nothing more than authorize state and local police to help enforce federal immigration laws. They maintain that this law will help catch, detain, and ultimately deport those who are in the country illegally.

Moreover, opponents point out that there is a serious cost to having state and local police enforce federal immigration laws: those not lawfully in the country will never be able to turn to the police when they are victims of crimes or witnesses to crimes. Many cities, such as Los Angeles, prohibit their police from enforcing immigration laws for just this reason.

ARIZONA IMMIGRATION “It is likely that litigation over SB 1070 will last for years and will need to be resolved in the United States Supreme Court.”

undocumented immigrants and view it as thinly disguised racism against Latinos. Already lawsuits have been filed in federal court arguing that SB 1070 is unconstitutional. It is expected that the Obama administration will join in the challenge to have the Arizona law invalidated. At this point, the challenges to the Arizona law are based on their being preempted by federal law. The Supreme Court long has held that federal immigration law is exclusive and that any efforts by states to control immigration are impermissible. If the Supreme Court follows its precedents, SB 1070 is likely to be struck down. For example, in 1941, in Hines v. Davidowitz, the Supreme Court invalidated a Pennsylvania law, which among other things required that non-citizens carry papers showing that they are lawfully in the country and permitted state and local police to demand to see them. The Supreme Court stressed that control of immigration is exclusively the power of the federal government and that states cannot adopt even laws which “complement” the federal enforcement scheme. In language that seems directly relevant to the Arizona law, the Court expressed concern over possible discriminatory enforcement and also of tensions that could be caused with foreign nations by such state attempts to control immigration. In Takahashi v. Fish and Game Commission, in 1948, the Supreme Court struck down a state law, which denied fishing licenses to aliens who were not eligible for citizenship. The Supreme Court once more stressed that control over immigration is an exclusive power for the federal government and concluded that, “under the Constitution, states are granted no such powers.” Many other cases, too, have said that control

over immigration is exclusively the power of the federal government. Supporters of the Arizona law maintain that it just empowers state and local police to enforce federal law. But the Supreme Court has been explicit that states cannot attempt to “complement” the federal enforcement efforts. It is likely that litigation over SB 1070 will last for years and will need to be resolved in the United States Supreme Court. Interestingly, one of the most serious constitutional arguments against it is unlikely to be addressed until and unless the law goes into effect. It is probably not possible to argue that the law leads to racial profiling at this time because that will require examination of how police actually behave under it. But it means that even if the Supreme Court were to uphold the law as not being preempted by federal law, legal challenges on other grounds would continue. The political controversy over SB 1070 also will continue. Los Angeles, for example, has

declared that its government will boycott Arizona in reaction to the new law. Other cities and private groups are sure to do this as well. On the other hand, supporters of the Arizona law are attempting to organize “buy-cotts” where people will go out of their way to hold conventions in Arizona or buy goods from that state to support what Arizona has done. It is easy to understand the deep emotions on both sides of this deeply divisive issue. But as a mater of constitutional law, SB 1070 seems clearly inconsistent with the many Supreme Court cases, which have held that states cannot attempt to enforce immigration law. That is exclusively the job for the federal government. editor’s Note: After the article was written, a federal district court judge in Arizona issued a preliminary injunction keeping key portions of the Arizona law from going into effect. She concluded that the law is likely unconstitutional for exactly the reasons set forth in this article.

Photos: Arizona Immigration SB1070 Protest rally Photo by Scott Griessel (top) and Immigration March- Juan Bernal (bottom).

September 2010 saturday night magazine



saturday night magazine September 2010

on the cover



oNce bItteN


on the cover

We aDmIt It: we’ve officially been bitten by the vampire craze and The CW’s The Vampire Diaries (Thursdays at 8 p.m.) is our latest fang-filled obsession. With equal parts teen angst and blood-sucking goodness, we are hooked on the Elena, Stefan, Damon love triangle. Throw sexy vamp Katherine into the mix and we can’t wait to find out what happens in the new season, premiering this month. We caught up with series star NINa DobReV, 21, at Westwood’s Hotel Palomar for a taste of what we can expect.

sNmaG: What initially drew you to the show and the character of elena? NINa DobReV: Well, I remember reading it and just being drawn to the fact that she was this average girl who was damaged in many ways and then I did some research and found out that I would probably end up having to play Katherine too, who is the complete opposite. This is one of the rarest, coolest opportunities in television, to play two people on the same medium. sNmaG: What can you tell us about katherine coming back at the end of the finale last season? ND: The only thing I can really tell you is that she’s back, and if I told you any more I’d have to kill you or bite you or something. But, yeah, she is back and you can just imagine now that she’s back in action things are just going to get more and more intense. It’s fun to see what she is going to do because she is just so spontaneous and crazy, but I’m just as in the dark as you are because they don’t tell us anything until we get there. sNmaG: Who do you have more fun playing – elena or katherine? ND: I think like anything in life, whatever you’re deprived from or you don’t get to do as often, you end up enjoying more than anything else because it’s like a guilty pleasure. So, whenever I play Katherine, because I do it seldom, I have the most fun playing her.


saturday night magazine September 2010


“I think like anything in life, whatever you’re deprived from or you don’t get to do as often, you end up enjoying more than anything.’”



September 2010 saturday night magazine


Take your eyes off the road.

With more than 150 destinations in California, traveling by train has never been easier. Amtrak® is the stress free travel alternative and we make it simple for you to get home to catch up with family and friends.

Join Student Advantage today at and save 15% on rail fares. • 1-800-USA-RAIL
30 saturday night magazine September 2010
Fares, routes and schedules subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply. Student Advantage is a registered trademark of Student Advantage, LLC. Amtrak is a registered service mark of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

on the cover


sNmaG: Do you think Damon and elena could ever have a good, healthy relationship? ND: “Damon” and “healthy” in the same sentence? That’s funny! I don’t know, I mean, with the way the season ended, it doesn’t seem as though Damon and Elena are an item in any way because he didn’t really care for her. He chose Katherine. Little does he know he is totally falling in love with Elena but Elena truly doesn’t feel that way. She sees him as a buddy. She sees him as her boyfriend’s brother, and, at times, a pain in the butt. But their friendship and their chemistry are definitely growing. sNmaG: If it were up to you, which brother would you choose? ND: Well, I would choose the other brother, definitely – or maybe a mixture of the two. I think both characters have different qualities that are very appealing so it just depends. If you combine them, they make the perfect man because Stefan is committed and sweet and protective and loving, and Damon is spontaneous and crazy and fun and exciting. Every woman has to find that guy who pushes all her buttons, and Damon and Stefan push different buttons for Elena. sNmaG: What’s it like shooting in atlanta? ND: I like it, I really like it. It took a second to get used to in the beginning because, like any city, you have to give it a shot and explore and find out the little quirks about the town. But once we did, I found so many great restaurants and such amazing food and really great, nice, fun people and it’s so different from New York and LA and the big cities. We get an opportunity to be real, average people and hang out and go to restaurants and watch movies and not take ourselves too seriously. sNmaG: Do you guys all hang out off set? ND: You’d think we’d get sick of each other by now, but we don’t somehow! Everyone is so sweet and supportive and loving and caring for each other. We can’t wait to get back to Atlanta and start filming again. sNmaG: Do you ever get to go back to canada to visit your family? ND: Actually, I just went back home to Toronto and hung out with my mom and my brother. I don’t get to go as often as I’d like to because of my work schedule but when I do it makes the time with them so much cooler. I’m really close with my mom so I miss her a lot and she travels a lot. She comes to visit me in Atlanta so I get to see her often that way.

“Every woman has to find that guy who pushes all her buttons.”




saturday night magazine September 2010

on the cover
sNmaG: since the show has become more popular, have you had any interesting fan encounters? ND: Yeah, I’ve had tons of interesting fan encounters! This one time, I was at yoga with my mom and this girl came up to me while I was basically half-naked in a dressing room and she was asking me about the show and asked for an autograph and a picture with me while I’m sitting there, like I said, half-naked! sNmaG: We’ve heard that you’re a very big coffee and chocolate connoisseur - any specific preferences? ND: Well, if we’re going to talk about coffee we’re going to have to talk about Starbucks and Coffee Bean! I change it up a lot, I love chai lattes and caramel macchiatos and double chocolate chip frappucinos with whipped cream…the sweeter the better, basically! When I have chai, I have dirty chai lattes with chocolate espresso in it. It’s a good pick me up. When it comes to just chocolate, lava cake is my absolute favorite. Hot, molten lava cake! sNmaG: What’s your feeling on this whole vampire craze? Do you keep up with shows like True Blood or the Twilight series? ND: We’re all aware and supportive of each other’s shows and I have a lot of friends in them. I just finished shooting a movie with Kellan [Lutz], actually, a couple days ago. Vampires are hot. They’re sexy and mysterious and dangerous. sNmaG: can we expect any werewolves on the show next season? could you give us any hints? ND: I can’t tell you about that. Maybe, maybe not, but I’m not allowed to talk about it. Sorry! sNmaG: When you’re not filming, how do you spend your free time? ND: To be honest, whenever I have free time I just sleep. I chill and keep everything low-key. I’m a very low-key person because the rest of my life is so fastpaced and exciting. I like to just relax. sNmaG: are there any spots in los angeles that you especially enjoy when you’re here? ND: I hang out in Santa Monica a lot. If I can, I love to be by the water. And I love 25 Degrees, they have the best burgers and so does 8 Oz.! I go shopping on Melrose. I go to the Melrose flea market on Sundays if I can. sNmaG: you mentioned the movie with kellan lutz, Death games, what can you share about it? ND: The reason it appealed to me was that I always wanted to do an action movie. Also, I wanted to play a character that was a little older. I play a young girl in her 20s who Kellan marries. I’m his wife! So that was pretty fun. I’m pregnant in it too, I get to have a baby belly. sNmaG: When you’re not filming, what’s your favorite thing to do on a saturday night when you’re not working? ND: Two things: Either go out for an amazing steak dinner and just indulge in yummy food and then just watch a movie and hang out, or I’ll go out with the girls and go to a cool, dive bar. I like intimate settings where you can really talk and hang out with your friends and cool people. By Jillian Gordon


September 2010 saturday night magazine


on the cover


“Vampires are hot. They’re sexy and mysterious and dangerous.”






saturday night magazine September 2010

September 2010 saturday night magazine


By Tanya Ghahremani

back to school

things I Wish I knew
before I Went to college
College is often considered one of the best times of a person’s life, but it can be a little difficult to navigate your first year as a freshman. From assignments to professors to parties and roommates, your first year can either be the time of your life or your worst nightmare. Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you stay one step ahead.

It sounds so high school, but it’s important to understand what is expected of you – professors tend to put a lot of information on the syllabus, and you don’t want to get on the wrong foot by asking them something that’s literally right in front of you.

6 7 8 9

ReaD the syllabUs thoRoUGhly

Often times, finding a good cup of java on campus is not as easy as it sounds. Save yourself the hassle of trying to drink a cup of coffee that’ll literally put hair on your chest and discover the better places on campus early.

FIND the GooD coFFee Place oN camPUs

Try staying up partying all night and still making it to your 8 a.m. class when you’re forty. Now is the time to have fun. When you look back on school, it’s the fun memories that last ,not just the hours spent in the library.

1 2 3

PaRtyING Is ImPoRtaNt

You don’t know how many people graduate with little to no experience in their field of choice. Beat the crowd and get all the experience while you can now, so that when you’re applying for the same jobs as everyone else, you’ll have a chance of standing out. A high GPA is great, but real world experience is even better. things…like beer…or rent… it kind of depends on your priorities. It may sound surprising, but college is more about figuring out what you have to read to make the grade rather than what you have to retain.

INteRNshIPs aRe cRUcIal

Even if you’re not looking to make the dean’s list, at least try to earn decent enough grades to keep your parents happy while you perfect your keg stand.

stUDyING sUcks bUt It has to be DoNe

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but having a degree today is pretty standard. Make sure to use your time in school making some important connections that will help you out in the future.

4 5

a DeGRee DoesN’t eqUal yoUR DReam Job

Afraid of becoming a teacher’s pet? Don’t worry, this is college. No one cares. Showing a little interest in the course as well as talking to your professor after class could really help your grade. Some professors cut the students they have gotten to know some slack if they don’t do as well on a particular assignment or have to miss class a few times – but this will only work if you actually put in the face time.

Get to kNoW yoUR PRoFessoRs

Try asking your friends who have taken the course before if it’s crucial to have the book and a little scouring the Internet doesn’t hurt either. Sometimes, you can even find the book online. With some research, you could save yourself a pretty penny that can go to more important

It could happen that you and your new roomie hit it off, but most likely, if you’re living with a stranger, he or she might be, well, a little strange. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Check out our roommate horror stories on page 58.


saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo courtesy of 575 Productions

DoN’t bUy all the books. yoU DoN’t NeeD them

yoUR Roommate WIll Not be yoUR best FRIeND


And by this, we don’t mean ordering it off the Internet. That’s bad. Effectively utilizing what little time you have to churn out that tenpage paper due tomorrow morning can be a lifesaver. If you’re not the best writer, take an intro to writing course. After all, solid writing skills are perhaps the most useful BS-ing tool in the book.

leaRN hoW to WRIte a PaPeR



Don’t look stupid at the football games when everyone is singing the words to your school’s fight song, and you don’t know the words.

kNoW the WoRDs to yoUR school’s FIGht soNG

Photo courtesy of Benjamin S. Brown, USC Archives ; Photo courtesy of Lisa eberly ; Photo courtesy of 575 Productions

12 13 14

Haven’t done the reading? No problem. Just join a study group! Chances are somebody has put in the time for the class and will probably help bring you up to speed if you make the effort of showing up to a study session. Plus, you’ll meet new people.

JoIN a stUDy GRoUP


Stoplight party, anything but clothes, Rubik’s cube – get to know your college party themes so you can impress your new friends with your creative costume ideas.

leaRN yoUR PaRty themes

From a class entirely devoted to scrabble to a class all about the ethics of Star Trek, you can get credit for the most inane subject matters out there (for some ideas, check out our list of cool classes on page 25!).

FIND the cool classes

Some schools open the student union all-night during finals week and offer free massages, food, contests, prizes – the works. Other schools offer reduced rates for public transportation or have special promotions with restaurants and venues in the area just for students. Do a little research and find out what your school offers for its students, and then reap the benefits.

FIND oUt yoUR school’s PeRks

If you’ve got the money to fund it, this is definitely something everyone should do. Studying abroad is a rewarding experience that will surely introduce you to many new experiences… and the drinking age in most countries is 18!

stUDy abRoaD

16 17

Clubs are a great way to be social in a unique way. Ultimate Frisbee? Bollywood Dance? The more random, the better!

JoIN aN obscURe clUb oN camPUs

19 20

Do yourself a huge favor, and dish out a bit of extra cash for the good stuff. Your future-self – the one without a giant hangover from the cheap booze – will thank you.

DoN’t bUy the cheaP alcohol

It’s not that hard, we promise, and it will save you the embarrassment of butchering a house’s name at your first frat party.

leaRN the GReek alPhabet

Some schools offer early registration to certain students based on individual needs. If you can figure out how to get it, do it. You’ll never have to worry about waiting lists again.

tWo WoRDs: PRIoRIty ReGIstRatIoN

September 2010 saturday night magazine


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the college Freshman
By Lisa Eberly

survival Dictionary
standing on top of each other. Don’t be alarmed, Rush only lasts a few days and so do the stacks!

all-nighter: No one said a full schedule of classes, a full schedule of partying and a full schedule of friends would include a full schedule of sleep! With so much to do, a cozy bed and some shut eye will often be replaced with library cubicles and a venti coffee, especially during finals week.

exchange: An exchange is an exclusive party for one sorority and one fraternity at an off-campus venue. A time to drink, dance, flirt, and forget that test you had last week! Though they are a blast and can last almost all night, they are usually accompanied by a serious hangover and fines from venue damages!

for the game until everyone walks to the stadium together and cheers till the victory brings a night of game day parties!

happy hour: With tuition, book expenses, and that new outfit for Saturday night, who can pay for the overpriced drinks at the college bar? Two-for-one drinks are practically a necessary commodity!

bidnight: Bidnight is one of the most memorable nights in a fraternity boy or sorority girl’s life. It’s the night you’re finally done with Rush and become a pledge. Little do you know that after a fun night of bonding and acceptance, it is really just the beginning of months of pledge torture!

fifteen minute rule: Not in the mood to show up to class on time? Neither was your professor! If he or she doesn’t show up 15 minutes after class starts, you can go home and get that nap you were going to take in class anyway!

Photos: Disposable cup Photo by Michael flippo; Photo: ASU media relations

clapout: Ah, the famous clapout! If a girl ends up spending the night at a frat house after a crazy party, it would only be fair for the boys to give her a proper goodbye: the clapout. The cordial frat boys all stand in the hall clapping as the lucky girl stumbles out of a boy’s room in her party outfit. Just a tip: all frat houses have a back door! Use it!

invite: Nostalgic for high school? This is the prom of college. A fraternity or sorority holds a few invites every year. These are formal events where the members can bring a date of their choice to dance the night away with them, minus all the high school drama of prom king and queen!

Jungle juice: Ever wonder where the leftover alcohol from last week’s party went? Well, it was all mixed together and thrown into a bowl with some Kool Aid for this week’s party! Drinkers beware…this drink requires a 24-hour recuperation time!

game day: Some of the best days of your college experience will be game days. The campus is packed with people tailgating and getting ready

door stacks: During Rush, sororities sing from their doors and scare the entire row in what are called door stacks. They flip their hair and yell all

Photo courtesy of Lisa eberly


saturday night magazine September 2010


Photos courtesy of Lisa eberly ; Photos courtesy of 575 Productions; Couch Photo by Margojh; Condom Photo by roberto Pirola; hot Dog Photo by 4kodiak; Bottles of Beer by Graça Victoria

king’s cup: College is a place to stimulate your mind…to create fun drinking games! King’s Cup is an overly complicated drinking game with ridiculous rules that requires a deck of cards, Solo cups, and a group of college students ready to start the night off right!

noob: Freshman. Beginner. Noobie. Welcome to college!

know frat boys at the after party!

Quarters: The most important currency a college student can have. Used for laundry and bouncing into beer.

office hours: The best place to kiss your professor’s you-know-what. Visiting your professor during their office hours is a great way to great free tutoring and make sure that when it comes time for grades, they’ll be able to put a friendly face to your borderline grade!

lounge: A beautiful and relaxing room in every dorm, stocked with old 70s furniture that has been thrown up on one too many times, old beer cans, a broken table, and a wretched smell that will probably never go away. BYOL: Bring your own Lysol.

rush: The most stressful week of your life! If you’re rushing a fraternity or sorority, expect to be under the pressure of a week-long job interview during your first week of classes!

sexiled: Ahh…the famous sexile. Victims can be found sitting in the hall while their roommate is getting lucky with a rubber band on the doorknob. Who cares if you have a midterm tomorrow and it’s been 5 hours, the opportunity to sexile doesn’t come around often! Be advised, common courtesy only allows two sexiles per semester!

moratorium: The first week of the semester, when the fraternities are dry. Everyone celebrates the end of moratorium by throwing parties big enough to make up for a week of no drinking!

pinning: The way to prove that your boyfriend is really committed! A pinning occurs when a fraternity boy puts his girlfriend above his fraternity, giving her his pin. Pinnings are always really sweet, not to mention a great way to get to

tailgate: Need an excuse to start drinking and eating burgers at 9 a.m.? On every game day, pregames are spent at tailgates, when frat houses and even the quad are filled with students decked

September 2010 saturday night magazine


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out in spirit and just wanting to have a good time!

can also be a he-man warrior!

something different!

used books: Your new best friend. Textbooks can be so overpriced, and you hardly use them anyway! Used books are much cheaper and they even come with free highlighting and notes!

walk of shame: Every girl’s worst nightmare… to be seen walking down the row in her outfit from the night before at 8 a.m. after shacking with a boy… holding her heels with humiliation! If you expect to do this more than once per semester, you may want to consider bringing a change of clothes and flip flops out with you at night!

Z-pak: College is an amazing place; you can stay up all night, party all day, and have the time of your life. However, this recipe usually leads to being sick. A quick Z-pack will knock whatever it is you have right out of you, so you can get back to partying and get sick again next week!

viking week: A week many frat boys do not remember…and wish they could forget. Filled with Francia, fountain runs, beer bongs in the library, and Viking hats, Viking Week proves that a frat boy

Xbox: No college boy’s dorm room is complete without a full xbox 360 setup! If you can accomplish this, your room will become the place to be for your entire hall!

yelp!: Bored of the frat parties and college bars? is a great place to look for new, fun places to go with your friends when you’re in the mood for


saturday night magazine September 2010

Pink high heels Photo by kacey56; Allergy Pills Photo by Barbara Petrick; Photo courtesy of Lisa eberly; Photos courtesy of 575 Productions

Alliant International University

Don’t just find yourself. Create yourself.
The California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at Alliant International University is celebrating 40 years of moving psychology forward. Examples of CSPP innovation include a national postdoctoral master’s program in clinical psychopharmacology and international programs in Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico and Singapore. The California School of Forensic Psychology is developing a legacy of students who will assume leadership roles in the profession of forensic psychology. Positioned at the intersection of psychology and law, forensic psychology is one of the fastest growing areas of psychology. Faculty are drawn from forensic sites such as corrections, courts, public policy, and governmental entities. They bring a wealth of practical and culturally competent skill to the classroom.

Excellence in Education Since 1969 California School of Professional Psychology
Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs

Forensic Careers Begin Here California School of Forensic Studies
Forensic Psychology PsyD Forensic Psychology PhD
Clinical Licensure Track Psychology, Policy, and Law Track Degree Completion

Marital and Family Therapy MA & PsyD programs

Forensic Behavioral Studies BA

Accepting applications now. 1.866.U.ALLIANT •
Fresno • Irvine • Los Angeles • Sacramento • San Diego San Francisco • Mexico City • Hong Kong • Singapore • Tokyo
Alliant is a private, nonprofit, WASC-accredited university and an equal opportunity employer and educator.
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By Jamie Iglesias and Erika Brickley

College Pranks 10
To P
the Rose boWl hoax (1961) caltech: Students at Caltech altered Washington

1I 2I 3I 4I 5I

flip-cards during a Washington Huskies vs. Minnesota Golden Gophers. Washington fans were then asked to turn around their flip-cards, which revealed “CALTECH.”

the statUe oF lIbeRty PRaNk oN lake meNDota (1979) univ. of wisconsin - madison: The Statue

of Liberty appeared to be under water during this prank, which was lead by the infamous group of students called the Pail and Shovel Party.

aRm the homeless (1993) ohio state: Students from Ohio State created a charity

to benefit the homeless. Instead of giving the homeless food and shelter, the program provided them with guns and ammunition. It was called the “Arm the Homeless Coalition.” Press releases were sent out about the charity, stating, “The Arm the Homeless Coalition will be collecting donations to provide firearms for the homeless of Columbus.”

plastic flamingos were placed on the front lawn and has since become a school tradition.

PINk FlamINGos oN bascom hIll (1979) univ. of washington-madison: 1,008 fake

6I 7I 8I 9I

the GReat DRoID (1999) mit: During finals week, two days before the release of Star
Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, hackers transformed The Great Dome into R2-D2 using colored fabric panels decorated with paint and burlap.

the ballooN hack oF ’82 (1982) mit: Students inflated a huge balloon on the 46-yard line

during the Harvard-Yale game. The Balloon had MIT written all over it and eventually exploded in a burst of powder.

FIRe eNGINe oN the RooF oF mIt bUIlDING (1994) mit: MIT students placed a campus fire vehicle on the top of
the 15 story high MIT dome. (pictured)

undergraduate humor publication, successfully “codnapped” the five-foot long codfish carved out of pine that hangs suspended above the entrance to the chamber of the House of Representatives in the Massachusetts State House.

theFt oF the sacReD coD (1933) harvard: The staff of the Harvard Lampoon, an

UCLA to an all time high point when they released hundreds of crickets in the main UCLA library during finals week.

Release the cRIckets (1989) usc: USC students took their long time prank rivalry with


student received two enrollment forms. The student sent in both, one with his real name and one as Burdell. For the next four years, the student did all of his class work twice, earning Burdell a BA in 1930 and a a masters degree a couple years later. Students continue to hack course enrollment, adding Burdell’s name to class rosters.

GeoRGe bURDell (1926) georgia tech: This prank began when a

saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo courtesy of MIT student archives

September 2010 saturday night magazine


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Roommate Horror stories
keVIN, UC BerkeLey JessIca, UC BerkeLey


By Lisa Eberly My roommate came home hammered one night and started throwing up next to his bed, so then he got up and went into the bathroom for about 30 minutes until all of a sudden I started to hear snoring! When I went to check on him, he was passed out, so I screamed and hit him and he still didn’t move. I grabbed a cup of water and poured it on him. After he got up, I told him to go to bed, and he replied, “No, dude, I have to change my underwear. I’ve been wearing these all day, they’re gross!” The boy was covered in puke. I don’t think his dirty underwear was very significant to his cleanliness. My freshman college roommate decided to grow dreadlocks (although he was a white, Jewish guy from Encino). He didn’t wash his hair all second semester and would put honey and stuff in it. Disgusting.

kyle, University of oregon
My roommate was a big stoner. His typical day would involve waking up around 2 p.m., getting high to the point where he could hardly speak and then giving us money to go buy him and ourselves some food. His typical request (just for him) would be HotPockets, a BOx (about 8 packets) of Kit-Kats, two bottles of apple juice, some chips and a bag of some gummy stuff. He would put on a movie and systematically devour ALL OF IT in one sitting. Sometimes he would eat it all so fast he would just puke it back up. In the end, he put on roughly 50 pounds in just freshman year. He was pretty gross.

I had a roommate who would sleepwalk and talk. One night, I woke up and my roomie was sitting on my bed staring at me – totally asleep, but her eyes were open and she was just staring at me. Needless to say, I moved out.

mIke, UsC
One night, I woke up because the girls down the hall were bringing my roommate back to our room... she had been doing somersaults in the hall while completely naked. When she got back to the room, she realized she had peed all over her bed. She proceeded to lift up her whole mattress-pad and hurl it off of our third floor balcony yelling, “I don’t want a pee-pee bed!”

aNoNymoUs, UsC
One night I walked in soberly at 12:30 a.m. to find my roommate sitting naked on her bed next to her passed out, fully clothed best friend from home, with a fully clothed man sitting at her desk. The next morning she just said, “Oh, college...”

amaNDa, UCLA
My roommate was a DJ (or thought he was). He would do LSD a few times a week to come up with that “sick new track.” I came home and he had a blond wig on, no shirt, and toilet paper hanging out of his ears. I eventually had to kick him out because he tried to solicit a prostitute on Craigslist and the deal went bad. Real bad.

Jake, UCLA
My roommate’s boyfriend, “R-Pain,” used to pound on the door and scream for me to let him in when they’d have a fight. When that didn’t work he’d tell me he had a gun and I had to let him in. Oh, you have a gun? Ok, come right in, Mr. Pain.

44 saturday night magazine September 2010

Image courtesy of

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celebration continues all summer long
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1I 2I 3I

with CD and DVD players • Free weights and weight machines • 5 sports courts • 3 performance studios • 50-meter competitive pool • Outdoor leisure pool with underwater sound system and televisions • Indoor beach pool with lazy river, palm trees, and a waterfall

the mIzzoURec • 35-foot climbing wall • Cardio equipment

UNIVeRsIty oF mIssoURI – colUmbIa


• Courts for racquetball, badminton, handball, volleyball, squash, and morett • Table tennist • 7 basketball courtst • Game room with billiardst • Aquatic complex indoor lap pool and leisure pool, and outdoor heated lap pool and leisure poolt • Steam roomst • Weight roomt • Separate locker rooms for students and staff

the GReGoRy Gym

UNIVeRsIty oF texas

• 50,000 square feet • 3 gymnasiums • 10 glass-backed racquetball courts • 4-lane track • 6-lane lap pool • Leisure pool with a slide and bubble bench • 25-person spa • 2 dry saunas • Cardio equipment • Free weights and weight machines • Indoor basketball courts • Indoor tennis courts • A climbing wall • Bouldering walls • 2 indoor turf fields • Ping pong tables

RecReatIoN aND PhysIcal actIVIty ceNteR

ohIo state UNIVeRsIty

pool with 2 diving boards • 1,600-seat competition gymnasium • Practice gymnasium • Cardio equipment • Free weights and weight machines • Multipurpose exercise studio

GeRalD RatNeR athletIc ceNteR • Olympic-sized swimming

UNIVeRsIty oF chIcaGo


courts • Racquetball courts • Wrestling room • 1,000-squarefoot bouldering wall • Fencing salle for swashbuckling • 6-lane recreational pool with 2 diving boards • Sauna • Jogging track • 6 tennis courts • 2 batting cages By Lisa Eberly

JeRome s. coles sPoRts ceNteR • Multi-purpose

NeW yoRk UNIVeRsIty

saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo courtesy of Mizzourec ; Photo courtesy of ohio University Media relations; Photo courtesy of Gerald ratner Athletic Center; Photo courtesy of University of Texas Athletic Dept.; Photo courtesy of nYU Media relations


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college Recreation centers
From climbing walls to pilates studios, students at these schools have zero excuses when it comes to fending off the freshman fifteen and looking fierce this fall.

Become an Army interpreter and translate a lot more than words. Gain the strength that comes from not just changing your life, but changing the lives of others.

Make the world a little easier to understand. Find out more at

For more info, call Aman Zaman at (813) 415-7237.
©2008. Paid for by the United States Army. All rights reserved. September 2010 saturday night magazine 47

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College is a time for learning, a time for growing and, of course, a time to take all those cool classes you couldn’t take in high school because some stuffy board member says it’s not important for your education. Having trouble getting units? We scoured the course catalogs of numerous colleges and selected the courses we think are least likely to put you to sleep during lecture.
By Tanya Ghahremani actually be better for the women to take, if not only to gain perspective on men and their…well, manliness. If you really want to know the origins of men becoming “men,” this class will give you some background on the testosterone-enhanced subject.

ANTH 385M meN aND mascUlINIty usc: Okay, so this class might FSEM 100 the aRt oF the comIc book: GRaPhIc NaRRatIVes FRom maUs to maNGa usc: If you’re a big Batman or
Spider-Man fan, this one is all about comic books, so you’ll actually have a viable excuse for spending all your free time reading them. Plus, comic books are trendier than ever now – geek chic? Accepted, Animal House, Old School, etc. – you should know that the real college life is nothing like that. For one, Tara Reid probably doesn’t attend your school. Anyway, this class is pretty much about how college is portrayed in pop culture…and you take it while you’re actually in college. Trippy right?

FSEM 100 I loVe colleGe: PoPUlaR cUltURe aND the UNIVeRsIty usc: If you saw any of those classic college movies – Van Wilder,

student’s dream to watch their favorite shows for class credit. At USC, that dream has become a reality – complete with the opportunity to sit in on interviews with directors, writers, and performers from a variety of wellknown shows (past guests include The Queen herself, Helen Mirren!) There is a $50 fee for taking the class, but the perks seem well worth it.

CTCS 467 teleVIsIoN symPosIUm usc: It’s almost every college MUSC 422 the beatles: theIR mUsIc aND theIR tImes usc: With well-known hits like “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “Hey

Jude,” The Beatles is one of the most influential bands in history – undoubtedly recognizing this, USC offers a class dedicated to their impact on society. Ever wonder what the social ramifications of “All You Need Is Love” are? Or, what instrument was used in the opening of “Strawberry Fields Forever” (and, on that note, what the spoken words at the end of that song are)? Students of this class learn that and more!


saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo by Dundanim; Photo courtesy of; TV studio / camera Photo by Gabivali; Photo courtesy of; Abbey road photo by Iain Macmillan

Photo courtesy of Tdmartin ; Photo by Anna Parciak ; Photo courtesy of national Geographic Media relations ; Photo by Djembe ; Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel Communications ; Cosmopolitan Magazine, July 2009 ; Photo: ; Photo by Cammeraydave

that you’ll be a future president if you take this class, but at least the course title will look cool on your schedule. While your friends are all slaving away in regular Physics, you can perfect your campaign strategy.

C10 PhysIcs FoR FUtURe PResIDeNts cal: So, we can’t guarantee

everything from hookups to the sexual revolution, this class examines social influences on private intimate relations involving romantic love and sexuality – that’s right, you actually get credit for discussing other people’s sex lives.

SOC 123: sex aND loVe IN moDeRN socIety stanford: Covering

love a good ghost story? You get credit for studying them in this class. Just try to refrain from starting a campfire in the middle of the classroom and pulling out your flashlight.

ENGLISH 86N: ameRIcaN haUNtINGs stanford : Who doesn’t

can take in the fresh air while concurrently learning? Stanford University has taken that philosophy and turned it into an actual course, where students can learn the fundamentals for surviving in the wilderness. There is a $200 fee to take the course, but that covers food and transportation for the mandated field trips the class offers. The course, which is taught by a medley of undergraduates, grad students and community members with a vast amount of experience in the wilderness, is sure to be one of the most useful classes that a student can take. You know those people who say that the “world is their classroom”? This is the literal interpretation of that!

GES 7A aN INtRoDUctIoN to WIlDeRNess skIlls stanford: Ever wish your professor would hold class outside so you

best friend, sure, but this class goes beyond that – it focuses on animals in relation to humans, covering everything from their emotions to how eating meat affects society. Dirty minds need not apply.

PHIL 25SI: the aNImalhUmaN RelatIoNshIP: INteRDIscIPlINaRy PeRsPectIVes stanford: Dogs are man’s

know those images of flawless, perfect women in the magazines are mostly airbrushed, it’s still hard to remember that when presented with the image. Luckily, this class is here to keep you grounded – and come on – the name rhymes.

COM HLT 19 cosmo says yoU’Re Fat? I aIN’t DoWN WIth that: NUtRItIoN aND boDy ImaGe lIFe skIlls ucla: Though we all should

college philosophy class questions like, “If a tree falls in an empty forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?” have left students confused for centuries. Luckily, Philosophy and the Real World at Stanford is a refreshing alternative for students who can’t tell if the chair is really there or not (for the record: What chair?) The class focuses on philosophical ideas that shape how people live their daily lives.

PhIl 71h – PhIlosoPhy aND the Real WoRlD stanford: Classic

NURSING 19 Who WaNts to lIVe to 100? aGING IN 21st ceNtURy ucla: This class explains aging

in depth, examining the different aspects of how the body reacts to aging and how to deal with it in a healthy and effective way (ie – don’t do what Heidi Montag did, and you’ll be fine).

In this class, you’ll learn the reasons why people think the way they do and also different methods by which people think. Beware: You might actually have to think for this class.

PSYCH 124F thINkING ucla: Put on your thinking caps.

September 2010 saturday night magazine


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title? This class isn’t exactly about how to communicate with animals – it’s about how animals communicate with one another. So don’t enroll in this class expecting to learn how to talk to birds or something… that’s just weird.

COMM ST 127 aNImal commUNIcatIoN ucla: Who else thought of Doctor Dolittle when they read this class

up on the great female presences in math, from as far back as the first century to the more recent twentieth. This LMU class offers a refreshing concept, seeing as men are generally the more discussed mathematicians in courses. Just don’t incite a riot that ends with bra-burning – save that for Women Studies, please.

MATH 261 mathematIcs: coNtRIbUtIoNs by WomeN lmu: Students in the class study

conversation amongst people, so it’s only logical that there be a course about it. The class, which is offered at Occidental College, draws upon the works of esteemed philosophers and psychologists, and examines what stupidity really is and how it’s present in the world – from politics to the media.

CTSJ 180 stUPIDIty occidental college: Stupidity has always been a topic of

people to do things your way? Have a burning desire to get what you want all the time, but aren’t sure how? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, a class in good old-fashioned negotiation may just be what the doctor (or the school counselor) ordered! The class focuses on the art of negotiating, varying from different techniques to even conflict resolution should a meeting go awry. Now when your roommate wants to paint the walls of your dorm some outrageous color, you’ll at least be able to compromise on the color.

COMM ST 117 NeGotIatIoN ucla: Have trouble convincing

extraterrestrial life in the galaxy has been a subject of debate for as long as many can remember. This SDSU class addresses the issue from a scientific standpoint, examining our and other solar systems in space and the living environments which they carry. It may not cover of the most famous Hollywood aliens, E.T., but it does promise stimulating discussions and a new outlook on the universe itself.

ASTR 310 astRobIoloGy aND the seaRch FoR extRateRRestRIal lIFe sdsu: The existence of

assume that Mario Kart 64 has any sort of deeper purpose, this LMU class could prove the masses wrong. It breaks video games down to their core and examines the key factors that make them so popular in today’s society, as well as their relations to other forms of media.

FTVS 518 aNalysIs oF VIDeo Games lmu: While many may not


saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel Communications; Photo by Inga Ivanova; Photo by Dmitri Shironosov; Photo by Misty Pfeil; Photo courtesy of fox Media relations; Photo courtesy of nintendo Public relations

AMST 407 ameRIcaN hUmoR csuf: Do you ever wish you WINE STUDIES- hoW sWeet Is too sWeet? uc irvine: Finally a class

could take a class where you could laugh and learn? In this class, students will be able to learn about amusement in American culture. The class will help students analyze the cultural significance of American humor and the way humor reinforces and changes culture. Laughter in class is encouraged… finally!

that includes wine tasting! In this course, students learn about the sweetness of dessert wines. Through trial and error, students will discover which sweets pair best with each particular dessert wine. Remember you have to be 21 or over to enroll.

Photo courtesy of PBS Press ; Photo by Paul Topp ; Photo courtesy of 20th Century fox Media relations ; Photo by electrochris ; Photo by rachel Coe Photo courtesy of Mariner Books

hour performance course at Cal State Fullerton teaches students the fundamentals of surfing and helps students reach advanced levels of performance. Learn a new sport and enjoy what the Cali coast has to offer.

KNES 112A beGINNING sURFING csuf: Ride a wave and earn credit at the same time! This one

difficult people sucks, but we do have to learn how to deal with them. This UC Irvine class teaches students insightful methods when dealing with various types of people in different contexts while learning to maintain self-confidence. Just think how much easier your life will get with these newfound skills.

MGMT x497.17 DealING tactFUlly WIth DIFFIcUlt PeoPle uc irvine: Dealing with

mechanisms and perceptual abilities of both animals and humans to explain larger biological questions. Some of the topics covered include bionavigation in birds, electroreception in fish and even pheromone sensitivity in humans.

PSYC 138 seNsoRy exotIca: the secRet PeRcePtUal skIlls oF aNImals aND hUmaNs uc riverside: This course surveys the lesser-known sensory

want to learn about the economic and manufacturing aspects of gold, this is the class for you. Find out the monetary value of various types of gold and silver. Students will decipher silver and gold marks, identify the smells of a variety of gold and silver and even explore the way gold and silver are manufactured.

ART HIS x401.61 (1.5) tURNING GolD aND sIlVeR INto “GReeN” uc irvine: For those who

inner five-year old spirit emerge in this creative writing course. This class is a survey of children’s literature and offers several techniques for beginning writers. Students will learn how to write for children, but overall they will have fun tapping into their creativity.

CRWT 044 Ghosts, GoDs, aND moNsteRs: chIlDReN’s lIteRatURe FoR WRIteRs uc riverside: Let your

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College can be scary, but if you’re rushing a sorority or fraternity, it can be even scarier. not to fear, here are your must-know tips on rushing the house of your dreams.
By Lisa Eberly

For the sorority Girls…
eat the food!
This isn’t a first date! The girls don’t want you to be anorexic, and if they do, you shouldn’t want to be in their house anyway! You are supposed to feel comfortable in the houses, and that means that you can relax and eat! Everyone there knows that it’s been a long day and all of the girls rushing are stressed and starving. Don’t take this the wrong way and be a human cupcake vacuum, but try to eat one thing at every house you visit.

don’t be shy!
The whole point of Rush is to get to know the sorority girls, and you can’t exactly do that mumbling and staring into space! Never answer a question with just a few words, you want to make sure you keep talking. Try to answer their questions with a funny story, another question, anything to keep the conversation fresh! The worst response to any question during Rush is “good” or “yes” or anything else that leads to an awkward nod, silence, and no invitation back!

try to ignore stereotypes and rumors!
Photo courtesy of 575 Productions

don’t wear heels!
If you aren’t comfortable running a marathon in heels, it is highly recommended that you do not rush in heels! Each day of Rush includes a lot of walking, whether it be down sorority row or in the sororities themselves. It makes it much harder to get to know the girls if you are about to collapse from your 4-inchers! The last day of Rush, when you make your final decision and only go to a couple of houses is an acceptable day to wear your high heels.

As cheesy as this sounds, it’s true. You want to be happy in whatever house you choose because you’re going to be in it for life. Who cares if it’s the top house? Who cares if there are a couple bad rumors about them? There are cool girls in every house and there are not-so-cool girls in every house. Every house has a stereotype and every house has rumors. The most important thing is that you are happy in that house forever. House reputations change and maybe your pledge class will be the one to turn your house around!


saturday night magazine September 2010


don’t talk about controversial things!
Though you might feel a comfortable closeness with a girl during Rush, you still don’t truly know her well enough to bring up controversial topics! Throughout your life you will learn many important life lessons, and this is your first one as a college student. There are three things that you should never discuss with close friends: politics, religion, and ethics. So, it’s probably not the best idea to discuss your personal opinion about abortion with an almost-stranger because, really, you have no clue how she feels about it and that might make or break her decision about you.

don’t talk about other houses!
Sorority girls do not want to hear how you feel about the other sororities you’ve been to. Not only do they not want to know, they’re not allowed to know! Rush rules are strict, and they include an important rule about the discussion of other sororities! So, please do not try to sound cool by making fun of another house to a girl during Rush because, frankly, she’s just going to think you’re a bitch.

don’t be afraid of the hair flipping!
Matching outfits, synchronized songs, automatic smiles, door stacks, and hair flipping…who wouldn’t want to run and hide? Rush can be very intimidating and, at times, scary. Don’t let these things turn you away from a sorority, they are just old traditions! Trust me, you couldn’t pay most sorority girls to do a hair flip song in the middle of the year!

it’s like a job interview…be yourself, but your best self!
I doubt you would go to a job interview hungover in your pajamas! At a job interview, you want to make sure that the boss likes you, but you also want to make sure that the boss knows what he is getting. During Rush, you don’t want to be fake or anything other than yourself, but, just like a job interview, you want to be your best self. You want the girls can see the real you, your personality and style included. But, because rush goes by so fast, your first impression is important, so you want to make sure you look and act your best.

For the Frat boys…
Photo courtesy of 575 Productions; Photo courtesy of Maya Parmer; Photo courtesy of extreme Greeks

visit all the houses the first day!
Just like that tattoo you got after too much to drink that night, once you make a decision, you’re stuck with it for life. Luckily, if you visit every house on the first day you can make a much more informed decision about which frat you’ll be happiest in. You’re in it for life, just like that tattoo; now don’t make that mistake twice!

as possible! be available during rush week—don’t get to know as many guys the more votes you get, the The more guys you meet, the more votes you get; make other plans! more chances you have for one of those guys to really like you and want you in
The worst thing that could happen during Rush is ending up in the wrong house for you. That’s why it is so important to make sure you can see every house enough to make an informed decision. You want to make sure that you are completely free during Rush to make sure you get to see every house. Don’t blow off your future sisters for a hot date! their house. If you only meet one guy, and he hardly remembers you, they’ll spend their rush meeting trying to figure out who you are! If you meet tons of guys, once your name comes up they’ll talk about how cool and social you are!

don’t ask too many questions!
Rush is not about knowing what percentage of house dues go to their philanthropy or social calendars! Rush is about getting to know girls on a personal level, and asking a bunch of questions is not going to build a lifelong friendship! Yes, it is important to know some of the answers to the questions you might have, but keep it to just a few questions, not an interrogation!

be available during rush week—don’t make other plans!

Just as important it is to visit all the houses on the first day, it is important to be available throughout Rush. If the guys ask you to come by on short notice, it’s probably a good thing and you want to be able to make it! You also want to spend as much time as possible at the different frats making sure that you know where you want to be for the next four years. Don’t blow off your future brothers for a dorm party!

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enjoy it! you only get to do it once!
Rush is supposed to be fun! It’s really just hanging out at a frat house with some cool guys, getting to know each other! It shouldn’t be too stressful or unpleasant. You should really enjoy Rush because you only get to rush and pledge once, after that you have to be on the other end of it!

try to talk to the exec board!
The most influential people in a fraternity house are the members of the executive board. If you get a chance, try to meet some members of exec and get to know them. If one of them remembers and likes you, your chances of being invited back to that house improve significantly! Also, they are the people that run the fraternity, so their decisions will ultimately affect you if you choose to pledge that fraternity.

be genuinely happy to be there!
Just like your girlfriend can tell when you don’t genuinely care about her new dress, frat guys can tell when you don’t genuinely care about their house. When you’re visiting the frats, try to be truly happy to be at each one, even if you liked the one before it better. You want to make sure to be friendly to every brother you meet because you never know who might make or break your decision.

don’t try to impress anyone!
Fraternities don’t care how much you know about frat life. They don’t want to hear you brag about yourself or sound impressive. Only if you have real questions about fraternity life or the frat itself, ask them! Trust me, you don’t want to sound like an ignorant tool, they will just make fun of you for it once you leave! Ignore the cheesiness but, be real, be cool, be you!

introduce yourself to every brother!
Every guy likes a girl who is confident enough to make the first move and every frat guy likes a rushee who is confident enough to do the same. Try not to be shy; make an effort to be confident and comfortable among the brothers of every house. If you’re wandering around the house alone, you’re just going to look like a loser and no one will even remember you were there. But, if you’re making the first move and introducing yourself left and right, the brothers will have just as much confidence in you as you do yourself.

take every opportunity to get to know a brother!

have cute girls stop by!
The fraternity wants you to feel welcome and comfortable during Rush. If you’re comfortable enough to text a buddy to bring over some cute girls, that probably means that the house is the right choice for you. Be advised though, without invitation or initiation, you are not welcome in their house for non-Rush events. Only do this if you’ve already been asked back to a house toward the end of Rush.

Try to truly get to know as many guys as possible. Even before rush starts, you should be trying to meet frat guys on campus, at the bars, or anywhere else you can. Try to make your name known by the time rush starts (hopefully not in a bad light)! If a brother asks you to come by the house, go by the house!


saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo courtesy of 575 Productions


Be There For His Final Overture

10+ GROUPS SPECIAL SERVICE! September 2010 saturday night magazine

866-755-3075 • 55

©1988 R.U.G.PLC

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Photos: Map of Los Angeles Photo by Shelly Greer; Photo courtesy of UCLA Athletic

Best College football

Road trips
football season is finally here and you’re out there every Saturday sporting your team colors. Why not really prove your team spirit and cheer them on to victory at a road game? We’ve compiled a goto guide to help you in your adventure - where to go pre and post game, where to stay, and what to do in your down time. Just be sure to put on your warpaint - you’ll be in enemy territory now.
By Kiowa Bryan

los angeles

where to stay (usc/downtown):
The Standard Downtown will always be the “it” spot, but with LA Live booming you might want to check out the LA Live Marriott or Ritz-Carlton - both still so new you can probably smell the wet paint on them. Most hotels offer shuttles on game day.

The new it spot in Pasadena is Bodega Winebar. Get a delish bite in this casual yet upscale atmosphere, while learning a thing or two about wine from around the globe. In Westwood, the scene is all at the W Hotel.

The Crocker Club on 5th and Spring is a popular weekend hangout. Crafted out of a former bank, the underground rooms are made of old bank vaults, just make sure you’re dressed to impress - they don’t play around with the dress code. While you’re in your «weekend best», check out Seven Grand (on 7th and Grand) or the ever-popular Edison.

Night and day, Old Town has something for everyone ages 8-98. With shopping, spas, local breweries, cafes, the day will fly by. For a sports oriented scene check out Yard House and Barney’s Beanery. Next stop, Lucky Baldwins for some authentic English ale and grub or Bar Celona for some nice Spanish wine and Tapas.

sePt. 11 oct. 2 oct. 16 oct. 30 NoV. 27 Dec. 4 staN @ Ucla WsU @ Ucla Wash @ Usc cal @ Usc asU @ Usc osU @ Ucla NotRe Dame @ Usc Usc @ Ucla

There’s only one place to pre-game - and that is on campus. On the off-day, take the Metro Train up to Hollywood and Highland and do the tourist bit for the day. Come on, you know you want to take a picture with that Edward Cullen look-alike.

where to stay (ucla/pasadena):
Unless you HAVE to stay by the UCLA campus, you’re better off camping out in Pasadena. There’s so much to do in Old Town and the cross town commute from Westwood is less than a cakewalk. The Westin and the Marriott are both amicable choices and offer shuttles to the Rose Bowl. If you must stay in Westwood, the W Hotel is the way to go.

how to get around:
Having a car in LA is definitely a plus, but the metro bus/rail system isn’t half bad either. Check out to plan out your route.


saturday night magazine September 2010

September 2010 saturday night magazine


back to school

how to get there:
There’s no better excuse for a road-trip than to take the PCH up to San Francisco. The BART is great for getting around the city and to Berkeley but getting to Stanford is a little more tricky. If you do opt to fly, you may want to think about renting a car to make the trip south.

san francisco

You are in San Fransisco! Or course you must ride the Trolley, visit Chinatown, get a bowl of Clam Chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf, and walk or bike over the Golden Gate Bridge. On gameday, Stanford offers free parking, shaded areas, and manicured lawns - all which contribute to a wonderful pre-gaming experience. Cal fans might want to nix tailgating as the parking area at Berkeley is minuscule and instead head over to Bear’s Lair Pub on campus.

where to stay:
Whether you’re in town rooting for the Golden Bears or the Cardinals, you will want to stay in Frisco - preferably somewhere not too far from Mission, as you will probably end up spending the mast of your nights in this colorful neighborhood.

The Mission is where it’s at. For more of a “divey” scene, check out Mission Bar, Elixir, or Bus Stop - one of the oldest bars in Frisco. If you’re looking for a more refined experience and some good Italian food, try Beretta. While you’re all dressed up, head up to Union Square and see who’s spinning at Ruby Skye, where some of the world’s top DJs spin regularly.

sePt. 18 oct. 9 oct. 23 NoV. 6 NoV. 13 NoV. 27 Dec. 4 Wake FoRest @ staN Ucla @ cal Usc @ staN asU @ cal WsU @ staN Ua @ staN oReGoN @ cal Wash @ cal osU @ staN staN @ cal

where to stay:
For U of A in Tucson, you’ll want to stay on 4th St. Not only is it right off campus but 4th St. is the only place you’ll want to be. The Marriott University Park or the Four Points University Plaza are closest. For ASU games in Tempe, you have two options: Scottsdale or Tempe. Scottsdale has an insane nightlife and Tempe is right by campus.

For U of A games, Cactus Moon is THE college hot spot - especially on Wednesday nights. Ladies get 25 cent drinks from 8-10 p.m. and $1.50 drinks from 10-close. If you’re at ASU, the best college scene is Old Town Scottsdale, where a pub crawl usually ensues.

sePt. 25 oct. 2 oct. 9 oct. 30 NoV. 13 NoV. 26 NoV. 13 Dec. 2 oReGoN @ asU cal @ U 0F a osU @ U 0F a Wash @ asU staN @ asU Ucla @ asU Usc @ U 0F a asU @ U 0F a


saturday night magazine September 2010

Photo by Michael Pimentel,; Photo courtesy of U of A Athletic Dept.; Photo courtesy of ASU Media relations


how to get there:
Flights are usually budget-friendly and take the blink of an eye. You better have some good road games if you plan on driving for 7 hours through flat desert.

The tailgating situation at U of A is not be missed but if it’s not game day, check out these two Irish oldies but goodies: O’Malley’s and Maloney’s. If you’re catching an ASU game, tailgating might just be a little bit too fun - you’ll be lucky if you even make it to the game.

September 2010 saturday night magazine


back to school

best season match-Ups!
sept. 25 oregon state at boise state

sept. 4 Washington at byU

sept. 18 Wake Forest at stanford

sept. 4 Ucla at kansas state

sept. 17 california at Nevada

sept. 4 oregon state at tcU

Nov. 27 Notre Dame at Usc

sept. 18 Iowa at arizona



saturday night magazine September 2010

3D Map of the USA Illustration by Jezper

oct. 9 arkansas at texas a&m

sept. 11 miami at ohio state

oct. 2 Notre Dame at boston college

sept. 11 michigan at Notre Dame

sept. 6 boise state at Virginia tech
feDeXfIeLD - LAnDoVer, MD

sept. 11 Florida state at oklahoma
MeMorIAL STADIUM - norMAn, ok

sept. 4 lsU vs. N. carolina

sept. 25 oklahoma at cincinnati

sept. 11 oregon at tennessee

sept. 11 Penn state at alabama

sept. 18 byU at Florida state

sept. 18 clemson at auburn

sept. 25 W. Virginia at lsU

sept. 18 Ucla at texas

Nov. 27 Florida at Florida state

September 2010 saturday night magazine


The perfect party guest

Watch movies you buy or rent from iTunes on your TV

Play your music or listen to streaming internet radio

View slide shows

Charge your iPad or iPhone

Play games on your TV with up to four players

Invite Griffin's PartyDock to your next get-together. It's the only media dock that plays games and movies from your iPhone or iPad on your TV. What kind of games? Trivia, dice game, games of skill and more for up to four

teams or players. Play the four included games or download more from the iTunes App Store. Easy to set up and fun to play, PartyDock is the perfect guest at any party. If only your friends were always as considerate.




61  64  66  68  70  72  74  76  78 
gadgets apps snacks fashion beauty movies tv video games websites


speck fitted iphone case
iPhone cases traditionally come in an array of different colors to allow the owner to coordinate them with their outfits should they choose, but solid colors don’t always match well. These nifty iPhone 4 cases, on the other hand, have actual fabric prints laid over the back panel, ranging from simple plaid to argyle or houndstooth. The iPhone 4 might have its troubles, but at least it’ll look pretty! Speck also offers a nice range of cases for your iPad, Blackberry, iPod Touch, Kindle or laptop.

>> $30 /

hp photosmart c4680 all-in-one printer
The perfect printer for students, the HP Photosmart C4680 combines a printer, copier and scanner all into one compact machine so it won’t take up too much precious space in your dorm room. This newer version also includes the latest HP TouchSmart technology, which will allow you to print photos without a PC. Save paper by using the Smart Web printing feature that will combine multiple Web pages onto one page. Green students will appreciate this eco-friendly printer, which uses less than 1 watt of energy in off mode. HP 60 print cartridges contain at least 50% recycled plastic. >> $70 /

irobot roomba 400
iRobot Roomba will do your vacuuming for you! Its compact shape allows it to vacuum beneath beds and other difficult places while the spinning side brush removes accumulated dirt around edges and corners. Roomba automatically transitions from one surface to the next, including carpets, rugs, tile and hardwood floors. It detects dirtier areas and responds by increasing its vacuuming intensity to ensure deeper cleaning in that area. Roomba automatically locates and returns to its home base to dock and recharge between cleaning cycles and when the battery is running low.

>> $160 /

September 2010 saturday night magazine


stuff we like
lum-tec a9 watch
A watch says a lot about a person and so strapping this timepiece to your wrist will have you looking and feeling as cool as the dark charcoal titanium it’s made from. The A9 features some neat bells and whistles - water resistance, anti-reflective coating, free lifetime battery replacement - but, best of all, boasts the LUM-TEC MDV technology, which basically means the dial glows in the dark. Perfect for sneaking out of that sorority girl’s bedroom at 5am.

>> $455 /

seagate free agent go
These portable hard drives are the thinnest available and come in a wide range of shiny colors, from spring green to solar orange. Back up your photos, music and other documents quickly using a USB cable or choose an optional dock to forego the cable. Pick a size capacity from 250 GB to 1 TB.

v-moda crossfade lp headphones
V-MODA’s headphones give you multifunctionality, whether you want to use them for gaming, listening to music from your mp3 player, or talking on the phone. Memory foam in the ear cushions and a memory headband provide comfort while wearing them. The Crossfade LP has a unique metal V design. It has universal compatibility with any device, a highfidelity microphone and detachable cables. Best of all, these headphones were designed in collaboration with some of the world’s top DJs and musicians to deliver deep bass, mid-range and clarity. Available in three sleek colors: gunmetal black, phantom chrome and white pearl. >> $250 /

>> $90 for 250 Gb /

klipsch igroove sXt ipod speaker bluelounge refresh charging station
Keep all your electronics organized while charging them in your dorm room with Bluelounge’s Refresh charging station. Refresh provides you with two built-in iPod connectors, a micro and mini USB connection and two extra USB connections for other devices. A black rubber tray hides the mess of cables underneath and provides a sleek look. Refresh is available in three colors: jet black, polar white or fresh pink. >> $90 / What’s an iPod without speakers? Share your music by plugging your iPod or iPhone into the sleek iGroove SxT speaker system. The speaker fits flawlessly into the smallest of spaces, making it a great companion in dorm rooms and first apartments. But don’t be fooled by its compactness: the speaker delivers big, clear, distortion-free sound, all while recharging your device. >> $150 /


saturday night magazine September 2010


eXpo neon board iapeel inkJet printable skins
To make sure you never get bored with your iPad cover style, iaPeel offers printable skins made of durable vinyl for scratch protection. The best part? You can design and customize the skin with your favorite photo, logo or artwork, and print it at home. Each pack comes with five skins, so get designing! >> $30 / A must-have accessory for your dorm room, the Expo Neon Board is an 8.5 x 11” black dry erase board with an aluminum frame that won’t take up too much space on your wall. Use the three neon marker combo pack to make cool drawings on the board for decoration or write a to-do list to start off the school year organized. >> $15 /

Jabra clipper
Unlike other bulky Bluetooth headsets that attach directly to your ear, the Jabra Clipper is a nifty device that can be clipped to your clothing and have headphones attached to it – so those are worn rather than a headset. What makes the Clipper so unique, however, is not the appearance. It’s actually a wireless stereo music player that, when paired with a Bluetooth-enabled phone, can switch between music and calls effortlessly. The device fits any standard headphones, so there’s no need to give up your favorite pair. >> $60 /

marshmallow mforcer
If your first impression of this device that shoots marshmallows is “why would someone need this,” you’re doing it wrong. Allow us to correct you – “why wouldn’t someone need this?” There you go, all better. All joking aside, this item is great for making hot chocolate awesome. >> $40 /

eyetv hd
EyeTV is a DVR that records from your cable or satellite receiver and connects directly to your Mac computer for streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies. Featuring a dual-format capture mode, the EyeTV can record in iPad and iPhone formats simultaneously. Easily export recordings to iTunes for quick syncing to your iPhone or iPad. An optional EyeTV app allows you to stream live or recorded TV to your iPhone.

waveboX portable microwave
With your dorm space as limited as a tiny closet, there’s not much room for heavy-duty objects, even the most necessary of them. Luckily, the Wavebox Portable Microwave is small and lightweight, meaning that you can pretty much put it anywhere and carry it around when you like. >> $250 /

>> $200 /

September 2010 saturday night magazine


stuff we like
orgasmo clock
Waking up to the sound of a woman having an orgasm pretty much tops every guy’s list. Experience this every morning with the Orgasmo alarm clock. Since it is practically guaranteed to wake you up, you won’t have to worry about being late to class. Finally, an alarm clock that doesn’t make you want to press snooze! >> $12 /


TOp 5 ipHOne AppS
by Tanya Ghahremani

theRe’s aN aPP FoR that!
> 1112 episode 2 <
1112 is a visually stunning first-person game that puts you in the center of a giant mystery unraveling in New York City. The highly anticipated Episode 2 brings even more surprises and plot twists as our hero Louis Everett (who looks suspiciously like Johnny Depp) finds himself in a very curious circumstance, unsure of how he got there. [$4.99]

alienware netbook portfolio
To ensure the shiny new electronics purchased for the new school year don’t suffer an unfortunate fate once the semester begins, protection is crucial. For your netbook, the Alienware Netbook Portfolio is great for just that. It’s light, which means you should have no trouble carrying it around campus, and best of all it’s durable.

> teXtrace <
Texting on an iPhone is tough without practice. Hey, even with sufficient practice, it’s still pretty hard. But rest assured…there’s an app for that. The game offers you sentences that you have to type – accurately, of course – before the clock runs out. There’s even a world record you can challenge. [free]

>> $40 /

> here, file file! <
Lugging around an iPhone is easier than lugging around a whole computer – even if it is a laptop. With this app, you’re pretty much lugging around both, minus the weight! If you have a Mac computer, just sync this app with it and all of your files will be available to be accessed on your iPhone. [$9.99]

canon powershot sd1200
Available in a rainbow of colors, this 10 megapixel fashionable camera has all you need for crisp and clear photographs of your college memories. A large 2.4 inch PureColor LCD screen allows you to view photos easily. The intelligent AUTO function automatically adjusts settings for the specific moment using 18 predefined shooting situations. The DIGIC 4 Image Processor tracks faces to focus in on them, preventing blurry pictures. Its contrast correction feature will brighten dark areas while keeping bright areas the same.

> Jersify <
If you’re as addicted to the trainwreck of a reality show, Jersey Shore, as we are, you’ve probably wondered more than once how you’d look if you were as stylin’ as The Situation or Snooki. With this app, all your questions will be answered. It basically takes your photo and lets you turn it into whatever you want, Jerseystyle. [$0.99]

>> $180 /

kensington powerbolt micro car charger
Easily charge an Apple device, from iPod Nanos to iPhone and even the iPad, with Kensington’s compact car charger. Easily detach the USB cable from the charger any time. The simple design will blend into any car’s interior. Kensington provides you with a two year warranty.

> tap fish <
Since having an aquarium in the dorms is pretty much impossible, Tap Fish is a great alternative. The game basically allows you to manage your own aquarium (buy, care for and even breed your very own fish) and has tons of exotic fish to choose from – even sharks all on the “fishbucks” system. [free]

>> $25 /


saturday night magazine September 2010

inkjet printable skins

costa rica canopy tour


personalize your phone with iaPeel skins at home in 3 easy steps:
leaves no adhesive residue

1 DESIGN software included

2 PRINT works with any inkjet printer

3 APPLY easy-align tabs ensure perfect fit
Enter promo code IAPEELT for a free t-shirt

learn more at September 2010 saturday night magazine Become a fan of iaPeel on Facebook for special offers and new product giveaways. 67

stuff we like
By Lisa Eberly


terra chips
Regular potato chips are just dull compared to these exotic vegetable chips!


kind bars
KIND bars are a delicious, healthy snack made from wholesome ingredients that you can see and pronounce!

>> $1.50 per bar/

If black is the new pink, then Emergen-C is the new coffee; with no crash to follow. Emergen-C not only gives you a burst of energy, but an immune system boost as well!


multigrain pringles
The same great taste of Pringles that you grew up eating, but now with a healthy, multigrain twist!

>> popchips
Popchips found a way to keep all of the flavor of potato chips in, while keeping most of the fat out!

sweet leaf tea
Sweet Leaf Tea’s premium iced teas with creative flavors such as Mint & Honey Green Tea are the next Snapple!



kashi tlc oatmeal dark chocolate chewy cookies
Low in sugar and fat but not in taste, these cookies are the perfect craving fix for chocolate lovers who want to avoid the freshman 15.

synergy kombucha
Kombucha has been used around the world for hundreds of years to help restore balance and vitality, so it’s no wonder it’s the perfect drink for fending off dorm floor plagues.




saturday night magazine September 2010

Looking for a Graduate School?

a natural choice 877.YOSAN4U 877.967.2648 ext. 24 September 2010 saturday night magazine 69



7 FoR all maNkIND LoW-rISe BooTCUT JeAnS >> $165/ 7

blesseD & cURseD DArk InDIGo WASh JeAnS >> $198 /

cURReNt / ellIot The STrAIGhT LeG JeAnS >> $290 /

roGAn SLIM CUT SVeLTe JeAnS >> $196 /

Dl1961 eMMA LeGGInG >> $128 /

leVel 99 SLIMBooT SAShA JeAnS >> $98 / taG JeaNs roDneY SkInnY CArGo >> $158 /

DIVINe RIGhts oF DeNIm VAMP “LUST” – TWISTeD SeAM SkInnY JeAnS >> $68 /

aDRIaNo GolDschmIeD The PreMIere In 7 YeAr JeAnS >> $235 /


saturday night magazine September 2010

Wesc SLIM JeAnS >> $132 / PaUl smIth DISTreSSeD JeAnS >> $184 /

laDD JerMAIne LeAn JeAnS >> $220 / lVc: leVI’s VINtaGe clothING 1955 501 JeAnS >> $250 /

blUe Notch STrAIGhT LeG JeAnS >> $140 /

aNthem DeNIm reBeL BooTCUT >> $119 /

eaRNest seWN ace JeaNs >> $195 / D&G WASheD CreASeD JeAnS >> $186 / JeaN shoP SkInnY rAW DenIM JeAnS >> $286 /

September 2010 saturday night magazine




tWeezeRmaN GRaFFItI slaNt tWeezeR keRatIN comPlex tRaVel mINI Flat IRoN
The perfect on-the-go tool with ¾ inch plates and a thermal heat-proof travel pouch. >> $59 / A special edition tweezer with hand-filed precision tips. Available in three colors. >> $25 /

ole heNRIkseN
A soothing, non-drying gel cleanser packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. >> $21 /

oN the Go cleaNseR

eos lemoN DRoP lIP balm
A smooth sphere with SPF 15, shea butter and vitamin E for pampering protection. >> $3 /

tIGI RockaholIc boRN to Rock

Detangle, defrizz and de-stress your locks with this protective leave-in conditioner. >> $36 /

calVIN kleIN eteRNIty sUmmeR 2010
A new fragrance with a zesty, summer blend of kumquat, pineapple and bamboo. >> $54 (3.4 fl oz) /

bIlly JealoUsy
Stay fresh-faced with this effective, salicylic face wash for oily or acne-prone skin. >> $18 /

baR NoNe Face Wash

colGate WIsP
Disposable, mini toothbrush with liquid-filled bead. Minty fresh anytime, anywhere! >> $2 /

the boDy shoP WhIte mUsk haIR & boDy Wash

eVeRy maN Jack FIbeR cReam
Adds thickness and texture to your style with a strong, pliable hold and matte finish. >> $8 /

Save time with this 2-in-1, cleansing and conditioning wash with a woodsy scent. >> $14 /


saturday night magazine September 2010

September 2010 saturday night magazine


on the boX

by Carla Thorpe


Premieres Wednesday, september 22 at 8 p.m. on Nbc Hot off of, well, every show he’s ever made (Lost, Alias, Fringe, Felicity) writer/ producer/director/genius J.J. Abrams returns with a one-hour spy drama that plays like a TV version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The pilot kicks off with boring married couple Steven and Samantha Bloom being reinstated to their former jobs as two of the best spies in the CIA. Not only are they thrust back into the action-packed world of espionage, secret identities, gunplay and hand-to-hand combat but they have to do it all while trying to keep their marriage intact. Look for this to be a fun combo of snappy dialogue and action scenes; no doubt a breakout hit of the new season.

airs mondays at 10.30 p.m on showtime Showtime has really hit its stride with dark comedies like Weeds, Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara and now they’re adding another to the stable. The always brilliant Laura Linney stars as a suburban teacher, wife and mother who gets a new lease on life when she’s diagnosed with cancer. Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) rocks a recurring role as one of Linney’s high school students.

the big c

running wilde

Premieres tuesday, september 21 at 9.30 p.m. on Fox Calling all Arrested Development fans! This new romantic comedy series is not only produced by AD creator Mitch Hurwitz but stars funnyman Will Arnett as an immature Beverly Hills playboy who is trying to win (or buy) the heart of an uber-liberal humanitarian (Keri Russell). Don’t expect it to hit the comedic genius heights of AD right off the bat, but still, definitely worth a look.

Premieres Wednesday september 8 at 9 p.m. on the cW The teen savvy folks at The CW have finally figured out what they’ve been missing this whole time: cheerleaders. Like a collegeset Bring It On, Hellcats focuses on a young pre-law student (Aly Michalka) who loses her scholarship and is forced to join the college’s cheer squad. Cue drama, team politics, hot dance routines, lots of Ashley Tisdale and (we hope) some spirit-fingered bitch slaps.



Premieres thursday september 9 at 9 p.m. on the cW First, cheerleaders and now spies! Well played, CW. This reboot of La Femme Nikita sees sexy actionfilm star Maggie Q step into the title role as a secret agent and assassin who is going all Jason Bourne on the organization who created her. If they can stretch the budget for some bad-ass action scenes and keep the storylines as tight as Maggie Q’s martial arts skills, this should be a big hit.

tv ON dvd giveaway!

Before the new season starts, we’re giving you the chance to catch up on some of the best shows on television by giving away “tV on DVD” bundles to five lucky readers. To enter to win, email with your answer to this question:

q: What is the name of the high school in glee?

Dexter: The Fourth season (8/17 - CBS Home Entertainment) glee: season one (9/14 - Fox Home Entertainment) it’s Always sunny in Philadelphia: season Five (9/14 - Fox Home Entertainment) How i Met your Mother: season Five (9/21 - Fox Home Entertainment) Modern Family: season one (9/21 - Fox Home Entertainment)

each DVD bundle includes:


saturday night magazine September 2010

Piranha 3D  Dimension films august 27 Machete  Twentieth Century fox film september 3


cast: Elisabeth Shue, Adam Scott stoRy: The townsfolk of Lake Victoria become walking fish food when a tremor releases a school of prehistoric piranhas. It’s up to the local sheriff (Shue) to save the day… bUzz: A welcome return to some campy, B-movie horror with a brilliantly random cast including Christopher Lloyd and Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr. Let the 3D gorefest commence! resident evil: Afterlife  Screen Gems september 10

cast: Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez stoRy: A former Federale is double-crossed by the organization who hired him and goes on a knife-wielding killing spree to exact his revenge. bUzz: Director Robert Rodriguez has thrown a whole world of kitschy coolness into this action flick, including pitch-perfect turns from Lindsay Lohan, Steven Seagal and Robert DeNiro. wall street: Money Never sleeps  Twentieth Century fox film sept. 24

adam scott
Piranha 3D
With an impressive list of TV and film credits ranging from Parks & Recreation and Knocked Up to his leading role in the brilliantly funny Party Down, you’ve no doubt seen Adam Scott’s deadpan comedic delivery in action. This month he stars in campy horror flick, Piranha 3D and sat down with us to get serious about man-eating fish… sNmaG: Tell us about your character in Piranha 3D – he’s a scientist, is that right? aDam scott: Yes. A scientist who hates Piranhas but loves plaid shirts. sNmaG: The movie is jam-packed with awesome actors – Christopher Lloyd, Elisabeth Shue, Richard Dreyfuss – was there anyone in particular you were excited to meet and work with? as: Back To The Future, Karate Kid, Jaws. Yes. I was shitting my pants.

cast: Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter stoRy: Alice (Jovovich) continues on her mission to find and protect survivors of the zombifying T-Virus and heads to the rumored “safe haven” in Los Angeles. bUzz: It might be the fourth installment of the franchise but we’re still happy to hand over our box office dollar to see Jovovich and Ali Larter shoot four colors of gore out of zombie nation. And in 3D! you Again  Touchstone Pictures september 24

cast: Shia LaBeouf, Michael Douglas stoRy: Gordon Gekko is finally released from jail and soon teams up with a young Wall Street wiz kid, who is on the trail of an impending global financial disaster. bUzz: It will be tough to top the 1987 classic but this sequel should be worth a look thanks to the combo of director Oliver Stone, Michael Douglas and hot young things Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan.

sNmaG: What’s one of the gnarliest death scenes in the movie? as: I believe someone gets their penis forcibly removed by a piranha using its teeth and mouth. Is that what you mean by gnarly? sNmaG: Did you have fun shooting at Lake Havasu? as: Yes. I was almost date raped by a drunk frat guy decked out in Ed Hardy on my first day and thought to myself, “I’m home.” sNmaG: Was it tough having to imagine a lot of CGI fish everywhere? Were there any fish stand-ins to help you on set? as: Yes. One of them was named Jerry O’Connell. sNmaG: What was your approach to the movie’s balance of camp humor and horror? as: I don’t know what you’re talking about, but yes, we will be eligible for the Oscars. sNmaG: Not that we need persuading but how would you pitch the movie to college kids? as: It’s easier than reading about people getting torn apart by pissed off prehistoric fish. sNmaG: What are some of your favorite movies? as: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Jerk, Midnight Run. [ Visit to read our extended interview with Adam ]

DVD GiVeaway!

cast: Kristen Bell, Odette Yustman stoRy: A young woman realizes her brother is marrying the girl who tormented her in high school and sets out to expose the fiancée’s bitchy true nature. bUzz: So the story is fairly runof-the-mill but we’re predicting awesomeness thanks to the stellar list of actresses here, including Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Kristen Chenowith and…Betty White! by Carla Thorpe

If you want to rewatch the original Wall Street before the sequel releases this month, or have never seen it (shame on you!), we’re giving away five copies of Wall Street: Insider Trading Edition on DVD. To enter to win, email us at giveaway@ with the answer to this question: What was the name of Charlie Sheen’s character in Wall Street?

September 2010 saturday night magazine


video games
[never putting it down ]
transformers: war of cybertron Activision Available on xbox 360, PlayStation3, Wii and Nintendo DS

[awesome ] [pretty good ] [blah ] [unplayable ]
sin and punishment: star successor nintendo Available on Wii

Since we have to wait another year for the next movie, get your Transformers fix with this new installment of the game franchise. For the first time, you can engage in action-packed multiplayer battles online, fully customize the look and weaponry of your own Autobot or Deceptacon and compete in head-to-head story missions with friends around the world in drop-in/drop-out online co-operative play. We call dibs on Optimus Prime! 

A long-awaited sequel to the Japanese Nintendo 64 cult-classic, this arcade shooter game delivers an intense thrill ride that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Play as Isa or Kachi and take to the skies with a jetpack or hovering skateboard as you blast away at a host of postapocalyptic enemies. The precision of the Wii-mote makes shooting bad guys a snap and you can check your high score against the online international leaderboard. 

front mission evolved Square enix Available on PlayStation3, xbox 360 and PC

kane & lynch 2: dog days eIDoS Available on xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC

Set in a futuristic world, this high-octane third-person shooter puts you in control of a massive, humanoid war machine called the “wanzer.” Customize your wanzer with dozens of weapons (shoulder-mounted rocket launchers!) and parts for various terrains including cityscapes and Antarctic wastelands. Once you’ve mastered single-player mode, enter the online battlefield – solo or in a team – and engage in multiplayer destruction! 

Badass criminals Kane and Lynch are back for more brutal action as they find themselves wanted by the entire Shanghai underworld. It’s a crime shooter like no other with new game mechanics that add to the adrenaline-fuelled realism and a variety of modes including single player, multiplayer, online co-op, arcade mode and the critically acclaimed Fragile Alliance mode which lets players choose between teamwork and greed. Watch your back! 

100 classic books nintendo Available on Nintendo DS

dead rising 2 Capcom Available on xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC

Literature on a gaming system? Yep, you can now zip through a compilation of some of the greatest works of classic literature (on a pocket sized game card) for only $19.99, with more available to download. Authors include Austen, Dickens, Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Twain, all the usual suspects. Settings include larger fonts and virtual bookmarks to help readers mark a page. Each book includes a plot synopsis and a biography of the author. 

This sequel sees our hero Chuck Greene competing in a gruesome game show where contestants must survive zombie-filled environments. On top of that, Chuck must also find the Zombrex drug his daughter needs to prevent her from turning into one of the living dead. So what we’re saying is, you have to kill a shit ton of zombies. Cool features include being able to combine everyday objects to create weapons and 2-player co-op so you can take on the zombies tag-team style! 


saturday night magazine September 2010

September 2010 saturday night magazine




crowd rise Social fundraising

there, i fiXed it epic kludge photos

Ever find yourself asking, “How can I make an impact?” The answer is just a click away! is an innovative platform that takes the concept of fundraising to a viral level where users can start by creating a profile, initiate a project, ask for donations, invite supporters to the project, share stories and ultimately create change. And if you don’t have the time to start your own project or money to donate, you can always find a cool charity where you can volunteer to help make a difference. 

For the uninitiated, a “kludge” is a workaround, a quick-and-dirty solution to a problem. The kind folks at have gathered up photos of masterful kludges, wacky inventions and makeshift FAILS from around the world and posted them all for your viewing pleasure. It’s the perfect site to scroll through if you’re bored at school or work and need to entertain yourself for a couple of hours. As if that weren’t enough, you can upload your own photos and read some of the brilliantly snarky user comments. 

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trolling Jesus Jesus is my homeboy

Powerpoint slides are all well and good but if you want to add some extra wow to your presentations, check out The site is super user-friendly and will guide you through all the steps necessary to create a fully customized presentation. Since the presentations are all online, users have the opportunity to view other people’s work and share their comments. Let your imagination go crazy! Current presentation subjects range from “Walmart – Good or Bad?” to “The Arab Israeli Conflict.” 

Disclaimer: If you’re deeply religious or easily offended, perhaps give this one a miss. If, on the other hand, you have an awesome sense of humor, then we insist that you get yourself to a computer asap and visit Basically, what you get is a blog of captioned, pencil-drawn illustrations, all featuring JC hilariously interacting with people who are just trying to go about their everyday lives. Sounds weird but trust us, it is genius and will have you LOLing all over the place. 

dormco. Dorm room decor

mynines online sample sales

Running from store to store before moving into your dorm is tough, but with you can find everything you need, even that alarm clock to wake you up on your first day of class. This one-stop shop website has all of its items organized from bedding and cookware to rugs and posters. There’s also the DormCo Lounge for tips and resources to help students prepare for that crucial first year of school. Our favorite items include the S’Mores Maker and Flying Alarm Clock.

If you’re a fashionista on a budget, you should definitely swing by to check out their exclusive designer sample sales. This free service requires users to sign up for membership, which then gives you access to dozens of sample sale sites across categories like fashion, travel, beauty and wines. Sales last between 24 to 72 hours and soon you’ll even be able to set up customized email alerts for whenever your favorite designers go on sale.


saturday night magazine September 2010

September 2010 saturday night magazine


last laugh



DIVIne MArkeTInG. eArLY VerSIon of “PInheAD” froM heLLrAISer.

A-hoLe In one! GUeSS WhAT I LeArneD AT SChooL ToDAY, MoM!

LookoUT for The kLInGonS neAr UrAnUS.


The BroChUre SAID There WAS A JACUzzI.

heY There... WAnnA hook UP AfTer?

...on ACCoUnT of The GrAVITATIonAL PULL...




saturday night magazine September 2010

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