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Dated: 02-08-2010 Its hereby notified for the general information of all concerned that the Higher Secondary 1001 Certifieate (HISSC) Supplementary Examination, 2010 of the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad, will commence from Tuesday, the 05" October, 2010, 2 ‘The schedule for receipt of Admission Forms along with admission fee in the Board's Office is as under a. SCHEDULE OF ADMISSION FEE FEESLAB FROM ero (1) Withrnormal fee - 23.08.2010 @) With double fee 24.08.2010 31-08-2010 NOTE(i: CANDIDATES SHOULD ENSURE THAT THE ADMISSION FORMS) REACH IN THE BOARD'S OFFICE ON OR BEFORE THE LAST DATE SPECIFIED ABOVE. TO AVOID PAYMENT OF EXTRA FEES AND REJECTION OF FORMS} b. RATES OF ADMISSION FEE: ‘caTEGoRY USsc1 HSSC NSSC18mT (1) Science/Humanities/Commeree/Medical fi k Tech, Group (For ex/private students) 8.650" RS.650/- Rs. 13001 2) Additional subjects) IBC Cases Rs.13000- (3) _ Improvement of Marks/Gmade aE (improvement fee ineluded) REAOO: RDO STEN (4) Registration Fee (for private candidates it ~ —— Re300) not already registered) (us Admission fea applicable) NOTEGi): CANDIDATES APPEARING IN ANY FAILURE SUBJECT(S) WILL PAY FEE OF HIS/HER RESPECTIVE GROUP. 3 Exiprivate candidates of Islamabad/Rawalpind) may remit their fee either by Pay ‘Order/Bank Draft or directly in the Board's account through Bank Challan at HBL (FBISE’s Branch) 1.8/4, Isamabad. All candidates other than Islamabad/Rawalpindi should remit their fee only through Pay Order/Bank Draft in favour of the Controller of Examinations (Conduct) Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad drawable at Islamabad and must provide the following information on the back side of the Pay Order/Bank Draft- Name of Candidate Father's Name _ Nature of Fee City Name 4 ‘The pre-printed Computerized Admission Forms bearing scanned photographs of failure regular candidates of HSSC Annual Examination, 2010 are being sent to the Heads of Institutions ‘concerned who will issue the same to the failure candidates along with their Result Cards. The pre- printed Computerized Admission Forms of the Ex/Private failure candidates are being dispatched on their addresses given by them in their Admission Forms. is (Candidates failing (compartmental eases) at HSSC Annual Examination, 2010 , who receive the pre-printed Computerized Admission Forms shall sign the Admission Forms, deposit the required fee, enter the Bank Draft, Pay Order/Challan Number at the given place and submit to the Board, Cont'd Page? Page (02) ‘These forms will not require any attestation, However, those candidates who donot receive ‘Computerized Admission Forms shall use normal Admission Forms, paste their Photographs, get these attested from the respective Head of the Institution affiliated with the Federal Roard and submit the same with photocopy of the Result Card. 6 NO FRESH CANDIDATE (EXCEPT ADDITIONAL/IMPROVEMENT CASES) IS ALLOWED TO APPEAR IN SUPPLEMENTARY EXAMINATION. However, the candidates ‘who intend to improve their Grade/Marks can re-appear upto two subjects of their choieeentire ‘examination as the case may be within a period of one year of passing the relevant examination. 2 ‘The candidates who wish to improve their grade/marks should fill in the Admission Forms along with the Application Form for improvement, which can be obtained from the Board’s office on payment of Rs. 10/-. The Admission Form is also available for download at FBISE web-site www. In this case, the cost of Admission Form i.e. Rs. 10/- will have to be remitted along, with admission fee 8 ‘Those candidates whose result is declared late by the Board may submit their Admission Forms with normal fee within 15 days from the date of declaration of their result but before commencement of the Examination, 9. Candidates of Gilgit ~ Baltistan should submit their Admission Forms to FBISE’s Sub Office, Gilgit~ Baltistan as per admission schedule, rape fon otANAO0R atinieD) Controller of Examinations (Conduct) LUTION 1. Joint Secretary (Admn.), Ministry of Edveation, Islamabed. 2. The Director (Monitoring & Evaluation Cell), Ministry of Education, Islamabad. 3, AllChairmen, BISES, in Pakistan 4. ‘The Director General, Federal Directorate of Education, G-9/4, Islamabad. 5, ‘The Director of Education, FGEI, (C/G) Directorate, Sir Syed Road, Rawalpindi Cant. 6. The Director Education, PAF Directorate of Education, Rear Air H.Q, Peshawar Cant. 7, ‘The Director of Education, Navel Headquarters, Islamabad. 8. ‘The Director Amy Public School & College System, Army Central Library, GHO.Rawalpind. 9. The Secretary, Inter Board Commitee of Chairmen, FBISE’s Building 10, Ail GSOs-I, FGEI (Cantt & Garrison), Regional Offices. 1. Allthe Heads of Institutions (within the country) affiliated 12, The Manager, HBL, FBISE branch, 1-8/4, Islamabad, 13. The Controller P.T-V/ Radio News, Constitution Avenue, Islamabad. 14. The Editor, Leading News Papers of Ravalpindi/Islamabad, 15. The Officer Incharge Website (Archive Block), FBISE, Islamabad. 16. All Sectional Heads, FBISE, Islamabad 17. Office Incharge, FBISE Sub-Office, Gilgit (Gilgit-Baltistan) 18. PLA. to Chairperson and Secretary FBISE, Islamabad 19. Allconcemed. -8/4 Islamabad. BISE, Islamabad (ZULFIQAR ALI RIZVD, Deputy Controller of Exams (Conduct) Ph, 051-9250619