Kan – The Water

Three Simple Rules for Getting Stuff

Perhaps one of the puzzling aspects of the Will is what we don't want. Will always seems to imply that wishes come true. Well, they do, they do. But even the Genie had a minimum of rules to go by... Here are three simple rules for getting stuff. ALIGN OTHER THOUGHTS Once a thought is thought, it is instantaneously endowed with its own power and will to become physical or begin attracting its nearest equivalent. The only mitigating factors are your other thoughts, typically your beliefs, expectations, anticipations and intentions. – Mike Dooley, Infinite Possibilities. The other thoughts and beliefs are the rocks in the riverbed making the water churn. Smooth and efficient flow is realised by aligning river and flow.

THREE CULPRITS Focus is a way of reinforcing the Will. Focus is energy that fuels the flame. Whatever you focus on becomes more powerful. There are some things to watch out for. Imagine the words “no”, “don't” and “not” to be written on a flimsy piece of paper. If applied to focus, they will burn up in the heat and you will be adding fuel to the things you wanted to avoid. These flimsy bits are no match for the power of the mind; it looks straight through them. Like they teach you at skiing class. If you focus on the trees, you'll be sure to hit them. Your feet automatically align to get there. To ski, you have to focus on the gaps. – Stefan Walter Translate: Don't want disease? Focus health. Don't want poverty? Focus riches. Don't want to fail? Focus success. Against war? Focus peace. Against ignorance? Nurture knowledge.

NON-REACTION Invariably you'll reap what you sowed. And what you reap you have sowed. Your life at present is the result of past action. If you don't like the course it's taking, ignore what is now. Reacting on present realities will perpetuate them. As hard as it may seem, reign in your horses and instead, ACT on what you wish to be the present reality. You'll bring it on. In several places, the I Ching advises to sit down and enjoy a meal in the face of danger as an act of trust in safety. One in need waits with wine and food. Being steadfast and upright: good fortune. – I Ching 5 (Needing) 5th line. Bon apetit.
Irma Walter 2010

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