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Research Log

Research Log

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Published by Sarah Morehouse
for Intro to Searching - an online workshop from Empire State College Library
for Intro to Searching - an online workshop from Empire State College Library

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Published by: Sarah Morehouse on Aug 26, 2010
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Research Log

Topic and Keywords
What is your topic? (If possible, state it as a research question) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

What are the component concepts of your topic? Write each one at the top of a column in the chart below. What are some related words for each concept in your topic? Fill in related words beneath each concept.

Building a search
Using AND, OR, NOT, quotation marks and parentheses, combine your keywords so that the database will ´understandµ what you are looking for. Reminder Examples AND - both (cats OR felines) AND birds OR - either (dogs OR cats) NOT ´pure bredµ NOT ² exclude ´ µ ² put around phrases ( ) ² put around keywords joined by OR

______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Choose places to search
E-book Catalog (e-books from Empire State College library) WorldCat (books in other libraries) article databases (which ones?) __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ newspaper databases image or video databases the web

As you research
Database Search query attempted # results

For each information source you choose
y y y y y y y y Take down the information you will need to find it again. (You may want to save it or e-mail it to yourself too.) Is it scholarly or popular? Is it a primary source, a secondary source, or a reference source? Does the information help answer your research question? Does it agree or disagree with your own hypothesis? Is it sufficiently up to date? Does the author have sufficient expertise? Do you think the facts are correct? the ideas logical? the research methods valid? Is it sufficiently objective? What signs of bias or agenda do you detect?

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