Welcome to the Campus Recruitment Training Session

Campus Recruitment Process ± 3 Parts Aptitude Test Group Discussion Personal Interview .

Personal Interview .

What is Interview?  Question Answer session ± NO. .  Introspection ± Self Analysis.  Just a Conversation ± not Interrogation  But there is fear in our mind because preparation is not proper.

Let us learn today: A B C D E Of Interview .


What you dislike about your college? Criticism ± Sandwiched Define yourself in one word? WIIFM Remember you are hired because of your skills & can be fired because of your attitude. It¶s not what you are it¶s how you present yourself. .

B ² Brain Skills .

5 cm 2. 3 cm 3. It is always less than the diameter of the ball. 2 cm 4. A.What is the distance between two stumps in the game of Cricket? 1.5 cm All options are wrong. 3. . 2.

O. _. What will be the next three alphabets? A. S. F. E. T. _. F. _. T. S. T. N. .

C ² Communication Skills .

it is what you land up saying.Law Of Communication: Looks Action Words Communication is not what you want to say. .

D ² Domain Knowledge .

Systematic body of knowledge based on experimentation & observation.What is Science? A. .

Envision .E .

There is a wood block in my hand. if I leave it where will it go? .

In-depth Preparation.What is the Success Mantra of Campus Selection? A. . ´The day you are prepared to become King the Crown will automatically come on your headµ.

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