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You can contribute by mailing your SMS collection r i s h i k a l i a @ k h a l s a . c o m 26 August 2010

Puzzle: Letter after F + half of 8 + shadow of q + opposite of d + letter before M + middle of sea + 2 * 18th letter + middle of sun. Answer to above: GOD BLESS U Ek raja apne kutte nu bahut pyaar karda c, par kutte ne wazir nu wad ditta, wazir ne raje nu kutte nu sazaa den lai keha par raja ta kutte nu bahut pyaar karda c, usne wazir nu keha ki tu hi es nu saza de par ohi saza main tainu dawaanga. Wazir ne kutte nu ki saza ditti ki kutta mar gaya par wazir fer v bach gaya..?? ANSWER: Wazir ne kutte di poonch wich agg laa ditti. Two persons are drowning in a river. One is whom you love and the other is who loves you. Whom will you save and why..? To love someone is a natural instinct. To be loved by someone is luck. To live with someone you love is achievement. To live with someone who loves you is life!! Answer this: Black is a color. White is a color. But black and white is not a color tv. WHY?? Solve this puzzle "i live in water, if u cut my head i am at your door, if u cut my tail, i am a fruit, if u cut both, then i am with u". ANSWER: PEARL

A ki biwi B, B ki bhabhi C, C ki beti V V ke daadaa G G ki biwi K K ki beti T Now tell ki A aur T ka kya rishta hua?? _____ lady market mein _____ lene gayi. _____ lekar uski _____ gir gayi, usko ek _____ mila usne uski _____ uthaai aur lady ko di. Only one word fits all blanks. Test ur brain. Ek family mein 20 member & 20 roti hain. Half roti to every child, 2 to every lady, and 3 to every man. Family mein kitne bachche, ladies & aadmi hain..? Two batsman, each on 94. 7 runs to win in 3 balls. Both make unbeaten 100. How?

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