MATERIAL SCIENCE & METALLURGY (Common to Mech, Mech & prod) UNIT I: BASIC PRINCIPLES 12hrs Structure of metals and alloys -Space lattice and crystal systems -X ray diffraction, Miller indices -allotropy -solid solution -intermetallic compounds -Elastic and plastic deformation of metals -Anelastic effects -Deformation by slip -Hot and Cold working. Phase diagrams: Solidification of metals, phase rules, construction of phase diagram, Isomorphous, eutectic diagram showing partial solid solubility, peritectic system. Non- equilibrium cooling of above types of alloys. Equilibrium solid state reactions. UNIT II: FERROUS AND NON-FERROUS ALLOYS 12 hrs Fe-Fe3C diagram, Cooling Curves of pure Fe, Critical points in Fe-Fe3C equilibrium diagrams, Phase changes, Simple calculation of amount of phases -effect of alloying elements on Fe-C, Plain carbon steels, Alloy steel, IS designation of steels - Classification of cast iron, Properties and Uses -Composition and uses of important aluminium and copper alloys, Soldering and brazing alloys. UNIT III: HEAT TREATMENT OF STEEL 12 hrs Non-equilibrium transformation of austenite - Annealing, Normalizing, spheroidizing, TTT diagram, Continuous cooling transformation diagram -Hardening and tempering , austempering, martempering, austempering Hardenability and its determination - Surface hardening processes, Heat treatment of non-ferrous alloys of aluminium -Age hardening, Precipitation hardening UNIT V: POWDER METALLURGY 12 hrs Introduction, production of metal powder -mixing -blending -compacting -sintering - hot pressing -sizing -infiltration -Advantages and applications. UNIT -V: MECHANICAL PROPERTIES AND TESTING hrs 12

Tensile test, Stress - strain curve for mild steel & brittle material, determination of yield, ultimate stresses, percent elongation. Impact strength Ductile -Brittle transition. Fatigue and creep. Stress cycle for fatigue testing, endurance limit, Fatigue limit, S-N Curve, Creep Curve. Primary creep, secondary creep and tertiary creep. Fracture: Ideal fracture, brittle fracture, Griffth theory -fracture toughness, ductile failure cup and cone. Type of fracture. Fatigue failure, crack propagation. TOTAL: 60 HRS

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Dieter.E. Chand & Co. Khurmi R.S. Material Science.S.. R. Sedha. S. G.3. McGraw Hill . Mechanical Metallurgy. 4...

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