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Performance Management system at NTPC

Performance Management system at NTPC

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estimating effectiveness of performance management system at NTPC
estimating effectiveness of performance management system at NTPC

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Published by: ambyrock on Aug 27, 2010
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The aim of performance management system is ensuring the

maximization of efforts by the employees of the organization to realize

the desired goals. More effective the performance management of an

organization more productive the organization would be. NTPC as a

whole is a big organization with vast number of employees working

there, to manage the performance of such a great number of people

efficiently is a herculean task.

The survey and personal interviews conducted during the

project work says that an effective performance management system is

on place but as we know everything in this world keep evolving itself for

betterment, the performance management system is not an exception.

NTPC can touch new heights in the field of energy

management by managing its manpower more efficiently, addressing

there training needs, recognizing the high performances and making

them feel the freedom of expressing their points.


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