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Published by: Sridhar Yerram on Aug 27, 2010
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OA Framework Session-II

8th May, 2009 Parag Narkhede, Blink Consulting Pvt Ltd
India OAUG Webinar Series

. Maharashtra. Suite # 400 Plano. 1400 Preston Rd. Solution Delivery. INDIA +91 20 30637200 USA – BOSTON Blink Consulting Inc. MA 01701 USA +1-917-873-9763 USA – DALLAS Blink Consulting Inc. S. Operate and Oracle eBusiness Consulting Contact Information INDIA – PUNE Blink Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Business Architecture.Blink Consulting Private Limited Blink Consulting is a dynamic and fast growing software consultancy providing Business Information Systems solutions. TX 75093 USA +1-972-665-9943 2 . Business Intelligence Solutions and Application Maintenance Outsourcing to Customers in diverse industries Our Core Services consist of Strategy. Number 131. 945 Concord Street Framingham. Mumbai – Pune Highway Pune.

Agenda MVC Architecture and its components Development of Search page Registration of OA framework form on Application server Customization of page Personalization of page Summary Q&A 3 .

Components of MVC Architecture Model: Data Implemented using Oracle Business Components for Java (BC4J). VO (View Object) 3. EO (Entity Object) 2. Controller: Code User actions are handled by the OA Controller. 1. AM (Application Module) View: User Interface. (Ex: Clicking SUBMIT button) 4 . (UIX = User Interface XML). Implemented using an Oracle technology called UIX.

MVC Architecture 5 .

View in MVC Architecture 6 .

Controller Class (CO) 7 .

Development of sample search page 8 .

.Registration of OAF page Placing the code files to $JAVA_TOP on the server. Bouncing the Apache server. Creating form function in System Administrator Attaching this function to Menu.

Personalization of Page Adding the data field Check VO for data field Yes If exists ? No Personalize Page Customize Page .

Customization of VO Steps: Go to “About this page” link Create directory structure for JDeveloper Decompile .class files in myprojects Create workspace and project Use decompiled .java files for your project Create custom BC4J component and VO Import the project using JPXIMPORT Copy the custom VO files to the JAVA_TOP Add item on the page using personalization Bounce the Apache web server to effect the changes .

Summary MVC Architecture and its components Development of Search page Registration of OA framework form on Application server Personalization / Customization of Page by extending VO 12 .

Q&A 13 .

com 14 .Thank You E-mail: pnarkhede@blinkconsulting.

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