Plagiarism Letter Dear Parents, The students in AP World History will be assigned several outside research writing assignments

over the course of the year. Teaching the students the writing style and research methods expected of college students is one of the major goals of the AP Program. Before we begin our projects, we want you and your student to be familiar with what constitutes authentic work and what is considered academic fraud. In class, we have discussed what constitutes plagiarism, along with the following guidelines. Students will use the website “” for any major assignments. Please sign and return the bottom portion of this letter to affirm that you are aware of the plagiarism policy. If you have any further questions, please email me at Writing Guidelines: • Students are allowed to choose a project similar to others in class, but are expected to do their own work and not collaborate on an assignment, unless it is specifically designated as a group assignment. • Parents and friends may assist the student by helping them understand what he/she reads, clarifying the assignment, and offering suggestions. (See the definition of plagiarism on the following page). • Students may use grammar and spell check. • All materials which are “borrowed” from other sources, whether paraphrased or quoted directly, must be adequately given credit (we will use MLA standards). Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Ms. Stark ____________________________________________________________ Student’s Name: ____________________________ Period: _______________ Please sign below to indicate that you understand the definition of plagiarism as well as the policies for researching and writing in the AP Program. _________________________ Student’s Signature _________________________ Parent’s signature

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